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[Music]oh hi doggieoh hi doggie you need yourself a wholegiant mailbox what I like to call thehusband CDs but so when you want to sithere and stop being wrong here maybe theentire time no okaythe husband seems gonna hate these onyour tree I don't know if it would bebad but these are freaking adorablethat's kind of nice oh the blue HappyHolidays pillows really pretty I reallylike thisoh my god that is terrifying oh here'sanother kind of really creepy don't likethat guy[Music]when I was like all the silver silverand gold together these little villagehouses are pretty cute and super sparklyand $24.99 that's a pretty good pricefor those I feel like wow what are youbreaking I love that they're sparkly tooso cute the small one is 28 and thebigger one is 20 as well it's just sofreaking adorable it's really pretty[Music]golden eyes this one I love bottle brushtrees look at this adorable bakingNutcracker man that's pretty cute I[Music]don't know do people like collectSanta's like this I think that's anolder person thing to do like not reallyyounger people do that oh he's cute canyou tell I like sparkly things I lovedecorative gift boxes for decor I thinkthey're super versatile because you canuse them this one is so pretty I think Isaw it last year I love bottle brushtrees and the gold glitter[Music]you[Music][Music][Music][Applause][Music]so I just got back from shopping runningsome errands we went to home goods wewent to Michael's and we went to low astoday beause we had to go to to get somepaint and stuff for the house I actuallyjust moved into a new house moved fromChicago to Pennsylvania so pretty a bigmove so the paint I got is for themaster bedroom so this week I will bepainting the master bedroom which isexciting I just finished painting theliving room whole house is just likecovered in beige so I'm going for waymore of a like gray look for my neutralcolors I picked up these kitchen towelsI thought they were really cute and Ican always use new kitchen towels Iactually don't have that many and I haveno holiday ones so I thought these werereally pretty and then I also grabbedthese ones I freaking love avocados so Isaw this and I thought it would beperfect for my kitchen and this can beused all year round really and it kindof has that French country farmhouseaesthetic I like more of the Frenchcountry kind of old-school antique lookrather than like modern farmhouse I'dsay I do like some modern farmhouse butI really like the more antiquity countryI guess oh yeah and I forgot that I hadran into Bath and Body Works real quicktooI actually didn't buy anything althoughthey were running some sales I just didsome exchanges here are the items Iexchanged some of the soaps from soapday I knew right away I was gonnaexchange for I have been waiting for achampagne toast to come out so I grabbedthose and then I exchanged his body carethat I had to for the champagne toast Iam obsessed with his son and I am soexcited to use thesetoday was really really rainy and justlike a super spooky gloomy day and nowthat we're back home I just wish I couldcurl up on the couch and watch a likecheesy hallmark Christmas movie but wedon't have a couch yet so I've beenlaying on the floor so I think that'sprobably what I'm gonna go do is justcurl up on my little floor palette andwatch a hokey Christmas movie and maybetake a nap look at this this is ourcouch right now how we've beenentertaining yourselves prettyridiculous that we've been using thelids from these giant storage containersas basically TV trays I just paintedthese walls this week they were a veryboring beige the color on these walls ismindful gray and I absolutely love it Ithink it's so perfect it is the perfectshade that is not too dark not too lightI have been documenting pretty much mostof the work that I've been doing on thehouse so far and will continue to do soso if you enjoy home decor makeoversremodeling type of videos a generallifestyle make sure you subscribe thumbsup this video if you enjoyed the shopwith me and seeing all the differentChristmas decorations and I'll see youguys in my next one bye[Music]

Come shopping with me! I take you guys along with me as I shop around at Home Goods for new Christmas home decor items and decorations for 2018. I take a look at lots of ornaments, throw pillows, gift boxes, and lots of other Christmas decor ideas. Lots of different styles including modern farmhouse, glam, traditional, and vintage / retro.

Then I share a little vlog time with a mini Home Goods haul and Bath and Body Works haul. I also give some updates about my new house!

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