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Home Design App Review! Interior Decorating Fun!

alright alright alright alrighteverybody today we're going to reviewone of my favorite apps and that's thisdesign home app let's go ahead and openit up it's a really fun interiordecorating app I really enjoy it's onhere there's daily design challenges atthe very top you can enter the challengethis is kind of like a freebie challengeyou can do whatever you wantyou can pretty much add any type offurniture that you want it's really coolthere's a lot of awesome features insideof this app I like all the differenceinterior designs that they have when itcomes to the furniture and these arecouches that are already owned I triedto stay within my budget in this gamebecause it's really addicting and youcan actually spend a lot of money onthis app so I try to have stuff I'veeither earned or bought and along theway each day you get a daily bonus oflike five hundred or a thousand dollarsto spend on furnitureit's kind of cool suicideI really enjoy this app Wow looks prettycool let's see back here you can gothrough you see I have own so you see Ihave you can shop if you want to havethe money to buy as you can see at thevery top of the screen I only have abouta thousand dollars if you want you canbuy in-app purchases kind of broke rightnow after Christmas so I won't be doingthat I'm gonna stay with him a budget offree and you can also buy diamonds it's$1,300 you see at the top only got athousand so we're not gonna be buyingthat we're gonna go back to owned candecorate it anything you like let's goto the chairs see what I got under whatI already own see a lot of these theysay prize like let's see like this onesurprise I earned by decorating if youclick on this little eye icon in thelower right hand corner you can click onit you can see it in detail can you evendo a 3d it's pretty coolwhat's really cool is if you click inthe lower right hand corner underwebsite you really like this piece offurniture you can buy it in real lifenow I'm not rich I don't have twothousand dollars to spend on a damnchairbut I'm just saying it's still a reallycool feature it's really smart of theapp designers who created this to buildsuch an app that is fun to play and alsoyou can actually buy the real objectswithin the game I love that actually ifI was rich I'd be buying all this stuffsee I like that pretty cool but I thinkand I see I like that too see I like todesign it so like something I'd reallyactually live in I designed it like it'smy real housethat's pretty cool and now follow theselittle purple objects are in the wayjust hit the little eye you can see whatit looks like without it click back andclick on each one of these objects Greenis mandatory in order to enter thechallenge you have to add the stuff ingreen it's really fun and the purple isoptional so all this stuff here see ifwe have anything that would kind of begreen and much the same this is coolthat's a little to do if you'researching for something specific likelet's say you don't own it and you wantto buy it you can come here to brand youcan come here to color let's go aheadand add the filter color and let's gogreen click off of it and these arelight green carpets you can purchase ohlook this one is only I like that it's$679 let's go ahead and buy it it'swithin my budget you see up here at thetop I only have three hundred andtwenty-two dollars leftoh let's see it's pretty coolsir again what I own you can shop let'sgo back to own cuz I'm broke[Music]that's cool oh yeahhow is styling we're styling baby I likeitI've got a good design see that's prettycoolwhoo I like the green yeah yeah and nowwe're moving you looking good babygorgeous have one on one side so you seeI left that one open we can click finishsubmit design awesome let's go ahead andtake a look at my profileand you can see literally everythingthat I've designed I've got almost ahundred designs of rooms that I've donesome of them I just really love likethis one I got a five-star on this was aHalloween themeit's really fun you can see all thedifferent furnitures that I use to tiethis room together and I really likethat one five stars the greatest ratingthat you can get some of them I feellike I should have got a five star but Ididn't I got a four point five nine youcan see I've got tons and tons ofdesigns I love this app it's veryaddicting there's another five star Idid it's kind of like a HalloweenDracula theme a night masquerade seriesit's kind of it's really fun they have aholiday type things here's one was myfavorite one of my favorites that Icreated didn't get a five-star but I gota four-point 39 and see the differentfurnitures I used to tie the roomtogether[Music]and again you can click on any of thesedo a 3d version of it it's pretty coolgo to the website you can actually buythis in real lifeisn't that crazy login for pricingno thanks let's see I've done a lot ofdesigns on here here's another 5 star Idid this was like a safari type themethey called it the wild series based onAfrica it's pretty cool I didn't evenreally like this one they have differentrules for a different contest like youhave to use a certain type of colorwithin the furniture or you have to usea certain type of name-brand furniture Ijust really love this game it's so funyou can get really lost in this and playit for hours and just have fundecorating oh it's pretty cool[Music]oh this is one of my favorite and I gota five star on it this was in Icelanda year in Iceland is House HuntersInternational contest and I got a fivestar on it I loved it basically designedthis little bunker that they turned intoa studio apartment and I just loved itit was really cool I tried toincorporate you know the ice color tomake it look kind of chilly in there nowif you want to join a contest what youhave to do is go back to the home buttonand let's do this one we pretty as aplum and you'll see the requirementsit's a style with three mirrored itemslet's go ahead and answer this challengenow I like to just click on therequirements get them out of the way seeif there's any pieces that I own that Ican incorporate in here so I don't haveto spend money and I'll go ahead andlooks like I have a coffee tableit's glass sounds pretty cool let's seehere oh this is pretty cool this ismeeting the requirement of a mirrorand see if I own anything else yes so asyou can see I've now got three mirroreditems if we click the little greencheckmarkwe have green checkmark that says we'vemet the requirements so that's what'sreally cool about these contests is theyrequire you to design with a specialtype of feature or a special type ofmaterial color style pattern or brandand so you can always select differentbrands different colors differentmaterials see it's got a purple walllet's throwing some purple here wellthat looks pretty cool I like to docontrast I really like colorful typestuff so I like this kind of tealturquoise color with the purple and solet's see here have wings have this roomtogether like that kind maybe a whitechair the what is two lights coloredwell let's do this gray I'll gathergreat size it together let's do anotherchair oh that one's for the desksee it's like a desk others desk looksoh yeah let me see yeah that lookspretty good[Music]add the tables there at the end it'sfine just a cool one oh I like this onelet's take a look at thatoh yeah I think that'll be cool andagain you can click the website so Iwould actually rock this in my house andthat's pretty dope $300 so again if Iwas richI'd actually probably buy this it'sreally dope but I've already purchasedit in the game so I'm gonna leave thatthere just get a end piece here actuallylet's uh so again the blue little iconsare mandatory to finish purple isoptional let's go ahead and tie thistogether with a rug piece hmm I don'treally like that and that looks like agrandma carpet this green maybe that oneand yeah don't like that one best I gotoh look at this colorful room all rightkind of like that it's got the purplesand the turquoise let's leave that onewell that looks good and let's do thiswhite one it's kind of trippy so we justgo ahead and design it however we want[Music]again I'm strictly picking from stuffI've already purchased and owned or wonand prizes it's pretty cool[Music][Music]dang I wish I had enough money to buysome stuff this is pretty cool I wouldbuy that if I had some more money hmmwhat should I pick this is the fun partof the game just picking cool thingsplaying around with the differentdesigns that's pretty coolbut gold kind of tie together[Music]see I haven't got 567 diamonds andwhat's cool even if before you purchaseit you can see how it looks in yourdesign first and see if it's reallysomething that you want to buy thatone's only 150 mm sleep it there for meI kind of write that now so I don't haveto put a plant there it's not mandatoryit's go ahead and come back to herethat's kind of cool with the horse let'sbuy thatalright so now I'm all finished let's goahead and click finish and it says I'vemet the requirements give us a littledesign a traditional living room detailthat you're gathering this for a NewYear's party to welcome cousins thathaven't seen in ages it's been funselecting a decor from the new Aberdeenand gray color scheme I don't know howto pronounce that wrong design atraditional living room for a happyfamily gathering in Lyon France ohthat's pretty cool so this was a littleroom in France submit oh man it tellsyou the value of everything that youtied togetherand I go ahead you could share it I knowI don't really share it I click continueand I just leveled up you have achievedlevel 15 with a design value of over 3million dollars you have earned thefollowing rewards so that's pretty coolI love this game because they let youget stuff for free just by playing and Ijust leveled up and earns these newdecor items it's pretty cool so you cansee what I've earned in the past allthese different decor designs that areincorporated that I can use in the gamethat I've gotten for free click OK andgo back to my profile if you ever wantto see what you've designed in the pastyou could just come back here and say ohwow cool I've designed this room all Ireally like this one you can share ithowever you want to share itand yeah I give this app game a 10 outof 10 it's so much fun I could play thisgame for hours on end there's so manydifferent cool things that you can do onfeatures they offer are lots of in-appgame purchases you can voteother people on their designs and catchjust if you really like interiordecorating or maybe you're going toschool to become an interior decoratorthis is great practice you could alsoprobably build a portfolio just based onthe challenges that you've done withinthis game and said documents literallyeverything that you've done and some ofthe well that's my inboxget out of here bo masters yeah this isreally fun game I recommend itespecially if you like interiordecorating thank you please likesubscribe and share comment below if yousee anything that you really like it's areally girly one I made and I love thematte black in this one I mean I couldjust spend hours telling you and sharingmy designs with you but comment belowand tell me some of the things you likemaybe some of the things you don't likeand we'll see you in the next episode[Music]

This is an App Review of the Home Design App on iOS. It’s one of my favorite Apps to play! You can design your own interior decoration style, enter challenges and win Prizes! This video is made under the fair use act of YouTube’s policy to review Apps and Games. Home Design did not sponsor this video, but if you liked my review and would like me to review your app, please reach out to me for business inquiries at:


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