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hi there I'm Natalie your mix booktutorial guide and today we're coveringhome decor tips and tricks for basiceditor questions please refer back toour editor essentials video I solutelylove this acrylic photo print I createdI added my own text background and photoand I'll tell you everything you need toknow in order to create a design likethis mix book offers many differenttypes of home decor canvas prints posterprints metal prints and acrylic printsthey all share the same easy to useeditor you'll see that the editor offerstwo photo slots to begin with you canchange your home decor photo layout byclicking the layouts tab here you'll seethe many different layout optionsavailable for however many photos you'llbe using once you've selected yourlayout drag and drop your photos intothe photo box you have the ability tofurther customize your home decor withbackground stickers and text boxesbackgrounds and stickers are availablein their respective tabs if you'd liketo change the size and style of yourhome decor project click the Changebutton next to the current size abovehere you'll notice you have the optionto change from portrait to landscapethe size of your print or the styledepending on which home decor productyou choose for instance you'll be ableto choose framed or non framed postersin this menu if you're working withprints hopefully with these tips andtricks you now feel confident to createbeautiful home decor designs I can'twait to see what you come up with and ifyou have any questions at all pleasecomment down below or reach out to mixbook help support have more questionswatch our other tutorials

Take a look at how easy it is to create beautiful home decoration and wall art using the Mixbook online editor.

For a deeper dive into the Mixbook online editor, view our other tutorial here:

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