Home Decor Ideas To Make Your Home Feel Inviting

hey there and welcome back to my channeltoday's video is a little bit differentwe're going to be talking about how tomake your home that feel warm andinviting on a budgetso you have those sweet places that youlove to go whether it's the holidays orit's just a family visit but with theholidays coming around I want you tothink about it a little bit ahead oftime so you can do these strategies tomake your home more inviting andwelcoming to your guests so if thissounds like something that you want totry hit subscribe and I will see you inthe video[Music]so the tip number one now this one isone that I don't wanna go repaintingyour house for that decorate in warmcolors our eyes are the first thingsinto any place that's how we make ajudgment on whether it's a nice safewarm place or whether it's a cold andunfriendly area use accents that arewarmer welcome whether it's you knowthings you sit out for the season ormaybe you have a little bit more of alike a warmer home decor when you arestarting to bring out the decorationsfor the holidays one thing that I loveto do is also have a basket full ofblankets in the corners that if peopleare feeling a little bit chilly they canjust go grab one they don't have to askthe other thing you can do is just drinkthem over a couch or a chair if youdon't have the space for a big basket inthe corner drape them over the furniturethe next one is the flame so this issomething that gives us the illusionthat there is a fireplace maybe youdon't have one that's totally fineyou can there screensavers that do thefireplace illusion some people put it ontheir TV there's a reason they do thatis because our brain makes itautomatically warm and more welcomingand inviting maybe you feel like that'sa little bit tacky mean you don't lovethat idea you can also do something likeif you have a pellet stove or a fakefireplace or an electric one that kindof just gives that warm glow maybe it'snot even a legit fire but soon marry butthe visual of the flame makes us feelthat way another thing you can do is youcan set candles down along the semitables or in the center of the room ifyou have a coffee table different thingslike that the next one is through smellso make your home feel warm and invitingthrough the smell whether or not youhave something baking you don't have tonecessarily do that but you can dosomething like the wax melts that arepretty available through rumor or justany other cheaper air place you can geta pack of them for a buck or two now Iwill need that thethere you go the less amount of timethat they're going to last any of thecheaper ones many many brands but theytypically last for maybe five or sixhours the others if you do spend alittle bit more you'll get a couple ofdays out of them some of the top smellsthat you want to think about are oneslike that are like a pine smell or asome kind of baked good smellwatch the sense that are super strongand can almost be overwhelming oroffensive to some people smells likelemon or a super strong that cinnamonsmell not everybody loves and so youwant to be careful of those smells youcan have a little bit of cinnamon smellbut not like a pure cinnamon spice kindof thing maybe do like an apple pie or asugar cookie smell is still kind ofquestionable for some people lemon orvanilla I can kind of be another onethat people struggle with all right so Ihope that helps you and if you enjoyedit leave me a comment I would love tohear from you and let me know what areyour plays this holiday season alrightI'll see you in the next video

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Tips to make your home feel warm and inviting all year.

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