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Home Decor – diy home coffee bar/Dining Area in small Budget

hello everyone welcome to black guys thefriends here I have it with my homedecor ideas I have actually created asmall copy corner in my house so let meshare with you how I actually renovatedand utilized this small image place inmy house so let me share with you whatour products I used how I did iteverything in this video dressedactually the playful see what I did wasthat I actually watched this table as totake some idea for 3500 now still I wasnot very happy with the kind of lookbecause even after putting a yellow I doreally say does tastethe next artificial hands and icedecorated my this corner with them nowyou can see it is looking little betterthan before now to make it look morebright see what I did is this light onthe wall if you see I have used a lowteens in order to put this light on theone let me just show you how I did ityou can seethis is how in the things that we I haveactually put the flight for the Royal isbeautiful this was please light which Ihave picked last Diwali you know and Ihave utilized it to decorate thisparticular area now you can see with avery very less budget I have actuallymade this corner so beautiful it'sfabulous[Music]so friends if you have not yetsubscribed to my channel you can do itright now by clicking on the last buttonwhich is I didn't use that video alsoyou can speak on these pearl buttons sothat you get these notification of thelatest upload I do since my channel sofriends take you to plus charge for morevideos signing off now we'll be lookingLak a bagillion Ayesha[Music]

Home Decor – diy home coffee bar/Dining Area in small Budget

DIY Home Coffee Bar – Coffee Station
DIY Coffee Bar | How To Set Up A Home Coffee Corner
HomeOrganization TIPS!
Set up your own Hot Drink bar at home using these DIY ideas. DIY/At Home Coffee & Tea Bar.
How to make coffee station in your Kitchen

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