with the kids out of the house theChilders were really looking forward todownsizing sometimes that means gettingcreative with your smaller spaces tomake them work this bedroom is a littlesmaller I think than your typical masterbedroom but the clients really wanted aking bed and so what are you typicallydesigned with well a lot of times I havean end table by the bed but in this casethere wasn't a ton of space so we had toget creative these little wall shelves Ithink are a fun accent they're alsopractical you can still put stuff onhere your books your clock but itdoesn't take too much space up and itreally adds the character in charm inthis room you know another thing Ireally like about this space are thesesconces what's great about these lightsis that they don't take up a lot of roomso even if you were to have you knowyour typical end tablessometimes a lamp can be bulky somethinglike this just adds a little moreinterest I love the reflection it makesoff the wall but it's very clean andsimple and incorporated that touch ofbrass that I know my client reallywanted last but not least is thebathroom it's a really small but it'spacked with a ton of characterthere are some elements about it thatare original that I really wanted tokeep mixed with some newer elements thatstill have that timeless look on theceiling when we remove the drywall itexposed the natural shiplap but I didn'twant the space to feel too old and datedso I really updated it with some simpletimeless classic fixtureswhat I also love are the built-ins thebuilt-ins were original I didn't want totear those out we just updated them withnew hardware but it's just a great spacefor storage and again it just adds tothe story of this space[Music]when I'm designing a kitchen I alwaystry to think about what elements Ireally want to stand out in this clientskitchen I started with just a very cleanbase that's what they wanted so we didwhite cabinets are out very simplestunning backsplash behind me but withall the white that we had layered inwith a backsplash the cabinets and thecountertop there really needed to bethat extra element of color you know oneof the things you have to think aboutwith a kitchen when you're wanting toincorporate color there's really not aton of wall space you have to work withwhich is why we wanted to do it on theisland and the vent hood if you don'twant to do a paint color you can alsotie in reclaimed wood the great thingabout the island and the vent hood arethese are their own units so they canhave their own character let it all tiein but then these 2 pieces can really beunique and differentnow when you step back and look at thespace it's very simple it's verystunning but it also has that contrastin color which really adds a little moredimension to this space and makes itmore interesting when you see it[Music]the kitchen in the living room in thishouse are my favorite rooms I reallyfeel like the transformation is superdramatic hard to believe that this isonce a garage now we've got thisbeautiful kitchen setting our clientsreally wanted a rustic Italian feel so Iwanted to really be purposeful on allthe design that we implement whether itbe these really pretty pendant lights oreven this really unique handmadebacksplash all of these elements I thinkreally make it feel just warm andinviting another favorite thing was thisisland I love the size of it and I evenlove on the front the paneling obviouslythey can pull it barstools to this butthere's a ton of storage in this entireunit that I think they'll reallyappreciate one of the biggest thingsthat really makes a space feel differentis just the whole idea that we vaultedthese ceilings and added these reallypretty antiqued beams another thing thatI really love that we got to incorporateis this really unique built in that Idesigned with our cabinet guy and then Ihad our glass guy put in some reallypretty antique glass overall I just lovethe way this space turned out I reallyfeel like we gave them that rusticItalian vibe that they wanted[Music]I really enjoyed working on the ridleyproject it was a chance to transformthree rooms into one living space hereally wanted a wide-open space toentertain in for friends and familywe ended up eliminating all the walls inthis main living space to create areally nice wide open space for him youknow this used to be the formal livingroom and now I love that all the wallsare gone it's open up and this is nowhis dining area what's really greatabout this he's got these really prettynice new windows that look off to thefront porch in the front yard so I thinkthis is just a great setting toentertain family and friends one of themain things you need to keep in mindwhen you're designing a wide-open spacelike this is to make sure that thedesign in each space is consistent witheach other since it's all in one roomwhat I really love about this space inhere is that even though now we're inthe living room you've got the concretehearth that ties in with the countertopsyou've got the reclaimed wood that tiesin really well with the island and therecess ceiling I had to keep in mindwhat was happening with the kitchen thedining room in the entry so that it allfelt consistent and there was a reallynice flow[Music]what's fun about this master bedroom isit was the existing front living roomwhen you walked in so the front door wasright here and now we've got two newwindows where the bed is perfectly inthe center we added French doors toreally take advantage of the beautifulview on the other side I really lovethis master suite what's crazy aboutthis room was this was the existingdining room so this house is just trickyone thing after another we just switchedwe rearranged but now you've got areally good-sized master closet you'vegot this hidden toilet here I've gotthis really pretty skirt that we didwith tile we have these really prettymatching vanities that have beenantiqued I've like this master bathroomis just calming it's relaxing again youstill see the beautiful view on theoutside and I just love the way it allturned out the clients have olderchildren so we didn't want to just doyour typical twin bunks we want to givethem plenty of space so now we've gotqueen beds we've got four of them andwhat I love is the shiplap on the backthat we ended up staining this reallycool metal that kind of balances all outand a really pretty Navy color on thewalls well my kids saw this room theywanted this at the farm this was theirfavorite room in the house[Music]so this is the master suite at theshotgun house and what's crazy aboutthis master bedroom is that this used tobe the kitchen the existing layoutreally didn't work with our clients andso we had to reconfigure the spacewhat's fun about smaller spaces is itreally challenges your creativity and itmakes you maximize a space that you'vegot here we didn't have room for endtables so we just did the simplefloating shelves they don't take upreally any room but there's purposethere and it really fits the space andthen with all the design elements thatwe blend it in here whether it be thisoversized large mirror this lower-lyingbed all these elements make this roomactually feel bigger instead of smallerlet's go check out the master bathroom Ireally wanted the bathroom to have aclean feel to it honest like a spayou've got the heavy-duty concretecountertops with the white oak cabinetsblended with this really fun colorfultile I think it really makes a bigstatement in here even though it is asmaller space you can see that everysquare foot of this is really unique inits design for the whites home I wantedto combine the rugged simple style ofthe husband with the classic look thatthe wife loves the nice thing about themaster bedroom is it didn't need a tonof updating but for this room it wasreally a cosmetic change that we did butagain we're talking about the blend ofrustic and traditional two people twodifferent styles but one room weinstalled new hardwood floors in here asyou see we have this really prettydelicate chandelier I think thechandelier just adds a really sweetspecial touch to this room it reallymakes it feel warm cozy inviting and thehusband really wanted a sliding barndoor I didn't beat it up too much I leftit pretty clean and simple prettystained I mean this is something thatyou can build the rustic door and thechandelier and the headboard reallybalance each other out here in thebathroom I think is where you're reallygonna see the biggest blend of both ofthemyou've got the marble backsplash but thewood tileyou've got the marble countertops overhere with the wood frameso it's a really a blend of him and herI really think this house was one of myfavorites because it was blending twovery different styles into one space andit worked[Music]my client really wanted a beachy kind ofcoastal vibe and I really was having ahard time with what I was gonna put onthis wall this wall is a bigger wallthis couch is a bigger couch and so nomatter what everywhere I looked therewasn't a piece that I loved you know thechallenge for me was what I had in mymind I just couldn't find no matter whatstore I went to as much as I searched upand down I couldn't find what was in myhead so I just thought scratch thatlet's make something else that will workfor this space when I went to theantique store with chip we found thesereally cool antique pieces of coral Iloved them but they still weren'tsubstantial enough to go over the couchso in this case I had these shiplapframes built but you can easily go toany store buy some old frames or newframes or build your own but what I loveabout this is now you've created yourown artwork you know what started as achallenge and it is something that now Ireally look at this and I love it Ithink it makes a statement in here andit's definitely a one-of-a-kind piecefor my clientsthe design inspirations in this housewas really to create a nice open spacefor their family they loved to host alot of their friends and family so Iwanted to create a space that was openbut where every little nook had a reallyneat design element that really set itapart so the island being as large as itis I really wanted to create a littlemore definition here and so what I endedup doing is adding these architecturalelements on both sides it really helpedcreate more of a center to this entirekitchen what I like about the backsplashis it's really simple and clean but italso ties in to the rest of the spacewith the Grays we've done throughout thehouse so now our client has a ton ofspace to entertain in and to prep Ireally wanted to create interest in hereso it didn't seem too big with a lack ofcharacter even though the kitchen ishuge I just love that when you walk init doesn't seem overwhelming witharchitectural pieces and even the littlekitchen nook and the built in that weadded over here I think these elementsreally helped create a very definedspace[Music]what I love about the yielding projectis this living roomwell I thought it had a little moremasculine feeling here I really thinkthe kitchen has a more feminine style soI wanted to bring balance to both spacessince they're open to each other one ofthe biggest reasons why I wanted to dothe beams and here is because I wantedto separate the space I wanted this toreally feel distinct and warm and cozyyou know originally it was dated it wasdark now it's really light and airywe've got two French doors that weinstalled and right in the middle isthis beautiful stucco fireplace with areally simple elegant mantel and what Ilove about this is the wood elements tieinto this antique door we ended upsanding it down there were five layersof paint on it the door ties into thebeams so there's a lot of wood elementsthat blend really well with all thelight and natural colors that were goingon in the kitchen[Music]my client specifically asked for alarger kitchen originally this was thedining room and this was the kitchen inthe kitchen was really closed off to therest of the house so the first thing wehad to do was remove the wall that wasright down the middle of this room so Iloved the idea of opening up the spacethe space is actually really large a lotof lower cabinets upper cabinets andthis amazing double island feature witha bar top on the end really sets thespace apart there's a lot of prettydetails and finishes but it also justhas that clean and classic look that myclient really wanted as you know one ofmy favorite things to do is take outwalls and open up spaces originallythere was this really awkward wet barhere with large brick columns we removethe wet bar but we actually added thiswall to really provide a quaint spacethat's right off of a super-largekitchen we installed these new woodFrench doors which brings in morenatural light we added a new chandelierthat gives this room a little morecharacter then one of my favorite thingsabout the space is this mantel that Ifound at a flea market not only doesthis mantel make a statement but it'salso really practical I love the waythis room turned out I feel like has aquaint cozy feel and I love that it'sright off the kitchenfor the Childress family downsizing to asmaller home was a chance to clear theclutter and refresh their setting as forStacey she wanted charm she wantedcharacter but she also wanted simplicitymy favorite thing about this kitchen isthe backsplash my client lovedblue-and-white so we found this reallyfun handmade tile that I think reallyjust sets the stage for this kitchen Itried to keep everything else verysimpleso it wasn't overwhelming for you know alot of people when they're designingtheir kitchen don't consider openshelving I think a lot of people areintimidated by it they wonder is itgonna make my kitchen seem clutteredwhat I love about open shelving is itreally gives the kitchen this feel ofjust an open airy space and what I do iskeep it very simple[Music]the Downs home is over a hundred yearsold so I wanted to create a very classicdesign that didn't take away from theoriginal character but also blend thatwith some modern touches over here inthe dining room this is the grand roomto me I mean you have this really largechandelier I like to do light picturesthat make a statement and I really feellike this light fixture is bold pairswell with this beautiful table thatClint madebut another thing we did is just playoff all the natural light that comes inwe added a really cool window seat -just make function more in the spacethey wanted more seating in here so thatwas just a natural way to add it nowonto the kitchen they liked the idea ofblue cabinets so we did lower cabinetsthat are blue there's still a reallyclassic way about this kitchen we havethe subway tile that they wanted areally beautiful Carrara marbleand then he got his stainless farm sinkwhich is something that he really wantedI think this kitchen is fun becausethere's a lot of mix-and-match going onyou've got a mix of metals you've gotsome brass you've got some stainless wealso did a really fun play on color so Ifeel like when you see this kitchen it'sjust packed with character

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