Holiday Design Ideas To Deck Out Your Kitchen

[Music][Music]we just returned from another awesomeDecember trip in New York City and Ishould have more new pictures for thissecond but we've got a picture of a tripthat we took that's at Central Park infront of Tavern on the Green and pictureof Scott in heaven it's not theRockefeller Center tree I'm not sure howthink so[Music]see that mm-hmm okay that's the three ofus at serendipity we always have to goget there frozen hot chocolate and wealso always have to go see the Rockettesthis this boat harbour ferry I boughtfor Scott after we surprised him onFather's Day we took a trip to the Hoteldel Coronado and had a beautiful timethere and the next day we have a brunchon the Hornblower ferry and so we haveimprinted on this very poor not event tocommemorate that trip it was great and Iwill move on over here to the kitchen[Music]there's more snowflakesand I don't know if you can see theinvited guests are that they are Dasherdancer Prancer and vixenand the death man is our very firstmm-hmm Christmas village that was givento us by my sister and brother-in-lawnot department 56 but still cute[Music]

What’s a holiday kitchen without a gingerbread house? Look for mine in this quick video of the kitchen we did for our city foundation’s home tour. You will find ideas to adorn your counters and island, and crash a party table set for four of our favorite Christmas characters.

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