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you know Aetna Supply as a company dealswith anything that water goes through sowe often are here promoting the showroomwith all the pretty stuff but forcontractors we do carry everything fromPACs to PVC copper pipe pipe fails andfittings fire suppression systemsunderground water means fire hydrantspretty much anything that water goesthrough we put together completeprograms for builders whether you'redoing an entire subdivision or you'redoing just single custom homes where wecan give you a selection package topresent to your customers or upgradesand we make sure that we give the bestpricing so that it puts more money inthe contractors pocket[Music]welcome back folks this is higher atdawn my name's Adam Hoffman what a greatSaturday morning home approved visits onfire right nowkitchens baths everyone's doing rightoutdoor kitchen plumbing generatorswhatever it takes folks and we want tobe your number one source forhassle-free home improvement you want tofind a great contractor just go tohigher tone comm you want to find agreat supplier you want to know where toget stuff hire it done calm we've gotsome great videos youtube our FacebookInstagram LinkedIn everywhere you willgo you can find her done and we arekilling itwant to see us in studio right now go toFacebook live I read on 97 won theticket we're everywhere folks but backto the showback to some fun cuz that's right Ienjoy doing this I want you understandfolks I love coming in here I lovetalking to everyone I love getting yougreat information and so one of thethings that we always talk about iswhat's going on in home improvement soof course people are remodeling inrecord numbers is here and the topprojects or kitchens and baths right sowhat's involved in the kitchen bathcabinets granite quartz all kinds ofcrazy stuff right but they all haveplumbing so our partner in the plumbingis infusion kitchen & bath and that's acompany by Aetna supply which is aMichigan company by the way which I lovewe're all about Michigan and in thestudio right now joining me is alongtime friend of mine and thecorporate showroom manager ChristianAndrews good morning how are you todayawesome I'm awesome so infusion kitchenbath tell everyone where you guys arelocated so we're all over Michigan fromTraverse City down to Detroit the localshowroom here is that two nine nine fournine back road in Wixom it's about amile and a half north of i-96 M backroad so pretty accessible from all overmhmI've been the show many times and I loveit and it's one of the larger Kohlershowrooms displaying all your productsyes and so we go there we have somegreat videos you and I have done in thepast on itso it's really no but if anybody's outthere right now you're thinking ofremodeling your kitchen or bath or justwanna upgrade a faucet I suggest youvisit infusion kitchen about now do youdon't need a it's an open show him youdon't need an appointment to go therethat's correct yeswalk-ins are welcome we have a lot ofworking displays too so customers cancome in and feel how a kitchen faucet isgoing to spray or how a showerheadsgoing to feel see how a toilets going toflush so the water pressure that's a bigthing for me personally so I'm thinkingto myself okay water pressure is anissue and I want to you know go look ata showerhead now is the water pressurethat's in your shown the same as myhouse or it gives you an idea becausethe water pressure is controlled by theoutlet itself so the showerhead sureit's going to be the same as it would bein your home unless you're in asituation where you're on a well andyour pressure is extremely low sure butshowerheads are regulated to a maximumof two and a half gallons per minute andI think pretty much everybody's puttingthat out is that that blue little thingon the inside of that positive thatyou're not allowed to it's kind of likethat you can't pull it out you're notallowed to right it's kind of like thetag on your mattress yeah by the wayfolks I got a guy does the pressure goup if you remove that though I don'tknow I don't know I've never taken oneout exactly that's the best answer I'veever heardcuz I don't know I've never done iteither so anyways so let's talk aboutone of the trends in faucet let's startin the kitchen mm-hmm okay what are youseeing people buying right now so thenewest trend in the kitchen is actuallysmart technology so Alexa Alexa give meeight ounces of warm water and it'llfill your cup up hands-free technologiesis very very popular in all areas of thekitchen right now okay so you just hadtwo great things so let's go with theAlexa first so the Alexa app you canactually buy a faucet from you and getthe Alexa I don't know they call it theapp or whatever and is to come with thefaucet or you have to have the AmazonAlexa thing at home right so you wouldneed to have Alexa and then you wouldbuy the faucet that has Alexa technologyin it okay and I can just put up a cupunderneath there and yell hey Alexa giveme eight ounces of water and it'll do ityeahoh my god yeah it's great so if yourhands are dirty you can turn it on ifyou have a crying baby in the middle ofthe night and you need to fill up youknow eight ounces of warm water it'sgreat for that if you need to fill a panyou know Alexa give me two quarts ofwater you can walk away and do somethingand come back and it's full its it knowsthe amount of water yes holy moly yeahthat's crazy oh my god so now like I'mcutting up chicken right and you knowthey all say watch out for the chickenSalmonella you know raw chickenmeanwhile I was reading on the internetcuz I'm a foodie you can eat raw chickenin like some sushi part place huh theyslice it up like sushi now that's riskyright yeah forget it I'm not trying thatI go crazy like eat monkey brains orsomething but not chicken not rightshe's not checking on it what the lastthing you do is you got raw chicken onyour hands you you can go to the faucetyou have a new owner the smarttechnology where you just wave your handyes then the water comes out yeah nowhow do you get hot or cold when you dothat is there a way or is it you gottahave the ahead of time so if you'redoing the faucet that you just wave yourhand over in that particular instanceyou would have it preset to atemperature that you want god we'reusing the Alexa app you would tell ityou know you want warm cold or hot evenbetter so I can see it Alexa turn on thehot water yes so cool now I noticed youalso had one like with the light in itso it tells you if it's hot or cold likea different color LED mmhmm yeah that'sfor people that are like disabled tooyeah so the light changes color based onthe temperature of the water you'll getfrom a really cool blue into a magentaand then into a red so that's yourindicator on the water temperature as itcomes out of the tap wow I never thoughtof that one so that's cool too so that'sthe technology that can be infused sofolks think about that if you want tojust you you really like your kitchenbut you're like oh my god I gotta havethat new faucet hand over to Etna orit's infusion kitchen and bath um tellme her down higher done we get a discothey do what do we have so if you go tothe hair it done websiteyou can download a coupon for 40% offone item and 25% off the rest of yourordercan be a great savings especially ifyou're coming in to make a big purchaseso if you're remodeling your house folksyou're doing a master bath kitchen andall that you've got you know seven eightnine thousand dollars in plumbing thatforty off coupon makes a big differenceyes holy mode but you can use that forone item too right yeah I love that sothere you have folks right here onhydrogen not any other place 40 off plusif you buy more 25% off the rest of theorder I'm loving that yeah you're thebest so okay so moving on and let's sayyou know you got the kitchenwhat about six you know I noticed adifference and this is where actuallyyou educated me and I was very gratefulthat you know I'm thinking oh just astainless steel sinks a stainless steelsink but when you start to look closerat them the thickness or the gauge thedepth it makes a big difference yeah thequality of the stainless is importantthe thickness is important but moreimportant than any of that is the waythat it's finished because inherentlystainless steel will scratch so you wantto make sure that you get a finish likeKohler preserve which is guaranteed notto scratch or you get a finish thatallows you to buff a scratch out so whenthey're when they're finished andthey're buffed in the final process ifyou can take a SOS pad and kind of buffinto that seam form you can hide a lotof scratches that come with stainlesssteel so I've had people come to hiredone comment ask hey Adam I've got somescratches in my stainless steel mm-hmmyou know bar keeper's friend you knowI'm thinking all these things but theydid do you have a like a recommendedsure so we recommend actually flitsFlitz made for stainless steel it's likeit's a cleaner and polished but itcreates a little bit of a chemicalreaction which makes it easier to getthose scratches out okay folks did youhave an expert here in the studio saysget some Flitz yes I like the word Flitzmm-hmm anybody say that ten times yes soyou guys sell it to you okay so that's agood solution as well so there aredifference now is it this make adifference of the gauge it does but youknow standard luxury home is gonna be 18gauge you know you can get a 16 gaugewhich is more commercialbut at the end of the day I don't feellike there's that much of a differenceagain the finish is the most importantpart okay and that's that's important solike if you were to let's compare so youknow I've seen some stainless steelsinks that are really cheap likeprice-wise is that can I expect becauseit's so cheap pressure that it's athinner yeah so that's gonna be like a20 or a 22 gauge mostly found like athome centers and places like thatbig-box stores can sell it yeah if youhear it like you can hear the it's likea tin canyou know yeah if you drop up hand in ityou could dent in your sink really yeswe never knew night I never knew youcould tend to sink you know what I see alot of people do they'll get a granitetop not granite but mostly a countertopthat's either quartz or Corian or evenFormicawhere in front of the sink and in frontof the dishwasher there's always a chipand like I don't know it's you know thisproducts all about well use your pan orwhatever's in it you know so I figuredas muchso anyway so that's really cool so theshowroom is more than just faucetsthough I mean look it I always talkabout it you know that I had this wholedeal with toilets so that's 40% offcoupon I'm thinking maybe I might haveto go on the toilet mm-hmmbut you've got you know hardware we doyeah small vanities so we have furniturestyle vanitieswe have cabinet hardware door hardwarewe have just gotten into a little bit oflighting so those displays are orderedand should be going up in the nextcouple of months that's awesome you knowwe just did five bathrooms and lightingat the Manoogian mansion yes we partnerwith you guys on it by the way fabulousmine everything looks so good I had totake you there to take a look yeah we'regonna take a quick break folks when wecome back we're gonna talk toilets we'regonna talk about an event forcontractors coming up and a lot moreyeah I'm Adam Hoffman you're listeningto the hydrogen radio network I'm 97 wonthe ticketwelcome back folks this is Huayra timemy name is Adam Hoffman in studio withmeKristen Andrews she's a corporateshowroom manager from infusion kitchen &bath which is owned by Aetna supply soKristen let me ask you and I surprisedbeen around a long time over 50 years Ithink if t - okay socongratulations thank you wait and youguys really and I loved what you saidanything that has water running throughit that's so cool yeah we provideanything that water goes through so thatcould be the pretty stuff in theshowroom it could be pecs copper PVCpipes valves and fittings firesuppression systems we we even have anunderground division that deals with theunderground water means and a municipaldivision that deals with that sort ofthe business so the big stuff mm-hmmso I like to play in my little sandboxwhich is called home improvementremodeling right and one of the bigtrends and we've been noticing is andit's always been a trend for a few yearsnow is the pecks product yes so a lot alot of plumbers you know used to poopooI'll call it on the pecks no no I'm acop you know cheap alternative copperprices went up the commodity althoughcopper is great there's no downside toaccept price Peck's has evolved it hasand I gotta be honest I build a houseI'm gonna put pecs in EM hmm so one ofthe benefits is that it can hold offpressure it can hold a lot of pressureit can make some unique turns veryeasily yeah and you can get a coupledifferent types of packs you knowstandard pecs or expansion packs whenwhen it first came to market the packsactually cut the water flow because ofthe size of the tubes okay so now theyhave corrected that and if you get themthe proper size you'll get the samewater flow that you'll get out of copperI'm glad you brother because I was gonnaask you so like half-inch copper youdon't buy half-inch packages or now theycall it half-inch because of the theinterior dimension so they've they'veactually widened it to make it right andthe other thing is is they've improvedon the fittings yes there's a lot oftimes we saw if there was ever a failureis usually in the fitting so the theshark bites or whatever they call nownow it's all better and I and I onlyknow that because I've usedpersonally however I get the informationfrom our plumbers and of course one ofour plumbers that does a lot of that isshall be mechanical I don't knowfir'aun's listening today but he'lltestify he's like yeah pecks is the wayto go not to save money but forlongevity you know ease of use and youlike you said you can curve it aroundthings which makes a lot of sense whichI love so um so that's pretty big yes sowe have 20 locations Wow yeah we'reMichigan based family-owned but we're inMichigan Indiana and Ohio and werecently moved into the Milwaukee marketoh well welcome to Milwaukee yeah sothat's coolso I always go to the wixen locationbecause it's more of a retail showroomspace and I love that mm-hmm I'm soagain folks if you were thinking ofanything plumbing I urge you to visitthe Wixom location they really really Igotta be honest hit everything there umyou want to give the address again sureit's two nine nine four nine back roadin Wixom we're about a mile and a halfnorth of 96 on Beck Road yes you justjump by 96 when you get off it backthere yeah it's pretty simpleinfusion showrooms calm is the websiteand of course you can get to them if youjust go to higher done con we havevideos that I've done on the show roomsyou want to take a look take a look atit go to our YouTube channel folks hireit done there's stuff there plus we havethe coupon 40% off one item and then 25%off the rest of your order I love thatI appreciate that and Adam I I just wantto express that we really have somethingfor every budget so we have your basicentry-level faucet all the way up toyour $4,500 faucet and for contractorswe we have packages that we've puttogether that can help enhance theirbottom line and working with theircustomers we also are very very good atworking at large projects so largecustom homes or multifamily things likethat we have experts that have done ithundreds of times that can guide youthrough the process and make sureeverything goes smoothly it's importantto know and I appreciate that so whenyou say budgets for everyone so I justwant to replace the faucet I have theseold delta faucets theyhave this plastic insert and it's justnot working anymore mm-hmm so can I geta faucet for a couple hundred bucksabsolutely and you'll get somethingthat's like a ceramic disc which is muchbetter quality and that makes adifference so what about people who havethe old hot and cold and separate likein the shower you know you know the thediverter is not the combined one sureyou can replace those you have kits forall that yeah so those aren't pressurebalanced so they don't meet code becauseof the anti skulls laws we do have acouple manufacturers that still makethem and you can put an inline remotepressure balance valve behind the walland we also have conversion kits so ifyou want to take those two handles outand you want it to go to a single handlebut you don't want to replace the tilewe can help you with that yeah they looka plate yes oh that's super cool sothere you have it folks you've got thatsolution as well all right so let's moveon to the best part of the show talkingtoilets mm-hmm so let's talk technologyin toilets really quick so used to bethree gallons per flush so when youflush the toilet folks it would takethree gallons of water to go into thebowl and wash wash everything away yeahand then everyone decided oh we got tocut back on water and then when I wentto what 1.6 so 1.6 gallons mm-hmm andthey said oh well people were flushingtwice because the the bowl in the way itwas designed wasn't flushing properlythat's correctso you were doing the double flush whichis one point six times she was threepoint two so you actually was using morewater then the engineers got smart and Isaid okay let's figure out usingcentrifugal force yes you know and thenthe ball design changed yeah so theycan't enhance the technology in both thebowl and the trap which allows you touse less water not only to clean thebowl but evacuate it as well okay and sothe current go to toilet for just astandard would be a one point sixactually people are leaning towards onepoint two eight so they've proven thatthe one point two eight technology flushis just as well as the one point six soif you wanna be green you want to reducethe use of water you go with the onepoint two eight yes so I have asuggestion for everybody if you'rethinking of saving water because you getthese water bills that are outrageoustodayI think waters the new utility that yougot to look out for and you can reduceyour water usage quite significantly youcan so by 81.28 flush yeah and you wantto make sure that the toilet is built ina way that when it flushes it cleans thewhole bowl too a lot of times we seepeople come to market with off rantoilets and you know they flush 1.28 butwhen you have stuff left over in thebowl or on the bowl yeah you know thatcan be quite embarrassing for yourguests when they come over yeah I agreetotally so the question is is the otherpart of that I want to suggest if youwant to get 1.28 toilet the other thingis I want people to get the comfortheightyes sowhat's comfort height toilets toexplain the difference sure so astandard height toilet is about 15inches comfort height toilet is about 17inches with the seat it makes it easieron the knees to get up and down you knowas we age it's important to have thatit's more like a chair height so it'sjust a more comfortable way to sit soit's a little bit higher it is so thereyou have it there's folks where you needto know little improvements it's notmore money comfort height now what aboutthe seats mm-hmm you know I hate thatnoise when the seat comes flying downthe middle right so slow closedtechnology is the way to go these daysand they even have now easy on Easy Offso you basically close the toilet seatflip to things and you can take thewhole toilet seat off and throw it inthe tub and disinfect it and then thenbe able to clean the bowl properly whichis really nice yeah you sell cleaningstuff screwballsokay is there a recommendation that youhave or is it just a normal mmm-hmm soKRC seven Ultra is one of my favoritecleanersit is a foaming cleaner that will takeoff rust and iron and okay I'm soap scumand waste and it doesn't hurt yourproduct nice kay rc7ultra k rc7 ultra sounds like I got thescare at he7 alter in the back of thetruck guys everything's okay so that'sinteresting information so I havequestion for you I just recently boughta comfort high toilet Kohler and Ibought this self-closing seat and hadthe little light the night lineyeah so the question about thenightlight the seat is down does thenightlight supposed to illuminate aswell or is the only one that's lifted uponly when it's up okay so it's more of amale friendly okay wasn't sure I'm sorrythe lid when the lid is up it will lightokay so when the lid is up at the toiletokay so if there's a female in themiddle and it's dark the little lightwill illuminate around the yeah and youcan set it so you said it when you getit it's on a cycle and you can tell itwhen it's nighttime and then it willprogram itself to always come on forthat period of hoursreally okay I need yeah I alright that'sperfect so we have an event coming up wedo yeah we're we're very excited onSeptember 13th from 6 to 8 p.m. in theshowroom we're having a contractors onlyevent to kind of thank the contractorsthat we're working with already andinvite new contractors in to see theshowroom Adams gonna be there as aspecial guest and then we have all sortsof fun things going on we're gonna havesome contests and giveaways we'll begiving away some Kohler shower headssome gift cards and a Kohler intelligenttoilet I'm gonna rig the whole thing cuzI want that toy there you have it folksso contractor event September 13th formore information on that go to hire itdone comm I'll be talking about it everyweekend because I want to get a big bigcrowd there I'm excited about thatKristen thanks for coming in yeah thanksfor having me the best I love infusionfolks infusion kitchen and bath in Wixominfusion showrooms calm get that 40 offcoupon I'm telling you I'm negotiatedI'm really good at thatthanks for coming in again I reallyappreciate it thank you alright folkswe're gonna take a quick break when wecome back more home improvement adviceI'm Adam healthman you're listening tohire it done a ninety seven one theticket

On this episode of the Hire it Done Radio Show from 8/25/18 Adam Helfman sits down with Kristin Andrews of Infusion Kitchen and Bath to talk about the best Kohler faucets, shower fixtures, sinks and toilets!

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