Herman Miller Mixed Reality Furniture Store

the mixed reality stores theme changesevery week for this week use chairs thesubject the projection designates thesubject of the week the design aims toform a store that is compatible with allfurniture a virtual guide inside theribbon follows people based on theirposition[Music]there is an interactive screen thatpeople can point on their favoritesubject and watch additional informationabout that[Music]people see a virtual chair in the cornerthrough an our glasses they access totwo rows of material in a virtual swatchand they can customize the chair basedon the determined materials and virtualguides analysis customers have a mixedreality experience in the theater peoplecan lie down on a physical chair and buya VR headset they can go through avirtual environment[Music][Music][Applause][Music][Music]

This is a miced reality furniture store for Herman Miller. In this store, every week has one furniture in exhibition, and this week is the Emase Chair. Customer will use interactive screen, AR, VR and MR to learn the story, the producing process of about this chair, select different material, and experience the real chair in a simulated scene. After all this experience, customers would have a proper idea about the Emase chair, and decide if purchase or not.

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