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welcome to successful living with billKnapp ik every week we talk aboutsuccess and everything that goes alongwith it you'll learn the principles ofsuccess how to achieve success and learnto overcome challenges that may begetting in the way of success in yourlife you'll hear from Bill Navin a radiopersonality in business developmentexpert along with insight from specialguests if you're ready to find your pathto success or take the success you'reenjoying to the next level stay tunedsuccessful living with Bill napping ison right now and welcome to the show ofsuccessful living with Bill and epicthat's me and today successful livingwith Shelly barn dollar and anne-marieCarson with show homes Houston homestaging companies ladies welcome to theshow thank you thank you it's great tosee you both in the topic today yourbusiness is so fascinating what you doapplies to so many people so we're gonnahear it a little bit about your storybut first let's tell people about yourcompany all right well show homesHouston we are a franchise we are aluxury home staging company and we domore than Home Staging actually we doseveral services we do actually we dovacant home staging which is just thatvacant home staging where we go in andwe place furniture into vacant homes andthen we do what's called occupied homestaging where we will go in and we willconsult with the homeowner and we tellthem what needs to be done to get thehouse ready for market and if they needto change out their carpeting orflooring painting possibly do some lightRenaud's maybe some new countertops newbacksplash we can do all of those thingsand they can choose for us to do it orthey can do it themselves we're verycapable of doing those things and wealso have what we call a home managerprogram and this works very well forpeople who have hadto sell their homes and they live out ofthe country that they're kind of nervousabout leaving their homesyou know vacant without them being inthe same vicinity so what we do is wehave trained people that we bring inthat are kind of like caretakers for thehomesand they stay in the home take care ofit take care of the maintenance theyrelieve the de cellar of some of theliability of the home and it just worksout very well for them so you have manyservices and Marie as you autumn eyesthose and and that's fascinating andthat's a lot to keep up with just anyone of those facets of the businessreally has a lot of components to it asI think about it and the other idea whenwe think about real estate staging thehome when someone wants to put theirhome on the market they better stage itbecause if they don't it's going to bestaged as is and not really going tolook too good so it's very important asyou mentioned if it's a vacant home italways helps to have the furniture inthere and the right furniture that youget that you know about and then theother thing that comes to mind when yousaid staging it with where it's occupiedthe first thing that comes to mind isdeclutter because we all have so manythings in our own right most definitelyand where where it all starts is onlinea prospective buyer is going to startlooking for homes online so you want tomake sure that you have great picturesonlineyour pictures need to stand out from allthe other homes online so if you havevacant homes that look like just everyother vacant home that's not reallyexciting any kind of home that looksvery nice that's going to draw people inand it's going to want them to come seeyour listing so that's where it allstarts and even in occupied homes likewe've seen some really horrible horriblepictures that have been put up onlinethat I mean why would you why would youhow are you going to say yeah of youroccupied home when your beds are unmadethere's cord all over the place and allover the floor I mean that's justridiculous do you don't no one's gonnawant to come see that home so you knowthat's where we come in we come in andwe help those people do those things andand it's also very hard sometimes forthe realtor to have to tell theirsellers you're gonna have to take youknow all this these things down youcan't have all these religious thingsall over the house because it'soffensive to two young people you knowand you want to keep everything veryneutral and you know we know that youlove answers Pig collection but noteveryone else is gonna appreciate thatso you know let's go ahead and pack thisup and you need to start detachingyourself from this home and let's savethese things and let's be excited forwhen you get into your new home andthat's right it's like a mindset becausewhen we want to sell our home it becomesa product for the for the consumers outthere so we need to address it just likeany store would present products oranything else and show it look if it'llgive us an idea of your perspective onon the company and and some of thethings that even got you inspired to bea part of this so my background is indesign and actually Ann Marie's is twoso we both kind of have that the homesreally gonna look great going back towhat Emory was talking about you knowwhen you're looking at pictures onlinethe one thing you want to make sure isthat your picture is not selling yourneighbor's house good point if yourpicture looks horrible and your neighbordown the road is staged and that picturelooks great you're selling their housefor them that is an excellent point andthe other part of the online that we'retalking about that's the firstimpression these days someone could bedriving around and see the house butit's online impression that is the firstimpression so you want that one to bethe best impression but I think gettinginto the staging industry what what gotus into it so we moved my husband and Ihe was in the oil industry we moved 12times in the last 32 yearsso we've bought and sold many homeswe've every home we would buy we wouldbasically stage it for when we sold ityou know we knew what to do because ofmy background so we we declutter wewould you know make sure the housedidn't have a lot of large heavyfurniture in it you want to paint yourcolors and very neutral light it's allpsychology really when you're selling ahouse it's all psychology so we we sawthis business for sale and we decidedthis is a perfect fit for us so wepurchased it in 2016 and my gosh thislast year there's been just an amazingyear for us we've we've one stager ofthe year occupied stager with show Homesfranchise because shows Homes is afranchise it's it's all over NorthAmerica well all over the US I shouldsay I think there's like 52 locations sowe wonyou know occupied staging of the yearwith the home that we did actually inHunters Creekthat's an amazing 5.6 million dollarhome and so it was an amazingtransformation we did that we won thatwe went oh my gosh Rising Star whichwould be the show homes franchise of theyear to be rewarded I know yeah itreally felt good when you mentioned thehome that's five plus million dollarsgive people an idea you don't have tohave a five million dollar home to useyour services you're helping people yeahacross what kind of range of pricingexactly well our average home that westaged is 2.2 million Wowbut that's not to say that we don't dolower in homes as well you know ifyou've got a $400,000 house we're morethan happy to come and help you just asjust as well as somebody that's got a 5million dollar house so we're not justlimited like that we will come in we cando makeovers easily on on a house youknow we can bring in our staging easilyon a house in that price range so we weare pretty much all over Houston we goanywhere so our area territory would beanything in the Beltway but we go to theSouth all the time we go to Katy we gonorth so we're prettyand I'm sure people are already thinkingwhat this looks like and the kind ofwork you do so we'll tell them thewebsite is show homes Houston dot-com incase they want to follow along as wetalk yeah and they could see before andafter show homes Houston dot-comeverybody likes a good makeover too fora while every TV shows a makeover a betanything I know yeah we were doing thispersonally before you know Joanna andchip came on the scene and we didn't getpaid for it so you know but it's it's afun thing to do and it's great to seethe transformation you know you leaveyour house you come back four hourslater or whatever you know and it's justtotally different house that has to besuper fun when when you bring peopleback and also it's a great tool wementioned earlier the realtor it is agreat tool the realtor has to have theright team of people on their teamwhether it's a title company themortgage people but to have the rightstager that also expedites the the saleprocess because a sale can take a whiledepending on the market and so manyother things however if the home isready to go looking good from thepictures to the time that you walk inthat's ready to sell and that's that'sthe home that sells quicker that'sexactly right and I love what you saidabout if you don't do it right you'rehelping the other person sell their orso that's even bad staging so you reallyhave to do your due diligence and makesure you're getting you are getting aprofessional stager I'm glad youmentioned that because in talking toRealtors sometimes the Realtors may beoverly ambitious and want to do itthemselves and they say well that's oneof the things I'll do I'll help you sellyour and plus I'll help you stage itwell they're not professional stagersand what you're doing this every day andthe kind of caliber of homes that you'retalking about hire a professionalexactly exactly that's exactly right andI wouldn't even presume to do arealtor's job because that's not whatI'm doing so I would hope that theywould see the benefit of using aprofessional stager that they aretrained they know the psychology behindthe things that we doso that's why it's better to to hire theprofessional to do those jobs let's takethe idea of vacant home and in anybusiness to be successful I think andeven if you're the pilot of an airplanesystems and procedures are so importantwe have to do the right thingsrepetitively all the time so let's takethe let's take it easy and I don't knowif it's easier to look at a vacant homeor one that's full of stuff so let'stake it vacant let's say you walk ineither one of you you walk into the homeand you look at say a living room andlet's give it the idea that it's alreadypainted in neutral color so some of theworks already done but you walk in yousee this room what do you look for andwhat's the first thing that you're gonnado as far as is does it happen rightaway were you thinking oh this sofa isgonna be great or whateverlaurens the first things the thoughtsthat go to your mind when you see theblank canvas of say the living roomconnect it to a kitchen let's say wellfor me personally I can walk into a roomand right away I can visualize whereeverything's gonna go just like thatjust like that yeah yes because I havethat kind of vision and vacant stagingsare much easier for me that's my fortenow when I walk into an occupied stagingand I walk into someone whose home isreally cluttered and and I walk in I'mlike what could be nerve-racking for meand Shelley does an amazing job withthose things so that's you know that'sit's weird how you know some people arereally good at some things and otherpeople are better at but yeah for me Ican instantly just walk in and be likethat's there that's there that's therethat would look at the hair and I coulddo this and this and this and you knowwe want to highlight the the the bestarchitectural features of the home wellI think that the thing to remember isthat and this is a statistic from Risaand nar national Realtor association sowhat is Risa by the way Risaokay so recentis real estate staging Association I'mthe Houston chapter president I'm alsoon the national leadership committee soit's a it's nationwide actually it'sreally I think it's even in Europe nowit's in Canada it's in the u.s. it's Ithink it's in Europe now so only 10%there about of people actually canvisualize what a home is gonna look likewhen they walk into it so a vacant homeyou are doing such a detriment to theselling of that home by leaving itvacant even if it's not vacant it hasthe homeowners furniture in it peoplecannot see past heavy furniture theycan't see past odd colored wallsthey'll they're gonna walk in a homethat's not been made over or not stagedand they're just going to spendliterally five minutes walking throughthe house and walk out and it's a lot ofit is a feeling they get how the emotionconnects with them if they feel like wowthis is warm and inviting I want to stayhere oh yeah I can see myself livinghere my bed absolutely my king-size bedcan fit in this bedroom so you know thatthat is the biggest thing to rememberthat's what we try to get through to torealtor's that we talk about andhomeowners is that people cannotvisualize so you have to show them whatit's going to look like how great thishouse could be highlighting the featuresof the home like Ann Marie said we wantto highlight the features thearchitecture if there's something that'sreally fabulous about this home whichevery house has something fabulous andso you have to really point that out sothat's kind of you know my take on it isis remembering most people don't havethe vision that we have that you're inthe creative business and the otherthing that you said Shelley that's soimportant is you're right when they lookat several homes if they do thatparticular day that it's a feeling thatthey remember in fact they say peopledon't remember what you say but theyremember how you made them feelI will give you a quick example I was ata I don't know if it was a three milliondollarmodel home the home was done beautifullythroughout but there was something aboutthe master bedroom the two chairs thatwere there and the table that made mewant to sit there so I sat in there andI'm thinking boy also anything I'mlooking at a lake someone needs to bringme a book I'm sold it was comfortable Iremember that day three months ago rightand they say that you know people spendpeople can just walk through a vacanthome like they just walk through maybetakes five minutes but in a staged homepeople will spend up to 40 minutes goingthrough that home just like you said yousat there for a little while becauseyou've you felt inviting you feltcomfortable you liked the feeling of itand that's what we want to accomplishwhen we stage homes and we're talkingwith Shelley barn dollar and anne-marieCarson with show homes Houston ladieswhat are some of the other things as faras and congratulations once again on allthe awards you're winning that must feeltremendous because you're doing it rightthat's certainly we work to get paid butwe worked to get that satisfaction whenwe know we're doing the job right andpeople are happy right so what liesahead and give us a word to if you wouldabout the vision of the business becausethings are always changing we need tomove forward or else we're movingbackwards so you think of the the ideasthat lie ahead Shelley what are thevisionary things that you say hey we'regonna do this next or we're gonna dothis betterwhat's thinking what's your thinkingprocess there so we've owned it forabout two and a half years I feel likewe're we are actually in our business ismore like four years to five yearsbecause we have gotten so muchrecognition this year we have workedreally hard but you too though yeahbecause every job has got to be perfectyou know I think our vision wedefinitely want to grow this company wewant it to be a name brand we wantpeople to think of shale homes when theythink of staging and so we want ourRealtors to be partnering with us wewant everybody to know what we can dofor them you know it's not what we'regonna get out of it we want to help themand that's to me that's mya passion is that I really enjoy beingaround people and I really enjoy helpingthem and making their sales of theirhome less stressful and getting it donethe first time right so not having it onfor 90 days and then stage let's stageit first and let's get it done and soldso you can move on to the next chapterof your life so if you're a realtor outthere listening and you do not knowabout show homes Houston you do now andif you're a homeowner that wants to selltheir home tell your realtor about thecompany show homes Houston andespecially anne-marie Carson and Shelleybarn dollar in every way we have a fewmore minutes with the show what elsewould you like people to know about yourcompany well I would like them to knowthat we absolutely know what we're doingand I I believe that we're the best inthe business and if you need to reach memy number is eight three two five eightfour six three two three so please callme and that's eight three two five eightfour six three two three and Shelleywhat else well so they could get a holdof me at eight three two seven two ninetwo five one one we just want to bethere for our clients so and in anyprofession there are challenges are atevery every corner that we walk throughalmost but one of the challenges I thinkis as you're serving the Realtors andthe home people that want to sell theirhomes you must have like a lot offurniture and how do you do differentstyles how do you know what style I meanyou try to make it berry you try to makeit very transitional so my style is veryeclectic I don't want my design to looklike every other stagerin Houston we own our own furniture wehave a huge inventory I think we havelike twelve houses of inventory rightnow too yet to do so if there's 12people out there right now yeah yeah sowe we do have our own inventory it's allvery high quality on trend and so I justlike to pulldifferent pieces together I want mystaging to show up better than anybodyelse and I have a feeling you're gonnabe winning some awards this year as wellwell I'm going to Vegas I'm going toVegas to see if I'm top ten in occupiedstaging in Risa this year and then weall said the United States in the UnitedStates and then I also am one of the top100 most influential people in Risa aswell it just was named that so that issuper awesome we're honored to have youhere todayone last thing Annmarie let's tellpeople the website once again and howthey can reach out to youthe website is showhomes Houston command my email address is a Carson at showhomes.comand my phone number is eight three twofive eight four six three two threeand also Shelley we want to say hello toPratt right I know he's working hardwell give Shelley a call at eight threetwo seven two nine two five one one goto the website you can see greatpictures there and get your home stagedby show homes Houston dot-com and wewant to see again and talk about so manyother things in business you've beenlistening to successful living withbuild applicant today with Shelley Barndollar and anne-marie Carson and now weare on Apple iTunes you can download allthe episodes so thank you for listeningyou can also go to radio bill dot netfor all the coordinates we'll see younext week thanks for listening tosuccessful living thank you ladies thankyouyou

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