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[Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music]do what rocky with line nice gonna dorocky with slime okay alright wellwelcome back to the channel guys so thismorning cash and I are headed to gymmostly because he said to death let's goto the gym right buddy wanted to comedetermine poor cash cash cash so yes sothat's how we start in the morning we'regonna come to the gym dad's gonna get aworkout inwhile cash plays with some friends andwho did you bring you said you broughtwho's this that's rocky but we'releaving him right in the carbecause what happened last time youbrought a toy and what happened you lostthem that was one of your favorite onesong after the jam you're not no youknow what I say that you're juicingstuff now okay we'll see you guys sowe're back home it's lunchtime andcash-like got the girls piano andstarted and just hey what are you doingbuddy you playing a piano jamming seethe DJ cash go buddy go show your moveswe see moose stand up come buddy yeahbuddy[Laughter][Music][Music]today we are going to be vlogging thisis our first time any of ourselves so weare pretty excited and our dad look forwork but our mom is at home she doesn'tknow how to walk so we're vlogging and Icannot believe itso we're so excitedand we get the homework yeah I made themlike I make some homemade homework yeahcan they have their school nurse superfun we're having so much fun and nowyou're about to watch us do a race onthis giant normos field in our backyardI need to see your backyard guys likelook how bigthat's huge backyard we got a humongousbackyard it's like ginormous[Music]anyways it is so long so we're going torace to the end okay like recording it'srecording yeah okay yeah wait what arewe doing we're doing a race we're havinga racewhat's this race for who doesn't have todo the disheswhoever wins doesn't do the dishesrestart lowly whoever wins gets what I'mconfused on your mark get set go allright[Music]Oh[Music]to determine where it was going to[Music]step we were doing that race cuz youwant to get bit for the summer yeah andit was also just for fun racing ispretty fun so I wanna you lead but ithurt I it wasn't bad fair because I'mthe oldest and he came in last becauseshe's below us so now we're gonna do asecond race with the littlest like alittle head so that she can get a headstart so it's a little easier okay infront of uslet me tell you something guys I'm thefastesteven with Lily and easy in the frontguys let me tell you something I don'tknow I don't know what she said butlet's get let's get the second roundrace started[Music]guys right now I'm in my room I have tokind of be quiet because my brother issleeping in the next room and I'm aboutto show you great my brother just wokeup anyways I'm going to show you abefore and after we are about to cleanour room but before we clean our room Ineed to show you the mess of our roomnow parents if you're watching this helpyour kids clean your room I know itmight be hard to clean your room I don'tlike cleaning my room either but my momhelps us and it makes it fun and putmusic on while you're cleaning it's goodsleep so here's our messy messy room wegot full of clothes everywhere ourbookshelf it's it's okay look at thathuge pile yeah look at that and then ourbeds we don't make our beds you gotvision boards up there so yeah our hugemachine there's a bunch of clothes uphere I made a daddy-daughter dance thatis a mess right that's probably themessy room you've like ever seen rightcuz that's like really really messy butyou're about to see us clean it and it'sgoing to look like the prettiest sparklyroom ever so I'm about to wake up mybrother very nicelyhey buddy are you awake buddyhey buddy are you awake hmm I heard himjust a second ago is he sleeping was heawakeor is he pretending to sleep hmm I thinkhe's sleepy[Music]oh my goodness12 seconds later free 399 free 99 youbought it from Lily oh it's just pretendbuddy wait is there something in therecome here it's not pretend there'ssomething in there show me what's inthere Ioh it's an ice pop who made them in allof them please them yeah that's it justwater and fries that's called an ice popyes I love itthat's why it's free cuz it's just waterI see yeah tell us what just happenedbut Leia come over here said mom I'mabout to cry why because you're starvingafter dinner right because you just haddinner but apparently you are starvingOh naked baby naked babyand he was and he had the butter knifefinishing him and he one of the breadswere faulted and the other one was openin New Year's putting butter on thebride that was open and then he foldedit and we're like buddy what are youdoing he's like I'm making sandwich saysfor you guys it was so you body you areyou making sandwiches for everybody justlet you know he's trying to show youyou're his but but I'm not filming hisvoice[Music]

kids vlog for the day!! today the kids’ takeover the vlog… did they do a good job? 😁 baby kash doest the cutest thing and it made his sisters cry. Lea give you a quick tour of their messy room.. do you have a messy room? 😁 we’ll post the before and after on another video 😬

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