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[Music]good afternoon and welcome to have achat I'm Audrey Lynch with my beautifulco-host Judy Lachey good afternoon goodafternoon happy Mondayyes happy Monday for us here inMiramichi and to all our viewers thanksfor watching and tuning in to us todaywe're gearing up for a little bit of badweather I know this is that I know Iprobably said this a thousand times isthis the last freezing rainprecipitations yeah well that's all ofit it does not yeah it's not justtonight the entire week but now lookthat good people be cautiousyes very cautious on the roads out therebecause I know some people actuallyswitched their tires over already and Iwas a little wary to do that just yetbut I haven't no we have a great showlined up with a do I think yes and we'regonna start off with a thought of theday we usually try to start off withsomething a little positive and mine isreally short and sweet I have the lastfew ones that I I was gearing up to dowith a little lengthy but this one shortin smoke a really really really hit homeI like this one too think your mind is agarden and your socks are the seeds soyou can grow flowers or you can growweeds so trueit's your choice it really really is andwith that being my quote I recently ifany of our viewers had or my friends orfollowers on Facebook they they realizedthat recently I just had a birthday andI turned 51 on April 1st oh I'm yeahI've crossed over a family in the 50s noturning back congratulationsthank you and and I really wanted toover this past year because we had setresin New Year's resolutions like wealways try to do and over a year ago Ihad set out a goal to get strong andhealthy we got all of the chronic painand stuff like that that happens and Ireached that goal and did really reallywell and so this year I wanted to set anewer goal so for months I've actuallybeen talking to a health professionalwho is crossed over into more of thefitness world and talking to her formonths trying to come up with a reasonnot to do this but with great thought Ihave decided to joinin what my husband's been doing foryears and crossed right over in takingmy fitness level to a whole other levelwhich is a lot a building component wellit's it's in when it comes to thefitness world with competing for womenit's three different levels so therewould be bikini and I wait you're okaywell that one and I won't be not oneokay so so so the bikini figure andfitness so those are the three levelsand I am actually going to attempt toget stronger and healthier and thentrain to possibly compete in the classicand we will go to support youI made it Facebook official so that notfor any of my friends to be out there tosay anything or words of encouragementor anything else I do I know but I alsodid it to show my children how importantit is to set new goals for yourselfreach and reach your goals and to spiteand going on social media was actually Idid it for more than one reason one tokeep myself accountable hmm and watch myown progress but to show my childrenthat despite some of maybe the negativecomments that I will subject myself tojust by putting myself out there thatuse that as strength you know that asfuel to keep myself going because it cannever change the fact that there'shaters out there or anything else likethat just because my younger twochildren are so into worrying about howmany likes they okay their comments yeahthat really matters them up people itreally does I've seen my youngestdaughter who flourished is and excels inso and she has not excels but has somany passions in life and when shepushed herself out there and someonemakes a negative comment and she justtotally wants to give up that's what shefocuses on not all the acid no no in thepros it's always they get a setback toher it's sad it really really bothers meas a parent and trying to so encouragingher and so we had a big say about myputting myself out there and stuff likethat and and how and why and so Iencourage everyone in any way ourviewers set new goals for yourself andgo after the show and won't be thatright now but I will be there growflowers not weeds I'll watch you thoughwe go that'll be me yeah so leading upinto that I have a question for you okayso where are these thought-provokingquestions for some time yeah sure umactually makes me I have to use my brainon a Monday yes exactlyso my it's this one again I'm gonna keepit quite simple for you he's just anyAsst by the way folks oh yeah anythingthis has to do with treating yourselfwhat is the last nice non-essential itemyou bought for yourself non-essentialnon-essential item you bought foryourself then you treat it would havebeen a treat that you bought foryourself you did not need but to treatyourselfI think cuz I think that's an importantthing in life to do that every now andthensometimes it's food like a chocolate baryeah I mean are you talking thatessentially like I don't need it but itwas a treat yes um I like to go formassage so the last thing I did formyself that was not essential I don'thave to pamper myself but I thought Ideserve it I'm on my feet all the time Irun a hundred miles an hour and I do alot of things I think in a good way forpeople so I want to give it back to meto have something rewarding and that wasto just relax and put all their thoughtsaway and be treated to a nice massageknow exactly and actually that can turninto massage or being able to relax andtreat yourself that way could beconsidered essential because it yeahtherapeutic of yeah I exactly that wasit but that's it and do you have aquestion for me um a final question foryou I think would be just something likewhat are some of the questions you neverlike to be asked what are things thatyou don't want to be asked about thingsthat I wouldn't don't like to be askedabout and I'm such an open book I knowyouRaina's start asking questions youdidn't want to go there wow would yoummmit's not too hard yeah that one's alittle hard I'm saying that I don't wantto talk about or you talking abouteverything you're open I I am okaythat's been in I feel like someone willbenefit from me telling themI would have to say like bad or negativeexperience you know what don't you talkabout your bad experiences some truthonly if I felt like it would benefitthem don't have to to hear it okay youknow any me yeplike people don't want to be talkedabout their weight they don't wanna betalked about their growing through theirchildhood they don't want to talk abouttheir teachers because I bet it's justcertain things you don't know I'm like Ican't think it nothing comes to mindlike other than the things that when wewere younger you don't talk politics andyou don't talk religious those kinds ofthings but nothing I'm pretty open nownot so much like when I was youngermaybe um I don't know I guess the firstone that would come to mind I was likeyour marriagemaybe yeah you don't just you it's aprivate thing yeah okay perfectly I likethat yeah I like the details of yourmarriage happens tonightnot even that people get into intimacy Idon't want to know no I I would have astruggle yeah demanding I just don'tknow the level Arsenal yeah exactlyokay hey lots been going on there thereis good bad sad happy my life's full ofone minute laughter one minute tears Iknow lawless host early all of Canadahas come together for the tragicaccident that happened in Saskatoon noit was a Humboldt Humboldt yeah that'swhy I'm writing sketch one part of meand the yes the bus accident thetractor-trailer and all the losses ofthose lives insane and it does not itdoesn't surprise me at all the wayCanada came together no supportyou know all in all the different wayseven my youngest daughter 13 is runningaround with green and gold nail polishah you know what I mean to representyour support yeah them and the tragediesI can't even imagine oh it'sunimaginable as parents and as anyperson that has a heart out there wouldrecognize that would be one of the mostdevastating things to ever happen toanybody the families the siblings thethat the loved ones they had the wholeworld's morning and at rotary the otherday a low love day was just such a fineRotarian he had pins they were actuallyribbons green ribbon andhe was saying if you want to contributesome money like small money like fivedollars this will go to the RotaryFoundation in honor of those lives thatwere taken so we were very proud to wearthe ribbons some people showed up withjerseysyou know Thursday in this past it wasJersey day yeah so many people showedtheir similar hockey sticks out on thefront yep you know II mean barelydisturbing and my brother Bruce hisdaughter Lauren her boyfriend played forthe Woodstock Slammers and traveled outto Humboldt different times and he justsuch a loving community that bondstogether through it's just a reallywonderful place so these kids are allhurting because they've been on thosebus trips my boys had been on thosehockey bus trips and you know my girlsmy girls my oldest girls and when Ithink of how many trips and how manytimes she's traveled like you knowthere's no rhyme or reason to how andwhy and when this happens and who whathappens - it could have been any I knowbuddies children I know I know I knowour thoughts and prayers because it'sdefinitely unimaginable it happenedthere it is so I'm talking about thatyou had said you would I and seen thestory of Jonathan Jonathan right justwanting to say how moved I was by thestory of the young boy Jonathan Petrieno call himself Johnson Pitts with theframe I don't redo writing really goodyeah flamboyant writer he was justturned 18 year old from Russell a littleplace outside of Ottawa and he was bornwith a rare genetic mutation which isthe most painful skin disorder known tomedicine Wowya know when I seen the photographs ithe almost looked like a burn victimit's dystrophic it's a it's a bullosaanyway to touch your skin and what itdoes is blisters form on the inside ofyour body and on the outside of yourbody so at the most severe case you'reliving as a burn victim your entire lifebut what moved me about Jonathan Petriewho just passed away from septic shockand was sepsis was that he was like noother boy I've ever come across reallyway or actually any person I've evercome acrosshe suffered I guess they say that thepain he would have suffered would havebeen immeasurable andhis mother who looked after him singlemom a single beautiful single mom whonurtured him to like no other mothercould I don't think any better said thathe never once complained and he said youknow what I don't want to have thisdisease and I'm certainly not happy tohave it but I'm happy that nobody elsehas it and he lived in torture she hadto change his rap his body and bandagesevery second day you know it's a wholebody hurts so bad and and the pain thathe went through but he he talked atnational conference in Ottawa in 2015you know he spoke up and said how youknow he'd like to be the ambassador theadvocate for other people suffering withthis it's have to find a terminologyhere it exactly it's rare though this isthe rare rare disease and it's itthankfully has effect to many people buthe knows there are other people aroundthe world that it affects he does yeahand he just me when I watch that video Idon't think I've ever cried that hardreally ya know and it was an actualvideo of him talking yes he came yes seeif you ever want you look him up look upand an amazing young man that made astatement around the world basically hetouched many many lives his name isJonathan teacher he was known as thebutterfly boy from outside of Ottawa andhe just passed and actually Andrew Duffya reporter for the Ottawa Citizen justcouldn't believe this young man he saidyou've never seen this strengthyou drank of him not to cry and whine hewas happy just to watch a butterfly goby or a kid ride his bike and you knowthe sad part is because of his outwardappearance and the blisters and thecondition of his whole body peoplewouldn't play with them the kidswouldn't play with him and he's neverbeen to one birthday party oh so itmakes you think you know what it'sbecause it's not contagious not at allit was just the appearance of it was sobreathtaking that you know someone wouldbe startling - yeah - see he didn't wantpity though he did not want pity I wantit to be strong and to say I want toshow the people that you can livethrough this yeah but I have neveradmired a young man as muchadmire comes to our thoughts and prayerswith his mom and family and stuff likethat in this time yeah but he's at peacenow and he's in no longer in any painright you have to think about the way Ilook at yes we all that kind of pain andsuffering and different things like thatthat you know you cannot ease the otherthing that was the newest and I think weshould draw attention to is MariahCarey's issue I've become the forefrontabout her having bipolar disorder okaybecause you know we've seen her latelyyeah well not in a shining light by anyme on for a long time a littledisturbing one of course a lot ofviewers and a lot of her fans wereconcerned about her and wondering howwell she's doing and what is her issueso that there's a passing judgement Imean is she on big drugs she analcoholic is she just you know what waswrong with her so the fact is it justgoes to show you don't know what otherpeople are dealing with and she saidthat she finally couldn't handle it anylonger the feeling of isolation anddesolation and and being out of controlso she got diagnosed and now amedication and she's doing therapy andshe's now being able to write musicagain and produce music for those peoplethat love her exactly because I did seeone of the videos in it and it was itwas sort of hard to watch and sad youknow yeah exactly so and I wasn't surewhat the issue was and of course when wetend to think the worst being in thatlifestyle and everything else like thatyou'd be subject to so many differentthings kind of her relationships havebeen on and her marriage has been offand you know to Nick Cannon and then sheremarried in that that lat didn't lastengagement broke up all of this becauseof her condition which is sheexperiences mania or hypomania rightbelow the depression so she fluctuatesand that's what that bipolar disorder isas a condition you know exactly that'sjust that people know how he's out withit and the stigma hopefully will be outthere that people should not say andjudge and other people until we knowwe're dealing with know exactly that'sjust it and she's in a special placewhere and a special kind of career whereshe would be subject to a lot of ajudgmentregardless she cannot I can imagine it'sanit's a condition I have to deal withthat on top of all the other pressureand stress that she would have in herlife glad she came out with it glad shewas diagnosed yeah exactly we have somany other people out there too wellwith definitely she'll be a spoke atfirst tonight so there's lots happeninghere in mayor machine this past weekendoh yeah the Rotary Club of Chathamhosted their which gala was it was theblack guy gala wine gala it was a wineand beer tasting gala after and they hadvarious various wines and many differenttypes of beers and the vendors we wantto thank the vendors that came out fromall over with their products the rod ofcourse was right on board and they hadtheir staff serving the food and betweentasting hors d'oeuvres orders I was infabulous so we you know they sponsoredthat we did with it was a cellar rod itwas a sellout crowd I think it was about350 people attended and they attend itbeautifully getting to dress you know itwas your choice but it was such a niceevening to have because you know and alot of young couples which is reallynice because it's this age you knowwe're in an aging population and to seethe young people I would say themajority of people were 30th 30s to 40sand there were they over 20 is of coursenumber fifties but the majority were 34th range and very very well presentedyou know classy yep it really dresses ita chance to get people out and socializeand see their friend maybe yes see yourfriends and get a chance in in Oh in acouple of hours and after that was overthe rod actually hosted liveentertainment in the restaurant afterthat and that and the crowd spilled overto there and is working that evening andpeople were enjoying themselves and yeahit's you know spring god-willing is justaround the corner and it was nice to seeeveryone out and all dressed up and yesjoin themselves and all of that moneyfor anyone that didn't see the showbefore goes to the josie foundations soevery bit of the profits will be turnedover to them yeah exactly that's just itso to our viewers we are gearing up forour first guests we're gonna take ashort break but joining us up next willbe Norma gray now she's an interiordecorator and we're quite excited to beable tohere everything she has to tell us andshow us for the upcoming season so we'llbe right back right after the breakdon't go away[Music]and welcome back to more have a chatjoining us now is our first guest Normagray hello Norma for you not too badthanks for joining us todaythanks for having me fancy woman to getoff yes exactlyyeah you have so much to show us butfirst we're gonna start off with youtelling us a little bit about yourselfokay well I'm Norma gray I'm from Basinan married no kidslots of niece and nephews yeah born andraised and basin and married a guy frompoints of that okay and I still livethere and commute my clients are alittle bit from Rexton Russia back tocoming this way Mary mushy areasnegawatt Rogersville a little biteverywhere I've went to the school inMason and graduated there and went toCommunity College for two years inDieppe right that's where the passionstarted so I took a two years ofinterior decorating course I've workedin Miramichi right after collegea little shop in the square okay whichis now vogue optical right okayit was numeracy paint and paper that'sright I need to jog in the memory and in94 I moved to carpet ranch yeah Douglassdown work there for 15 years baby stillyes and then I got the nerves to go onmy ownhmm so I been to space in the Newcastlehome hardware yeah a little shop thereinterior decorating and it's a beautifulshop bang and you're gonna really bethere yes because you're the name ofyour business now is Norma greatinterior yes I kept that because Iworked at different stores so I thoughtyou know that I have a little bit of myclientele right I didn't want to have acomplicated name and people said whereis she now exactly did the smart thingright so I love goodies with you lots ofgoodies and you know what like Audreysaid we're still feeling that you knowwinter feel but but spring is around thecorner it is and people are probably nowjust getready to wash down their walls do theirspring cleaning and then they're goingto do their readjusting decorate exactlyright soon as that snows gone - they'regonna panic and say okay we need to winnow that might pick me that night that'sokay we have so much to cover rightAudrey I just want to know everythingabout what's in okay that you have timeto do so absolutely so maybe we couldnot talk a little bit about a paintcolorswe're okay where is the newest trendyeah it really cycled there's a lot lesspaint colors now okay from nine tenyears ago we would have maybe 14 colorsin one house when we've renovated nowit's two to three Wowso it's almost what we call the canvaslike we go from tone on toneand maybe accent walls you'll notice alot of punch colors and maybe wallpaperadd texture to your walls so it's it'squite a nice change less is more so alot less complicated but thenpersonalize it so tone on tone zuvwhites the whites in any shades do youthink that was driven a little bit aboutbecause the concept of homes now if younotice they're not all broken up it'sthe open concept a lot great you wouldhave three rooms in one color you sortof have to flow a little better that'sright and you can use like instead ofgetting bored of it and just having onecolor throughout maybe throw like anaccent wall wallpaper it can be shiplapit can be textured as far as stone wallsso there's a lot to like bring the focalpoint so it's not just blah know thatyou can actually even though it's openyou can look and go oh that's thekitchen area right that's right becausesomething does change slightly in eacharea yes and the thing is - you want tomake it your own so if it's very plainand you're the type that wants to haveit calm you'll put tone on toneyou'll put like white walls minimalistminimalist less is moredefinitely a punch of color than to likeadd pizzazzthe plums the teals the emeralds thejewel tones like mustard colors a littlebit of everything to add a little bit ofspice to itso talking my first mind I don't knowwhy it my mind is going to a gray tonesdove tones those the family of gray grayis the new base that's right you can addthe gray and the beiges together we callthem the Grays why not so the thing istoo you want to have that for anypersonality and then punch it toyourself so if you're the type thatlikes the bling you'll add some glass[Laughter]it's a bit of glitter and then if you'rethe type that likes it just come andtone you might not be comfortable inthat but go a little bit out of yoursafe zone and add like a fun pillow andif you get bored of it you just switchthe pillow or a carpet carpet and thatmakes it that more personal paintingyeah that's the exact same thing when Iwas designing the salon I went withshades of grey with black and white yeahand my accent color is the red yeah butthe red is only in things that I canactually remove from the salon easilyright whether it's a painting on thewall or the cello so then I can totallyif I wanted to get rid of all the red Idon't get rid of what I give you knowand then switch it out with a teal or ayellow mustard and and then I keptDamascus my little accent texture thatgoes around the room as well oh yeahvery nice I have some very Judy rooms inthe house I oh I don't doubt that no butis a very subdued very calm that's aclassic room very classic I so is thatokay that I have one room that's veryand then if my house is not open myhouse has doors going like the kitchen'svery of one big large kitchen but thenthe dining rooms off to the sides likeyou walk down to the dining room kind ofthing it's definitely yesyeah that's the room in itself and rightand so I have different colors fordifferent feelings that I have themabsolutely and you personalize I do thesame thing as if you have likeeverything neutral and then you say wellI don't want to go too crazy on thekid's roomkids are kids like decorate house ofdoors if you find it yeah yeah defconn'sin there yeah I think you get to do thatthough when the room is that separatethat's right when they're in the wall orthere is a doorway you get to totally isthat a rule or yeah that man be brokenit can be broken but you can flow it tooand if you feel more comfortable andthat's a good question because reallyevery decor is different in every homeright so it doesn't mean because yourneighbor has like everythingtone-on-toneyeah you have to be toning okay if youlike the splash you add it your gonna becomfortable I'm gonna personalize I feelvery personal in my house I feel like wegot children things that made our housea home the living quarters it's a homeyfeeling but I get it lived in and yetit's it's fancy enough that you wouldn'tbe ashamed to bring someone in you'reproud of it you're sure that and that'skind of a little bit of what I tell mycustomerslisten I'm sometimes gonna be yourreferee and say no it you love it it'snot that it's not in its you okay it'sthat that's my job to kind of say itdoesn't matter if that's the color oflast year if you like it you can yesit's really subtle and not just reallyannual so the goal is mixed with thesilver I know right goals are getting tobe a lot more mattera lot more warmer less shiny right andthen the blacks the blacks love theblacks I have already like yeah touchthere I do have some allowed a wallpaperthat is just a bright blue candefinitely oh here they try to get abetter peek for the viewers yeah it's anamazing fabric it is gorgeousyeah so that you can use it for aquestion you can upholstered chair wellthey yeah we call it the yummy fabricyeah fabric very nice so it does havetons of different colors your rifle andif you say black is too strong for mebut I like the pattern you go with oranother cuz I like black to accent I doand I just Norma it's that's anothertype of fabric and here we'll want tochoose a little bit more colorful so alittle bit fresher looking do you wantto go with any particular bus swap notnecessarily you just want to show youhow we can go from now this would be asofa this can be a sofa can be a beddingoh yeah three right you can definitelygo to like something a lot of them thoseblues timeline me of shades of grey like50 shades of grey well that's a greatowns in those blues that you're showingat a good night yeah so then these areyour accents so you're having a pillowin a room for example done with that yesand a white sofa perhaps and then youpizzazz it with the pattern now a lot ofthe Moroccan patterns are in a lot ofmelash tricksyes so you'll get and then this Ibrought because they definitely talkedabout the fish scale and when they talkabout that it's like what is a fishscale I want to be in but I'm not surewhat why read that but it's kind of thefish it's kind of the pattern that yousee in it you see it in accessoriesyou'll see it in like glass tiles it'llhave that pattern right it's kind ofannoying now that you hear it you'll seeit oh you'll see it everywhere thatnow you're aware plates like even a sayI did that in the salon I did a wall inwallpaper but it's black on black yeahso the design is in it but you have tolook to that yeah right gives you kindof then there are little things aroundthe room that have it tiny little piecesof it all the way around exactly thesame idea I'm curious how much you loveitI have several bathrooms but I'm whatare some of the in looks for baths thebathrooms are gonna be either a verywhite on white wet then punches of yourpersonal colors or you're gonna go toyour woods and add your gray tones to itso it can be a bleached color would likelight whitewash almost with like a realwhite clear countertop all your whitesof the sinks the flush the tubthose are staying white for a whilethey'd go gray and then you can't findlike the same right it's safer to gowhite as well but definitely like vanitylight if you have a huge bathroom andyou want to add like a mahogany woodvanity to it definitely Terkel Gray'sare very right even the light Gray's anytone of Gray's will will give you thatnice fresh look our carpets in or outcarpets are coming back Wow really andif they always say like if you lovesomething over over do it like if youlove area rugs you can overlay an arearug lay one straight lay one above itand like kind of and I mean either Ithink of the vacuum I know I just toldwe have all hardwood floors everywhereI meant carpet I'm any of it I do Ifound it comfy when my kids were littleand crawling around yeah though yeah andI have a dog that doesn't shed but ifpeople have dogs that share that'sinteresting one of the most importantthing I find and every decorator is abit different but what I find is when Iget to meet my clients the first time Idefinitely want to setand do a profile so for the first halfhour I get to know my customers okayand important don't do that every timejust do it once so then I've got likefive repeat customers I don't ask themthe same questions again but the firsttime I get to say do you have like youngkids what is the traffic do you havepetscuz when you say a white bathroom mydaddy's right not happening so if theytell me they have like a black lab andfive kids I'm not gonna segue to thewhite carpetyeah exactly good to be back next you'redecorating it yeah but the thing isthat's where you get to kind of guide alittle bit and sometimes it's just onelittle thing that the client don't tellme and five years down the road they'llask something and I'll say you know whatyou're not gonna be comfortable withthat because that's not really you butlet's do this like let's let's paint thewalls like a neutral color but let's doone wall like plum and the wallpapertexture and you'll be excited but thenwhen you get five years down the roadyou want to change you could possiblykeep your walls and just change thatplum wallpaper so one thing I have areal fetish for our lamps oh I reallylove light fixtures and lamps and thatbig thing I literally say lutelyadorable I was fighting for that yeahexactly like with a limp the mirrors theclocks you look at this clock well thiswill cover so many different areas theold with the new right the piece of thewow factor that you get definitely anaccent pieceit's an accent piece and it'll tell youthe table do you put on the mantle thispiece look going to mantle you could putit on a mantle on a table in a entrywayfor yay you could even put it within thecabinets like on a counter right I likethat it the glass is see-through andtake a call in the background that'sright and the thing is then you get tomix your metalsyour styles and if you like everythingvery modern but you say well you knowwhat like everything's going everyone'sgoing distress I want to be in put thislittle piece you'll feel like you're inyeah exactlyoh that way you get clock the old andthe new mix together which is also agood pointwe'll definitely want to do differentmetals but in shiny also like the velvetblack like we were talking aboutoh the shiny and the glitter that if youlook at this beautiful rod here like thecrystal and the brushed nickel togetheryou have just a weight on it so youdon't want to put this on an 8 footwindow you now put it on an accent wherelike it supports the look of it so avery attractive can we just touch onbudgets and how you work we don't have awhole lot of time but you have thosepeople with a high income medium incomeand low income and yet I'm sure there'sways that you able make it lookbeautiful without being like some peoplecan afford the best everybody say I wantthat that's right yeah and no one wantsto talk about budget but it's a veryimportant really very important becausethe thing is if they tell me I have thismuch money that I want to invest I'mgonna know what to show them that'sright what not to show them because whatwould be more disappointing than meshowing you one thing that's gonna belike the bling and then you get yourheart set on it and you see the priceand you're like I can't do it right sothe thing is you want to like be able todo the nice and with the pre-made panelsnow you can do a quick fix of draperybut at the same time you want to buywisely so let your big pieces be whatrules you invest into those because youwon't be changing them that's right thenknow that your budget is not all soakedup for that sofa well I'm afraid we'reout of time we're to have you back onthe show yes we need trial board locateyour own Norma gray interiorsshe has an office at the Home Hardwarehere in New Castle thanks for joining usknow thank you so much right after thebreak don't go away[Music]welcome back to have a chat I'm AudreyLynch with my co-star Judy low J andjoining us now is our next guest LisaWilliams hello Lisa how are you nice tohave you come yes yes now you are withUnicare home health care but first wewant to hear about who you are okay I'moriginally from Mara she yeahReina grew up here in the city umgraduated from Marunouchi Valley okaythat's I won't hold that against ya nowe're good left here and spent a longtime at school became at the end came ateacher okay okaytraveled overseas for I was in China andthe Middle Eastokay three or four years teaching liteaching okay great experience yeah andthen decided that wasn't quite what Iwanted to do huh I enjoyed teaching butyour heart was telling you somethingelse something more so I came home andmy father looked at me one day and hesaid well what you gonna do I said and Ihad worked previously for a home supportcompany before okay so you did have alittle experience with that yeah as aregional manager so I justhe said what were you happiest and Isaid well I was doing that I think we'refed why can't you do that and I saidyou're right so I spent the summer I hadjust come home from the Middle East Ispent the summer writing the documentsand I opened March 2008 so it's 10 yearsso you actually jumped right in youdidn't work anywhere else you although Iopened up my own so I opened that up andit was 12 by 12 room in my home I wasthe first employee Mitch and now we haveclose to 200 200 wait Lisa could youhave more than one facility I doactually we just I so originally westarted in Miami she I think it was fouryears I worked out of my house and andthen that kind got crazy yeah I movedout of there and I bought on I bought abuilding to house the offices right fromthen I think the year after that we wentto I have an office in negawatt but itserves all of the Acadian AcadianPeninsula so that was the second pointand thenabout I think about three or four yearsago we moved into Bathurst Wowand since that we've signed a newcontract so we're now doing last yearribbon into Moncton and unexpectedlythis year I kind of just went wellwe're in Moncton let's go to Frederickis that incredible yeah extremely wellso explain to us a little bit what isYuna care home health care okay so wehave like I said 200 employees they areat arm's lengththey are frontline staff they go intoeither a seniors home or a person withdisabilities needs services we go in andwe help them maintain their quality oflife all right so we could be doinganywhere from meal preparation we couldbe doing light housekeeping we could bedoing personal care there could bemedication management rehab andrehabilitation there's quite a bit ofthat now going on all right in theprovince okay so what does the atraining of these employees entail soqualification originally we didn't therewas not really any training by four orfive years ago there wasn't any therewas training but not requiredwasn't yeah it was a lot more while itwas required but it wasn't it wasn'teasily accessible to everyone in theprovince so I was a board member of theNew Brunswick home support Associationand during that time we had gone througha trained developing a trainingcurriculum okay so I was on thatcommittee after that we rolled that outprobably well I'd say about four yearsago we had grandfathers a bunch of homesupport workers across the province soanyone who had a lot of experience rightwere they were tested and grandfatheredin okay and then from then on aboutthree years ago I think three years agothree to four years ago the training wasrequired and everybody and the provincehas access to this curriculum and theirvarious home supporting agencies acrossthe province that's actually teach thatcourse so we actually had no training wehad training accessible but we didn'thave a Nidoran only Institute in anorganization so we developed in the lastthree years a training curriculumso we now train the personal personalcare age we do an introduction to just ahome health care so say you just wantedto look after your mom I didn't need acaregiver get in so you could come inand do a 60-hour I think it's 60 to 75hours of just basic home care where youcould take that home and you would haveall the essential things you would knowall the essentials is that quite a bitjust saying that I didn't realize thatthat you can actually train like when mygrandmother was not well and we werelooking for somebodywe were like because I myself I was likeI know there's a specific way and tohelp them walk up and down stairs assistit you know what I mean where to holdthem and where the weight would shift ordifferent things like that and I keptthinking I need help yeah I didn'treally great I think it was great comingup for people that maybe necessarilydon't qualify for services through issubsidized right they if they havefamily around them that can help thenthey could come and take that anyfurther we're also doing CPR and FirstAid we're doing we have a lift andtransfer course which is helps our ourhome support workers lift properlytransfer properly absolutely areyand we're also doing WHMIS so what is itwomen women okay so we're and we'reexpanding all the time the types oftraining that we're doing so sometimeswe develop our own or and we have thatcapability with us actually thoseletters stand for a bigger Longer yeahso what is it exactly it's more achemical inside industrials and justwhere you interact with chemicals andthings like that so it's out of thehazardous materials there's so much inlet's talk about the cost of the care sothe cost is determined basically throughthe government so we we deal with a lotof government institutions theDepartment of Social Development herewe deal with the extramural program andwhat else yeah and we deal with theDepartment of Veteran Affairs that's thegovernment all right so usually throughthe Department of Social Developmentthey set the ceiling on the price allright we don't everybody kind of has toacross the problem goes by that priceoutside of that extra murals becauseit's a little higher care againthere's a little bit more money and thenDBA and private you can kind of set yourown but I mean you have to stay within arange as well so it's a floral right soit would be close to about $20 an hourbecause I was gonna say if mygrandmother didn't qualify but yet wewanted to pay out of pocket there is aprice we have yeah we have a nice listfor that yeahthanks Zach what else do you want totell us about your services because it'squite an enterprise you have going thereand it's reached all these otherprovinces and that's right not provincesbut cities within the problem rightso we are we are constantly expandingwe're looking for opportunities there'sall kinds of opportunities in healthcareI enjoy the growth of the business so tome going from one employee to 210 yearsthat is quite remarkable and I feel likewe've we've really worked hard on thecost of customer service in there's aquite a bit of both on the caregiverside and the client side so you have tolook after your caregivers becausethey're the reason you're here that'sright not just just your clients but ifyou didn't have your caregivers soreally don't have a business so I Ireally put a lot of time and effort intoit understand like making helping themunderstand that they're very valuablecome on you know a piece of the puzzleand they have and I think through thetraining they've really found some likethey've come together like a lot of thetime they're isolated so they're in ahome by themselves they don't see othercaregivers they don't they're not at acentral location so I think the traininghas brought about a lot of its increasedmorale and closeness and they just thehealthcare no no they need a base theyneed a companionship yeah a bed and yeahhaving that and they need to be able toshare their stories with each other'sright and say those things and say youknow I'm not the only one in thesituation I don't feel alone so I thinkthe training has brought about that thatyeah bonding for them do you have a needright now are you always looking for notalways always that never stops so we'rewe have a Facebook page yeah alwayssomething looking for a job right andyou're saying there are available spotsfrom always in every area that we'reand I'm sure across the whole provinceabout every area we're always lookingfor workers wonderful to know thetraining is is required if they don'thave the training and they can come inand we can train them so they don't theycan actually work work while training sothey work they go coming to the classone day a week right and the rest oftime they spend getting their experienceso now I use the one doing all of thehiring for all I don't know I have everygeneral manager I have managers in eachlocationyou oversee hiring and then you delegateyour position well I'm the idea person Iguess you are you're writing the showyeah so I I I'm the one that says okaywell let's look you know they come to meI want people to come and get with theirideas as well and what can we do betterand what can we what we do we do a lotof strategy a lot of strategic planningthere's a lot of that that goes on andbehind the scenes at least yeah I thinksorry no I was gonna say I think I wouldthink that there's no to health careissues identical absolutely righteverybody one of them it it really is anindividual care situation and and it'sone-on-one care and it's probably themost cost effective care that we have inthe province because it's better thangoing like there's no overhead you knowthey don't have to go into the hospitalthose people are taking care of veryvery well yeah exactly really are um youknow you hear about people that say theyget so close and if the personthemselves are dealing with could bedepressed and feeling isolated that thatBeth you know they have the same feelingyeah so do you have seminars that dealwith stress and you know burnout yourback kind of thing because let's face itevery job there's burnout and stressright there on the high scale becausethere it's that's a very difficult jobintense and for myself I'm not from thatthat background know so I see what theygo through a nice I see that you knowthese people needs great they need ahelp they've helped as well and there'snot a lot of resources right now forthem I mean we tried to bring those inbecause they're required to have acouple of courses a year outside so wetry to direct them towards those typesof thingsyour employees their health and and andabsolutely is that's imperative to thebusiness totally healthy a while to dealwith people that aren't what would yousay some of your bigger struggles werewhen you first started to try and putthis all together what would be some ofyour big struggles I know they probablyall seemed quite stressful and a lot ofwork initially but was there I thinkevery time it's finding the people thatare actually fit the business so we'vealways gone from the the idea that wecan match the caregiver with the clientyou do that's a big part of our customerservice so it's not person place withand you might have a client that callsyou up and says that person's really notreally and that is okay like it's okayso it's a bridal thing and there's nowthe Conroy's we've had we've had to shipthose things around but it's not undobut a lot of that is scheduling rightthat's a living breathing document thatnever dies it's always changing so withthat being said there's always thosepeople that pass on of course that'spart of life so then you'd almost havethose people letter so like I'm gettingso close to you I'm the caregiver you'remy client they're so tight that it's agrieving process and so are you tryingto incorporate some grieving type ofsessions and we have yeah I think we'vetouchedI think extra mural has some of thosesupport programs in place so long accesssome of their programs mental health hassome things we we do we can refer themto that so there's there's but we didthere was a lady that we did have a shehad a hard time she lost her her clientand she was having a hard time and welooked around for something for her andthere is some very disappointing havingthis business here you see a need for somany other services right opportunityBarbara to you can't I can think of agood tan rangeyou could open many other businessesactually I opened wonderful so fromthere there was a big need a lot from alot of my clients they couldn't do thebig housecleaning all that so yeah westarted you to clean which is aresidential and commercial cleaning doesLisa force you are that has reallyworked outpaired with with that it started fromthat but it's it's it's more than thatnow so it's so you want a care and thenyou want to clean up that's justfabulous so where where do you see nowwhat's the plans for the future what dowe well well hopefully in the provincewill have enough labor oh yes becauseright now we're having some issues withthat it would be great if that couldhappen I don't know that's your numberone priority is my anyone strugglenumber one is drug labor the labor soanyone actually to our viewers becausewe have quite a few if you're watchingif they have any inquiries whatsoevershould they just call you or yourFacebook page rates would probably bethe best oh yeah it's just easier for usto interact we can send an applicationright there so they go Lisa Williams onFacebook over the unity care home healthcare and are they able to besidesfilling in a form would they be able tosee say I want to know exactly what itwould entail what the job would entailthey rock me yeah yeah that's just itbecause it is something that's very veryspecific and it's not for everyone noright it's a it's a hard job it's a hardjob and shift to work obviously becauseof the fact that you have to have yourown life if I were once a 50 with twochildren and a life to leave then I haveto do my own cleaning my own cooking andthen go to look after my clients a lotof our clients are mostly day a fewmeetings budgetary yeahfamilies usually do stuff in if it'syeah if it's a higher care case yeahabsolutelyWow so what is the age group that youcan like you have to be a certain age tobe a caregiver yeah you have to haveyour grade 12 I think it's 1919 yougraduate from I see you have yourgraduate diploma both yeah exactly sothere's a lot to go ahead there is therereally is so there's lots of employmentopportunities we want to let our viewersknowwith Unicare home health care and it'ssuch a growing need in our area and I'min surrounding area the door actuallyexact graphics of the problem so that'sjust it yeah so what about the paperworkand the government let's touch on that alittle bit so it's through people youknow it comes through the surface yeahwe it's usually through the Departmentof Social Development I would be themajority I mean if Social Developmentyeah or it could be through extramuralprogram or crazy through the Departmentof Veteran Affairs right other than thatit would be insurance or private payokay okay that's usually you get coveredthey possibly through there yeah theyactually through the Department thegovernment departments they doassessments and tell tell us basicallyassessment what you said I remember thatwhat the client would pay or if there isa pay for them or and the hours and theneed and leave then we go in and do anassessment of our oh wow well we want tothank you so much for joining us todayyour initial in fabulous job keep up thegood work big business here yeahwhatever Lisa thank you okay don'tforget to our viewers check them outthat the Unicare home health care on thefacebook page if you want anyinformation on employment or the coursesand classes that would help you become ahome healthcare worker very good thanksfor joining us and thanks for watchingwe'll see you again next week bye byefor now[Music][Music]you

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