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Happy Hour Haven #7…. Staging tips for any home!

hello this is Katie Kelley of Lanafoster real estate with Lori orders ofby the bay designs bringing anotherhappy hour Havenwith the start of spring this week eventhough the weather might not seem likespring still we decided that we discussdifferent ways simple ways to get yourhouse ready to sell because a lot ofhomes come on the market at this time ofyear and people are contemplatingselling and even if you're not these aresimple ways to just kind of spring cleanand freshen up your space yeah so Loridoes a lot of staging for me so I knowthat we go into houses a lot of timesand we come up with kind of three mainthings for people to do right number oneyou want your house to appeal to themasses when you are selling it so youwant to deep personalize it so can yougive a couple tips on how people can goabout kind of just D personalizing theirhome to put it on the market okay so acouple things when I go into homes andset them up first aging and to go in themarketI suggest um like you said Dpersonalizing removing all personalizedpictures anything that has your familyand grandparents kids animals you wantto take all that stuff down and kind ofbox it up okay and I know that that's sothat a lot of buyers when they walk inyou want them envisioning their stepsright and putting their pictures andtheir things in their home right correctyeah okay cool another one and thisisn't always done but it's a huge dealif they do it is a fresh coat of paintand kind of freshening up and cleaningreally cleaning a space yeah so a freshcoat of paint goes a million miles it itlooks clean it's new you want to pick aneutral color some of my go-to colorsare Revere pewter Edgemont grayagreeable gray putting those like in thecommon areas so people can kind ofenvision their their own things in thatspace and if you go with the neutralcolor it's a lot easier to envision someof your stuff yeah and it doesn't andit's clean and people don't see workexactly and I often say then throw insome fun throw pillows or simple thingslike that that still have pops of colorbut they're not part of the home rightabsolutely and that would also go forlike bathrooms and things like that it'snice to d personalize those and put inneutral like new clean whitehand towels and maybe like a new rug forthe bathroom floor things like that thatare just neutral you know in a white oran off-white that you know doesn't makea big statement but looks clean yeah andthat's something easy you can do in yourhouse just to add something fun and neweven if you're not trying rightabsolutelyprobably the biggest one is to declutterand this is one where if you even if youaren't selling going throughperiodically and trying to get rid ofstuff even in your unfinished spacesright is a huge project but it's a it'sa huge bonus in terms of if you'reselling or just in general just gettingrid of stuff right yeah well everyspring I usually go through my house andlike do the closets and do the drawersand things like that because over thecourse of the year you gather so manythings so do you have any advice forpeople on a systematic way to do that Iknow it's tough yeah so if it were meand I and someone was coming to me andasking me for advice what I wouldsuggest doing is starting per room okayyou know finish one room completely andthen you can be like I can check thatbox I feel like that room is declutteredit's depersonalized it's it's tidied upokay and it's easy to just go throughthis closet in each room right let'stake one at a time exactly not be agreat yeah cuz it can be a veryoverwhelming process so if you just doone room at a time and move to the nextroom you'll have some semblance oforganization that way okay feel free toreach out if you have any questions onthis what we'd like to do is if youcomment below we're gonna throw yourname and a little hat and then Sundayevening we'll pick a name out we'll giveyou $100 Target gift card either gettingready to sell or just adding a new popto your house or spring cleaning yeahbuying a bin to put some stuff in sothat's another happy hour Haven happyspring and we will see you next weeklater

Three things to do to get your home ready to sell… or simply to get it in tip top shape!

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