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Happy Green Spring Junk Journal By 481 Designs

hi welcome to another 481 designs videoI'm going to share this is my latest I'mthinking latest and greatest but nowit's just my latest my latest journalthis one is very spring inspired thisone is mainly yellows and greens andjust a lot of images of Springs a lot ofsparkle glittered embellishments and ofcourse kind of like my signature charmsand closure okay so we'll start with thecharm since I already have it in my handI can't help it to me this is almostlike a toy for adults it's like you justcan't help but like hold it and move itanyway so I attached it and I've beentrying to do this more and more with myjournals is use a form of attaching thecharms and onto the journal that it'snot permanent so this you can easilyremove it you could use this on yourpurse you could use this on yourbackpack on your gym bag there's just somany ways that you can you know use thischarm so because the size of thisjournal is intended to be a good fit forthe travelers notebook for the was itstandard size so it it's important thatyou can remove the you know kind of thisbecause it's just would be just way toomuch to keep inside the leather coverand the same for my closures I likehaving them like this because of thesame reason I want to I want you to beable to remove them if you are going touse them inside of your travelersnotebook but if you're not then you havethis you know kind of beautiful look toyour journal so on this one I added somecharms make sure you see that this onesays sweetlive free and I have some hearts andsome flowers this nice big kind of pearllooking that's attached to this week soa lot a lot of movement a lot of oh andthen there's a key back here too with alittle glass bead so these are just funand like I said very versatile and youcan move them around and use them asjewelry for your your handbag and stuffso I added an alteration tag and mostlythat's something you can kind of seethat it is that it is a pocket and youcan obviously add your own your ownstuff to itI added some rhinestones this one Ididn't use the the clear ones thatbecause I had happened to have these andI thought matched perfectly with thecolors in this journal so I use somerhinestones there and then oh let meshow you the closure so you see you havethe beads on the closure and then it's aclasp thereso inside so we have a pocket and then Iadded with one of those vintage with asafety pin this really prettycrown charm and I think it's justbeautiful and the fact that it's it'sit's kind of flat and as you can seeit's kind of flat but it is like a metalcharm I thought it was just perfect cuzit wouldn't add too much bulk to yourjournal as you close it but yeah it addsa beautiful element to it and then astamped image this is a crochet kind offlower a paper flower that I added whenI'm kind of a matching rhinestone therethen a doily we have a glittered aglittered flower I hope you can see thatsometimes it's hard to see on the cameraand so I actually upload it when some ofthese things some of theseembellishments and and details that Iwant to highlightsometimes it's hard to see it until Iupload it so here I added just somescrapbook paper or some ledger paper andthis is a little tiny B and the littlewings are kind of sticking out so it'sso prettyand then happiness always I love thatstamp then um I did add some fabricthroughout the journal I think it's justfor me I'm a very tactile person so Ihave to kind of touch and and feel myway through the journal so this was justreally a really pretty fabric that Ithink goes beautifully with all thecolors that I chose for the journal sowe have more of the glitteredembellishments and you'll see this onehas a lot of this theme kind ofembellishments in the same color soeverything goes really really welltogether then you have a really prettybutterfly with some more glitter onthere here I added some card stock whichis great for you to put a card and maybedrawing on the back some scrapbook paperpizzas um a little tag one more tag andthen a printed image this beautiful ladybut I liked it because it has and Idon't know if it's picking it up butit's sort of like a really kind of mintygreen feather accent on the on the Hatand I thought it was just perfectokay so on this page we have justwriting paper journaling paper and thena little band that I created was justsome scrap of paper and I layered somemore and then here's one more little[Music]sparkled butterfly glittered butterflyand then more of that scrap of paperthat you'll see kind of throughout it'svery much about spring in this journalso more of that beautiful scrapbookpaper this is just gorgeous I just lovelove love love these theseembellishments and this one has glitterin the center as well so one morebutterfly here with some rhinestones Istamp someand then I added lots of littlescrapbook pieces and printed postcardsthere so you can kind of journal on orlike I've mentioned before there youcould use them to embellish the journalsome more okay so on this page Iactually created a pocket and I justadded some I'm just kind of like areally really beautiful scrapbook paperlike I'm on that world map and that goesin there and then when you flip it overyou could have journaling or picturesand then I just added to the pocket asmall tag and then another prettybutterfly and that goes there so this isone of my favorites I just love havingthat little pocket in the corner keepseverything in there and lookingbeautiful as as you layer the pieces sothese are just a tag printed image andthen on inside the pocket which Istamped and added a really prettyglittered butterfly I just added becauseit's a small envelope a very smalllittle journaling opportunity for youand I stamped it and then this is justscrapbook paper so this you can actuallymove around and attach it if you add apicture and then maybe journal on thisso these little little pieces are meantto be used throughout the journal sohere we have a nice big tagI mean pocket not tag nice big pocketand then a glittered flowerembellishment some more of that reallypretty polkadot flowerI mean polka dot geez what is wrong withme todaypolka dot fabric and a nice big ties andthen Iadded one of those safety pins on thereso this is really I love those I lovethe way these come out so I added somescrapbook paper kind of walk you throughthe layers there then more scrapbookpaper I stamped it and then I added thepretty flower embellishments on theedges this is just coffee died writingpaper or notebook paper and then look atthat is that pretty and it's also it'salso got glitter on that it's just a lotthis sparkle then folded it over addedsome more of that fabric and then youhave a little pocket here so this dreamhot glue then this is the the center ofthe of the journal and then oh my goshisn't that just seriously I love that Idon't put your plate and you probablyknow that if you've been watching myvideos so I added some die-cut littleswirly things on the edge to thescrapbook paper or scrap of paper inhere and this is just a white glassineenvelope I mean yeah yeah like a bagglassine bag and some scrapbook paperthere and then look at that dragonflymore glitter and the great thing withthese embellishments and one of thethings that drew me to is that the factthat the the glitter I love glitter butI don't like when glitter comes off andthen it's just everywhere and you cansee these have been kind of added onwith some epoxy or something that feelsit so you can I mean the glitter is notgoing anywhere so I I love that I thinkbecause I hate that you log and then youyou you touch your face now you gotglitter over so I only like glitter whenit's in that form more I just added somescrapbook paperpaper flower like a die-cut here andthen more of that polka dot fabric andthen I added one of those really coolTim Holtz pins and safety pins on thereI love that okay so on this one this isthe coffee dyed paper that you saw me onthe other side and I just added a prettylittle tag on there with some scrapbookpaper and then another one of thoselittle bumblebees and then I left thisone blank so you can journal onsometimes I've you know I try toremember that this is a journal and youdo probably want to add some journalingto it so I try to remember that not overembellish it you know and then look atthis is that not just and again it's gotits got the beautiful glitter to finishto it here's another one so this pagehas kind of like the paper band thatI've been using and has butterfly thelittle bead little bumble bee I think Ineed more tea my brain is sort of likenot working so well today and then ofcourse gorgeous gorgeous butterfly thenon this side it's I created pocket byfolding the paper over I added somescrapbook paper and a flower die-cut andthen I added some just someopportunities for you to journal somenotebook paper and then some scrapbookpaper a tag and then it's got a prettylittle butterfly with some rhinestones Istamped I used my sewing machine andthen I created a little notebook out ofand this is all coffee dyed and that'swhy you get thatwrinkles and distressed look and thepapers are all kind of a little rippedand I love love the love them the waythat looks but it's like neatly typed inhere so if that isn't your favorite lookthen you could always use that for foran embellishment and kind of tuck it inbehind there but I personally love itthen here is more of that polka dotfabric I stamped on it I have one ofthose dress form die-cutsand then I added some really pretty laceribbon to it and then a small paper baghas like a you know like obviously is adollar pocket so you so I stamped thisscrapbook paper too and then I added alittle tab to this one but I just thinkit just adds you know that fun layeredlookso more writing paper this is more ofthat vintage music sheet that I usequite a bit and then more glitteredflower die-cut there this one is alittle nest and then this has that ohthat's such a pretty paper prettyscrapbook paper and then the the flowerthe glittered flower of die-cuts theretoo and then one more of the punched outbutterflies I added some rhinestones ofcourse and then paper doily and then onthis side I created a pocket using TimHoltz ephemera and then I added and Ihad to clip on alterations tag and thenit's pieces scrapbook so it almost kindof can frame a picture or you couldjournal on it and then use that to mapthe picture and what I did is that I hada little piece of this polka dot fabricleft over and then I kind of ran thesafety pin through it and then I createdthis cute little ruffle and I love itit just it just looks so cute looksalmost like a little butterfly orsomething to me so then that's that'salterations tag and then anotheropportunity for you to join along hopeyou enjoyed all the little details onthis journal I had so much fun workingwith these beautiful happy spring--images and definitely my favorite onthis journal has been the the glitteryou know detail in the on theembellishments so that's been reallypretty to work with and I will havedetails of where you can find myjournals my Etsy shop and all of mysocial media accounts where you canfollow me kind of on my journey and ifyou have any questions any comments Ilove for you to you know leave them downbelow and then if you enjoyed the videoand all the details that I put into thejournal I wish you would give me thumbsup and if you would like to see more ofmy journals and my work I'd love it ifyou subscribed and join our 41 designsfamily and I hope you have a wonderfulday I'll be back soon with a couple moreThanks

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