Dining Room 

Handmade Crescent Trestle Dining Table

hi guys I'm Angela with March Legend andwelcome to our workshops today I wouldlike to talk to you a little bit aboutour Crescent trestle dining tables thisone is handcrafted from sustainablyharvested eastern white pine however wedo offer other wood species our processbegins with an authentic tongue andgroove plank top and our table tops aresecured by a proprietary floating systemand that floating system allows yourtabletop to expand and contract toprevent against seasonal check cracksour trestle is hand mortise and handfitted in a traditional manner makingeach table unique our foot features acontinuous mortise and tenon and is heldtogether by hardwood dowels there areother ingredients that make March legendfurniture special but we're going tokeep those a secret in other words Marchlegend furniture is handcrafted to lasta lifetime and that's why we guaranteeeach piece to last a lifetime we'll seeyou next time

Inspiring handmade furniture made by experienced craftsman for exclusive clients. www.marchlegend.com

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