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there are many great neighborhoods inHouston Texas how about one that haswell-established trees beautifulneighborhoods abundant cycling andwalking trails low taxes a small hamletwest of the city it's called greentrails and there's many do-it-yourselfprojects that we could be involved inbut should managing our own rentalproperty be one of them I think not andit was Shakespeare Harry Shakespearethat said to stage or not to stage homestaging that's right and oh yeah what'sgoing on in Cypress Texas all on realestate matters which Stuart title whenit comes to real estate everythingmatters whether you're a realtorhomeowner buyer or seller real estatematters with Stuart title is here toinform entertain and inspire you hostBill nabek from Stuart title will talkwith guests about what really matterswhen it comes to owning buying andselling real estate real estate matterswith Stuart title starts right nowhere's your host Bill nappin and welcometo the show real estate matters withStuart title glad that you joined ustoday we have a variety of topics totalk about so whether you're listeningin green trails The Woodlands Dana PointCalifornia doesn't matter we always havegreat guests and today is no exceptionas always we're brought to you by Stuartinsurance and risk management don'tforget to get some flood insurance orany other kind of insurance home autoall those things and now let's getstarted a small hamlet west of the cityis a place called green trails and wehave Charlie Russo right here with Remaxis gonna talk about that and even otherthings welcome to the show Charlie thankyou Bill I got ramped up there and for awhile thinking about green trails well Iappreciate it I enjoy being here welllet's tell people first of all aboutyour company in the area that you focuson well I work for Remax west side I'm abroker associate they have been therefor several years now and I focusedmostly on the west side of town outsideof highway six I try to keep it in aconfined area to make myself a littlemore viable to my clients that way I'mmore of an expert on those areas thanothers and when we think about the westof course I 10 comes to minda lot of activity out there a lot ofgrowth but let's tell people as Imentioned to them already about greentrails what is green trails I think it'sa hidden gem actually green trails is abeautiful neighborhood just west ofhighway six its zona Katy I see and itstill has a Houston mailing address thetax rates are low it's been developedthere since the early 80s they had kindof had a wall there and then anywherefrom the late 80s all the way till aboutthe mid nineties homes were built thereproduction and custom and as far youmentioned a low tax rate that's a greatthing but also what about the schooldistrict school districts are soimportant when you buy the home for yourchildren but also even if you don't havechildren when it's time to resell let'stell people about that well each sectionof green trails is a little differentthere are a couple of different schoolsthe zoning and the the map kind of ifyou will divide them up but all of thearea schools were KVIC and there areexcellent they're well establishedTaylor high school covers the entireneighborhood but the elementary andjunior High's are different I personallyhave kids that go to Pattersonelementary and it is excellent and whenit comes to resale it's a lot easier tosell a home that has a school districtwith a good reputation behind it thenone that does not that is exactly righteven if you don't have kids at the timeit is a great resale factor let's tellpeople about the activity that's goingon out in that area and I'll paint thepicture if people have not been outthere and there are many wonderfulneighborhoods but to think about greentrails is nice if you exit going west oni-10 or either direction I guess gosouth on Green House Road I think that'sa nice entrance where you see the treesyou see the greenery and then there youare pulling another beautifulneighborhoods it is that master plancommunity is one of the first ones I wasthere and they did an excellent job whenthey developed it they made sure thatthere was easy access to and from mainarteries like Frey Road greenhouse BakerRoad it also allowed for a little moreof a meandering drive through theneighborhood there are no hugethoroughfares that cut through there soit does make the sections a little moreprivate if you will that sounds greatand also your resident as I am of thegreen trails area I am have been since2003 and the cool thing too is thewalking and cycling trails and they'reused a lot of people are out there allthe time that's a great feature it isthe the county and the developers did agreat job of making sure that there werepocket parks the the hiking bikingwalking trails that most of the muddistricts have done a really good job ofmaintaining and updating they have animpressive amount of access to and fromthe George Bush Park area the bikingtrails I mean you can take a bike fromthere straight through the energycorridor if you'd like and of course theKaty Freeway is unpredictable beinghonest it's sometimes the traffic butthe traffic's bad everywhere he'sdelivered would way and in Post Oak andthe traffic is is that just part of thegrowing city but the beauty of that isit's not too far out because I couldn'timagine driving because I go into thecity a lot I go into Voss and would wayto the radio station here I can'timagine being too much further out atleast from my lifestyle so you're nottoo far out there the neighborhood is isoptimally placed for someone who wantsan InTown lifestyle but wants more of asuburban setting they get the goodschools but they get potentially lesstraffic just based on a mileage standpoints that are being 10 or 15 milesfurther west your close proximity energycorridor you can easily get to highway 6Beltway a the 99 now that I mean you arewithin miles of each that sounds greatand let's tell people about the activityright now charlie how are things goingout there from the sales standpoint herewe are midsummer maybe almost the end ofthe summer depending how you look at itthe summer 7 season is about over itdoes follow the school's cycle prettyhard so far in green trails this yearwe've had 66 sales the average salesprice for all of those sections andsizes of homes was about 128 dollars afootit's down a little bit from year lastyear but the volume is up currentlythere are approximately 12 homes thatare under contract and having closed andthere are quite a few activestill I think we're somewhere in the mid30 range so there's plenty of activitystill to be had out there for thisselling season and Charlie also theother thing I noticed there was quite afew rentals I don't see the signs asmuch anymore but a few weeks ago maybefour weeks ago I saw a lot of homes forrent there as well maybe four or five ofthem just in the area that I Drivewell the rental market again follows theschool cycle pretty hard so most ofthose are gonna disappear right beforeschool starts Katie I see opens up onAugust 15 so most families are trying toget settled prior to move in also thesummer tends to be when relocationhappens a little bit more in our area asthey move families from one city toanother so you tend to see most of thoserentals fall off towards the end of Julymid a part of August and what happens asfar as the selling season yet tapers offthe summertime but as we get into thefall in that area the green trails andeven around that area energy corridorwhat happens as far to the marketplacefamily sized homes tend to sit a littlelonger pricing and and and thepresentation of the home becomesparamount because you do not want afamily size home still for sale by midAugust it becomes a little moredifficult to get a larger home sold andclosed because most families want tohave their kids set in school alreadyand we're talking with Charlie Russo theking of green trails I think I said thatbefore a couple shows ago Charlie let'stell people what else would you likethem to know before we wind up thesegment well I appreciate anyinformation they need if someone needssomething feel free to give me a callshoot me a text send me an email I'mhappy to help people just to give themgeneral information about theneighborhood even if they're out lookingto buy or sell a home presently and howcan they reach you the easiest waystraight to myself seven one three eightfive one four eight seven oneI accept text as well or my email seeare you sso at Remax dotnet seven onethree eight five one four eight sevenone and I will say this every time I'vecalled you you've answered the phonelike right away I automatically do thatis a great feature once again CharlieRusso give them a call at seven onethree eight five one four eight sevenone thank you Charliewe're gonna take a short break stay withus even more[Music]most people don't know that Stewartoffers business home and auto insurancein fact Stewart insurance and riskmanagement has been doing that in Moorefor over 10 years and they partner withmany leading insurance companies tooffer great rates there are nationalinsurance agency operating in all 50states delivering a broad range ofinsurance products whether you need ahome insurance quote for a client's homeclosing or your own insurance needs youcan count on themcall eight six six eight four five fortysix seventy six that's eight six sixeight four five forty six seventy sixStewart insurance and risk management ishere to helpand welcome back real estate matterswith Stuart title and now we have KevinDavidson with Empire Industries LLCproperty management those things shouldbe left to the pros right yes it shouldand it's great to see again Kevin andwhen we think about there's so manytimes we hear people say oh I'm going toget into the rental business I'm gonnarent out some homes and stuff like thatthere are so many pitfalls first let'stell people about Empire industriesEmpire Industries is a single-familyhome full-service property managementcompany that manage manages upwards of850 doors in the Houston Dallas FortWorth and by the end of this year wewill also be in Austin Texas and soyou're here in Houston well establishedin Houston now in Dallas as well andthen branching out to Austin you guysare on the move and when we think aboutit going back to the idea of even havingrental properties I don't know how youdo it with so many but you'reprofessionals we hear it all the timeyou see it all the time people thinkthat they can do it themselves andreally there's just so many pitfallsthat need to be avoided when using aprofessional like you guys yes well thething is getting understand aboutempires we don't just collect the rentwe were full-service so you don't haveto worry about fair housing you have toworry about Texas property code youdon't have to barback collecting therent you don't have to worry aboutmaintenance issues you don't to worryabout anything that goes any of the petswhat you do that's what we doand you're right there and there's a lotof self-management landlords out therein more power to them there's a lot ofgreat ones out there but a lot of peoplethat do to get into real estateinvesting in the beginning get one twoproperties they handle it and they getto three or four or five or more andthen they're like I'm tired of thesephone calls at two o'clock in themorning I'm tired of trying to collectrent for someone that doesn't want topay me I'm tired of going to courtthere's a lot of things that just peopledon't want to deal with anymore and thenthat's when we end up getting the phonecall and in the two words that come tomind as instructed by it your foundersPete and Steve Rosenberg and that issystems and procedures yes you havethose in place that's why it's seamlessthat's why you make it where it's easyfor people to be in the rental businessyes our our company is is such that wehave now if you include the agents thatwork for us we have north of 40employees with the company so we have afull marketing team we have a full salesteam and we have a operations team whichis the section of the company thatactually manages the door and there's apersonal relationship between theproperty manager and the owner of theinvestment property each one of ourproperty managers manages between 150and 200 doors each and the owner of theproperty if they ever need anything theydon't call the 888 number they don'tcall the front desk they don't call methey don't call Pete they call Stevethey call their property manager andthat's the property managers job andthey handle it sounds like a conciergethat they have their various yeah wecall portfolio based meaning thatproperty managers have their own numberof doors our portfolio of doors and itresponsible for managing those doors butthose investors and certainly whenpeople enlist your services you'retreating them at high levels of servicebut also even those that aren't part ofyour group yet you have so many thingsthat you just give away for people tounderstand the business there's I don'tknow how you're up to but thousand or sovideos where you address the thingswhere Steve gets on there or be theytalked about handling tenants and inaddition you have two radio shows let'stell people about that in fact one ofthem is on as we speak as we're beingbroadcast on 1070 AM let's tell themabout it yeah we do have two radio showsone is here at AM 1070 real estatewealth building thank you for thatand it airs Saturdays at 1 o'clock andthen we also have another radio showthat is called wealthy real estate onfinal draft radio which is aninternet-based radio station and thatactually airs on Tuesdays at 10:00 a.m.when we record it and then it'sbroadcast live over the Internetbut you're correct if you go to ourwebsite or actually our multiplewebsites now because we have a separatewebsite for every city there arehundreds of video blogs in there thatanswer all kinds of pain point questionsand we've had people call us up afterthey spent time on our website and wesay yeah let me get you to the BDM letme get you talking onI don't need I'm ready to sign up youanswered all my questions on the websiteand that's a great thing because that'sone of the advantages of even the radioshows and being out there with videos onyour website people get to know you thatquestions are answered so they serve apurpose like that that's a great ideait's all marketing its brand awarenessit's getting people what the one thingthat we don't we don't expect when wemeet with someone for the first time orwe go out and speak at a real estateoffice like Remax or Keller Williams orany of them we don't we don't go thereexpecting business we go they'reexpecting to create a relationship andprovide education and somewhere down theroad they give us a call and they end upmeeting us for something and the otherthing that comes to mind are the doorsthat are open and I think back it wasthis radio show you reached out to meyears ago and because you are themarketing director you are thehardest-working marketing director intown I might add but you reached out tome told me about Steve I don't havethree years ago and here we go and we'vebeen watching and being a part of yourgrowth as we've gone along itsfascinating yeah I got an I got an emailfrom Bill about three years agoadvertising this particular show Ibelieve and I just emailed you back andsaid hey we'd love to be on your showand I got a guy that would be great forit and you responded back said who isthis you know give me some information Idid and three years later we're bestfriends and I have two shows and youhave one so indeed yeah and go SteveRose Steve people know him throughoutthe industry but if you don't know Steveor Pete Newberg Kevin David's and thetrio a dynamic trio but those guysare really great and they're just outthere sharing information but they alsoknow from experience that's where thesesystems and procedures come into playyeah Steve Rosenberg and Peter Berg metthey are actually real estate investorsthemselves and the reason that EmpireIndustries was created was because whenthey got to a certain number of doors intheir portfolio and they didn't want tomanage it anymorethey went searching for a propertymanagement company to take them for themfrom them they couldn't find one thatthey were comfortable that would managethem the way they thought that would bemanaged so they created Empire and herewe are and let's tell people alsoregarding your radio show the wealthbuilding radio show if people want tohear past episodes how can they do sothey can just go on the website rightjust go to WWE Empire Industries LLCcomm and go to the media section of ourwebsite and every radio show that we'veever done here is listed on there youjust click on it and listen away solet's tell people Kevin what lies aheadhere you're are the company is growingyou're helping people with their rentalproperties in a tremendous way what liesahead here we are as we wind up the whenI say wind up the year were past thehalfway point but what happens for therest of the year in 2019 what happensfor the rest of the year is that we haveour new CD expansion program in placelike I said we will be fully in Austinas of January 1 and then we have plansfor 2 to 3 more cities in 2019 we haveplans on bringing on more people doingmore things Steve and Peter gonna getout there more often and be more out inthe public eye doing speaking and we'rejust gonna keep why can he be it you canSteve be in the public eye even more yeshe can save us about 3 hours a night sothat's all he needs so our plan is tonot stop or slow down we're gonna end upour our 5-year plan is to be in everymajor city in the state of Texas andmanaging a hundred thousand doors thatis super awesome also let's give peoplean idea Kevin what you do is not easythere's real estate professionalslistening Realtors people in a mortgageworld the tidal world that hear thisshow and everybody is out theremarketing trying to get outside of allthe noise and to be noticed in in theright kind of way what do you do I meanyou've done this so well for so longwhat do you what are some of the tips ifyou were to say at least one or two ofyour core principleof success two things number one get outthere networking events go meet peopletalk to people hand out business cardsbe out there if you're not out thereprojecting yourself as the expert andthe one:1 know that and you can't takeadvantage of that number two timeschange change with the times theinternet is where it's at if you're notmarketing yourself or your business onthe internet then you're sellingyourself short it's that easyor that hard however you want to look atand Kevin also let's remind people thecoordinates on the radio show and howthey can reach out to you AM 1070 theanswer at one o'clock on Saturday andthen if you wanted to get in touch withEmpire on myself you can contact us ateight eight eight eight six six sixseven to seven or email me at Kevin atEmpire industries llc.com one other wordwhat is of all the mistakes people makewhen they rent their own home out whatis is there one that keeps cropping upthey don't it's catching themself on howto do it properly because there's lawsthat have to be adhere to and and Ithink that everyone's not aware of allthe the state law housing Texas theTexas property code there's all kinds ofthings the internet has made the tenantof your property more educated abouttheir rights than you will ever knowso all you have to do is call Empireindustries Empire industries llc.com yessir ladies and gentlemen Kevin Davidsonthe hardest-working marketing directorin town we're coming right back witheven more stay with us on real estatematters with Stuart title[Music]and welcome back real estate matterswith Stuart titled your host Billdamping and now we're gonna talk realestate Remax once again his name is Te'oRubio pale welcome to the show thank youfor having me bill it's awesome let'stell people the area that you work cuzyou're gonna bring some light to thelet's tell them Cypress right yepspring Cypress within sir you know allthat up northeverything is just growing increasinglycrazy up there you have the grandParkway that has now opened up even morespace up in the northern area so you'reyou're seeing a lot more new buildersthat just can't keep up with the amountof the men that's currently out therefor new housing it really is amazingwhen we think about that and I getconfused even though I should knowbetter but we got Cypress Magnolia TheWoodlands I'm not even sure where allthose lines are when we think aboutthose areas but to say they're allgrowing pretty in a fast way it'sincredible it's it's it's very amazingout therethe further you move up move up north isyou're gonna keep seeing new builds andyou built cuz they're just running outof land closer to the woodlands area aseverybody knows the woodland sayslimited to the amount of land that theyhave there's just no more land there inthe woodland so what they've done isthey've started purchasing some land alittle bit further up north near 1488and there's some different builders outthere that acquired some land and haveactually started building and thosesubdivisions are actually going to bezone to the woodlands high school andMcCulloch middle school as well sothat's something very unique thatthey're doing that it's actually not inthe woodlands it's just a little bitfurther up north and they found a way toget it done and get people into TheWoodlands high school in the middleschools and would you say in this areaSpring Cypress The Woodlands there's agood selection of homes and then newconstruction as well yeah right now yesin there there's definitely a lot inthose areas there's a little bit ofeverything there's some odor establishedneighborhoods have been they're verywell established and then you have somesome that are probably ten years old andthen you also have a ton of new buildsas well so you're finding a little bitthroughout that whole area it's just amatter of getting with the the rightrealtor in this case they'll be me let'ssay I've the right realtor is and thatis you pay all right yes yes I've beenin the business since 2004 so going on14 years now real happy for what I doand and and I love what I do that'sthat's the biggest factors I actuallytake pride and love what I do service isnumber one for me and all the thingsthat you could be doing pale what is itabout the real estate profession thatwould get you so excited about it younever know what you're gonna wake up toevery single day as a real estate agentone day you're you can get five callsand they all want to set up listingappointments and and it that's thebeauty of it every single day it'sdifferent for me you know I'm dealingwith investors I'm dealing with new homesales people that want to put someprograms together to get new homebuyersin there I have first-time home buyerprograms VA programs it's just so manydifferent things that that I wake up toevery day and and it's just amazing lovethe job and what when picking anothercareer that's what never boring rightnever boring so let's tell people let'stake a dollar amount here and let's saythat amount is three hundred and fiftythousand okay so let's say I say pay ohI have three hundred fifty thousand andI want a home in I don't know Cyprusmm-hmm what kind of choices will I havefor that amount of money sure sure forthree hundred and fifty thousand dollarsyou're actually in at a pretty goodprice point there because a lot of thehomes that are below that are the onesthat are actually moving super fast sothe $350,000 price range those aremoving a little bit slower the ones thatyou would I wouldbe more concerned with would be anythingbelow 300,000 those are flying off theshelves especially right now with withthe summer coming to a close people arestill trying to buy and get in rightbefore the end of the season the buyingseason finishes up so there's a lot ofnew homes over in the grand Parkway areathat have great great deals so so for350 I could get a new construction isthat were saying absolutely I thinkright now that would be probably thebest route to take it's the look at someof the new builds in those areas becausethere's just so many new builds thatthat they're providing pretty gooddiscounts to try to move them and thenlet's say tool will drop it down for250,000 these are the homes first of allare there homes that are that priced inthis area yeah there's definitely stillhomes priced in that area the only thingthat currently with with the Harveysituation is the amount of the amount ofinventory currently is just very low andHarvey took out a lot of homes that areusually up for sale and right now thedemand is still very very high in thatprice range with the interest ratesstill kind of low it's allowing peopleto purchase and they're getting off thefence looking and and that's the pricerange that they're looking for is the250 that's one of the most competitiveprice ranges at there so then how do youadvise a buyer when when that pricepoint if that's where they're at if it'sthat brisk how do you advise the buyerto be ready to jump on itit sounds also like it could becompetitive where there's other peopleon the same home yeah Kearney one of thethings that I always advise my buyers isif we're gonna go start looking is wedefinitely need to have pre-approvedhave you pre-approved and ready to gothat way if we run out and see threehomes and one of them you're absolutelyloved need to make sure provide a reallygood offer on the table because if notyou're just gonna lose out on don't playaround don't play right now it's not thetime to play you know we just got acoach orour clients up and then set theexpectations up front and let them knowthat this is a real dealing and howwe're gonna approach the purchase andthat that sounds good now let's up itone more time let's say I have fivehundred thousand I came to your bailfive hundred I want to get a nice housewhere would you direct me a lot ofchoices in that price range yet or notyeah there there's some the new billsthat I talked about earlier further upon 1488 you're gonna be zoned to greatschools they're going to be going to theWillis High School which is one of themost desired high schools in the Houstonsurrounding areas and and then you'realso going to be going to the McCollummiddle school there are also severalprivate schools around there as wellthat I know a lot of the the woodlandspeople like to go to as well so the areais great you're still gonna have all theamenities and all that you're beat alittle bit outside the woodlands butit's still a very very nice very nicearea and let's give people an idea aminute left or so one of the otherthings you'd like people to note paleyeah so about me I have severaldifferent programs that I have forclients if you're looking to sell yourhome I have a program for you where I'llgive you a discounted rate if you'relooking to buy another home as well soI'll give you a discount a break on thesome of your home and then I wouldrepresent you on the buying side as wellI have a lot of great VA programs aswell first-time homebuyer programs and Ido special things as well for thelaw-enforcement persons and also forteachers as well and we also want tothank our Business Development OfficerLynn riddle for telling us about you sothat's how you're on the show right yesshe's alright that lady yep big shoutout to Stuart title Lynn riddle over onLoretta in the spring area they're doinga great job let's tell people pay OhRuby or how can they reach you the bestway to reach me is by text or justpicking up the phone and giving me acall I'm always very easily accessiblemy phone number is eight three two sixthree eight nine one six six and if Idon't answer please leave me a voicemailor send me a text andwe'll make sure and get back to you ASAPPayoh Rubioeight three two six three eight nine onesix six Remax northwest pay oh thanksfor being on the showthanks so much bill and we're comingright back with even more bill nye epicon real estate matters stay with us mostpeople don't know that Stewart offersbusiness home and auto insurance in factStewart insurance and risk managementhas been doing that in Moore for overten years and they partner with manyleading insurance companies to offergreat rates they're a national insuranceagency operating in all 50 statesdelivering a broad range of insuranceproducts whether you need a homeinsurance quote for a client's homeclosing or your own insurance needs youcan count on them call eight six sixeight four five forty six seventy sixthat's eight six six eight four fiveforty six seventy sixStewart insurance and risk management ishere to help and welcome back realestate matters with Stuart title andagain under the topic of let's leave itto the professionals we now have Shelleybarn dollar with show homes Houston showhomes Houston dot-com Shelley welcome tothe show thanks for having me we wantedthings to be done right when we'reselling our homes they should be stagedthat's my opinionand yours too right exactly it should bestaged before you put pictures on MLS wedeal a lot with builders so even ifyou're not sure how you want to lay outto look I don't know how many homes wego into and we're like why did they dothis you know why did they do somethingthey should have done it different so weare always available to giveconsultations we do walkthroughs we do atwo hour consultation with our realtor'swe also do makeovers as you know and wedo vacant stages so certainly whenpeople are ready to sell their home whenthey're thinking about it there's somany things they have to do but I thinkit begins with the mindset first theyhave to realize that they're nowthey really have a product and they wantit to be ready and presented properlyjust like when people look at modelhomes and who doesn't love that rightright they need to turn their home intothat model that is now for sale exactlythat's what you do yeah and that's thatthis is their biggest investment andthey need to think of it as aninvestmentnot someone someplace that they've livedfor four years you know yeah you haveall your memories and you're gonna boxthose memories up and you're gonna takeit to the next home but the biggestthing they can do is think of this as amoney transaction an investment theywant to get the most for their home theywant to get it marketed correctly that'ssomething that show homes does wereprofessional staging company I'm acertified award-winning stager that'sright and so we we are one of the fewthat actually will help you market yourhome as well so we we not only donewsletters we do social media we bookwith our realtor's to co-broker an openhouse we when we do that we send it outon we have thousands of Realtors that wehave worked with we've got emails wesend it all out and so we bring in foodwe help to really market that home andthat's what you want you want somebodythat's going to help you you know workwith the broker work with the realtorand work with the homeowner so we we doall of that together to make a greatteam get the house sold in the leastamount of time for the most money and todo that you really have to have somebodythat knows what they're doing how to doit and get it done quickly for you andagain reminding people that to do it doit in the beginning yes in the beginningit starts with the photographs rightpeople go see the home so do it rightthe first time first however if you'vehad your home on the market it's notselling staging is another is analternative as well and they it's nottoo late but it's better to do it at thebeginning it is I mean you know 2020 ishigh you know it's all hindsight so youwant you want to do it in the beginningabsolutely because 94% of buyers arelooking on the internet 97 ofmillennials 97% of M'Lynneels are looking on the internet beforethey even look at your home so you wantyour product to look fabulous the firsttime but having said that your home hasbeen on the market for 60 days 90 dayswhatever you're not having anything noshowings you know no interest call us inhave us come do walkthrough we'll giveyou our honest opinion we'll follow upwith paperwork on things that you can doyou can also have us in to do it if itneeds staged you need to do that get itstaged and get it staged by somebodythat has beautiful furnishingstop-quality furnishings that it's goingto really enhance your house it's goingto enhance the look people need to seehow their lifestyle could be in thishouse it's all visual so that's thething you've got to remember is peoplewalk in you've got to have a connectionwithin five seconds of them walking inthat house they don't have a connectionin five seconds they're gonna walk rightthrough that house and it's not going tohave that they're gonna go on to thenext one so you want to get that get thethe buyer immediately when they walk inthat's right you know what I wasthinking about if it were 1950 not thatI was around then I wasn't but if itwere 1950 you might have 10 seconds buthere in 2018 this world is fast we makejudgments fast on people and no doubtwhen it's time to look at homes I knowwhen I've looked at homes I want to seemaybe 10 5 and when I walk in and Idon't see what I like I'm hey let's goto the next one quick its 2018 make thatfirst impression right now make it rightand the other thing that you're talkingabout when you're talking about thefurniture and things like that all thethings at your disposal the the thingthat is artwork is that you have the eyehey we all know where furniture storesare whether they're online and righthere in Houston Texas but you have theeye you know what you've done beforeyou've seen all these differentconfigurations layouts floor plans youknow what to do with those pieces offurniture how much is too much how muchis just right that's what you do yeahyou're amazing yeahI love you too and like you said thepower of pillows amazing you know peopledon't realize little things can make ahuge impact even moving a sofa sixinches it's amazing the difference youknow not having an emotional block whenyou walk into a house these are allthings that as a professional stager Ithink about in every single home I haveto consider the buyer who what housewho's this gonna appeal to the housethat I'm working on so is it going toappeal to someone with a family someoneyou know and just a young person thathas no family maybe so I have to reallyconsider the demographics of the areawe're working in who's going to be theideal buyer what they're going to belooking for and nowadays like you saidyou have internet you have HGTVeverybody wants a move-in-ready home sowe want to make it as beautiful as theywould see on HGTV so they there is aconnection a great statistic to thinkabout on Home Staging or not to stagewould be a vacant home the averageamount of times somebody spends in avacant home is 10 minutes the averageamount of time in a staged home is 40that's huge perfect sense that's hugepeople can walk through they canenvision themselves they can seethemselves you know oh my king bed willfit it's you know it's it's a connectionit's an emotional connection we want toto give each buyer when they come in sopeople are out there listening right nowthey may be thinking about selling theirhome certainly they should use the rightreal estate professional if thatprofessional doesn't recommend homestaging we strongly recommend it butalso you were there a lot of Realtorsthat are out there that like to team upwith the right home stagers and you alsowork on the real estate community aswell I do yes I do so I am a member ofthe WCRshowhomes houston is we are also I alsoam the president of the Risa Houstonchapter one of the reason stagingAssociation just got back from Vegas andI won top ten top ten top ten realestate staging occupied stager of theyear different categories that hadoccupied but you were gotten the topkind of having like that was the onlyone I submitted had I I didn't even knowyou know I thought what are the chancesof winning if I'd have known I could dothis you know at the time you don'tthink you would but next year Idefinitely will be submitting many moreand that sounds like the mostchallenging category because you'redealing with working with will have andtrying to get stuff out and get it rightbut I feel like that's the thing that'smy passion I love doing occupiedmakeovers it is the most fun to see thedifference and when the homeowner walksin and they're like oh my god wherewhere did all this stuff come from wellit was your house you know but you youget used to seeing your home in acertain way you walk over that same spotin your carpet ten thousand times we'rethere to help you get it get it marketedright and Shelley let's tell people howthey can reach out to you uh soshowhomes houston dot-com you can alsoreach me at eight three two seven twonine two five one one there you goShelley barn dollar show homes Houstonshow homes Houston dot-com Thank YouShelley thank you yeah we're coming backeven more is ahead thanks for listeningstay with us[Music]and we are with Michele Stefan withStuart insurance and risk managementhello Michele hey Bill how's it goingit's going great when we think aboutinsurance there are so many insurancecompanies I mean competition is outthere for all of us in any walk of lifebut when we think about insurance homeauto all those insurance needs thatpeople have what are some of thedistinctions when people work withStuart insurance and risk managementthat's a great question you know there'sthere's so many positive things that acustomer can experience working with usfirst of all all of our insurance agentsare licensed you know they go throughextensive training to obtain thatlicense but that's just the beginningonce they get licensed then they gothrough a comprehensive training programthat we've developed meant to help themcommunicate with a customer about thethings that are important but we'vetalked at length before about howcomplex insurance can be and our goal isultimately to simplify it put it intoterms that everybody can understand andthen help people to be confident in thedecisions that they make about theircoverage so we've remodeled the statusquo for you know for our own people andand we train them we encourage them weencourage growth and professionalism andour goal is that every time theycommunicate with our team regardless ofwho it is from the top to the bottomthat they get that same that same feelwe want them to feel like they hugged usthrough the phone and I I mean that withall my heartin fact you the people with your companyand people that are on your team that'salmost like they're interpreters they'rethey're interpreting the language ofinsurance no doubt those that need itand helping them find the right blend ofinsurance for them absolutely in bill Ihave immense respect for those peoplewho have written in under in policyforms but it is absolutely legalese itis it is written by attorneys and it'sit's often very complex so we simplifythat we make it easy to understand andwe constantly empower our customers astheycome to us we want them to know first ofall what we can be for them as advocatesthrough the process of purchasinginsurance and then also at claim timeand we empower them to make thosedecisions through education it'simportant that every moment we have witha customer that they're taking from us avalue not just in the policy that theyhave but the relationship and theexperience indeed you are making thecomplex simple for the person that needsthe insurance and that's so important inaddition you're also raising thecustomer experience as far as customerservice goes because one of the thingsthat I love when you call Stuartinsurance and risk management you couldtalk to someone with not a problemabsolutely again we don't have the callprompts when you call you get somebodylive on the phone and you're gonna havesomebody that can help you throughwhatever it is that you're going throughwhether it's a need for new insurancequotes or whether you're you're workingon renewing your policies with us orjust average policy changes when you buya vehicle you're gonna work withsomebody who cares about you who'sconfident and can help you to beconfident as you go through that processand I like to I'd like to say this and Isay it confidently that nobody else isout there doing what we do with ourcustomers and I'm proud of thatso we continue to build that environmentand customers are going to enjoy everyexperience they have with us very nicemaking the complex simple Michelle let'stell them how they can reach out sureyou can reach us at 866 eight four fivefour six seven six and again that'seight six six eight four five four sixseven six I'm gonna call right nowthanks Michelle yeah thanks[Music]most people don't know that Stewartoffers business home and auto insurancein fact Stewart insurance and riskmanagement has been doing that in Moorefor over 10 years and they partner withmany leading insurance companies tooffer great rates they're a nationalinsurance agency operating in all 50states delivering a broad range ofinsurance products whether you need ahome insurance quote for a client's homeclosing or your own insurance needs youcan count on them call eight six sixeight four five forty six seventy sixthat's eight six six eight four fiveforty six seventy six Stewart insuranceand risk management is here to helpwelcome back real estate matters withStuart title as we wind up the showwe're gonna hear again from CharlieRussa with Remax on the west side oftown Charlie welcome back thanks Billthanks for having me again as alwayswhat else you would you like people toknow here as we're winding up the showyou're on the west side green trails allthose places what else you want them toknow I want them to know that when youare looking for a real estate agent youshould talk to as many as you'd like butmake sure you know what you're going toask them when they visit don't just askthem what your house is worth or howmuch they think they can get ask themabout past sales experience extrapersonal referrals thanks for thosethings that should matter to you asopposed to just a sales price on a homeand just like the real estateprofessional needs to be prepared andthey usually are when they go to thelisting appointment that seller needs tobe prepared to that's a good ideaabsolutely it just it will save themtheir time which is as we all know themost valuable commodity anyone has andwhen we talk about how the investment isone of the biggest investments to makethat sure the home is staged leave it tothe professionals all those things thatthey need to have a checklist I thinkand that's what I would do as I talk todifferent real estate professionals andgo down the list and if they cannot handyou a piece of paper or rattle off whattheir plan is for marketing the propertyphotos stagingsaying if they don't go over all of thatupfront with you there's a problem sothere you gonow out of let's say ten listingappointments how many people are reallyready and are asking the right questionsand if they don't you probably help themwith the right questions right correctif someone if I sit down with someoneand it's not the time for them to selltheir house that is the advice they willget from me I will not tell someone tosell their house if it's not if themarket does not bear what they arelooking to get out of it it does notmake sense to put a house for salethat's not going to sell and it alsomakes sense to work with a real estateprofessional that is familiar with thegiven area where your home is especiallyif you're selling the home someone thatknows the track records and the cyclesof the of the area absolutely we allhave access to the same data but agentsare generally that they tend to beterritorial and it is helpful as aseller or a buyer to have someone whoknows the intimate details of that areamore specifically any aging thank you Ican sell real estate anywhere in thestate of Texas but if someone called meand asked me to buy something in DallasI'm gonna refer them to a professionalin Dallas that knows the area specificthat they want I would never expectsomeone to work with an agent who doesnot know the particularly that the homeis in and that just makes senseabsolutely Charlie rusa and you know oneof the nice things that you do Charliethat I get in my mailbox you send outmarketing pieces to remind people thatyou're in that area it's a good idea Itry in that that mailing is meant tojust keep people's you know keep me inthe front of their minds that also Iinvite them to contact me even ifthey're out looking sell their housepresently if they just want to know whatthe value of their home is based on thecomparables recent comparable sales Imean just like a stock portfolio peoplecheck that stuff almost daily if notquarterly why wouldn't you do the samething for your home and so if someonewants to call and say hey Charlie whatdid that house down the street sell foryou have that info not only do I havethat info but I have the info for allthe houses down the street that's soldwithin a time period that they like andhow can people reach you mr. Russo bestway to reach me is myself seven onethree eight five one four eight sevenone one more time seven one three eightfive onefour eight seven one Thank You charlieRousseau check him out in green trailsor anywhere else and now he's back KevinDavidson Empire Industries LLC you areadding a couple locations during thecourse of the show I think Kevin BDMSout there working the streets that'sawesome well let's sell people Kevinwhat else do you want people to knowabout Empire Industries LLC or anythingelse something I like you already knowis that we are real estate agentfriendlywe offer a aging alliance 2020 programthat we offer we pay agents forreferrals and we give the property backto the agent when they and their ownertheir client decides to sell theproperty and that's called an agentAlliance agent Alliance 2020 program andnow that you mentioned that I also likethat what you do in your company and Imay not be up to all the differentprograms but you give them a name whichaddresses a lot of the problems like Ilike your deal where it's about 30 dayslove us or leave us it's we now justrefer to as love us or leave us but yesexactly so if you're an investor orlandlord and you are apprehensive aboutproperty management turning your homeover you can hire us and if for whateverreason you decided it's just not for youwe'll shake hands apart ways and in alot of cases if you decided that it'snot for you if we've also decided whatyou're probably not for us so it's agood thingsee those programs are a result that youknow your business and you know whatpeople are looking for even when theydon't know what's going to be happeningin this process yeah we and we don't wedon't just manage anything andeverything comes our way we only manageproperties that rent in the neighborhoodof thousand or higher so there we dohave our own Steve calls that we makecheese pizzas and we do it very well sothat's all we dowe don't put pepperoni on it we don'tput olives on them we don't do meth theyfamily we don't do apartments we just dosingle family thousand dollars or highera month and rentin fact that's my favorite pizza theplain pizza sometimes I want a littleextra sauce however legend LP Wow theycan reach you Kevin you can reach Empireat eight eight eight eight six six sixseven two seven you can reach me atseven one three six seven eight zerozero nine three you can email me atKevin at Empire industries LLC comor you can reach Empire industries atWWE Empire industries LLC that's myfavorite one Empire industries llc.comdon't forget about the radio show Empirewellbuilding you can hear it at the websiteyou get all the coordinates they're sosuper awesome thank you Kevin and ashout out to Pete and new big and theand and Steve Rosen for me yeah yeah heneeds to be out more that's all I couldsay hey now he's back pay Oh Rubio palewelcome back to the show thanks so muchyeah well what should people know beforewe close out the show pale I call paleRubio and I think that's absolutelythat's one of the biggest things righttheregive me a shout one of the one of theplaces that I would direct from thelisteners out there to go to is w w harcomm /ko Rubio I do have over 450surveys out there from clients that I'veserviced in the past that way you're nothearing it from me you're hearing itfrom clients that have actually hadtheir their experience with me and Ihave over four point nine six over overthose 450 surveys out of five stars nowthat's called a track record right yessir yes sir it isand we always hear the word referralthat's a great way to get whatever we'redoing a real estate professional when wehear someone that refer they say callthat pay oh guy he's something elsethat's worth its weight in gold yesabsolutelyum I the only advertising that Iactually do is in my neighborhoodoutside of that I'd say like ninetypercent of my business is referral basewhich which saves a lot you know I havea few out there that love the experiencethat they had with me and they refertheir friends and family knowing thatthey can trust me and making sure that Iget get the deal done for them and howcan they reach you pale eight three twosix three eight nine one six six onemore time eight three two six threeeight nine one six areas pay Oh Rubiothank you pale and now Shelley barndollar award-winning show Holmes Houstonshow Holmes Houston comm there you areso we'll go back what else do peopleknow Shelley I think just that we dolove to partner with our real estateagents and our homeowners and we reallyvalue the relationship that we have withthem so just knowing that you know wewill definitely areis to get your home listed as quickly aspossible get it sold for the most amountof money and that's our biggest goal wealso you know not only do we do vacantstagings we've also doneAirbnb we've done that so if you knowsomebody that wants to do an Airbnbwe've done that before probably 75% ofour staging is in builders so we workwith builders quite a lot that's wherethe model homes are so if you know theymake your model home yeah that's rightand they you know we are award-winningwe've been around for a while so we knowwhat's going on in the industry rightnow and so just give us a call we'd loveto come and help you and the number iseight three two seven two nine two fiveone show homes houston dot-com all theworld's a stage so if you're out thereget ready to sell the home get your homestaged by the pros if your realtor checkthem out and we want to also thankTristan finned later and Christine Saccohow about that Christine and TristanTristan is our intern here for a coupleof weeks on real estate matters withStewart titles so thank you all forlistening do not be sad that the show isending at the time of broadcast nobecause you can always hear it atStewart comm forward slash Houston Imean always at 3 o'clock in the morning4 o'clock it doesn't matterStewart comm forward slash Houston allthe episodes are there I forget I get alost count 235 something like that Ithink that is our show today 235 that'sthe serial number just go to Stewartcomm /u Stan thank you pay oh thank youKevin Thank You Shelley and thank youCharlie Christine Christine I can almostmake up a ride but we'll check you outnext week real estate matters withStewart titled thanks for listening realestate matters with Stewart title issponsored by Stewart insurance and riskmanagementyou

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