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Green Mylar Geode Nails – Acrylic design

[Music]hi welcome to my channel my name is Amyand today I'll be showing you how tomake these lovely turquoise g.od typelayers with some my last I'm usingtropical sea from naio nails and greenmylar shards from there as well I've gota size 14 aqua brush from giza paletteI've already sculpted out a clear baseon my practice hand and now I'm doing alittle ombre of that turquoise colordown the nail for me[Music]now on the ring finger we're going to dosome color blocking but over the mylashes instead now these are notabsolute Pig to work with you just haveto keep nudging them and nudging themand nudging them and eventually theywill lie how you want them sort of butit's not like glitter which will dazzlea flap and lay where you want it as it'sthe angel paper shredded up to make themylar shards and it just scratches itall up so it's basically like screwed uplittle balls of plastic but eventuallyyou'll find some pieces flat enough tolie on the nail and I'm just making asmall zigzag shape going diagonally downthe naoki[Music]eventually I get to the point where I'mhappy with what's on the nail and then Igo back in with the mylar shards andjust blend them down from the tip I puton way too much there I'm not aboutforever trying to get it to lay properlyit I find it helps if you're doing thesesort of glossy tip type mailers is toget some mylar shards right on the edgeof the tip and then that helps with likethe clarity of that lovely straight lineon a coffin nail and let just blend itdown keep nudging merging mergingreading[Music]you[Music]so to color-block I've got mylar andtake in a medium bead and nudging itover the shape of whether mylar is andto create that wall at the side so thatwhen I put the turquoise over and youfile it at the end that will be like awindow into the molarity[Music]and then just filling in with let's putpoison on the edge so I'm going to dotwo ways of capping the first one is theone ball method and so I've got fairlylarge beads placing it down at thecuticle and then just tapping it so itmeets it and you get that kind of wedgecheese shapes and then it will reallystart running as it polymerizes goingdown the nail packing and pressing andyou can just see where that sticky up mylife starts interfering with it and thenI Pat fall and press to get that to layover that nicely and then keep pattingand stroking in the invention pulpmaking sure that the apex is in theright place[Music]so the table methods you pick up onemedium bead place it in the middle ofthe nail and pull it down towards thefree edge and another medium bead justat the cuticle area it's happening intothe cuticle leaving the bulk of theproduct in that place and then sweepingdown and that will create your apex foryou[Music]here they are after foiling I take themoff the hands to fall in if I'm up it'seasier and then I put them back inafterwards I've got a very fine brushand some foil glue and I'm just goingaround the edge to create an uneven lineyou don't want it to perfect looking tocreate those veiny sorts of shapes andmaking that go right down to touch thecuticle area and a nice nice blueholographic foil I'm just pressing downreasonably hard and whipping it offquickly some people like to rub foils bymuch prefer just to press it on nice andfirm and rip it off[Music]finishing off whistle topcoat and allthose mylar shards really shine throughanother bit top coat it's the best partand here is the end result thank you somuch for watching and I'll see you soon[Music]you

My name is Aimee and I’m an acrylic nail technician, this is my first video so please bare with me as I get to grips with things!.
Watch me show you how to create these pretty green and turqouise nails.

Products used:
Naio Nails –
High Speed monomer
Tropical sea
Crystal Clear
Green Mylar Shards

GlitterPlanetUK aquabrush size 14

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