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Green House Design! :: Let’s Play ARK: Survival Evolved :: E30

hey guys welcome back to Ark survivalevolvedoh yeah what's that mean I'm good so Idid this elevator thingy right yeah itlooks awesome by the way I think it yeahit's also not too original like Legohouse area so yeah it's all it's allsquared off and good to go and I was Iwas mentioning to the peeps that I wouldtalk to you and we would we would seeabout maybe doing like because I thinkthis would be perfect for a green houseyou know like I'm down you're underneathit yeah and so I'm thinking we couldjust like step down right here I meanobviously we got to get rid of the oldgreen huh you know well and sinceeverything is squared off and snapped toit you know each other it'll definitelyjust like it'll just snapyou know it'll just fit so it shouldwell yeah so I just had to do I do havesome okaygot some foundations and then we did doyou know we did some gathering we gotsome crystal we you know we got somemetal ways that we can do all the greenhouse stuff I think I'm just gonna breakthis guy out right no crystals of timethings when the one who cares anywaydoesn't know yeah I mean there's a lotof math it's just so spread out yeah itspread out and without stacking he's abit yeah so yeah they're all kill thesecrops you mean using herbicide I guesslike thatare you not gonna snap in there oh sayit ain't so it's not gonna snap in thefoundation or where the pillar is what'sthe foundation yeah it's what I had todo so what I had to do is hang toceilings off the foundation then I carto ceilings off the pillar then I couldget one foundation and snap underneathit then you can take them out use thefoundations if that makes any sensemakes sense in my brain hole I mean itjust oh yeah I'm not saying it's rightI'm just saying about the only way I gotto work I was doing the the barn areaoh I'm chunky I mean we're gonna needsome more foundations anyway but I meanit's gonna be a decent-sized greenhouse- I mean it's not it's not gonna bemassive but I think it'll it'll serverour needs cuz you know we don't think wedon't use it you know so it'll sit herejust fill up and then we'll be good togo with me do you you should help hidesome of us under under the ramp thankyou that a hard time trying to hide deskthough okay it's fine vanilla vanillaexpectations yo yeah it's a it's a wholedifferent ball game without us plus itreally is it's a challenge if you likechallenging stuff here you go it feelslike a torture yourselfyep all right I do want to remind youguys go ahead and put a like but ohthat's that oh waitmmm random politicians well country likebut make this world a better place onepunch at a time that's how we do it'swhat we doI'm so good at it I'll see this onesnapping to the pillar but it's higherthan everything what are you doing to megamewhy do you snap to that pillar but noother pillow mm-hmm oh dang it game dangit all right and so I'm thinking allright so we step down from there do Ihave the staff I don't see if I had thestuff to okay so hopefully we can snap aceiling to those and then snap afoundation to the ceiling so what is sowhat are you thinking about you think weshould replace this the elevator floorwith green house or just not even justlike a half green house around the sidesmaybe I mean we can put I don't know howold look at the green house on it itsounds like it would look okay but Idon't know yeah see that's problem yeahand I kind of like the way the elevatorplatform looks so yeah I don't yeah Idon't just like the way it looks I don'tthink it needs help so yeah can I snap afoundation for thatprobably notno of course not hmm yeah there's justthe one foundation it snaps to or theone I wish I would have known that tobegin with I would have just snappedeverything to that all right so we needsome ramps to come down from there youknow get you some ramps actually want tobe awesome you could have some it'spossiblestranger things have happened there oneit was not enough yeah I don't like thatI don't know how I'm gonna I don't knowhow to fill in these holeswhich holds all the ones where thepillars are I thought maybe I could snapit to a ceiling but no it doesn't wantto you say when I done them I used theceilings as a start then I was able tosnap the foundations under the ceilingsI guess I lay them down and then theywould snap over the pillars I don't knowI have to try it yet well I've got acouple ceilings down here it's just notsnapping around the pillar uh why whygamewhy do you anythingdo what I want you to do right sure sureeven if you try to cycle the snaps itjust doesn't go mm I mean we may justhave these ceilings as much as I reallydon't want thee well you can when you doit this way you can actually put no no Ican't cuz you did the Foundation's firstwhen I did the other way you couldactually put the you could actuallyceilings on top of the Foundation'sbut you have to start with the ceilingsI mean the only other thing I couldthink to do is to get some more pillarsand get the thing above supporteddifferently put the pillar you know putthe Foundation's back in and then dropthe pillars back in place I mean that'slike the only thing I could think to bean option you know well now that we havefoundations here will that float they'renot snapped together I mean what over Ineed one snap yeah we would need wellreally all we would need is one pillarlike right here going up and well aslong as it's attached from there to hereit should float alright yeah you knowwhat we're gonna try it oh it's it's arisky one one I can make one pillarreallyum yeah I mean that should work shouldshould should should know Garrett I didthis beforemmm six pillars should be enough I'mjust gonna snap it to the ceiling andthen bring it yeah and we should be ableto just do it any as long as it snapsinto the foundation I'm gonna try it inthis corner just demolish this lowerpillar ahaso so far so good now all we need is afoundation in there and then pillar highokay so hopefully these two and and thisone should now tie it to all these otherfoundations right so I'm theory that'sthe only one we need right so we can dothese take the center one out to make itopen you really want them to look likestructural even if they're not rightyeah it was actually kind of thing aboutjust leaving these here oh you mean thisoneyeah we can take a couple out just tosquare it off like yeah we don't needthese two right well this one I was kindof I was think about leaving the onesthat are already here and then yeah butthis one I just put here for her hold onlet me break this and see if it yay alittle nervous I am like so far so goodokay okay whoo that's that'snerve-racking man let me tell you allright oh this one this one oh okay thatworks right yeah right this water intakeis going all right so I guess let's geta little bit something done right cuz westill got to get stuff crafted and youknow all that stuff no and we'll be backall right all right guys so we got it inhere we did we did manage to you knowget all the Foundation's in here thatone pillar that came down it was it ithelped so but this is basically whatwe're thinking and we can take out I'mthinking maybe these pillars here I'mreally worried about this one becausethat is the one that everything up topis tight too so we got to be reallycareful with that one it seems like it'ssafe but unexpected this one candefinitely come out and then but I waskind of thinking these corner onesactually kind of like that they're thereoh yeah they kind of add like astructural fuel even if they don'tprovide but a stub had an idea mm-hmmyou want to try itexplain try putting a gap yeah so theidea a head the hair I go thinking goodvanilla art villain so I should knowbetter but I don't the idea I had was toput a railing between the glass walls toget like an airflow gap in between Ithought it looked kind of cool like anormal greenhouse has like air flow init yeah so I was hoping maybe we couldget a railing to snap in like here rightand then hopefully get another glasswall greenhouse well do on top of ityeah every everyone knows that he can'tsnap I mean you should be able to thatthis is not a you know this shouldhappen that you could snap a wall to thetop of a railing but you can't right andthat's like you know all railings likethat so we would have to figure out away to just get a ceiling to snap orkinda at that wall yes right and thenhave it yeah yep right so if we that'snot gonna workand then ceiling won't snap there oh yougot something Oh what you got oh pleaseoh please be a thing that might workthat's not a bad as a matter of factbecause the way the metal is on thebottom of the greenhouse wall that mightnot look that bad let's take a let'stake pink all rightokay now my fingers are crossed yeah andjust I'm really trying to make sure it'ssnapping like the right please doesn'tsnap me in the right place that doesn'tlook bad and it actually kind of justcovers like the top of the railing so itdoesn't look like Riley now now theissue would be there but it looks likeit's part of the wall so yes no need toget this right well yeah let's let'ssnap a ceiling to the to the top hereand hopefully that will tie it into thepillar all right I'm assuming we wantgreen house ceiling across top right ifwe can absolutely yeah oh do green houseceiling or no ceiling like I wouldn'tput a stone over so I think what we'rerunning low on right now it's metalactually I'll see if I can run some upactually made some some railings andexpectations but I'll put them on the onthe spine oh here maybe oil by railingyou take them good else all righthey no can I carry youoh I can all right hey watching least Igot to look for the Baywatch - theDuggars yeah you been going through allthat crystal I know there's more I wasgonna say we spent so much time it's onethe fears and breaking something likeall that green house stuff comescrashing down like yeah I would probablyactually cry we actually recorded woodwe broke out this pillar right here toplace the foundation just in case likeboth of us were just we were so suresomething was gonna happen yeahokay so manage expectations keeps goingof mind if I play so we're gonna try todo a ceiling on top you said ooh okaythat looks right and then if you want meto do it yeah okay cross her everythingoh and then we can just use like we canjust cover the ceiling right like thisyeah I say once we have one it shouldshould be covered by the Foundation'syeah and then well how does oh wait isthat snapping in the same place it istechnically we'll keep running acrosswell I'm just making sure that'ssnapping it like the same height and Imean it looks like itit looks good that looks perfect andthen we can just yeah we just get theceiling in here we get that we hang somewalls from it and then put the therailings in after or just put therailings in now because I mean it's notgonna mess with snap I was wondering ifI could snap in afterwards I was itwouldn't be surprised if it went red onor replaced the lawyeah yeah so cool all right so you wantto fill it in and and amber sounds acomplaint all right barb all right sowe've got a thing here and I think it'sa wet thing now good look at this lookat it and we decided to go ahead andmake it because like I mean it just fitsthat we could just like walk up here youknow yeah and so I'm what we werethinking is we could put like thecompost bins up here I mean cuz we'realready like we're not gonna get thegreenhouse effect but we're not reallyworried about it well it's something weuse so rarely like it's good to havewhen you need it but right with howlittle we need it it's gonna like we'regonna have it so we're often not all wedo is come in and grab a stack of cropsand we're good right and in the time ittakes for them to regrowthey're always there when we need themyeah speaking watch we can even throw afridge or two up here if we wanted toyeah cause I mean there's a generatorright there so yeah Jerry there I mean Idon't and we could even drop anotherpower cable and just put the fridgeinside mmm so I mean that wouldn'twouldn't be too much work oh yeah I dolike the gap in the wall I pretty happywith that yeah it looks good oh I didn'tlook at it it's noise I knew it good isthere yeah so I do have I have 10 cropplots we don't need ten but I'm thinkingif we can put we're gonna put one oneach one of these taps just so it kindof roll it in like that yep we could putfreaking flowers and number somethingyeah you know just in case you havecompany over entertainer ladiesI mean we're gonna have more crop plotsand we know what to do with so I'm notgonna put one in front of the door yeahactually be nice little kind of passthey're gonna be kind of offset a littlebit from each other yeah I think itworks here's a question can you paintcrop Lots we're about to find outI doubt it I also doubt it just kiss youknow Ark that one what we hold rightclick and then click that's right forgothow to turn on the different thingsOh signs point to know yetI didn't think but everything isirrigated and then we just got to figureout which crops I'm thinking these fourin the middle rehear yes to start we dothe only seeds I was able to find or thesabu so we do have Sabo in there okayI'm up here no yeah I think I mightawesome I'll go grab some more I'm surethe bronto's got a couple if not youjust swipe one swipe to man hard I meanit doesn't have a chip you can do whichspeaking of okay I'm just I'm just gonnago on a bit of a tangent here okay sothat whole that whole microchip thingright on credit cards and bank cards andyou know it's supposed to be quicker howis it quicker like how is it quickerbecause half the time you insert thechip and it's like card error pleasereinsert card error please reinsertthat's like how is that how is itquicker than just like swiping cuz itworks like nearly every time when youswipe right so just ahead on yeah itjust it never made anything it's quickerit's not it's not stupid it's not stopityou're dumb it's just easier to readwhen you're walking by something that'swhat it is thank yes I mean I guess forthose for the ones that have the tap thewere you just got to tap it and thenyou're good maybe pans fasterbut the whole interview thing yeah ifyou're into that sort of thing you canjust use your phone for that - yeahyes things or sake this isn't faster whywhy and a lot of places they're startingto require the chip mm-hmm so I justit's yeahall right so we got everything I gotStephen each of the four in the middlethose wrong ones right Rock carrot andlong grass okay there's no yeah I mightnot put in these two instead can't cutthe four okay give me break all right soI mean we've got we've got crops we'vegot areas for expansion we could putmaybe the fridges over here since it'salready open yeah like you say we justwe could drop like you know what let'stake a look I'm just gonna draw a littlepower cable and a tap and see if we canburn out wouldn't be surprised whatpulls right down fairly far shit once Idon't that put in the crafting areaseemed to go really far well I'm justgonna put one down any gonna hurt[Laughter]that's snap there it's definitelypowered nice alright so that'lldefinitely make it so that we can getyeah that should if we put a couplefridges here it should yeah Ashby'sother video of this this rock is notdoes not go away yeah I'm really rockreally wish we can get rid of it yeahfirst it looked cool to have it in thebase now it's kind of that's just in theway consuming me I didn't move the thighthe Koleos they're over in the barn nowI mean you know we still get some Dinosorting to do but yeahother than that I mean this place turnedout freaking fantastic and I like ityeah it's awesomeaside from the fact that it's just putme in limbo you come punch me in thefaceOh actually no I could use a cell butpunch just like that like button thankyou look at it Oh screenshot right thereoh yeah come on hands get out of the wayyou get into dance dance look you gotthe brain worm no you got to do all yougotta do is if you're standing there allyou gotta do is just move your camera inlike a circle and then back to where youworried it'll hide your hands for aminute oh yeah she told me to do thefreakin yeah jiggy dance yeah he taughtyou that a while ago right mm-hmmyeah and then I thought of just moveyour camera in a circle sure I'm workingon old technology Airport you're hidingstuff from me so what happens we weretargeted Z I mean it's not exactly ayoung buck alright so I think it getsturned out like that man look at thebase just look at the base this wholemulti-tiered thing we got going on isfan-freakin'-tastic it is awesome I lovewhen the base comes together yeah alittle bit when a plan comes togetherHaiti was such a good show Oh God theyreally need to come out with a sequel tothat freaking movie no not like a gb2Wow Ghostbusters remake oh no not likeit well no cuz they came out with theone they had Liam Neeson and a coupleother guys like I don't know eight yearsago like that yeah it was good I likedit they just need to come out with asequel you know dude continue that Imean that's what they're all about rightnow right remakes and sequin that'sright you're our new ideas get on withit what the problem isall right guys I'm rambling hopefullyyou guys enjoyed the video if you dohave any ideas whatsoever about any ofthis obviously you know there's athat section or if you just want to sayhi but anyway do it for today hopefullyyou enjoyed the episode see y'all nexttime later

In today’s episode of ARK: Survival Evolved on Ragnarok | We get together with Stub to work on the green house i mentioned last episode!

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