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Green Fairy Eye Design + Removal of Pixie Paint

so some people think that I don't haveon the DL costumes what are those called[Music]like non costume costumes anyways thisis one of my more chill costumes that Ihave it's like on the down low very ishit's got boots with it yepand then I've got butterflies in my hairso I have green eyeshadow on I'm justgonna match it with this I'm just gonnado I actually have no idea let's just gowith itwhat I did here was I just loaded up my3/4 brush with a green split cake that Iuse freely use you can use any greensplit cake as long as it's all greensactually you could do this with anycolor to be honest and I just made loopyshapes that are like reminiscent offlower petals that's going for forestyish berry I don't know I was going forlike a feel rather than like a look andjust layer those petals and fill inspace that looks like it needs to befilled visit I did the lion work withblack because it makes it look more liketwigs and I haven't really done verymany designs like this I thought I'd tryit out I've seen it online and this isthe number 2 round[Music]and you'll see here that I messed uppretty pretty bad play on theseteardrops of going in one direction toone central focal point I just ended upcovering it and no one noticed yeah theprettiest teardrops are the ones that goto one central point I need the groupsof them you can do multiple groups onthe other side I probably should haveput color down behind it but I hadalready washed out my brush so yeahI regretted putting the dots on my nosebecause it ended up smearing look myglass of fun so tips before glasseswares or people that you're paintingthat have glasses avoid the bridge ofthe nose or the sides of the nose rightnext to the eyes it's not a good ideait'll get some airI had white dots to accentuate themysteriousness of it an eye decides toadd pink dots to it I have a friend whoshowed me a trick where you just put thepink glitter on there and it looks itlooks absolutely beautiful and I didn'trealize this till like the end of myvideo and I was like well I already havepink dotsI had it some more blue teal into my eyecolor my eye shadow I thought it neededsomething off to my eyes I'm just usinga fluffy unicorn brush I keep a book ofpowders in my kit so that if I'd everneed to like add more shading orwhatever and I don't want to use paintfor it because needs to be like subtle Imean you could do that with paint I justprefer to do it with powderstay tuned to the end of the video andI'll show you how to get the pixie paintoff without it going into your hairpixie paint doesn't really go well ontop of other paint so you kind of haveto I use it for smaller designs so thatI can accentuate the edges of them andit gives it added perceived value to thedesigns such classes up see how looseandI'm back from my gig tonight and it heldit pretty wellso here's a quick little tip on how toget this Pixy paid off because it isquite difficult to get it all off so yougrab grab a card of some kind I'm goingto use you with my Fred Meyers rewardscard you take it and you flick it offyes this is like the only we can get itall offI've had this stuck on my face for daysat a time and then I tried this and itall came off and I'm likeI expect big stuff though Oh Godthen you just get the rest of the stuffoff with makeup remover wipes or regularwipes regular wives will work too not aspleasant as makeup remover wipes but itwill work but yeah that's all for todayif you liked what you saw make sure yougive it a thumbs up and leave me acomment in the section down below andsubscribe if you wanna see more yeahI'll see you guys next time have fun bye[Music]

This is a super fast, super easy design for a fairy that you don’t want to put wings on for. Also, I show you how to get Pixie Paint off your face.

All the products used in this video can be found on Silly Farm. com:

Wolfe White
Wolfe Black
Global Neon Pink

The green split cake was made by Sally-Ann Lynch. The powder is by NYX and it has all the colors of the rainbow.

The music used in this video is:

Happy Life by FREDJI
Music promoted by Audio Library

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