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Green Expo 2019 – David Hall – Considerations In House and Building Design and Renovation

good afternoon everybodyI could listen to mark longer than justthat he is an inspiration and I did wantto say what creep event this is and theenergy that lots of people put into thisI know that the energy Pfizer IIcommittee Molly Edinboro I think mayorholiday I don't think that there aremany leaders in history who havecommitted themselves the way Donna hasso I really applaud on this work andalso the recycling and energy office andthe climate action project of the newchurch of all of those people andorganizations are involved in makingtoday possible and in case I forgetasked me at the end why I'm wearing thisshirt I'll probably forget so let me getthis show going I am going to talk toyou about building systems what I'velearned I've gone way deep into therabbit hole on this the last six yearswhich I enjoy doing but having studiedinvertebrate zoologyI got a BS in BS and then a BS andinvertebrate zoology it makes me aperfect landlord doesn't itI'm still working on the link and you'llsee in this my slideshow I I I dohinting at that a few times alright sothe goal in today's green buildingcommunity is to build structuresdwellings we'll talk about dwellingstoday that not only use very littleenergy and when I say use very littleenergy do remember that the use of wateris energy it takes a lot of energy tobring water to your tap and to treat itand that takes a lot of energy once itleaves your house to treat it so we wantto build dwellings that are efficientthat way but also minimize the amount ofenergy required to put that structure upthe term for that is embodied energy andthe hillside project falls short in thatregard for reasons I won't go deeplyinto but concrete technology is growingquickly and expanding quickly and we aregoing to see co2 absorbing concrete andthe regular marketplace we were hopingwas going to be here sooner than then itis so with that so the next slide thisthis is a NetZero house uses no moreenergy than it produces and thematerials used to build it don't requiremuch energy so this is just to emphasizethe concept of embodied energy this verynice ski side Chalet might be theopposite so although it is Net Zero thatis it generates as much energy as itconsumesthere's a ton of energy in producingglass and steel and in mobilizing glasssteel rock etc to a site so long-termyou probably are going to be seeing afocus on structures with low embodiedenergy now next year Oh for new recordand iceI assume that everyone has a good handleon the net zero concept but it is reallyhard to take it all in and reportbuilding and make it at zero and youknow that you have enough space in yourroof for the solar panels to generatesomething if you know if you're notshaded and then you're dealing with oldtimber frame and very narrow walls it'sreally hard so I think the city has theright perspective on this and just dowhat you can all right these are thevery basics I'm going to throw out atyou today and this may be too basic fora lot of you but buddy regardless it'sstill these are all very importantprinciples if you your lives are tryingto reduce the amount of energy consumedin your building or home make itairtight really really important you putall the installation you want to buildit but if air could leak around all thatexpensive insulation it just doesn't doso here it is sealing air sealing is isthe most affordable way to make asignificant change in the energyconsumption of your home so sealing upthose drafts window gaps and foundationshuge huge difference in your performanceand interestingly the taller yourbuilding the more important it isbecause you the physics of it are youget a chimney effect where all thatworks in the building is pulling pullinghair in any gaps in the basement and soforth so really important and it's it'sbecause it's gotten a lot of attentionrecently zip systems now has a lot ofphenomenal products that are a vaporbarrier an air barrier all-in-one if youtape the seams properly so when you seebuildings like this in green that is thezip system if the sheeting goes againstthe framing and then you take everyscene and to do it right there's reallykind of an intense process and MikeBrown off-mic is in the audience fromadvanced building analysis but Mike wholives locally is like the air sealingguru if you have a question see MikeMike is setup advanced building analysisABA on the floor cost of all so seal itupand it's going to be very hard for youto achieve net zero or passive house[Music]standards in a home without doing thisand then after you've done your hairyour air ceiling then you startinsulating and thinking about how you'regoing to do thatand anyone who's in the buildingindustry knows that now they're anenormous variety of installations outthere I myself in in building rehab havebecome partial to mineral wool raxilmakes a mineral product and mineral woolis just rock that's been heatedit's basalt I believe and and you get afire it's actually a rock fire andbecause of that it's hydrophobic so whenyou're dealing with water vapor or waterintrusion ability to dry I prefer it toto fiberglass and also to dense packcellulose if you have the choice at thehillside project we are using a lot ofEPS insulation which is extend expandedpolystyrene and it uses steam as ablowing agent and as of the foams isperhaps the more friendly of of thosephones I mentioned earlier the amount ofenergy embodied in your buildingmaterials that's a factor in foams andthat that is one of our wall panels thatand building in that tenant you've seenover there so there's 12 inches of foamand we built the entire wall an air sealevery corner of every window back intothe siding system and then back to sipsystems again they've figured out what'simportant in the market now and they nowmake a cheating no cheatingthat is laminated to insulation and ifyou're rehabbing your house you possiblycould get two inches of insulationlaminated to your sheathingit's it's sort of the golden number andI'll tell you why in a minute but so nowyou've got a continuous layer ofinsulation on the outside of your houseso your studs are not a thermalconductor to the outside and your airsealing so you're managing water vaporyou're managing the air migration andyou're getting some r-value now and thisis why here in New England we I thinkduring the winter your heating andliving in our homes we get nice moistair that air if it's allowed to migrateout towards the outside of your wallsystem if it finds nice cold things thatwater vapor is gonna condense and lo andbehold now you have water inside yourwall assembly not a good situationparticularlyand our old Newburyport homes and moredifficult yet again is that in ourtimber-frame homes ventilation betweenyour siding and the wall is difficult soonce it gets in there it's hard to dryso what you see on the left is atemperature line and the blue dotrepresents the Condon's the dew pointthe dew point of typical conditions inin New England so what it means is thatthe wall that's never going to get coldenough with this insulation system topull or convert water vapor to water inyour in your wall so these sorts ofthings have been learned by a lot ofpeople the hard way and the amount ofdamage done to homes over time he's beenadvanced many remember putting up waterthe plastic you know behind thesheetrock and you've got to control yourair movement and be coupled with keepingthat deep dew point outside the reach ofmoving air in your wall assembly oh yeahnow I've done such a good job theresealing your house and you've put theinsulation up and so forthit's so tight when you cook a nicegarlic rich dinner your house reallystinks and it's not going anywhere fastbecause the ability of yourhouse to breathe is now changed so againthis might be old most of most of youbut so ventilation now is is soimportant in new home construction so tocomply with the new building code youneed heat recovery ventilation systemsthis is basically how it works on theright so you have a device an appliancewhich is constantly running 24/7 andit's ejecting stale air that garlicdinners going out through one duct as itpasses by the surfaces of the inboundair it's transforming and transferringits heat its BTUs to the in magnetic soand they've they've figured this out sothey're very efficient but ninety twopercent efficient so get this so it'ssay the waiter you're sending eightydegree air out and it's 10 degrees outat night the air coming back in theother side someone do the math for mebut it means you're somewhere in the 70degree range so you're taking that verycold outside air preheating it andbringing it as fresh air into your ownand the rules are that your you alwayswant to ventilate cool air from yourbathroom in your kitchens or laundry andthen you want to delivery a fresh air tothe bedrooms first if you have anyexcess you put it in the living space soat the hillside project we use adjournwe're using a german-made heat recoverythey're actually it's an energy recoveryMalaysian system that has 92 percentefficiency and it's very reliable it'sprobably the most important appliance inthe contemporary code-compliant anothergood thing about this is that you doyou're getting that heat transfer butyou're also filtering all inbound airso get superior air quality at a passivehome there's some Net Zero housing builtnear Logan Airport and they were able tosee that particulates were significantlyreduced by the configuration well safeair shield living space and a goodfiltration system these are views oftypical Zender units you could say itlooks everything there's like spaghetticoming out of the topfortunately they ducting is in likesmall 3-inch ducts how am i doing smallfries ducts so you can get them inside atypical 2x4 wall is that it's abrilliant piece of engineeringalright number four is that everythingI've told you so far as useless ifthey're the occupant of the home doesnot act like a NetZero human so this isNet Zero Nellie and I've been we've beenfriends for a while now and she it'svery well bathed she does not take longshowers she does not leave the homecinema screen on 24/7 she closes doorsbehind her turns off water whilebrushing teeth Service says 77just on the way so it's one of thereasons why the expo today is is sohelpful because it just raises awarenessand and you really it's so true youcould build it at zero home but if youroccupant is not aware of what'sappropriate and needed to live in thatyou don't get the advantage that youwould designed and engineered so hard toachievea couple couple of aspects of that arethat the hillside project there areprompts there will be digital readoutsso you have real-time data available asto how much juice you're using like whatyour plug load is how many BTUs nowyou're asking your eating system orcooling system to deliver because it'sit is very hard and you know you go dayto day and you're in a hurry it's hardsometimes to pay attention to thosethings and so we believe that that's animportant part of helping the occupantstay on top of energy demandall right back to new reports pursuit ofNet Zero electricity is a reallyhigh-quality form of energy you can sendit through a little copper wires itdoesn't freeze inside pipes and you knowunlike gas lines which are pressurizedand leak or oil lines which can alsoleak electricity is just reallybeautifully simple and so long-term themarkets are designing towards that highquality energy and we're seeing justamazing numbers coming out on theperformance ratios of the heat pumpsystems that are out there and we areusing the very smallest Mitsubishi86,000 PTU split system heat pump in ourbuildings and believe it or not youwon't run very much which is a goodthing you get a little payback on allthat insulation and air sealing but italso is very helpful for if you'retrying to eat or cool a specific room inyour home you know a family areawhat-have-youbecause they're very affordable they'resuper efficient of course this has to becoupled with battery technology toreally take off it's worth mentioningand then this one I'm really excitedabout sand and there are others taken sofor that Sandin is coming out with a airto water heat pump the Mitsubishi stuffall those things we've heard about somuch those are air to air heat pumpsright so they're taking air squeezingfinding and squeezing the energy out ofand giving you more merry or cold airinside the housewhat mmm Sandin is doing is they nowusing co2 as a refrigerator are able tosqueeze energy out of cold air very coolthey're ten below and deliver hot waterwhy is that a big deal it's a really bigdeal in your report if your your furnaceor your your boiler has died and you'retied into an old brick chimney and youjust want to replace the frames well noit's not that simple because codesrequire they're not aligned your yourchimney with stainless it's veryexpensive and or you can do putting aforced draught system so I'm quality ofenergy so if this sanding unit which atwhich I had hoped to see rolled outalready is in our marketplace be greatto have work with the energy AdvisoryCommittee to do a sort of a roll out andsee if we can get some of these systemsgoing and nubret work so it basicallymeans if you've got a hot water boiler[Music]heater and you have forced out water nowhow many people have forced out waterand their houses you know there are alot of us we in heating dominant areasfocus more on that than the coolingpiece so that is why these are soimportant because you could squeezeenergy out of the outdoor air and youcan transfer it into your home as hotwater really really big deal I'm veryexcited about this one I think thispretty much though so all these thingsI've described you can partner with masssave to get done in your house and wehave had I think like 48the audits and improvements in ourresidential units in Newburyport and thethe payback is ridiculously good muchlike what mark was talking about wassolar the dust collection system worthdoing and define it - so your littleshare that you pay they'll spread it outover weeks and for other years months tohelp you so it's really good a couple ofbuilding science comm great siteseverything you'd ever want to know aboutthe latest research in building wallassembly technology walls roofs you nameit and then yep and then there's areality check ignore everything I saidtoday if you just go out and you andyour familyeat less red meat you are doing a worldof benefit to the planet and lastly I'mgonna make my plug for the coastaltrails coalition and we are working hardto bring you more miles of rail trailsrecreational pathways everyone knowswe're working on thatSouthend so nobody helped out buildingshelters thank you[Applause]

David Hall of Hall & Moskow, gives his presentation “Considerations In House and Building Design and Renovation” at the Greater Newburyport Green Expo

Recorded on April 11th, 2019

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