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GREEN CARPET, the Exquisite Gardening Solutions and Design House at HSR Layout, Bengaluru

[Music]welcome I am my number Tavia I'm theowner of green carpet the garden centerthe largest garden store for yourgardening needs in Bangalore we arebased in HSR layout I will take youthrough my showroom explaining to youwhat is available what you can expect wehave the widest range of productsavailable just for your County greencarpet was set up in 2002 where weplanned to provide complete gardeningsolutions under one roof this was thefirst of its kind in Bangalore earlieryou had only nurseries where you couldpick up only you know plants and someplastic pots and some clay pots butcomplete gardening solutions under oneroof was not available and that's asolution that we provide in God greencarpet the garden center we are thelargest supplier of pots and planters inthe country we have a wide range ofplanters to start with[Music]we have a wide range starting from 200300 rupees going up to 32 to 40,000rupees for high-end range of products weare the exclusive distributors for twoGerman companies in India one of theproducts that we sell in India offerGerman our product is a self-wateringport these are ports that areunbreakable they can be kept indoors andoutdoors the colors don't fade and theycome with a self watering feature whichmeans you can plant any plant in therecoming up variety of sizes from desktopto you know parts in which you can plant10 to 15 feet tall trees and you don'tneed to do daily watering for up from aminimum period of 15 days right up to 3months[Music][Applause][Music]we have two levels the ground floorcontains all the large products theheavy products we have ceramic productswhich are which come in matte finish andglossy finish these are from Vietnam andthese are again a frost proofall-weatherand UV resistant products so you cankeep them outdoors whether it's in yourpace you or in your garden throughoutthe year without any fear of the colorsfading we also have a very lovelycollection of garden artifacts includingplanter including animals if you seehere we have the entire range of animalplanter planters and animal figurinesthese are made from resin and thereagain treated to be UV resistant so youcan keep them outdoors in your gardenposition them wherever you want[Music]from Indonesian region Indonesia isknown for crafting handcrafted productswhether it is wood or stone orterracotta we import all the three itemsfor instance we have here the terracottaurns this is a hand crafted mosaic urnmade a prepared on terracotta these areexquisite you know in in detail and thecolors are the very bright and poppy tolivin up your indoors and outdoors aswell[Music][Applause]we have planted one plant in one of themodels if you see this is where you dodirect planting into the pot but youpour water in here when you pour waterin here the water pushes the stick upand this you port in the stick reachesthis point and you allow the water to beabsorbed by the plant on a daily basisand only after the entire water in thereservoir is exhausted the stick goes tominimum only then you do the refillingthis plant for instance takes aboutthree weeks to finish about three mugsof water and only after that you need torefill and it is so healthy and you knowdoing so well indoors without anyproblem of pests or such you knowattacks[Music]both in ceramic and fiber and inself-watering category so for yourkitchen for your desk for your table foryour reception table for your livingroom tables we have the entire optionswe have one side for all types of yourbones line whether it is mommy orcascade semi cascade you name it we havethem so if you notice here we have ahuge collection for your bonsai pot orplants also we have bonsai pause forlandscaping[Music]the anti-villain for products withcrisis sizes and imagesyou can place your order and any country

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