Green Design 

Green & Blue Gel Design Nails

[Music]this is Kevin from Mel's allocationstudio Amsterdam going right in a geldesign starting off with some clear gelon the natural nail and the tips which Ialready prepped and filed after i curedthe clear gel for two minutes in the UVlamp I'm putting on a pestle green colorgel I like this colorvery much and swirling from left toright leveling the gel it's easy to L towork with and make sure you have a niceshape in the ecology[Music]after curing the collagen I'm going toput some nice green glitters into thetacky layer of the color gel and alsocurious in the lab and when I did thatI'm starting to cover up with clear gelagain making sure there's a nice shapein the nailthe next nail I'm making a 3/4 of thenail base with collagen and up to thiscolor is going to be some blue and somegreen I'm wiping my brush in an alcoholsolution so I can make straight lines tostart the next color[Music]the less color I'm using the sameglitter I used on the pinky the firstnail and finishing off with some stripeof foils between the lines of the colorsand of course you need to cover thiswith some clear gel so that you filethat you don't file the stripers of thenail and the third nail I'm making anail bed it's going to be a French within the only free edge a marble ofseveral green and blue and gold colors[Music][Music]as you can see I'm using a marble tooland I'm just putting on random stripesfrom different colors and marble it alltogether for a nice design[Music]and of course I have to cover thisdesign with clear gel again building anice now next nail I'm doing the same asI did on the free edge of the Frenchnail marble different colors togetherwith a marble tool and later on justswell from left to right to make a nicedesign every design you make you need toseal in clear gel that's because of theprotection of the design but also tobuild a nice nail then we start filingfirst the edges keep away from thesidewalls be careful with filing becauseit's gel and before you know there's nodesign left because she fast everythingoff so easy with the filing[Music]youto decorate some more I'm using somerhinestones on the French nail I thinkthat's very nice and it will give extrabling to the nail extra glamour okayhere's your finished look I coveredeverything in gel super shiny top coatI'm pleased with the set my name isKaren hope you will join me for the nextvideo behind

This is a video I made creating gel design on the Nail Trainer. My name is Karin and I am filming this video in my own humble Ricardi Nails Education Studio. In my studio I do treatments, I give training and course Nailstyling and workshops… I love my job!
I recently starting filming and I think this is my next new Hobby, I really like it…. Sorry if every shot isn’t good quality yet, I’m learning…
If you also like this video, please let my know by giving me a thump up and subscribe to my channel to see future video’s of design nails in acrylic, gels, gel polish etc……
If you have any questions form me about the video, the products that I used or my method, please ask

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