Kid's Room 

Great Wolf Lodge KID’S CABIN Room Tour!

[Laughter]this is your little kids cabin you guyshave a whole little cabin room toyourselves how about that hey guys weare a great wolf lodge this weekendwe're staying in one of the kids cabinrooms were in seven one one zero andlet's go inside you guys can check itout so as you go into the room you cansee that there is a big cabin over hereto the side where the kids go ahead andthe sink area and huge area for storingthings and hanging things up and shoesdown there your swim items and then wegot the kids cabin rooms if they havetheir own little area over here hithere's a bunk bed over here and thenthere's a bed over on that side you canonly use that one you can't use the bunkbed and there's that huge mural on thatwall with some characters in their ownlittle fire and I love the windows thewindows are fun for peeking hi and thenas you go over here here's the adultarea there's a little mini-fridge righthere some drawers for storage there's alittle coffee maker on the side a big TVhere and then the adult bed which achild has already jumped on as you cansee with two nightstands on either sidethey have plugins on him which so that'snice and a big kind of wooded scene it'sgonna be kind of nice because we got ourown like little privacy over herethere's a little table here to the sidewith a wooded scene shade and a bitchand then right here after you go inthere's the crazy cabin right when youcame in by the front door we have ourown bathroom and it's got a little towelledge right here a toilet area and alittle paw print shower curtains so thatis the restroom area so this is a niceroom we're gonna be having some funstaying in the kids cabthe kids are gonna enjoy their littlewindows and having their own space andwe're gonna go check out the rest butmake sure you check out our other greatwith large videos and thanks forwatching have a great day[Music]

Thanks to Great Wolf Lodge for hosting us on this trip! We stayed in the Kid’s Cabin Suites – and they were pretty SWEET! The girls had their own little cabin area that was just their size, and the adults had their own space too! Watch the video to see what all is included with the room!

Their Summer Camp In promotion starts in May 2019, and you can enjoy your stay by glamping right in your room! Check out their website for more details!

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