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the jr. giant table a beautiful diningtable like a seat up to ten people withan eight very comfortably you can alsohide away as a compact deskthe console leg splits into and smoothlyextends out you can add in one two threeor four extensions to your choosingcapable of seating four seats per sideand one on each end for 10 seats totalthe inside support leg can move a fewfeet side-to-side in either direction asa smaller table Delta works great as asquare compact table for an apartment atthis size it has a minimal footprint andseats for as a permanent table when youhave unexpected guests simply add inanother extension if you decide to havedinner party add in all the leaflets andbring out your fine dinnerware to reallyentertain your guests this table is verysturdy and more than capable ofsupporting a large feast the faith's andlegs have a stylish contoured bevelwhich makes it look good whether it's indining mode or hiding as a console[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]this is the console two dining table inwalnut it arrests away against the wallas a console table or it can be used asa desk when you want to use it as adinner table simply slide out the legsand flip open the table top the tablehas now doubled in size it makes a nicedinner table for two a set of foldingchairs like the store away it cupboardmake a good match as a dining set thependulum chairs and walnut are used inthis demonstrationit also has room for two more guests asa four-seat dinner table this is theLudovico micro office with two built-indrawers and a filing cabinet there isplenty of space for organization it evenhas a fully a hidden chair open up thedesk and take out your laptop from thehidden compartment and you are ready toget things done the cabinet is on wheelsand fully mobile you can easily move itto another room for a change of sceneryor to find a quiet workspace and it allcompact down into a very small cabinet[Music]you

Elevate – Space Saving Table

A sharp compact table which effortlessly transforms into a dining table seating 2, 4 or even 6 guests in a squeeze. A very clean look and simple function, which doubles the surface area when folding over the table top increasing or decreasing the space as needed. Modern elegant center piece in your home for occasional or every day use as a dining table. Available in gloss White or Walnut with chrome legs.

MurphySofa Clean- Sectional Queen Wall Bed

The smartest wall bed solution we offer, sleek side folding legs and raised height of unit make this a super space saver. The MurphySofa sectional clean wall bed unit is built to North American sizes and manufactured in Europe for exceptional quality. In addition to folding over a sectional sofa the wall bed can fold over a space saving table without having to move anything, conveniently and quickly change your lounge into an occasional or full time bedroom.

Wall Bed Sofa Combos

Sofa Murphy Bed Combinations are exceptionally good space savers that merge the function of a living room and a bedroom together in unity. Smooth mechanics and quality finishes are important features across all of our top-rated sofa wall beds, but we also have specialized designs to cater to your space saving needs: From vertical and horizontal wall bed sofa designs to compacting murphysofas, sofa wall beds with storage and sectional wallbed sofas.

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