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if you like these comes makeovershey I'm Alexandra welcome back to mychannel so excited about this videotoday we're at my friends at a Noelle'shouse the annex in Toronto I had a hugecrush on their apartment their kitchenis one of my most favorite rooms intheir home it's bright it's airy and hasa beautiful skylight but it just needssome love it just needs a little upliftso they've given me a hundred dollarsand I'm gonna try and make over thisspace using that amount of money I don'tknow if I'll be able to do it hopefullywe will soon find out let's get started[Music]when it comes to rental kitchens and aNoelle really lucked out but there are afew common issues that they experiencedthat almost every renter does to staincounters cabinets and knobs that look alittle worn out and shelving that justdoesn't match the rest of the kitchenhere's the thing you don't need to gotyour rental kitchen to make it lookstylish instead spend a little money andupdate the things you have to work withI'm here to show you how first thingsfirst we have to deal with these shelvesthey make that side of the kitchen feelreally dark and closed in I consideredgetting rid of the shelves entirely andadding a pot rail but didn't want totake away valuable storage I'm going toditch the low shelf to give them morespace to prep at the island and toreally open this corner up then I'mgonna paint them white first we have todeal with a bit of a life or death plantsituation oh and that's my bf Andrewputting in his regular unpaid labor timewith team Alexandrawe took them down at our cutting thebrackets with the table saw I say webecause I do not trust myself with atable saw so get someone to help you ifyou're not comfortable doing this onyour ownthese are IKEA shelves so they've got ashiny coating on top first sand themdown and then use a primer before youpaint I use paint at first but see howit leaves a streaky finish I actuallyfound spray paint primer that was waybetter for this and then finished withan outdoor white paint I already hadthis from an old paint job but I knowthat everyone doesn't have paint lyingaround so here's a tip go to thehardware store and ask for a sample sizecan they're usually less than $10 one ofthe easiest ways to update a rentalkitchen is with new hardware but that'san investment you might not want to makewhen renting and I don't blame you I'mgoing to make these look brand new witha little spray paint make sure you use aprimer when spray painting metal or elseit will just run I'm using a metallicgold spray paint that's going to matchperfectly with the counters while thosedry we're going to tackle thesecountertops I found this amazing peeland stick contact paper on Amazon itlooks like marble but it's basically agiant sticker that's waterproof and heatresistant it's definitely a two-personjob to install but it didn't take nearlyas long or nearly as many tears as Ithought it would and bonus you canremove it without damaging the countersbut if you leave it when you move yourlandlords will probably love you for itnow to tackle this IKEA Island a de noeluse this for prep it's untreated wood soI'm going to hack it so it looks alittle more farmhouse chic first I'mgoing to sand out all these water marksto prep it for a stain I usually justbuy straight stain but since this is afood prep surface I bought a stain thatalso has varnish in it so it leaves asealed shiny finish that will protectagainst scratches I'm painting thebottom with an off-white that I boughtin the mini sample size a pretty goldhook and a rustic tea towel finishes itall off now it's time to put everythingback together my fav part look at howmuch brighter this corner looks thebottom shelf was holding all of Noah'scookbooks so I'm finding them a new homeadd in a while have all this awesomeshelving that's not being used so I'mtaking the doors right off to createopen shelving the pop of color up herewill draw your eye up and show off thegorgeous high ceilings I'm hanging thesespice racks now that there's more wallspace I originally stains them with thesame color as the top of the island butdecided that white would look way betterPlus now the colors of the spices reallypop beyond the dish soap and hand soapcreate clutter on the countertop easiestway to fix this these glass dress fromAmazon and my retro label maker that Iprobably couldn't live without even if Itry if someone's a pin just worthykitchen and finally sometimes all youneed is a bit of paint to make yourwalls or cabinets feel brand new andwe're done I'm so happy that thiskitchen now looks as airy as it deservesI can't say enough good things aboutthat contact paper $39 for counters thatlook like real marble that's a steelback genius product and all the othersmentioned in this video are linked inthe description box below and look athow cute those cookbooks look up thereand all it took to create that adorablefarmhouse style prep station but coat ofpaint and some stain thanks so much forwatching this video I really hope youenjoyed it if you like these kinds ofmakeoversgive this video a thumbs up subscribedown below and comment on what you wantto see on this channel next thanks somuch for all the love and if you haveany suggestions for a series name forthis channel and these budget stylemakeoverslet me know thanks so much for watchingguys see you next timeoh so much better yeah turned out reallygood I just I love how open it is like Ican actually go under there and cook andthe counters look so much cleanerthere's just so gross it's just just soclean and fresh and open and I'm sohappy with this

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When it comes to rental kitchens, my friends Ed and Noelle lucked out. But there are a few common issues that they experience that almost every renter does too — stained counters, cabinets and knobs that look a little worn out and shelving that just doesn’t match the rest of the kitchen. They gave me $100 to completely transform their rental kitchen. You don’t need to gut your rent kitchen to make it look stylish. Instead, spend a little money and update the things you have to work with. I’m here to show you how!

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