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hello there and welcome to Fallon's funand fast chalk designs today we're gonnabe working with the vintage trucktransfer and the summer add-on I realizeit's not quite summer yet and there aresome great designs on this transfer thatare perfect for summer like the happyfourth of July wording and the fireworksso definitely get this for summer but Ireally think the gone fishin is aperfect design for any time of the yearespecially for those of you who love togo out fishing or anything like that anddon't you think this would just make thecutest gift for a guy in your life thatenjoys trucks and enjoys fishing I surethink so so I'm trying to decide if Iwant to use the cute little fish in thisdesign here and I'm not completelypositive where I'd want to put it so I'mgonna set that aside and work on therest of it and maybe decide later so I'mgonna put the first two transfers downand smooth them out and then starttalking with my color choices for eachof the areas I'm gonna do blue on thebigger area of the base of the trucktransfer and then I'm gonna chalk thoselittle wheels for the hubcapsin a gray grayish silver shimmer that wehave and then gone fishin I'm gonna putin black because I really want it to popagainst this pallet board now betweenthe layers you're gonna want to dry andI usually do that on the cold setting[Music]when you're working with the chalk paceyou want it to be in a nice thin layerand anything that is excess on yoursqueegee you can scrape back into yourcontainer and save again for later isn'tthis looking so cute I just love thelettering for Gone Fishing all right sowe're gonna dry these layers so that wemake sure we don't peel them off when wedo the top layers let me know in thecomments what colors you would havechose for the truck I love new ideas forlayering this truck piece so I'm gonnado our gold shimmer on the detailed toplayer of the truck but let me know ifyou think another color would have gonegreat with this blue or if you wouldhave chose two different colorsso we're just gonna dry this layer andthen we're gonna work on the cute littlefishing poles in the back of the truck Iwas actually gonna do the fishing polesthis gorgeous orange color that I haveit's like a burnt orange it's called ourpumpkin chalk but when I was looking atthe truck I was really thinking thiswould turn into a great red white andblue USA inspired palette board if I didthe fishing poles and our great candyapple red it is a perfect red for thefourth of July are just to represent theUSA[Music]so I'm gonna plug these fishing polesbecause I haven't used them before and Idon't want to peel up the first layerI'm gonna make sure it's nice and dryand line it up I can't wait to see howit looks this is such a cute design andif you saw on this summer add-on there'salso some surfboards that you could putin the back I just love our add-onsthank you so much for watching have agreat day

For this fun pallet board sign I used two Chalk Couture reusable silk screen transfers.
I used the Vintage Truck transfer and the Summer add on!

Find the truck transfer here:

Find the summer add on here:

Find Chalk paste here:

Find squeegees here:

Don’t want to make your own pallet board?
Here is a beautiful pallet board ready made!:

Happy Crafting!

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