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I'm Alia and this is Jamie.We have been dating fora year and a month?and I just moved to Simsbury, Connecticut a month ago.A month ago?Two months ago?Three months ago.So I wrapped up my whole studio apartment in New Yorkhad it moved up here and coming frommy 300 square foot apartment in New Yorkit's interesting to see also the shift in lifestyle being here.Jamie has two teenage sonswho are the coolest kids in the world, Jack and James.They're 14 and 17.Alia's in charge now soAlia does all the work around the house now sothat's good and baddepends on what your style is though.I'm moving into their territory, their houseand for me to come in and change itcould be, you know, really disruptedso when they're really open to the ideasand they're excited about them it makes me feelreally welcome into their group.The living room is not my favorite room in the houseWell.. it's...Just clarifying.Our living room is the land of misfit furniture.It's where be put all furniture that we either don't likeanymorenever liked, or don't have a place to put it-we shove it all in that roomin oddly looking configurations.The boys actually use it all the time.They bring in their little putting mats andand practice putting in there.The bigger surprise is the fact that I'm actuallydoing a putting green room.He's been talking about this putting green roomfor probably since I met himI really want to do this as something really special forall of them.It will be really a greatplace for the whole family to hang out.As you can see, this is the living room.Actually we've just broken ground.It's a little bit of a construction site right now.Here's what I'm imagining, more of acomfortableliving room space that hasa little bit of a formal air to it.As long as we can make it usable.I just don't want to have another room that kind oflooks fancy that nobody uses.Sometimes the things that we clash on aremuch more traditional.I mean I definitely bring more of thatModern. Very Modern.My dad's style is a little bit more old schooland Alia's is moresoho loft vibe.Okay, you're going to have to go with me on this.High gloss blackAll of the molding high gloss blackand then the fire place, we wouldspray this whole wall high gloss black.That's crazy.Black fixture.Black chandelier with brass.I know we painted the ceiling black in thedining room but its matte black.and everybody that walks in and looksat our dining room ceiling is like"Um...uhh.. that's.. interesting..."When you see it all together withfurniture and other elementsin the room, we'll have pops of colorit's not going to feel as heavy as you're imagining.So are you on board withThe sofas, the mirror, the chandelierhigh gloss blackand I'll stain the floors darker.I'm gonna bring insome help, shockinglyI feel like, I totally trust your visionI really doI'm a little nervous about Aliataking the reigns of the entire design of the room.You're gonna be involved in it.But I'm gonna be away.So Jaimie is gone for the next two daysand he think's he is coming back toa modern living roombut turning the living room into a cool putting greenis going to be my surprise.I'm going to wallpaper the room,put in turf over the hardwood floorsand I have a cool idea of how to make an entire wallinto custom build in cabinets.I'm going to show you some clever design hacksthat you can do at home.They're easy, affordable and they're going to take thisroom to the next level.So I know I told Jaimie I'm doing high gloss black paintbut this room is about the boysso I'm going to surprise him with a custom blue paint color.We started priming the room alreadyand he sort of fell in love withthis steel-y blue gray colorand I know he really wants to go in this direction.Doing the room in hues of blue.This is a more sophisticated way of saying, "Hey--I see you. Here's your man cave."So when people think of wallpaper, they think oldpatterns, but I'm actually doing the opposite.I'm using textured wallpaper that matchesmy blue paint color.It's an insider tip to make your house feel morecozy and polished.Next to the fire place on both sidesthere's two recess spotswhich are great places to reallyhighlight a piece that you love.a great piece of art.So my philosophy is alwaysif you can't find it in the market, you can create it.And I'm going to leverage wallpaper to be my art.And you can find so many wallpapers that have reallyinteresting designs.So I'm going to mounta larger piece of wallpaperon the canvas.I'm actually going to paint just the edges of the canvasand all you see isthis really cool pattern, kind of popping out at you.I don't want to see any white.I want the edges to really blend intothe same color as the wall.So now, just like you're wallpapering a wallyou're going to use wall paper pasteand affix it onto the canvaswhich works becausewallpaper affixes to a wall that has a little bit or atexture to it, and the canvas is alreadypre textured, so you don't want a canvas that's too smooth.So you just want to do a very very thin layer.Because the canvas has a little bit of a texturesometimesthere're those hard to get spots but I see you.Give a little air cover.Roll it on flat.Get all the air bubbles out.Make sure its really really nice and flat.It's gonna look so great in the spaceI can't wait.I can literally hear Jamie in the back of my head askingme, "How the heck are we going to resell this house?"I mean I do have to drill holes in the floorbut come on, a putting green in the houseis every golfers dream.Will it come out to here?So apparently every putting green has two types of turf.A longer darker green turf called the Fringearound the edge which golfers use for chippingand a shorter lighter green turfin the middle used for putting.I thought this putting green would make our living roomlook like a man cavebut I actually think the shapemakes it look like a cool piece of art.I guess I didn't full process that we were actuallygoing to have to cut whole in the hardwoodfloors to make this happen.The Ethan Allen guys just arrived.I planned on having all my deliveries done by yesterday.Jamie actually gets home tonight.I was planning on spending today justrearranging furniture butbest laid plans never happenand I think it's still gonna be great.So the goal is to fitas many cabinets as you can against the wall.Pick a cabinet you love and measureits dimensions to see how many can fit in the space.In order to make these cabinetslook like built-inswe need panels that goall the way around from floor to ceiling.The trick hereis to make sure the wood is painted the samecolor as the cabinets.Then finish by filling in the gap across the topwith a crown molding.This room makes multiple cabinetsfeel like one impactful piece.Color is always one of the most impactfulthings that you can use in design.I styled the cabinets in a color gradientfrom blues all the way to greens.So the first thing you're going to do is cut a piece ofcloth the size of the book spine.It leaves you with just a block of fabric.Spray mount is your best friend in this project.Just a light dusting on the topand just lightlytap it down.And now we're gonna glue the sides.Again, slightly spray and justand just get in that groove if you can'cause it's whats going to make it look real.So then we're gonna open the book.and you're just going to snip at the spines.Where we're gonna wrap the book in.We're gonna use Gorilla glue to glue the insidesso it really holds.A little bit on the top hereand really give it a goodpush down so that it stays.Once you have multiple of these, they're really coolstacked up this way in a shelf,centered in the middle of a shelf.I mean look how cool this looks.I had imagined thiscolor wall and it's all coming to life.but this if over five hundred booksand I'm just, I'm working as fast as I canbecause I really want it to be perfect.It's really cool whenthe ideas that have been happening in your headfor so long,you start to see a little progress.But I still have a lot of work to do so wish me luck.So as we say goodbye to this collectionof misfit furniture, we're reviving the spacewith a mix of modern and vintage pieces.Two french style antique mirrorsleaning up against the wall.Another french style gold mirror over thefire place.New lighting fixturesthat have a really modern vibe.A cool velvet ottoman.Two ivory swivel chairs.And a few personal touches that I thinkJamie's really gonna love.So TV oneand TV twoThat's a guy sized TV right there.The putting green is down,the furniture's in,the lights are on,and the TV's are mounted.I'm just finishing final touches.I want everything to be perfect for the boys.I am so excited for them to see this room.SurpriseHey babe, oh my god!Surprise.Are you kidding me?It's a putting green.Check this out.Babe oh my god what did you do?Welcome to your traditional living room.What did you do?Did you see the paint color?I can't believe this.Oh you left my paint color!No I actually hada custom paint color madeand I got to name it.No you didn't.What'd you name it?Prime Time Jamie.I like that.Prime Time Jamie!There you go!Oh my god.Found it in the basementand it fits into my color story.But I wanted it to have representation hereand instead of hanging a jersey I thought it would becooler to do some of your old stuffand take inspiration from the colorsin all the books.This is perfect, thank you.I think this is the nicest thinganyone's ever done for me.Alright, two hits.Alright.Two hits.Alright, there you go.Good job, Alia.Oh my god, babe, you got two!I'm sure I'm gonna regret that later.Double the sports!I'm gonna regret that when the draft comes on.Of course.

With a background in fashion and a passion for interior design, Alia Ahmed-Yahia has made it her mission to help more women find their own personal style and further apply that to all aspects of their lives. She started her website The Style Scout in 2012, which aimed to serve as a resource for women to explore, experiment with, and understand what their style really is. With her two recently published e-books, Building the Brand of You and The Decorated Life, she further mapped out tips around the philosophy that inspiration is important, but it has to start with a foundation of who you are. In her new miniseries with, Alia takes us inside her new home with boyfriend James Bosworth, where she hopes to transform traditional (and often unused) spaces into creative ones that reflect the way they both live.

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