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Global Fund For Children partners with Emma Green Designs

hello welcome from the global from forchildren we are talking saatchi galleryGameChanger event and that was held onthe 24th fateful and what a night it wasso we just want to reach out and saythank you to our partners that made thenight so spectacular one of our partnerson the night was Emma Green designsshe made the chill-out room pot with hermagical designs and I'm gonna explore alittle bit further with Emma I'm gonnawelcome you to a quick chat we when wecaught up with Emma after the eventshowing you some of her unique designsand if you know of anybody that needsuplift on their house or any otheranywhere that they've living or officespace or anything then Emma is a diamondto be tapping into so welcome and hereis the chat we had with Emmaright hello and welcome welcome to thisrecording we're with Emma from Emmagreen designs so we've just recentlybeen at the Saatchi GalleryGameChanger event with the Global Fundfor children and Emma brought in herabsolutely amazing and wonderful designsand errands and so on so we're gonnahear a little bit more about what you dobecause I'd love to share some of thepictures that you've captured at Saatchibecause it was just you you you made thechill-out room pop and it was actuallythe most popular room out of the tworooms that was there at Sochi so Emmawelcome to to this chat and tell us alittle bit about how you got into whatyou're doing and a bit more aboutyourself and and so on um yes I havebeen doing this about 18 years now untildesigner my residential interiordesigner generally so initially Istudied law and then went on to work inthe city and then once it was heading toowner the company and in the meantime Iwas always designing my home andfriend's home to thempeople could ask me to do that and so Ileft left my job career and today postgraduate diploma interior design so didlots of training and went to work forfew other companies and then set up myown business about ten years ago now Wowlove it yes been doing that ever sinceyeah yeah and so the type of people thatare coming to you for how do you trackthem in how do you how do you get yourclients but so far I've been lucky andthat most of them are recommendationsfrom other clients which is good sothat's been my 90 cents and my work yeppatience and but just taken me you knowto Surrey Clark amel chaordic so it kindof you know all over this house and I doget some local work as well through[Music]generally moving through word-of-mouthactually it's the best way isn't itword-of-mouth for this yes when you'vegot somebody else's confidence alreadyyou know that you've done something forthem then then the person that you'reworking with is already just like yes dowhatever you what type of what type ofthing what type of designs what type ofthings are you doing just to give thelistener and the viewer an idea of whatkind of things they can expect from youI like like lots of color actually likeintroducing color to new clients mean atthe moment I've just been finishing amanor house in Surrey so that will bephotographs soon soon and it will be onmy website and I'll see that and anothergonna powers little to me and aftercertainly doing that and I'd like to asa same juice color but sometimes subtlysometimes lots of clients can be bitsfearful of color and also quite a bigfan of lighting getting the lightingartists that can be you know reallyinfluential on our design you know thatif you you know want to make it soundreally good lightinglots of lighting design as well yeah yesI'm just you know like working andcreating homes well from what I've seenon television spaces are changingnowadays on there as they built buildnew builds werewolves can move and yourdining will come bigger and smalleramazing but so so clients can getthrough it hold of you I'll put theemail link below so you can have a lookat some of Emma's work but judging fromthis Archie event your stuff isabsolutely stunning and so talking aboutsarchie and global fun for children howdid you get connected yes again I gotconnected through a friend of a friendactually who works from one of my othersponsors one of your main sponsors so hecontacted me and I took it from thereyou know and I researched the charityI've been actually looking to do somepro bono work spent my charity fantastichow can I get involved in that and andthen this came along just at the righttime and you know and it's and it just awonderful charity and I'm a mum of twoso the fact it was a children's charityis even better and you know got you knowtouched by the wonderful story of how itwas set up by Mayor and you know reallylike the facultyhelps small grassroots organizations andthen you know can develops and growsthem and then kind of flies away fromthem and they can carry on on their ownso really yes was very keen to work withyou yeah no I concur with thatI think it's wonderful theywhile streets partners partners arecanned and sticks with him for 80 yearsto make sure and then those wonderfultwo that have been given so much giveback into the community so good for youfor partnering up with global fun forchildren so future plans what are yourfuture projects what are you what areyou working on next my as I say I'm justfinishing off this big house in Surreyand with now moved on to the pool houseso just finishing the pool house thereI've just been finishing that and thenthere's a two-bedroom apartments me andabout to say this I'm doing and justfinishing off family home in clamp themand and then we'll see what's you knowwhat's the future hills after these ownyou know few projects potentially linedup so I'll see fantastic great well Ihope that you'll continue partneringwith global fun for children we I knowthat Nikki the Nikki wind the managingdirector and Barbara who are running theUK office I just so so grateful to haveyou there at the Saatchi event and youreally did make that room pop sofantastic yeah well okay well we'rekeeping contact and and maybe hear a bitmore from you maybe in fact six monthstime see how your Kenny son and willwill show some of the designs that youthat you had in the event and keep thepunchexcellent okay so much bye-bye thank youto Emma with her help we've made theSaatchi game-changer event absolutelybrilliant we'd like to thank all thepartners that helped with us that nightand we will stay in contact with Emmaand see how she gets on as you can seeby some of the pictures that we tookthat night that her designs areexquisite exquisiteand just to let you know we raised awhopping two hundred and thirty fivethousand pounds[Music]

Emma Green Design partners with Global Fund For Children and at the recent Saatchi Gallery Game Changer Event held on 24th April 2018, Emma showcased her unique talents and made the “chill out” room of Saatchi fundraising event pop.

If you are looking to redesign your living space or home then why not check Emma out

Her talents are exceptional and super grateful to have Emma as a Support Partner helping Global Fund For Children to raise money for its amazing courses.

Check out more about Global Fund for Children at

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