Glam DIY Mirror Home Decor Ideas Creating Elegance For Less With Faithlyn McKenzie 2019

hi guys this is Phaethon with elegancefor less thank you so much for joiningme today I am going to do for you a wallmirror decor so this decor is going tobe a larger version of a decor that Idid before I have been in this mood ofcreating wall mirror decor so I hopethat you are loving the ideas that I'vebeen sharing with you guys this homedecor is going to be a Walmart mirror soit's one of the really long wall mirrorthat you will need and it was 14 Ipurchased it for 1498from Walmart you can also if you don'twant to spend that much you can startthe Dollar Tree mirror and glue it ontoa cardboard which I am going to use acardboard on this mirror as well so youwill need a cardboard you can call itfrom your local grocery store you canpurchase cardboard from the Dollar Treeas well so it is your choice whatever itis you decide you want to do so you willneed a mirror of your choice you willneed some cardboard you will need aDollar Tree this is the wind twister soyou will need I want to say 13 I did buy13 of them just to be on the safe sideso this Dollar Tree wall Merida core isgoing to be multicoloredwhich for me I think is perfect forspring so I wanted to go with themulticolored but if you want tospray-paint this you're more thanwelcomeI think it was absolutely fabulous spraypaint in gold or silver but I'm going tokeep it as is now you are also going toneed spray paint because I want to spraypaint the cardboard so you're gonna needthewhen twisters gonna need a mirror ofyour choiceyou will need cardboard you will needsome gems and I've shared with you thisthese gems that I hauled from Michaelsand you can use any gems of your choiceyou can use the Dollar Tree gems but I'mgoing with these because they somewhatgive a multicolored reflection don'tknow if you can see that I've used itseveral times so I'm going to go withthose you will need your glue gun andglue sticks you definitely need boxcutter you will need some razor orsomething that you can cut with yourscissors as well we are gonna go aheadand spray-paint the cardboard and gluethe mirror on and then I'll be back sowe can begin okay guys so after you haveglued your merit onto your cardboard youwill need a I I would say a heavy-dutyscissors something that will be able tocut through the plastic we're gonna goahead and cut these wind twisters inhalfyou're gonna go ahead and take your gemsI'm gonna go with the little round onesput a dab of glue and place you gemsright in the center of it just like thatI want to do that for all of them so I'mgonna go ahead on finish cutting myother one twisters and add my gems andthen we can start to decorate them soguys I want to mention that if you areseparating and you accidentally cut toodeep it's no worries just go ahead andadd some glue and remember you're goingto glue it on to the cardboard anyway soit will work out just fine don't panicno worries they will come back togethereventually so just hold it in placeuntil it driesjust like thatand then you can go over the top againwith a little bit more glue I want tosay that I'm not sure if I'm going toadd some diamond wrap or not on this soas we go through decorating we'll decideso I'm going to let that dry and look itcomes right back together with some hotglue and start adding our wind twisterand so we want to make sure whereveryour gem is it lines up with your mirrorso it gives us a landmark so I want tomake sure that I have enough space forall threeI think that looks good so we'll goahead and lay our glue down a generousamount of glue I got all the windtwister on and I'm thinking I want tohave a little bit of shine I went aheadand add all the gems on I just feel asthough it needs something else so I'mthinking I want to add some glitter so Iwent ahead and mixed the silver the goldand some large silver glitter to mycontainer and now I'm thinking I amgoing to add some Mod Podge and go aheadand give it a little bit of shine girl Iam so let's take it up a notch so let'ssee what that's going to look likeokay guys so this is how the mirrorturned on I hope you like the way tothis look if you do go ahead and give mea thumbs up share with your family andfriends I truly appreciate your time andyour support leave me a comment and letme know what your thoughts are if thisis a DIY you would do for your homeinexpensive beautiful and springythank you so much and if you are not asubscriber I hope that you'll go aheadand hit the subscribe button become apart of our family I truly appreciateyour time and I look forward to seeingyou on my next DIY

This DIY Wall Mirror is Totally Glam Inexpensive and Functional!! Thank You For Watching πŸ™πŸ½I Hope This is A DIY You’ll Recreate For Your Home. Glam DIY Mirror Home Decor Ideas Creating Elegance For Less With Faithlyn McKenzie 2019
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