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Getting Your Home Ready To Sell (Staging Advice 2018)

hey this is Justin Bevins and todaywe're doing kind of a special episodewhere I'm sitting here with Sandra Marshwho's a local Canyon Lake interiordecorator and she does amazing workwe're actually sitting in her kitchentoday and you can see it's justbeautiful but what we're doing is alittle video or maybe a little series ofvideos depending on how much we have totalk about on the best way to stage yourhome for sales success if you'rethinking about selling so hi Sandra hiJustinso anyway let's talk about some of themost important rooms in the housestarting with the kitchen now oh wellmaybe before we get in the kitchenoverall you and I've talked about this alot of times but the number one thing iswhat number one thing when you arelisting your home for sale is you haveto take your personal your yourpersonality out of the home right it'sno longer your home detach yourself fromyour home which is very difficult to doI know that but detach yourself deeppersonalize the home take away thepictures of your family grandma'sbirthday all of that needs to come outof the home and then declutter your homeyeah very important that the buyer canlook around your home and say wow Icould see myself living here neckli init if you've got too much personal stuffthere they can't see them so distractionexactly they have to be able to envisiontheir furniture in that space how is itgonna look and if you have too many ofyour things big pieces of furniture in asmall space the buyer can't seethemselves living there right let's gogood good okay and then so people aregonna come over and be looking at thehouse and obviously you've got to get itready for a photography day specificallywith the kitchen what would you say youhave any suggestions about how peoplecan really tidy up make the kitchen lookgreat for photographs and for showingsin in general first thing I would do ifyou have a lot of things playon your countertops let's say you have abig KitchenAid you have a lot of thingsthat are placed out there find it putthem in the garagefind a place you can do it make yourcountertops look presentablevery few things add fresh flowers maybeyou know some candles something thatmakes it look fresh new take awaydishrags anything a sponge put it out ofthe way make the kitchen smart yeah youwant the kitchen to be sparkling youwant a you have a home chef coming insomebody that loves to cook they have tosee themselves being able to cook inyour kitchen if it's cluttered ifthere's a lot going on in the kitchenit's gonna turn off your buyer yeah andof course it needs to be as clean aspossible to Sparkle it has to Sparkle Inoticed a lot of times we've looked athouses like just little things likeIslands a lot of times have kind ofscuffs around the toe kicks and thingslike thattake some time to wipe down your cabinetdoors and and wipe down your toe kicksinto the side of your Island and justmake the kitchen look spotless becauseit's it's one of the most importantrooms in the house very inward it's likea lock time thereyeah and a lot of times it is kind ofthe the thing that everybody sort ofgravitates to when they're looking at ahome come by it was the kitchen looklike if you have a big picture window ifyou've got a window by your ear sinkopen your shades up are the windowsdirty clean the windows make the buyerbe able to look out and and and showthem that this is actually a reallypleasant place to be if it's darkyou've got to lighten it up the buyerwants to see a light fresh kitchen to bein and one of the number one things thatyou can do nice fresh coat of paint yeahit's very inexpensive way to lighten upto modernize your kitchen beautifulfresh coat of paint in there helpstremendously goodokay now what about people that mighthave an older kitchen that's a littlebit out of date your kitchens beautifulit's very modern and it's very much thestyle these days what if somebody's gotan older house and maybe their kitchenis it's got older tile and it's just notit's just not modern and ready to go doyou have anything that you would suggestfor them the to make sure that thekitchen looks as good as possiblethere's definitely a few things that youcan do let's say you've got the whitetile going on in your kitchen and you'vegot grout you don't want to see thatdirty grout very very simple thing to dogo in clean your grout you can evenreplace you can take that grout outreplace that grout that can brighten upthe kitchen tremendously right there'ssomething as simple as your kitchen sinkyour faucet a lot of times the hardwater gets into that faucet it's very ithas a lot of the hard water marks allover very inexpensive thing you can doput a nice modern one with the pull downvery inexpensive and it shows the buyera clean kitchen right which is what wewant so maybe it's not gonna be thekitchen they want and they know they'regonna remodel it at some point as abuyer but at least it looks like youcare about your kitchen you've takencare ofexactly and everything's clean andeverything is very important goodworking condition you need the kitchenneeds to be clean you can have a datedkitchen but it can be clean if thatbuyer comes in and says well I'm gonnaremodel but let's say they don't havethe funds to remodel right away they'regonna be in that kitchen for a fewmonths that could be the differencebetween you selling your home they haveto be able to say okay this is nice Ican see myself cooking in here for a fewmonths this this will be found this willbe fine good very important okay goodall right let's talk about bathroomswhat would you say is really importantabout bathrooms when it comes to wellbathrooms justhuge pet peeve of mine we have atendency in older homes to have carpetin our bathroom that's a big no doubtthough instantly turns a buyer off let'stake that carpet out there are somebeautiful products out on the marketright now with the laminate flooringthat are fantastic for your bathroom itcan freshen up that bathroom I highlyrecommend please take that part bed outof the bathroom okay your modern buyerdoesn't want that yeah well and I thinkanother thing that's important is makesure the bathrooms are really cleanbecause that's another house wherepeople can really get turned off if thebathroom is kind of gross so and ofcourse for showings always make sure youleave the toilet seat down you don'twant people staring into your open ifyou especially if you if you're dealingwith an older home over the years youcan have possibly a mold issue littleblack area where the caulk used to beplease don't just go over that it's verysimple to take that old out and putnew caulking in makes a differenceagain it if you're dealing with thebuyer that is gonna renovate you want tobe able to say it's clean I can dealwith thisthe buyers not gonna get turned offladies please put your makeup away yeahwe don't want to see your foundation allover the sink your mascara yourblow-dryer your hairspray or yourbrushes you need to put it away you needto clean your mirrors again a beautifullittle bouquet of flowers in there makesa huge differencenice clean towels we don't want towelsthat are all been used and kind oflaying around the place it's reallyimportant that the buyer can come in toyour home and say this looks nice I cansee myself here yeah I think I'm gladyou mentioned about the growlthe mold multigraph because we see thata lot in shower absolutely tubs and youknow you open up the shower curtain ofthe shower door and you have this darkring of you know moldy caulking in therethat hasn't been touched for years andso you're right that's an easy fix andand it's those little things it's funnyyou know people don't notice thosethings when they're when they're doneyou know though if you're a buyer and itbathrooms clean but it's out of date youdon't really notice it going wow thisbathroom is so amazing it's so clean butif the bathroom is really dirty youdefinitely notice that we notice it init and with the awareness of moldespecially and it may not even be moreit can just be discolored it can it canbe dirt that has seeped into there yeahthat buyers not gonna know that thatbuyer is gonna instantly say oh my goshthere could be a mold issue in thishouse and you could possibly lose thesale over them and it's it's a very easyfix to do inexpensive fix and an easyfix and I completely recommend doingthat good well and that's one of thoseinstances where you're gonna probablyget an offer that's lower than you wantbecause you you didn't just spend a fewdollars and replace some caulk and dosome cleaning and some of these nicethings that Sandra is talking about andso you know you don't want that buyer tocome in and offer you a lot less becausethey think that there might beunderlying problems in your house and wecan guarantee they will offer you lesslight for the things like that that area simple fixwe've seen things in cannulateparticularly these sliding doors areolder and people don't get those fixed alot of times it can be a very simple fixyou gotta clean those tracks out you gotto make sure that that door opens andcloses there may not be anything wrongwith that door but if a buyer comes inand they're struggling to open that doorthey're gonna immediately think oh mygosh I gotta replace a 2000 $3000 sliderand it may not be the case so it'sdetrimentalfor you not to go through your home withthe checklist what are the things thatmay be very easy is an easy fix I canhave somebody come in and take a look atthis and you're gonna add money onto thesale of your home because the buyer isgoing to be able to say okay this worksthis is great you want to make surethese little things are done before youeven think about putting your house upfor saledon't you okay what about just realquick what about bedrooms but he makebedrooms look great when you're sellinga house declutter please hang up theclothesplease declutter your closets that is ahuge thing you may have a very nicecloset a bigger closet I have gone intomany homes where you minute you open thecloset it's a tornado hit yeah and thenyou can go oh this closet won't work forme no no that's not necessarily truethat closet can be very functional butyou haven't shown it to be a functionalcloset yeah so make sure things arepicked up make sure that especially ifit's a child's bedroom it's not showingtoo great again a nice fresh coat pleaseneutral paint very important that thepaint is neutralyou take your taste out of it make thebuyer see themselves in there so thedeep red burgundy walls or goodnessgracious like a boudoir is not what youwant it doesn't work if your child wasgoing through that goth stage and therewas maybe a little black pane in theredon't laugh I have been into homes wherethey painted their bedrooms black youhave to repaint and it's inexpensivethat's it you know it's readyinexpensive it's a couple cans of paintabsolutely absolutely what about whatabout other general rooms in the houseliving room family room that cuts upanything anything you suggest there yesbig pieces of furniture can take even ifit's a small room I've seen many peopleput very big pieces of furniture inthere you should really take the biggestpieces out make the roomlook bigger than me then maybe what itactually is if you have a fireplace andthe fireplace has black soot very easyto take a toothbrush some baking sodawater clean that often that way thebuyer sees there's not a problem oh Idon't have to have a chimney sweep comeoutit just happens everybody can get thaton the fireplace personal items bookslots of DVDs things like that laying outyou need to put those awaymake it as open and airy as you possiblycan make it because that's gonna attractyour buyer okay good and how aboutexterior what about you know obviouslycurb appeal is one of the most importantthings when someone gets out of the caryou want them to look at the outside ofthe house and go wow it looks great Ican't wait to get inside and see whatthe inside looks likeany thoughts on curb appeal curb appealis huge a lot of simple things that youcan do if you've got the grease stainson your driveway get a power washer getthose grease stains off lots of placesthat you can go on the internet internetto find home remedies for getting thatdone a little bit more pricier fix but Ithink an important one is adding a newgarage door mm-hmmokay that can make the difference ofselling your home or not I know Ipersonally have sold a home that myhusband and I did that we weren't happywe've had little problems with ourgarage door over 10 years put a newgarage door in it made the house pop itwas beautiful same thing with your frontdoor a lot of times the front door canhave dings in it it's scratched your dogscratched it take that front door offstand it down put a nice beautifulmodern coat of paint maybe a newhardware on there gorgeous and then thestandard things mow the lawn pull theweeds trim your hedges you can put acouple of planted pots in the front putsomebeautiful you know bored just flowers inthere make it look right make it lookwelcoming perfect okay any otherthoughts in general about making surethat the house looks good and you you'vedone everything you can to get the mostamount of money when you put it up forsale well there's always more costlythings that you can do if the house isnot you know 30 40 years old if it'smaybe just let's say you're looking at a20 25 year old house very I thinkinexpensive things can be done maybe youwant to put new carpet in the house ifthe carpet is is very warm where youknow it's not gonna clean you should putnew carpet in if you want to maximizeyour profit I say you can maybe spend afew thousand dollars to gain ten maybefifteen thousand dollars because if aclient does not have to remodel theentire house I think it is so beneficialto update your home well they're alwayslooking at things where are they gonnaspend their money and it if there's toomany projects in the house it justbecomes a bit overwhelming for them so Ithink like you said 150 you've done somesimple things like replace the carpetand carpets one of these things thatbuyers really get hung up on if it'sdirty they just they can't yourselfsellers sellers a lot of times we'll sayI'll just give them a credit and youknow what it usually ends up happeningis those house usually incentive thisend up sitting on the market until thesellers finally go out and they spendsome money and fix the flooring and thenthose homes usually sell shortlythereafter that's exactly rightit's just carpet is one of those thingsthat if it's gross if it's dirty if it'sreally old if it's a bad color likegreen blue or mauve or in Canyon Lakewe've seen some carpet from the 70s it'slike Ojai thick orange shag that can bea real turnoff for buyers and they justhave a hard time getting over it theyhave a very hard time getting over itand it is it's a 100 percent guaranteedturn off to your buyer there are somewonderful new products out in the marketwith the laminate flooring incrediblyinexpensive they look like hardwoodfloor a lot of the modern buyers todaydon't want carpet in the family roomthey want laminate you could take thatsame flooring throughout your kitcheninto your family room a cohesive lookmakes your house look bigger it is eightinexpensive fix you can even install ityourself I've done it so if I caninstall laminate flooring myself anybodycan do that I so recommend you do thatthe minute somebody comes in you'll seethem say wow this is beautiful you wantto hear that your agent wants to hearthat and you can guarantee you're gonnaget top dollar for your own yeah it'samazing of laminate wood floor they makerooms look cleaner and bigger 100% youknow and you don't want too manydifferent flooring though you don't wantdifferent laminate different carpet andthen a tile is here it you need thatcohesive flow throughout your home andit it makes your home look bigger yeahit adds to the eye it is so appealing itmakes that home look bigger and it's notexpensive no it is not expensive okaywell there you go you've heard it from aprofessional the biggest thing isdeclutter depersonalized make the houselook as big as possible as clean aspossible that's what people are lookingfor and of course if you want to look atmodel homes that's what they do so takea cue from them right there you knowwhat they're talking exactly all rightthat and it's why they staged homes yeahbecause you have to be able to come intoa home and see yourself living in thathome know and say wow this looks amazingit's the same thing you want your houseto look like that you want to give itthat fresh clean almost model home lookand by decluttering gee personalizingfresh paint maybe some fresh flooringyou know nice clean windows cleanwindows ladies huge they want to see outthose windows now and you're gonna gettop dollar for your house okay all rightwell that was kind of a long videoappreciate you sticking with us againthis is Sandra Marsh she's an interiordesigner and decorator here in CanyonLake she's available if you want stagingadvice if you're thinking about sellingor if you're thinking about remodelingyour home and you want advice on what todo she's available for that absolutelythanks for joining me today I appreciateitabsolutely fantastic great it was verysinging I hope it helps for everybodyout there we want you to get top dollarawesome thank you[Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause]

Real estate broker Justin Bevins, and Sandra Marsch of SJM Interiors discuss simple interior design and tips you can do to stage and get your home ready to sell.

They’ll discuss overall strategies, and specific tips for the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, exterior and more.

These simple things will help set you up for success so you can sell your home quickly and for top dollar.

To find out more about Sandra and her interior design services, please visit her website at www.SJMInteriors.net

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