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when it comes to a beautiful masterbathroom the styles of the surfaces arewhat really make it stand out whetherit's elegant tile flooring or a mosaicpattern on the wall surfaces have theability to give unique character to anybathroom a bathroom like the one you seehere is not out of reach but there aremany factors to consider so that you notonly get the look you desire but thefunction you deserve[Music]while there are many decisions to bemade like what style faucet you wouldlike or how much storage you need we atMSI consider ourselves to be surfaceexperts and will guide you on selectingmaterials to successfully design yourdream bathroom both the overall look youwant to achieve and your individuallifestyle traits play significant rolesin selecting the finishes of your spaceare you interested in the timelesselegance of a classic bath create apolished look by layering multiplestyles of marble tiles and shapes thatwill stand the test of time such ashexagons basket weaves and rectanglesmarble tile has been around for ages anddue to its quiet dignity makes anexcellent choice for bathrooms in needof a spa retreat incorporate naturalstone and porcelain tiles with textureand depth to create an in-home oasisgranite countertops paired with a wouldlook porcelain plank flooring willcomplete the atmosphere of relaxationcraving a high drama space add somejewelry to your bathroom with gorgeousmetallic wall tiles and pair them with asleek quartz countertop modern andpowerful this combination will speak foritself it's also important for yourbathroom to have a focal point perhapsthe area behind the vanity or on ashower wall maybe an inset tile rug onthe floor injecting that additionalcolor texture or pattern will create anunexpected change to add interest anddrama to the bathroom the function ofyour surfaces is just as important asthe way they look so MSI offers a widerange of styles and materials toaccomplish all of your surface needs youmust think about how the countertopswill handle soap water and cosmetics aswell as the amount of foot traffic andmoisture the floor will have to manageyour walls will constantly be exposed tohigh humidity and your floors will needto withstand puddles of water andfrequent cleaning when coated in a highquality glazed ceramic tile is highlyresistant to scratching and moisture andthe dense composition of porcelain makesit suitable for even the most extreme ofconditions MSI porcelain and ceramictiles are a luxurious and nowlow-maintenance option available in avariety of looks including wood stonemetal and fabric all of these realisticlooks give new meaning to indestructibleauthentic Beauty mosaic tiles are aperfect solution for shower floorssmaller-scale tiles have more groutlines which can help make the surfacemore slip resistant be especiallymindful of this as you select tile foryour shower floor other great optionsfor the shower floor are hexagons tilesor even an authentic pebble style thatis naturally slip resistant when itcomes to choosing a countertop youshould not only consider its durabilitybut also think about how it willfunction aesthetically your countertopshave the ability to tie your roomtogether acting as a bridge between yourflooring and wall designs Emma sizenatural stone slabs are an excellentchoice for your countertops in additionto granite marble travertine limestoneand q premium natural quartzwe also carry prefabricated countertopsexplore our expansive catalogue ofstyles and materials at msi stone hometo accomplish all your surface needsthen get an idea of what some of theseStyles might look like in your bathroomwith our bathroom visualizer at MSIstone com slash bathroom visualizer hereyou can choose a tile flooring select amosaic accentto match your cabinets and lay in acounter top of your choicethere's a lot to think about whenremodeling a bathroomfortunately MSI will be able to give youjust what you need for the masterbathroom of your dreams[Music]

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