[Music][Music][Music][Music][Applause][Music][Music]what's up guys welcome back to mychannel um I'm gonna be doing my thirdvlog so yeah hope you guys enjoy thisone right now we're at Jeremy'sfurniture there's my mom we're gonna gopulling a big TV stand or a new TV it'sgot a big TV yeah oh sure that's the TVright now they have so many good catchesyouthese are so cute bicep is a lot ofsoft I want it so bad I I wish I couldlike live here just look at this reallyprettylook at thisI like thatthose ones are fancy it's not plugged infreaking guys I love this so much buthad my own room I would still have onein yearsI need my cookies okay guys so I waslooking at this really nice bed behindme and I was like I'm I really wantedand then we saw this desk and spiltcoffee all over this desk and we'retrying to get help and then guess what Ifound out that it was fake its fakethat's smartit's like you could do it like that okayso we didn't good we didn't get anythingfrom Jerome so now our second place is[Music]furniture outlet I don't see a nut andkhaya must I leave it's a lake so we'reheadingtwo different one okay so guys we'rejust looking for some table stands okayso we just got done looking at the otherstore only there at the front travelerum I really found something that weliked but we didn't get it so now we'regoing to more actual store because theother one was the outlet of it[Music][Music]right now we're looking at a bunch ofdining tables[Music]it smells like popcorn and now I reallywant someI think sono detail I love how on every furniturestore they always have snacks so notonly did they have free popcorn but theyalso have free drinksdeliciousokay guys so I'm waiting on the couchmoms in the bathroom right now and thenI'm pretty sure anyways after this alittle trip or whatever we're doing umwe are going to house um other guyswatch wrestling it is WrestleMania todayso my cousin my and my uncle are comingover I'm gonna have basically like I'llhang out we're gonna have a bunch offood and stuff[Music][Music][Music]okay so we just came out of the morefurniture store we didn't find anythingthere so now we're going to Ashley'sfurniture store it's like yeah okay I sowe are now at Ashley's furniture storeand I'll show you guys the entrance[Music][Music][Laughter][Music][Music][Music]okay guys I didn't pour much in thefurniture store but now we're on our wayhome and the last one luckily we didfind something I'm I actually bought itwe bought a TV stand for a brand new bigTV which you guys have already signed upa sh lee's furniturethey have the best deal so you guysshould go there and try it out and theyalso not only exam best deals but theyare the best customer service as welltalk to Manny if you guys go there youguys said that from Annie I know giveyou some good deals and the last oneluckily we did find something I mightactually bought it we bought a TV standfor a brand new big TV which you guyshave already saw Ashley's furniture theyhave the best deals so you guys shouldgo with it and try it out and they alsonot only exam best deals but they arethe best customer service as well talkto Manny if you guys go there you guyshave to ask for MannyI know give you some good deals okayguys sorry I forgot to record for youguys but I went weird got home alreadywe ate a little bit and me my cousinSara and my brother are playing Monopolyin my room as you can see um so yeahanyways I hope you guys enjoyed thisshort vlog this was pretty short but umI'm just gonna end this video right heremake sure you subscribe to me give thisvideo a big thumbs up turn my postnotifications on and um yeah I'll beback with another video peace out guyslove you

Sorry I haven’t been so active, I’ve just been so busy with school and more lately! But I will make it up to you guys I promise I won’t let you guys down!😁make sure to give this video a big thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe!❤️

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