Furniture shopping what am I going to do

morning morning morning up it's like 10o'clock in the morning hear what I saywait to go inside the doctor's officewaiting to go inside for my doctor'svisitI got up I thought I was running alittle bit thought I was gonna be latebut got open I'm fine but I can't reallygo outside the doctor and I guess I willspend the day trying to look for me somebedroom furniture I've been looking fora front your own finger hurt but I'mgonna get out and look as well it'sbeing like 101 and over 100 a little bitover 100 degrees here while I stay upwhen I get up in the day or whateverit's like 80 85 right now and it's alittle bit of a breeze so I'm gonna getout leave the doctor and just go aheadon and go out to different places takeyou all with me today doing that I willget back with youhello hello hello I'm back I'm back atthe house though because it is like 12o'clock and I call myself gonna go lookif furniture bit when furniture and allthat stuff when I say I guess cuzthere's lunch timeof course what a traffic isn't kind of alittle bit crazy on the other side oftown so I just went into that McDonald'sand got me something to drink and thenthe chicken sandwichcuz I was best at I said I'll just getup early in the morning I have to leavemy sister I'll just get up in themorning fresh startimma go by the litter that theindependent living place I'm going toget the application for volunteer workone store back getting into my volunteerwork I used to do var to work all thetime I'm gonna get back into doing thatand then I'll go on to some placesbecause it's like 95 the temperaturehave gotten up thereI have I mean I have error my car thankGod but if I don't have to be out thereand he you know if you don't have to beout there and he you know you don't needto be out there to eat with I was like Isaid I was I wasn't thinking about itbeing you know in the middle of the day12 o'clock or whatever and the trafficthat's why I was like when we just go onto the house and relax I'm not gonnahave nothing much going on I'm justgonna probably some research scroll onthe internet so I can pretty muchpinpoint and know where I would like togo in the morning you're gonna look todo Fingerhut because I can just get itdeliver it to my house I don't knowand I love space I love a spacious areawhatever had in space so I'm thinkingabout getting a bed that has the dresserdrawers or whatever have the storagestorage space for clothes or whateveryou want to put in it that's already onthe bed and I don't have to worry aboutbut getting a separate dresser if I geta big with the storage area the drawersalready on it or whatever everybodygetting theirI already have a headboard I just needto get some math just once I just needto get really I just need to get adresser or some mattress and rails cuz Ihave a head for it that's really whereyour money come in at suit when you'regetting the headboard and in bored orwhatever but I'll make up my mind Iguess I mean I haven't done anything forone because I've been living for up I'mliving it now for over five a little bitof five years probably like how long Iguess I've been here well I mean it'sgetting ready to be like it's gonna beyeah it's a 10 years I think it was like2008 or 9 about 10 years but I mean Ihave pictures that are on sitting upagainst the wall whatever on the floorbecause and I always do a six-monthlease because I've always said that Iwas not gonna renew my lease out on thefull house I was gonna move I do it alltime and Inever I never movedI'm just staying right hereand I never that's why I was like two ofthem I'm not gonna go I'm not gonna geta beard dresser and all this and thattype of financial and then I have todeal with trying to get that mood pay toget that move I was just rather just putmy old bed in the dumpster and then justhave whatever new furniture I did haveit delivered to my house that would thenwhat's gonna be easier for me I feltlike and they're just that's just beengoing on for work like I see this I'vebeen up for ten years now but it's timeI'm just going to go ahead I wanna andget in me it's some bedroom offend thatyeah and my sister me and they gave metheir she they had got some newfurnitureI mean that the furniture that they gaveme they're still new I mean you knowthey they take very good care of theirwhatever they have or whatever you knowthey don't worry down I just have onechild and she's grown but they take goodcare of their stuff they don't worrydied out of turret or you know do it ina kind of way to keep it up and I cansay that still this feel like brand-newand then my cousin she takes very goodcare of her stuff as well as she gave methe nice entertainment center in to endtables and I'm a fine seen real prettySpotify so real pretty like Oh some typeof cloth somethingthen I can put pretty just throw overthe end tables and then my godsister shegave me a really prettyshe gave me pictures and I read prettyplant it's a fake plant I don't know ifby me dealing with any real plantsomething like that but uh give me somecurtains because I'm just going to makemy area more comfortable and suited tomy liking as far as me getting outvideos more consistently my area cuz Ihave the space for it so I don't know Iwanna get something like justlike a dresser slash vanity for thebeginning well I can get I could justget my dresser and there nothing give mea small little vanity they can fit yalittle yeah I think I'm gonna be thereI'm gonna get the vanity the dresserI said give me some mattress and somerails and I'm good to gobut yeah I'm the friend of just pop itjust do some research and look stuff allI got going down for the day so I canget my life you know if you dare tostart off great make it great okaybut I be blessed

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