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hey everybody hello hello YouTube sohappy to be here todayI thought it would pop on here and golive here on YouTube for a change andI've been on here for a couple of weekslive so I thought it I really want tocontinue to do that so I'm going to tryto do that but put that on my calendarand make sure I do that a little moreoften those of you that are brand-new tomy youtube channel welcome my name isKelly Wyler and the owner of girl upcycled studio it is a place where youcan find all things aren't up cycled andDIY anything creative basically you canfind here so something I've been doinglatelyare these really cute little happychairs I don't even know what I need toname them something maybe I should justcall them happy chairs because they areso cute and they're so happy and they'refull of color and usually as soon as Imake them they sell this one is actuallyalready sold I do have one little backbehind me I'll just give you a quickpeek of that one so um that one's stillavailable that is my cactus chair lovethat one I mean who wouldn't want to siton a cactus right I don't know whoanyway so I thought I would come on hereand just show y'all and what I'm doingand I don't see any comments yet so ifyou could please give me a comment justlet me know you can hear me okay sinceI'm fairly new to the old YouTube stuffall right so let me show you what I'mdoing here so so cute I am using all ofthe DIY paint products for this thepurple that you see here I've beengetting a lot of questions on what I'musing to make this beautiful beautifulrich just yummy purple and I'm actuallyusing a couple of different productsfrom the DIY company in I when I getdone here I don't have it in thedescription yet but I will put all theproducts in the description I'll put allthe names there so that you can easilyfind everything and you know maybe you'dlike to mix your own paint let me turnthis down the smidgen YouTube on mycomputer to see if I am missing anycomments because I can't see anythingone second gangokay hi Mary hi Lesliehi sorry I see you guys now I had to Ihad to you know one over here at mycomputer so that's what the problem isso thank you for your patience becauseyou know this is all new territory formeso what I'm gonna have to do is pull mycomputer over where I can kind of see itwhile I paint and the funny thing whatI'm doing today I'm using music so itshould allow it to stay on hey Sallyoh thanks Sally so um yeah I'm thinkingit's it's turning out pretty goodyesterday I know I went live over onFacebook and I was not sure of thecolors at first but I'm really reallyliking it so I'm just gonna go ahead andstick with it it's not broke don't fixit right so those of you if you're brandnew to my youtube channel we do a lot offun things I grow up cycled if you'rehere locally and you ever stop ineverything in here is made by localartists and creators so that's somethingthat's pretty proud of and I've tried tomaintain that again those of you you'rewondering what products I'm using theseare all from the DIY paint line it's anall-natural clay based paint[Music]and here um everything in here ishandmade like it was saying and we did alot of classes in house but he also doclasses outside of here my do classesonline sometimes I do I'm live like I'mdoing today sometimes I'll do step bystep staff and then I have an onlinemembership group it's really cool we dolots of creative stuff there so ifyou're curious about grow up cycled youcan find information at girl up and it takes you to thewebsite and shows you all the stuff wedo here but definitely it's alwayscreative and always fun always colorfulright and I'm so sorry if I'm shakingthe camera just a little bit let me seeif I can blow this up just a smidge allfocused better for youso the basecoat of the flower I've usedis called vintage linen and now I'm justtaking a little bit of this pale yellowcake batter and I'm just kind of mixingit in just I just want a row I'm kind oftaking a little chance today gangbecause I am still open I don't closeuntil 6:00 so you know the life of abusiness small business owner ifsomebody comes in then I may have towalk away from the camera for a secondbut that's how I roll I like to takechanceswhat's everybody doing I am tiny and seefrom Arizona you are back again today umDebbie should bottle up that purple Iknow right she should bottle it and saycolorKellie's purple that's what I'm thinkinI know purple like I've been asking eversince I've joined the DIY to get apurple in and and they actually do havea really pretty soft lavender colorwhich is called Oh Lord and I'm probablytotally going to Jack this upFrench Mel Marie I believe is how youpronounce it I always messed that upwhen I say that anyway it's reallyreally pretty and I've actually addedsome of that French millinery onto thelavender here so I actually have aboutmmm I think I have four different colorson the sprigs of lavender that you seeokaybut I felt that it just gave it thattouch so if you watched yesterday when Iwas doing this I have all thesedifferent like blue purples that I mixedup yesterday on here and then today Iwent in with the French military which Idon't know if it's if you can see itvery well it's kind of a grey purpleygrey kind of a tone so I have I havejust added that lightly just to give itthat more natural touch they need a goodsolid purple well I always think sobecause you know a girl can't have toomuch purple these daysladies am i right or am i right I'm asucker for purple in fact I think I'mgonna put this color on my front dooryes yes indeed I think I must ok sothere's where I'm gonna put my twolittle I'm gonna do it a cluster here inthe middle and then I think I'm gonna doa few little feathers just kind ofsprinkled throughout the seat as y'allknow I love I love me some feathersyou know it's kind of a thing it's thecan you hear me okay and is my my musicif it's too loud I can turn it downbetter turn it down just to be carefuljust to be sure okay so I've got my twolittle I don't know what they arethey're roses or they kind of look likewild roses got those on there so let'sgo ahead and the coral that I'm usingtoday is called cowgirl portal I willput a list of everything in thedescription because I do realize therewill be most of you watching this lateron down the lineduring the replay at least I sure hopeso I'm trying hard to work on my youtubechannel in trying to figure out how theyhave to build it and just you knowfigure it all out guyshard I am using a half inch brush it isa royal one of those little royalbrushes really like those and let's seeit when I go let's see I wanna do theselittle flowers over this way[Music]okay thanks Leslie Leslie I posted yourartwork today did you see that Leslie isin my creators art and upcycle club andshe did an amazing jobon one of her upcycle pieces theirartwork adorable I helped you style batsit's too cute so we have a lot of funthis month in that group and I'm lookingforward to the upcoming month I'm notsure what we're gonna do yet I will betaking any poll because really I like toget a give everybody a chance to decidein my membership group what they want todo this is really not about me it'sabout what do they want to see and doand that's what I'll do because I'm easylike that don't let that get around okayif you can hear it very well I've gotthe cowgirl world on there I'm gonna dojust a little highlight blending here alittle color blending with some of thiscake battertouchum those of you that are not familiarwith the DIY paint it is clay basedtherefore it's the yummiest stuff aroundand it blends beautifully if you areusing paint that's not blending verynice for you you may want to try usinglike blending medium or glazing mediumor even a little bit of water might helpif you're having trouble blending colorsyour artist and you're strugglingit's looking like the pictures prettygood on YouTube am I wrong or is itfuzzy how's it looking to all of youokay it's good now I didn't have it inHD if you did you know you can do thatby the way those of you that arewatching live right now or even ifyou're not live if you make sure thatyou're watching in HD it makes such abig difference so okay so another littletip is with the paint it's very verymatte until you so I've got a littlecheat a little way to cheat and you cando this with chop too if you don't wantto go directly on your piece but I'mtrying to figure out where and when Iput my next little bunch of lavender soyou can go with a wet brush and justkind of put your sprigs in there and seehow you like it now if I don't like itthat's gonna go away because it's justpaint and it's just water I did not Idid not have paint on my brush the painton the seat is still chalky and it'sstill very matte so it'll just go awayso that's a great little cheater kind ofa way and I think I'm good with that Ithink that is where I want the lavenderto go so I'm gonna go with thatand I'm gonna stir it see I don't haveall my colors for that yet yeah I needto seehow's everybody today can you get themto anything fun I'll check my messageshere in a minute this is a little bitdifferent setup than what I'm used to Ican't really see the comments coming inright at this second take a look overhere Nicole she says it's not breakingup on her okay Nancy Nancy is makingearrings awesome crania earrings Nancyso that's gonna be the start of mylavenderand let's go in with I'm trying toremember what I used yesterday ooh okayyou're gonna get to see me mix it upguys okay so the color I used a littleto create a smidgen of purple so I'mgoing to do a little tiny drop of thekissing booth and even less of the pastetailor let me blow it back upand I'm sorry that's causing that glareisn't it to remember that next time notto use these clear plates so I'm gonnamix this color up and it's gonna turn itinto the color of the chair now fromthere I'm going to add this lighter blueI'm trying to remember the name of thisI think it's petal pressure guys it'sgonna turn it intolater lavender the thing about lavenderis it is purple but it does have someit's like a blue it has more blue to itor gray to it okayso this is the kind of thing that Iteach over at the creator's art andupcycle Club but it's not just art Imean it's art but I do furniture Technicfurniture painting techniques it'll be amix of everything because you know why Ijust get bored but if I just keep doingthe same thing I get bored with it it'sa little happen so I thought well Idon't want my people to get bored if Iget bored then surely everybody elsewill tooright[Music]Leslie come on girlRiver eclectic so she she finishedtouch-ups on her lamps Mary is doing acouple of image transfers Mary thatsounds wonderfulokay so that's go there and then we wantto I'm gonna take this blue which like Isaid I believe this is petal pusher it'sthe name of itmaybe if I turn my plate like that I'mso sorry about the lair we've gottenlucky so well hmm say lucky it's alwaysnice to get customers in but we'vegotten lucky that mi got interrupted yetbut that could happen usually I'm rightin the middle of I've got a brewery onone side of me and a really nicerestaurant on the other side so thistime of day usually people are they'rehungry they are hungry and they'rethey're eaten soI think this light blue on it on thelavender really really makes it pop Imean I just felt like it really adds toitI just said I'm almost this will be mylast little okay that I'm doing and Iwill add little floaty feathers here andthere throughout I think is what I'll dobecause I'm kind of known for feathersit's kind of my thingdon't ask me whyokay so on top of that let's do I'mgoing to go back and I'm not evenwaiting for it to dry or anything so ifyou see this kind of a gray purple I'mgoing to go over top of what I just didwith that here and there and it's notgonna cover it up you guys don't beafraid of that it won't cover it up butit will just give it that smoky it hasthat smoky flavor flavor not flavorI must be getting hungry the smokey kindof a look to me when I look at lavenderit has icy tones of blue and purples andgrays almost right anybody elseit's a very light touch it takes youdon't want to cover up all those layersthat you just createdthanks Liliana and I appreciate that shesays she likes the color combo Iappreciate that because yesterday I wasnone too sure if I liked it when Istarted it but I really do I reallyended up I'm really liking it quite abit actuallythose of you that have YouTube channelsof your own let me know and I would loveto follow yours as welland I'm just using a little bit ofweight to put that connect those flowersright now I'll go back over it with somedark I think we're goodum Wellesley says I think I'll try thison my next feast and she is cute cuteWesley all rightand back over hereback my camera up just a smidgen I wouldlove to know how those you ever seethose really fancy cameras that some ofthe youtubers use love to know how theydo that where they have like a doublecamera someday when I get the NC pants Iwill do thatsomeday he's on my bucket listthese little chairs I do think I I needto come up with a name and I do youthink I I should just call them happychairs what do you all thinkhappy chairs because they make you smileand they make me smile when I do it ifyou don't have a better name they let meknow I guess it's not very creative butbut it is trueyour paint gets dried out mine'sstarting to dry out you can just breatheactivate it with a little bit of waterand it's good to go very chairs ooh Ilike that too oh I get itoh I got a painter's cramp in my handguysthat's cute name very cheers if I callthem prairie chairs do you think I'llhave to just do flowers because that oneI have to just do flowers like you knowI did cat I did two cactus chair what doyou think could I get away with callingon prairie chairs I do like that namethey're justso funny I know when people come in Iknow when they've gotten to the theflower check flower chairs because Ihear them go oh oh my gosh not funny soI always know about where they're at yousee okay off the page here a little bitshabby-chic farming simple designscheerful chairs oh now that's cutecheerful chairs that kind of has alittle ring to it too doesn't it maybewe'll have to you don't have to do itvoting on it right because these littleguys they do really well I haven't evenknow the only one I've even because Isell on Etsy to the ice if you don'tknow and I can ship but the only onesI've had time to even upload on Etsy sofar is the little cactus one becauseeverything else keeps alan i sold okay isold to at my art opening so I have toactually make another one that go that'sa good problem greatI should do like little story chairsmake him tell a little story somehowthat might be kind of fun I don't knowthat might take me way longerI'm just going in right now if you'rewondering and just doing little littletiny tiny touches like a dark brown justto kind of give it a little shadow itjust gives it a little dimension is alljust ever ever so slightlyoh my goodness of Frida chair Nancy Godlove ya love ya Frida is like my girl Ilove me some Frida oh my gosh that wouldbe so beautiful Nancy that's him that'sa really really great idealittle story chairs would be cute for atea party table yes Nicole that would beadorable so wearable yep great ideas yoare full of some great ideas today don'tyou love itand creative people hang out togethergreat things happen huhokay I'm so tuber and add some greensomewhere I need some green greenerytucked init's kind of tuck that back in there Iknow that's a great idea a series ofartists yes oh my gosh Nancy you are onfire yeahwhere are my bubbles honey bubbles foryou girl you're on fire today girl onfiregreat idea she was saying for those ofyou that are wondering what I'm talkingabout she was saying you could do aseries of artist chairs so like you knowyou could do like a man a style how funwould that bemy name is like an impressionist I loveImpressionism[Music]thanks you guys for hanging out with metonight and really enjoy makes it notquite so lonely around here people tochitchat withare you able to see each other'scomments pretty well and just kind ofcurious as to how this this is doing 555guys I am like closing in five minutesI'm like a boy that greenery really addsto it doesn't it I hope you guys couldsee okayflipping up a little bit to 55 inArizona you do up your own time zone[Music]Sally says yes you can see all thecommentsOh Nancy yes the benzo oh my goshsunflowers are my favorite flower in theworldhoney my daughter and I joke every yearabout it because see I got married in 96to my Cubs and we were together eightyears before we got married okayand he still I don't think he stillreally realizes that sunflowers are myfavorite flower and it's like a joke mydaughter and I we we just think it's sofunnywe're like I wonder wonder how longit'll take them to realize this he's sofunnyhe's a good guy he's a good he's thekind of guy that he yeah well if he seespretty flowers he'll he'll pick meflowers like if he's out at work so I'mnot I'm not being talking mean about himI just he's just funnyI have no idea for those of you that arenew the little coral flowers that I'mpainting here I don't really know whatthey are I am I'm just creating themit's a new breed of flowerit's very pretty they're they're verypaper-thin looking so maybe I'm not surewhat they could be and I do create likethat a lot I create things and then Idecide what they are after I painted itso I'm a little just a dyslexic painterin that way maybe[Music]Oh sometimes it's not good to have toomuch of a plan because plans usuallydon't work out all the time rightthey almost look like a poppy would looklike the paper-thin leaves but I don'tI've never really seen a puppy quitethat color beforeit's two over herestarry night yes it woulddecoupage the print and paint around itthat's interestingOh Sally said it reminds her puppies -yepI must be channelling puppiesI'm liking it guys I'm happy I'm happywith ithappy happy so I think I need to goahead and put a few little flowers ornot flowers I'm sorry feathers rightneed some feathers let's see guys I'mgonna play with this screen oh there'slike a there's filters on here huh youdo not know that okay how do I get himto go away nowmaybe it'll go go away on its own I'mgonna say you can't see it on your endnow all right so my little feathers Ithink anywhere there's a little openinglike an open spot I'm just gonna do likea little little floaty feather kind ofhere and there so have at least three ofthem I'm thinking feathers put a smallblack dot in the center of the puppyyeah oh yeah yeah yep totally could dothat[Music]okay let me get my white ready I don'tknow if I'm gonna keep itstark white but that's where we'restarting thank you guys for the thumbsup and one on this little new littlejourney hereYouTube journey rightso the little trick to doing feathers isyou have to be very light on your touchextremely lightthat's how I'm starting to concentratebecause I got a little quiet didn'tokay I think it needs some shadowingjust have to come back in and do thatblue jay featheroops stuck my hand in thatand a song to drive me nuts hold on[Music]yeahthat's kind of getting on my nerves thatone song I like the music they offer onthis pretty well every once in a whilethere's one that kind of that's alreadythis little chair will be going outsideon a porch and so I will definitely Iwill most definitely be putting asealant on it it'll be a hard coat so itshould last quite a whileonce you put that hard coat on it willjust slightly slightly deepen all of thecolors just about a half shadeand that is true even if I was to usewax on this and instead of hard code itwould it would still slightly darkenabout a half shade that's very commonwith the clay based paints for it to dothat I'm not sure if I mentioned it wasclay based paint yet it is clay based itis a chalk style paint most of you thatare on here live right now with me knowthat but some of the people that are newto my youtube channel may not realizethatoh yeah it's cute the little feathersreally help I think a little extraSuttonso I have just been trying to come overhere latelyFacebook has been wacky anybody elsehaving issues just a wacky I am likeover itI like it I like it I like it I like itokay I just need toI want to put a little shadow into itbut I don't want it extremely extremelydirt so just mixed a little bit of whitein with my brownI hope this looks okay because I don'thave my glasses on I could put myglasses on and I could be like oh holymoly what in the world yes actually mymy vision up close is pretty well it'spretty goodthat just gives it a nice littledefinition add in the dirt[Music]love the wispy thank you I love a goodwispy feather[Music]I do this kind of going down the side ofthe chair I'm sorry realize you can'tsee very well right there[Music]just want to barely we had we barelytouch it with your brush the brush I'musing right now is just a cheapy youguys not the best but I do a lot ofclasses in here so sometimes my brushesget they get a lot of use put it thatwayonce they lose that pointy tip to themthough sometimes they're no good afterthatB&C keeps asking for birds I'm going tohave to do some birds sometime for youNancyI'm liking it I'm happy I am happy withitso seelet's see if I can not get this believethe screen guys not sure whyokay I'm gonna try to turn the camerafor you see if it'll go there we go sothat's kind ofand what it's looking like and you getto see a little bit of my messy storebut I think it's turning out pretty cute[Music]so anyway thanks so much for hanging outwith me over here on YouTube tonight Iam going to try to make regularappearances here on a regular basis sobe looking for if you haven't alreadymake sure you subscribe and you want tohit that little bell you know give you anotification about well actually anytimeI load a new video even a how-to videothat's edited it'll also notify you whenI've got a new one up and ready to watchso but yeah other than that I I alsosend out little messages on my chat botwhich is are on Facebook I'm trying topull some of my people over this way aswell so thanks so much you guys forhanging out with me Leslie thank you shesays I love itCarmen says it's beautiful thanks Carmenthanks Susan and thank you guys so muchlike I said it was having a hard timeI'm still learning how to do thisso um you know you have to just give mesome grace I'll get the hang of it Ipromise but I'm so happy y'all chose tohang out with me I will see you allreally soon with I don't know maybeanother happy chair oh wait what was wegonna call those was it cheerful chair Ican't remember anyway it'll be somethinggood I'll see you guys soon all rightbyelet me figure out how to end thisyou

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