hey everybody today we are gonna work onthe balances that go over the curtainsin the trailer we removed all of thebalances previously doing all of ourdemo work and we have already removedall of the fabric and the cushioningmaterial in any of the excess staplesthat are on there so we know which whichvalance goes for which window and ourplan is because we like the shape thisnice curved shape to it and we want torepurpose the the as much material as wecan so we came from idea to match ourcolor pattern with three differentlayers of color on here so we're justgoing to kind of show you the process ofhow we reconstruct these things and andmake them nice new and clean and readyto be painted and hung up so our firststep we need to do is to removing thisexcess glue material and foam so we'regoing to do is put this put the frontpanel which is which is detached back inplace with some clamps to hold it inplace and then we're gonna run the palmsander over through to flatten that outand remove that pretty quick processall right so next step after we had itsanded is we're just gonna remove anyremaining upholstery that was underneathone of the layers here little razorblade and we'll just do a quick pass onefinal little clean-up step here alrightnext step is we're gonna nail ittogether using about five nails theseare really thin Brad's with really tinyheads on it because what we want to dois recess these heads into the into thefront here that way we can hide them andalso the wood is very thin so we want touse a very thin nail here so we'll juststart at one corner and we'll work ourway aroundokay so all of our nails are in got fiveof them in there now we're gonna usecountersink we're just gonna tap theheads and nails just below the surfacethat way we can hide them with our woodfiller make a nice smooth surface topaint alright so next step is gonna beto fill in the holes so that we can sandit down this is some wood filler forfloors product here is white oak doesn'tmatter what color tone it is becausewe're gonna be painting over anyways butthis stuff works really great it's ait's much more viscous less viscous thenspackling it's a lot easier to work withfills the holes real quick and also it'svery fast drying so our last step beforeprime painting is to sand down the woodfiller[Applause]

After we returned from Bentonville and our time at Crystal Bridges, we had to bring the trailer in to the shop for work on the brakes and to repair the faulty slide. In the meantime, we focused on some projects we could finish without having the trailer on hand. We had picked up a lovely coffee table at one of the antique shops we visited, which doubles as a bench for extra seating if we want to entertain guests at our dinner table. It’s also got a lid built into the top surface for storage. Daisy stained the lid and painted the body of the coffee table white and blue to match the walls and wainscoting nearby. Jared started installing edge molding on the levels in the bedroom floor. He cut and dry fit the pieces, which Daisy stained before he put them in place. He also added transition floor molding between the the penny tile on the bathroom floor and the vinyl plank pieces on the other side of the door. Together, we applied some floral tattoo design wallpaper ( to a couple of accent areas in the bedroom. Next, Jared got to work rebuilding the bed frame so that it would lift from the long side for storage underneath, rather than lifting from the foot of the bed. He strengthened the frame support with 2×8 lumber, cut new decking out of three-quarter-inch plywood and added piano hinges to the far side, closest to the front of the trailer. He added a rail above the hinge to keep the mattress from sliding off when we lift the decking to access the storage. We purchased a marked down mattress from Mattress Firm and layered it with a foam topper and mattress protector. Daisy made the bed with our new linen sheets and feather duvet.

Another piece of furniture that we picked up from the antique shops was a beautiful round table made from dark wood. The large round tabletop sits on a square base, which Jared added a bottom to for more hidden storage beneath the table. He also built a cradle out of scrap wood and heavy duty packing foam, so we can lay the table on its side when the trailer is in transit and it won’t roll or move about.

Work began on reconstructing the window valance pieces, which will house the curtain rods. Jared’s Mom, Moe had stripped all of the upholstery from these, using pliers to remove staples and freeing the fabric carefully so as not to damage the thin wooden panels underneath. We kept these panels in tact. Jared finished cleaning them of staples, reattached each layer of wood using clamps and nails, then applied wood filler to the staple holes to give the wood a smooth finish. After he sanded them down, Daisy painted each valance in blue, yellow and copper rose gold. The valances for the bedroom were a bit of a different shape, with a less complicated structure. These were painted dark purple. We began hanging the curtains as soon as the valances were ready to go up. Daisy hadn’t finished all of the curtain panels yet, but we installed what we had available. The curtains are constructed with a pocket at the top edge to run the curtain rods through. These are very thin, flat pine molding pieces, which we attached to the walls inside the valances with velcro, stuck to the wall and stapled to the rods.

Jared made a jewelry organizer from a frame that Daisy chose and painted champagne gold to go in the bedroom. He attached decorative aluminum sheeting to the back of this to hold earrings, as well as some hooks on the bottom edge to hang necklaces. We had seen similar creations on Etsy, but building it from scratch was inexpensive and turned out beautifully. It has a magnet on the stop side to keep it fixed to the wall and hinges at the bottom to swing the whole thing down and access the back of the earring display. Meanwhile, Daisy began the work of making curtain panels for the bedroom and W.C.

We purchased horse stall matting and Jared cut them into 10-inch by 10-inch squares to create cost effective, durable pads for the landing gear and stabilizers to rest on when we level the trailer. After we had the trailer back at home, Jared installed a rear-view camera and video monitor, as well as the tire pressure monitoring system display.

We made ready to head to Lexington for a stay with Daisy’s brother, Archie and his partner, Summer. Since this would be a trip to test out living aboard Skyclad, Daisy packed everything we will be bringing with us when we hit the road for good. This way, we’ll be able to get situated and organized over this first, shorter journey.

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