Furniture addon!!!!!!(sofa, computer & more!)

you can use it to decorate your home andeverything hey guys what's going onducky spike and welcome back to anothervideo for today and today we are I'mgoing to show you an atom from theMinecraftMCPE Adan's up it looks cool it's calledthe furnitureI didn't yeah you might right now you'remy hotbarthere are some developed beds steel bedsbut even cooler looking and and otherthings that is replaced by like thisoven right here was um is replaced bythe wither skeletons go yeah well whichis pretty weird but still and also didother things like this box thingysomehow he didn't work but I'm not surewhat it is what what is it I'm not surebut I'm gonna I'm just gonna show youthe things I have right now so we've gota bed nice comfortable bed we can try itright now I'm just gonna well how do youturn time tonight againsir tonight yeah not then you sleep andit's like normal but but the band's justlooks Cola and yeah yeah many Oh seepicklegod it's the new version but there aremany comfortable bears right here and itlooks cool and it does and okay and nowI'm gonna show you this thing it's acomputer as a computer so you can justput them here and they look looks coolyou can use it to decorate your home andeverything and this I suppose is a teddybear I'm still cool because you juststare at you it's a teddy bear and thisis kind of like a birdhouse you candecorate your home with it and this is ait's a fan electrics electrical fan andthis whatever this is look looks prettyweird what is that is that walkie-talkieokay oh I just broke it and this is anoven very cool indeedokay these are the things and let's seethe these are still not workingsomehow I don't know what they are butwhat they supposed to be but I only gotthese pretty weird replacement here andwhat is that oh wait what is thatOhthis is a sheep turn out turns out isreturning to a sofa and you can usethese to trade with the villages for thefurnitures I think that's what it saysokay the Sheep is the so far now I'm nowunder I'm Nagar and I'm now going tofind them I think look the cocoa beansare toilets oh look here we go we gotsome more here can we even place themdownwell I'm not sure I'm just gonna putthem here oh let's seefridge DS well there are a lot offurnitures in this added it just lookscool does it hurt awake and yeah andlet's see what they do did you did didthey won't do anything that's a shamebut let me just put them away becausethat they're not doing anything oh wowfor me I can seize from you okay let'ssee here we go so this is some thingwhat is this oh okay whatever it is butI think this is the best one you can siton it but you couldn't you can't grab itaround because it's a chair but it'scool it's made of sheep is made of woolto be exactoh it's black Oh black sheep baa baablack sheep have you any wool yes siryes sir three bags fullyep that's the song I'm looking for butanyway guys I'm just uh I just thought Iought to show you this up so she I meanchair sofa I just thought to show youthis noggin because it's so chair itgross interesting I was just thinking Ishould um show you this because it'sreally cool I think you can even sit ondown those chairs yeah sit on them waitI just want one a good view so I canfinish out of the video yeah so guysthank you so much for watching thisvideo if you enjoyed it then pleaseleave a big fat thumbs up and subscribeof course if you're new to the channeland to watch more minecraft videos andif you're a microphone you bettersubscribe because my videos are greateven though I don't post them normallybut when it when I post them they'regonna be great yeah burn anyway guysthink you're so much for this video ifyou enjoyed it and please leave a bigthumbs up and if you're new to trendsand please subscribe and I'll see younext time byeah[Music][Music]

Furniture addon from MCPE addons! Download it in the App Store if you want to try it! It’s gonna be fun!!!!

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