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FULL Episode 43 : Accessible Dining & Travel

[Music]welcome to the flanker flavor podcastthis is your host Stephanie Pichet andwe are episode 43 I just came back fromgraze the bench if you're not familiarat this event I have to say I haven'tlet loose like that in a long timeI'm saying that as a caveat in caseyou've anyone seen my facebook postsfrom last weekend however it is a twoday event you can buy tickets for theSaturday or the Sunday takes place downthe beam's Ville bench area which isjust west of st. Catherine's so therewas seven different wineries that wereinvolved there's a shuttle service thattakes you from one to the other ithappens during the day from 12:00 to5:00 every single winery has live musicfeature specific wines for this privateto party with on their property theyalso have local caterers and chefs whoactually will produce small plates to gowith those wines so you can have foodand drinks and live music and justbasically do a hop on hop on idea withthe shuttle service and they even hadanother cool concept called the winecheck program where as you're going tothese wineries if you wanted to purchaseany bottles you can actually tag themjust like a coat-check leave them in theshuttle and they will have them allready for you for pickup at the finaldestination for you to take home withyou you don't have to drag them aroundhow smart was that anyways big huge fanis my first time going I'm actuallygonna drag around some friends probablyget her group together to go for nextyear but it was a quite the fun dayespecially for a Sunday even though itwas the weather we had a bit of rain butit wasn't too bad but anyways so muchfun so this time I show I'm usuallysaying what am i drinking but the funnything is nothing obviously just becauseI not only finished just coming backfrom graze the bench where I've hadenough wine the weekend prior to that ofcourse I was in Halifax and thenthis coming week I'm just getting readybecause by the time you're listening tothis I am landing in Spain so I will bedoing nothing but eating and drinkingfor two weeks so there'll be a lot ofthat so I need to put my head down havesome sense about me and I basicallystick to sparkling water I think for thenext few days however I have been askeda lot or the subject has come up a lotabout sangria so it came up in mycooking class last night and thenanother associate of mine sent me amessage was asking for recommendationsfor wines to take to camp but I guessthere's some camping places or rentalsor other accommodations are set forthese seasonal rentals that don't wantto glass on their property so they weresaying Oh what do I do you know we werereally big wine drinkers can yourecommend any tetra Paks so here inOntario I mean we have to buy most ofours through the LCBO of course and Iwent through what was allowed at theLCBO there's nothing wrong with thePilar estates French cross brand thereisn't there are some a bag in the boxtype ones you can get some from fieldingfielding winery you can get some fromagain Jackson Triggs there's a couple ofother big Ontario brands that areproducing them my only thing is that Istill prefer it in the glass and thennot necessarily having to make my guestskind of drink all the same wineespecially if you do that really big boxload however I did suggest to her thatmaybe as an alternative to try a sangriayou can actually have the base of itpre-made in one of those big portablejugs you know what the spout in thebottom so his my little camping trick isthat we used to get the prep ready sohave all the fruit ready to go we wouldmake one jug of red and one jug of whiteso in the red jug I would have mostlymixed berries maybe some diced Apple andthen maybe some chopped grapes but moreon the berry side of things you can evenbuy those pre-mixed bags of frozen onesin the freezer section at your grocerystore now on the white side I would dothat more on the tropical side of thingsso I would look for those mixed fruitbags that have like sliced peaches maybesome mango that kind of thing and againI would always throw something kind ofneutralizing like standard grapes orapple or maybe other lighter fruits or amore tropical style pineapple is okaybut not in excess so then I would havechoose a really good red wine somethingbig and fruity and then for the whitewine again something a bigger maybe aRiesling or a rose a would be nice butanything that's too light you're reallynot getting the flavor and it's gonnaget overwhelmed with the fruit anywaysbut if you're just planning to drinkfizzy fruit syrup then that's fine tooso I would take the fruit and then Iwould put in the classic wafer sangriais to use basically a brandy of sorts soI would either do a brandy or a cognacmaybe you could mix it too if you wantto put a splash of an orange liqueur injust to give it a bit of a little citrusflavor you can do so as well but that'swhere the liquors stop so anyone who hastheir favorite sangria out at a localrestaurant right now is gonna hate mefor this but a sangria is just becauseit has wine in it in the cocktail itshould not be called a sangria there areassociations all over Spain who arebasically trying to promote and actuallyhave legislated the concept that it isnot a sangria unless it only containsthe certain ingredients that they deemedto be what a sangria is so it's justkind of like the Champagne region kindof labeling that the champagne can onlybe champagne it's from the Sam Champagneregion they basically want to say thatsangria is only sangria if it actuallyqualifies with these rules so wine eisahmentioned brandy of some sort I've heardpeople trying to use rum and I find thata little bit too sweet but a brandyusually works and then if you want toput a dash in of triple sec that's justmore of a North American palate that weprefer having all that citrus in it butI just having the brandy the wine thefruit if you want citrus maybe slicedoranges or lemons directly in that fruitmix and then I let that sit andmaceratedlittle bit throw in some ice and thenonly at the last minute you can eitherdo it two ways if you know you're gonnabe drinking it right away go ahead andadd some sparkling water to it to sortof thin it out just a little bit make ita little bit more refreshing or you canactually always have it as the base thatyou puts inside the glasses with the iceand the fruit and then you can alwayshave people sort of top it up on theirownthe only benefit to that is if you'reserving a group sometimes the peoplelike a little bit sweeter and for thosewho are used to those cocktail versionsof sangria by mixing it with more of asoft drink type thing like some kind ofa lemon-lime soft drink or something mayactually create that little bit ofsweetness that someone's looking for soanyways those are ideas bring sangria toyour next camp party or if someoneinvites you out to their cottage showingup with a jug of sangria I will leavethe link and everything on the shownotes for this episode and of courseit'll be Stephanie PACA / flavor 43 andthis way you can basically make sangriaall summer oh and the fun thing is asthat wine and the the liquid starts toget consumed in that jug just keeptopping it up oh it needs a little bitmore brandy oh it needs a little bitmore wine and you can basically justkeep that going in your fridge for theentire weekend so it's like thisnever-ending trough of loveliness so Ihope you like that and let me know ifyou've found some other great tetra Paksfor wine so it seems to be a big thingthat people are asking for okay so todaythat's enough of the fun stuff we'regoing down and talking about someserious stuff but with a little bit of afun twist so I wanted to talk aboutaccessibility in dining and travelbecause I thought that I kind of knewwhat to look for because I took my AODAtraining basically about a year or twoago through our local Chamber ofCommerce and for those of you who aren'tfamiliar with it it refers to theaccessibility for Ontarians withDisabilities Act so accessibility forOntarians with Disabilities Act is AODAand basically this was created in 2005with an ongoing staged implementationthroughout the province so things likewhat standards are accessible forbusinessesif I actually read directly from theirwebsite the purpose of this Act saysrecognizing the history ofdiscrimination against persons withdisabilities in Ontario the purpose ofthis act is to benefit all Ontarians bya developing implementing and enforcingaccessibility standards in order toachieve accessibility for Ontarians withdisabilities with respect to goodsservices facilities accommodationemployment buildings structures andpremises on our before January 1st 2025so that's what I meant by it is thisongoing change that they're basicallycreating this act so that businesses atcertain times throughout not just thisyear but right up until that deadline ofJanuary 2025 that at that point allbusinesses will be able to offerservices at a particular generalstandards level that everyone agreesupon so I'll give me a couple ofdefinitions because it's gonna come upand probably our interview conversationsa little bit later so one of the wordseven though occasionally is barrier andaccording the definition for the AODAbarrier means anything that prevents aperson with a disability from fullyparticipating in all aspects of societybecause of his or her disabilityincluding a physical barrier anarchitectural barrier and information orcommunications barrier and attitudinalbarrier a technological barrier a policyor a practice sometimes referred to asan obstacle and then the other thingthat I thought was interesting is itdoesn't just refer to someone withphysical disabilities which is usuallykind of the thing that people tend tojump towards but you got to think thatthere's a lot of other types ofdisabilities out there so the actualdefinition again according to the AODAit's refers to any degree of physicaldisability infirmity malformation ordisfigurement that is caused by bodilyinjury birth defect or illness andwithout limiting the general generalityof the foregoing includes diabetesepilepsy brain injury and a degree ofparalysis amputation lack of physicalcoordination blindness or visualimpedimentdeafness or hearing a pediment mutinousor speech impediment or physicalreliance on a guide dog or other animalor on a wheelchair or other remedialappliance or device so you think aboutit it also refers to any condition ofmental impairment or developmentaldisability learning disabilities mentaldisorders so it does acts actuallyreference and protect the accessibilityfor all Ontarians and for all people whoare visiting the province of Ontario sothat's what this act was all for so whatdoes that mean for tourism and dining Iwanted to do this show because I said Ihave a friend of mine who needs toaccess these services and it was one ofthose things that the more and more I'vebeen spending time with her andespecially because we talked travelevery once in a while there's a lot ofthings that I just assumed that I knewand compared to most people yes I'vetaken this specialized training thatkind of made sure that my businessespecially for the catering business Iknew what to expect and how to handlesituations and to make sure that theplaces that I was going to and theservices I was providing would beaccessible to everyone but there's a lotof things that I sometimes overlookedand it might be that things are comingthrough to get changed in certainbusinesses there's a lot of times whereeven choosing a restaurant for us totape our interview for the podcast itwasn't as easy as okay well we can justgo anywhere well we can't just goanywhere there's a lot of things thatshe has to research or call around foror check into prior to going so it was abeen a real eye-opener for me so Ireally thought that this might be a realeye-opener for you listening at home aswell so we're gonna be discussing someof these things and hopefully there'llbe a lot of questions answered and itmight make you look at your next trip alittle bit differently to see couldanybody come along with you on this nextgetaway[Music]so we're sitting here today with ourfriend Sarah Steph and I are here withour we're all drinking somethingdifferent this time though that's alittle bit unusual isn't ityeah it's very rare well it's usuallybecause I'm force feeding you somethingto wield and it together that's fairSammy that's order our own spell orderedour own thing we're sitting there at emI see with Sarah boys who are talkingabout accessibility and travel andhospitality and eating out the reason wedecided to bring Sarah out as she's hadsome unique situations over the yearsand she and I have traveled together andlearned how to navigate the world oftravel when you've got someaccessibility issues so in this case I'mserious and they're teaching in awheelchair full-time and so we just wantto kind of say hey maybe we didn't sharefor small sigh hello hellowe will let Sarah talk once a whileevery time Steph and I get together in arestaurant with microphone oh what asurprisebut yes I'm here too yeah by the way itstops here tooanyway so start we were hoping that wecould kind of start off with some ofyour experiences kind of back in the daywhen youfirst got your wheelchair and had toexperience life as someone who didn'thave the same mobility as others andwhat it was like you to go up say to arestaurant or in your university days togo out clubbing with with your friendsall rightyou know at back in the day if I thinkback to it a lot of the times when Iwent out I always had to make sure thatI had someone with me that could eithercarry me lift me move things aroundsometimes speak up for me because youknow being in a wheelchair at first ittakes you a while to learn the kinks andfind your voice that's right we doPurdue's mapping our african-americancheeseball showed up so I mean collegeit was easier because you always had bigtough boysbut the problem is is back then if therewas stairs or an accessibility issue alot of the managers were worried aboutliability so yeah you had the guys withyou to be able to carry up the stairs toget into the restaurant or the bar orthe club but the managers wouldn't allowit's not their people so if he foundabout herds they would get they wereworried obese we have to experience thata couple years ago here not a thingabout it but I loved her restaurantreopened and they were very concernedabout you being carried off of thestairs and it's just they stayeddownstairs and then we carried you upthe stairs and someone ended up walkingyour head off of something anyways wetook you to the emergency room just incase but that was definitely concernedof a lot of people that idea of havingsomeone because when weyour chair up it's not just me someone'sgonna get to do it for youit's like that multi-person jobdownstairs the heavy chairI even remember once I learnt the multiperson job that compared we actually hada at a pub in Toronto they were liftingme up on stage because the stage wasn'taccessible as most stages aren't it waskaraoke night and it was a group of usour ace that we're getting together andwe always at the end of the year seeingpiano man together not all of us I kindof did tradition so we all got up on thestage and it wasn't it there was maybethree stairs to get up on stage he gotup we did our piano man it was great youknow I felt like part of the gang I waswith everybody and then we go get to getdown the stairs and a judgement decideshe's gonna carry me down himself and Ithought okay he's tough he's strong itshouldn't be a problem but instead ofgrabbing my wheelchair he grabbed mywheels so when he lifted me up the wheelstate still but look at a little speedthe middle part of the wheelchair itdoes it it's been and it's fun and Iactually went face-first into the stairthat's because back then wheelchairs hadseatbelts and I just seatbelt on so Istayed in my chair alright yeah but Iactually had to go the next three weekswith this big latch across my foreheadand you explained to people if backwardsupside down from the stairs that causesit was a hard explanation to give butyeah so that's when I learned how thehard way that you need two people tolive and not the wheels but it wasobvious College was always that youalways went places with people so asmuch as they use that liabilityinsurance so the business owner in mythinking that wouldn't there be bouncersor other staff people there that writeif that's their first claiming it odenote liability okay then can your guysdo it because oh this is how liabilityinsurance absolutely but the thing wasthat it was up to them whether theywanted to or not okay and a lot of themsaid no because they were worriedlawsuits are big better aim you'd betalking early two-thousands well andeven then I mean whether they're stopdoing it or her friends pray and ifanything her friends are better equippedbecause they know where to grab and talkabout now they know where to grab andhow to do it in a way that would Cynthiathere she shows them where but um butbut by having their own team to it it'salmost like there's more liability to itbecause they wouldn't even know how tomake how to grab you a chairtimes when I've got help when we'vetraveled and I've had to say okay youput your hands here and you put yourhands here you know I do have to sayplease so if anything you're saferyou're Frenchabsolutely.i film archive server and I'mnot gonna see friends but I wouldn'tsuit businesses anyways like I mean it'sa really unless he did somethingmaliciously that's a lot different butpeople trying to help but I know thatattitude is not with everybody out thereso I do understand it but at the sametime it really sucks because they hadpeople that had the ability to lift me Ihad people that have the abilitybut they were more worried about alawsuit than excluding me from somethingthat should be offered to everyone so itwas frustrating back then you know it'shard but at the same time it was the wayit wascan you just like one second handicappedgirl okay what I can't hurt anyone whois handy great people don't drink welland that's the attitude right pass saidmore to Stephanie's eyes just got likebesides who's awesome like her not Sarahif you actually see if you were hereearlier when our server came by andasked us if we wanted water if you sawthe eye roll that Sarah gave her thewater would not be her go-to thatmatters your body's made up of 70% waterwhy do I need to put more okay so that'swhy did you do you didn't do a lot oftraffic did do a lot of trouble thenactually because you know I was a caraccidentso I'm careful Egypt because a car saidthat wasn't our fault so because of thatwe had an insurance company involved itwas back in no fault insurance but theystayed involved pay for ten years andNorthern Ontario has really grown rightnow in the sense that we have a lot ofmore medical things successful to us butwe didn't back then and this is we'retalking mid 90s late 90s so I used tohave to go to Toronto to get everythingdone medically so I flew all the timewith the insurance company instead ofputting me in a car because that wasmore liability for them was element kitabut yeah so they used to fly me all thetime so I flew I flew a lot back in the90s it was crazy back then they had likeall sorts of wild equipment to get youon the plane we called it the popemobilebecause it was this massive thing theywould put you on it in the airport andyou would sit on it and it was thisglass in peace building and you'd belike a tiny chair that I could like itwas so tiny and I was tiny I was likeyou know 110 pounds and barely sat in mychair but they strapped even likethey're gonna throw you over to theplane and they drive you all the waydown the runway to the plane and then itlifts it was quite a productionI'm but they got me on the plane andthey usually had to put me in the backway not quite in a car yard doorsbecause the rear doors yeah and theywould put me in that way so I used tofly a lot back thenit has changed a lot a lot Travel is somuch easier now and still not Memorialno more popemobile I think the onlything that's a problem now iscommunicating from the airplane to theairport on there's somebody new comingplease be ready because I've been stuckon planes in the last two years I'vebeen stuck on a plane anywhere from fiveminutes to 45 minutes while they try andget a chair to take me out there was anextended time with your view with yourfamily that you are stuck yeah and wemissed the plane because they forgot toget the chair to take me off and then sowe messaged the airport said we'recoming get the chair ready before weeven took off the airplane messaged themwhile flying because we are tight ongetting our next flight and then when wegot there and they still weren't readythe steward got off and asked them toget it and I still with another 30minutes on the plane and we ended upmissing a flight from Toronto of the menand they had to fly us then to Ottawa toget to anything on that night and mykids who ended up being awake for 24hours I mean they made up for it theygave us like we ate for free for like 12hours at the airport and why all thatwas all that stuff but it was crazy justto get me a plane and then I said can'tI just get on the floor and bus crawloff the plane cuz you have my chairright at the bottom of the stairs hisfavorite literally take me three minutesyeah to get off this plane and I do thisall the time I've just gone with tourthough grab my legs I'll get to thestairs I'll pop in my chair we're offthe plane and they couldn't because ofliabilitywell it's going to be it's gonna be thishashtag liability issues I was justlooking for the video because now to getyou off the plane there's two differentoptions that I've seen one is the minichair that you are talking about and theother one is like the stair climberyeah Porter has a stair climber thatthey don't just push a button and thestupid chair actually climbs the stairsis likely a foolish thing ever so itwasn't because I'm the corner flightthat there was my attendant was going upand down the aisle because there's twopeople that they already were warmed ortold that they might need a wheelchairand they were like one of them was asenior I guess it was difficult towalking or whatever but they werewalking back and poor you kind ofchecking with people and it's funny allthe ones that they trusted said noreally yeah it was worried about that sowhy would they competed some peoplethough that have walking issues becauseof the issues getting off the plane theywill use the wheelchair to get on thatplane because they get boarded first andthere's a lot of room that nobody elseis on the plateand and I'm not saying they're cheatingthe system because they actually need ityeah but they can still kind of walk sothey use the wheelchair to get on theplane and get boarded on first and theyhave that space but then to get off theyget off on their own because they don'twant to wait for the escort out of theplanesome people as well - going up stairs isa different experience like downstairsthat I would look difficult do it rightso there's that as well - because I meanaccessibility is a broad issue rightthere's so many people that needaccessibility are we talking wheelchairaccessibilityare we talking you know spatialaccessibility are we talking abouthaving just age to help walk I knowpeople have so many issues or asthma orCOPD who can't walk long distances sothey need accessibility kind ofadopting a letter but accessibilityadapted things I can't anyway so I havea plat pass Como's because I'm soeloquent so the other reason I wanted tohave Sarah honest because she and I havepersonally traveled extensively togetherinternationally and domestically andthere's some really great and scary andfun and cool things that we've learnedin experience because we've had to findways to adapt to the fact that Sarah'sin a wheelchair and I know thatStephanie topical but in theintroduction about the AODA and the factthat there are standards that arerequired of people in Europe ofbusinesses specifically hotels andrestaurants and alike to offer certainaccommodations for people who woremobility issues and I think we've prettymuch done everything we can to testthese these modifications that peoplehave made all over the world and so canyou maybe share and I'm sure I'll put mytwo cents in as I often do but canhumanity shares some of your experiencesof traveling and what some of thechallenges were and how you kind offigured out how to learn how to workaround them that's are you talking about3 a OD air oh I think it's quite weirdduring our noticed AODA so like the morerecent stories more recent stories wellI mean it depends on what we're talkingabout like because everybody seems to beat a different levelaccessibility wisely if you think aboutlet's talk about restaurantsok so you go to restaurants and a lot oftimes now if it's anybody that's hadnewer modifications or just being builtnowaccessibility is pretty darn good youknow there's a lot of little issues thatpeople don't think of but you have toreally put it in perspective of where wewere and where we are now and they haveto plan ahead if you're gonna spend allthe money on a new pill knowing thatthere's changes and regulations that arecoming up you're not gonna want to haveto pay for those no they have a changeslater excessive order to do it at thetime and you know what does the onething that really frustrates me is thatwhen you look at some of these buildingsbecause of being a person who advocatesoften on disability issues and I have alot of people in my life who alsoadvocate as well you sit there and yousee these buildings and they're beingbuilt to these restaurants and they'regetting able-bodied people to do theaccessible recommendations get somebodyin a wheelchair in there now don't takeit fully for their 100% experiencebecause they're not the representationof every disability in the world buthave someone come in and say okay thisdoesn't work this so many times[Music][Laughter][Music]but a lot of times you'll have like awashing that's fully accessible andthey'll go in there and the toilet isright against the law mmm well I can'tstand up deployment hands up I have torun back and forth there's a freakingwall in the way I can't pull my pants up[Music]in the 90s once we stop traveling fromNorthern Ontario to down south westopped on the way at a mall because Ihad to go the washroom so when we wentinto the mall it was not the mainbathroom was not wheelchair accessiblethey said but the grocery store in themall have just put in a fully accessiblewheelchairuse that excellent so I go there and Iwheel around and I wheel around and Icannot find the bathroom anywhere andyou know sometimes grocery stores youhave to go into the Buried batteries youuse the washroom so I thought maybe it'ssomething like that so I went to theircustomer service desk missing I hear youhave a fully accessible it's yourwashroom where is itshe's like oh yes its grand we justspent like a lot of money on it it'shugeit's perfect you said great so it's justupstairs it's okaypush your elevator oh we don't have oneI'm like excuse me she was like thewashroom isn't there anyone could seethe wheels the colors falling from herface yeah exactly and as she's speakingshe's understanding just what she'ssaying and she's like and she stoppedissuing she's like well it's only tencents and he said that's great butthat's like nine and a half more stepsand I can do say how many can you carryme yeah like I can go up there and she'slike oh my gosh she's like I'm so sorryshe's like it's for the otherhandicapped people oh yeah they're gonnacare people not youI know I cringed at that but whateverlike okay so as long as you see like theissue here like the reason for no one ofthe people she's talking about the ablebuddy had me like the the people thatcould still work apparentlyno you know what I never got to see itchances are just at a bar yeahbut that's where like stephanie has saidearlier that you don't until you live itor experience it or in our caseexperience it secondhand because of ourfriend it's not things that we havelooked for and now that Sarah and I havetraveled as much as we have enough thevery fun experiences we've had it mademe hyper aware of situations where Icome in I go yeah that is not okay thisis not quite enough you know I'velearned stirred I walk into spaces goyeah nope this won't work and up we goexactly in it you know and as we'venoticed in less or I've noticed in thelast 24 hoursit's not necessarily - that if yourbathrooms big enough in your doors openautomatically that you are really trulyaccessible because yesterday I was at arestaurant that the push button to openthe automatic door was on top of a rockgarden about two feet away from theactual path that she would walk on areal on so if I were to actually pressthat button my front wheel would havefallen in the rock garden would havetipped me over so I couldn't actuallyreach it I would have made it a stick toreach the button to open it for me nowI'm fortunate enough that I can open thedoor on my own but not everybody in awheelchair is like thatand then you know a restaurant todaywhere you go into the bathroom and theyhave their noun and a lovely beautifullounge area in their bathroom so you cansit and I don't know wait wait in thebathroom yeah yeah you know because likethey're doing the extra space in herethat's called bathroom so you go in butthe lounge area is right behind the doorso I couldn't even open I could open thedoor just enough to squeeze mywheelchair into the bathroom so it's thelittle things you know that people don'tthink about but again we have come along way you know there are ramps nowinto restaurants and restaurants thatdidn't have an accessible washroom oftenhave you know I've noticed that when yougo into a washroom and you see thatsuccessful to always ask if they havemixes well mushroom because often theyhave went to the side or somewhere elsebecause they've built it after the factor after someone has complained so manytimes or whateverthe Washington mich there's oneindividual washer here with that leftside lemony own stairs not here yeah cuzthere's washrooms downstairsOh is there the main why should he everspice nothing the main washrooms aredownstairs but they also have any oftheir left here a couple stalls in thisone yeah they have to wheel to considerto that handicap washing up here andthat they put the I got full like down13 stairs it's like I'm cold I don'tknow that we're going down there eitherso by the way the next week come andthere's more than two people here lunchin this one yeah there's a bunch downstairs you know they do they have chairswhere you get right from your wheelchaironto the chair right at the plane whichsaves a lot of time and money on yournon you know like the little handicapparade going across the runway youactually get in the chair in the wellyou know every time I was in thepopemobile I'm initially if like theQueen make them kiss my ring they haveto find a gym you knowso you know even some airlines likePorter you don't have to wait till thepeople come that can actually lift youbecause as I get older and I eat morecookies and ice cream with a little bitheavier so you know you can yeah thesepeeps later heavy trust me so you knowyou don't have to wait til the peoplethat can lift you come you can havethese young stewardess stewards come andit's an electric one so when you sit onit they just push the button and thechair actually climbs the stairs forthis so all they have to do is keep ittilted so I don't fall out of the chairthat's fantastic and it's quick andefficient and you're in you're out andyou know it's really creepy that yourwheel here the chair you're sitting onwalks better than you down the stairsthat freaks me out because it's like I'mtrusting an object to take mebut once you get over that it's it'sfantastic it's so much betterthey have to work on their timing butget me off the plane within 40 minutesI'll share coming so again we'vetraveled quite a bit together and thelast time I traveled with my husband theDominican it's a very differentexperience because when you and I traveltogetheryou're always fraught to the side andand allowed to say check and say throughcustoms and through security I tend tobring you to another line so there'seither like I didn't really good lesspeople she's not waiting in a line upwhen they've got like 150 people allaround you at customs and she's likethis little difficult movie for themeyou know so so I we've had very positiveexperiences in that regard of peoplerecognizing that you wouldn't becomfortable sit standing in that linewith people's thumbs all around you andgetting you into the side and gettingyou through places quickly and stopenjoy I find era travel in that regardhas been really positive they happenabsolutely and everybody's so willing tohelp sir I have a mouthful spaghettiright now CamilleI've had one horror story and it wasn'treally the airline's fault they weregoing to that in a second but for themost part they do I have separate linesso I can go through because when you'rein a line with like 60 people who arecranky and tired and traveling and andI'm at their butt level you know like Ican't even look them in the eye it'sreally it's hard to sit in those linesand they recognize that airlinesrecognize that and they pull you asideyou know because if I go through themetal detector it automatically goes offit's in my wheelchair or my rods in myback they pull me aside to get theoption of having a room or doing thepack down right there I feel lovelymassage every time I go playing they'rereally respectful and that that respectI did have one issue in regards to thechair and again it wasn't their phonefirst of all I was lying on September11th weekend from New York to Torontonot 2001 however not 2001 no this wasthree years ago so take a look 2015 andmy wheelchair was in the back of a taxia bunch of cleaning and mechanicsupplies in itoils and gaseous chemicals when I wentthrough and they always wipe your chairto make sure there's no chemicals in itI think so then I went they made me gothrough again and I think the secondtime so they pulled me aside this iswhere the condom went wrong they put meon a hard chair thank you and so I wasnot even on my wheelchair because theyhad to take my what they took mywheelchair completely apart and put itthrough the machine piece by piece bypieceoh my god and then we went through mymedical school I spec so this is likecatheters and well and I keep up severehair at the bongs and they're so righton right on the table in front of me ismy my thongs and a whole bunch ofcatheters and my back to spread out andI'm like okay this is embarrassing butwhatever I don't think it's on so peopledon't know I wear underwear the surprisehand kept aware of the word sittingthere on the chair and Marie comes overbecause I have something everything inmy life I had someone they said givethat to your chocolate so I called mywife over they add it to her all of asudden the supervisor comes over and sheshe's got to go through the detectoragain and because she's close to theperson who may have the bomb so she hasto go through and then get patted downopen after she's done that she's liketalking to the ground she's like why isthat like what's going on here I knowlike this is a big deal but wire and whyare they so good they said because ifshe thinks a third time we actually haveto call the SWAT team in in the bombsand then you're definitely not makingyour flight home so I just said I'm alittle hard chair that's my wheelchairlit by pspice it's like they have beenin like 66 ended up being okay andand the actual flight attendant I got onearly and he came to me with a coffeecup and he's like here he made this andI'm like oh I can't have coffee that'snot coffee sweetheart thank yousensitivity training 101 like my godbusinesses need to do that everywhereyes they were seeing the the airlinesand airports staff are doing it rightthat's what I was gonna say is it as anindustry it seems to be that's fairlypositive it's partly from the corporateculture and the training that they'regetting yeah cuz we just did last week'sepisode was all about we chillin airportsecurity you're talking about theairport's of Twitter's and have thatstory because I was actually kind offunny but Cece also had a similar storywhere she had things we were talkingabout how to hide your underwear whatyou're going through but so you're notthe only one but I'll take it but it wasI mean they're bitter common things butit's nice to hear that they are almost acustomyeah to the point where it's not a bigdeal where they have to go and kind oflike okay what do I do now what do I donow it's something that's easy for themyeah so if it's easy for the people atthe airlines in the business industry ishaving a difficult time lots of thingand you know what I mean putting it allout there part of it comes on on ourpart as well yes and by our I mean theperson with a disability you know yesit's been crap for years and yes you mayhave dealt with a whole bunch of thingsbut if you go in guns a-blazing peopleare human at the end of the day itdoesn't matter how professional they arethey're still human are you so you go inthere mark lies with exactly and if yougo in expecting a fight and if you havesomeone that's kind of on the edge orjust learning their sensitivity to trainyou don't know their background youdon't know if they've come from a townthat never seen a disabled person beforein their life or you know maybe they'vehad a bad experience with someone youdon't know that so if you go in gunsa-blazing you may just not get theexperience that you're asking for it andI don't want to put it all in theDeSales personnel you do have a bit ofresponsibility in there right and that'swhy I always try and go in with an openmind and wait till they mess up before Ifound something well and the reality issame way I said that your friends knowhow to carry your chair better than arandom bouncer at a bar you're you arethe one who knows best what works andwhat you need in order for you to have asuccessful and safe experience and it'slike anything else I mean I've got achild who's got some behavioral mentalhealth and intellectual disabilities Iknow that when we go into a situation Ineed to explain to whoever's caring forher around that I need to explaincertain things to them so theyunderstand and I mean it's the samething for yourself and that's where Ithink we've said earlier that you'requite a good advocate for yourselfbecause you're well-spoken be your plusmovers in the rear out quite right thankyou most of the timeno big moment exactly that's twice now[Laughter]score or anything is it that friends Ieven score friendly dinner with thegirlfriends start on like a microphoneJapan bout it but nothing I've alreadygone oh yeah but because you are a goodadvocate for yourself and that you docome in there with this is what I needand this is where how I want tocooperate with you to get where we needto goand that is made a huge difference foryou what I think you experiences intravel and I mean if I use anotherexample of when we were overseas we werein England and Scotland for eight daysand we traveled from London up toInverness and back down to Edward and itwas definitely a daunting trip to saythe least because travel in a differentcountry where neither of us had beenbefore we didn't know all we knew isthere are lots of really cute littleInns and pubs that she probably reallyget into and so there was a lot ofplanning that we had to do it a lot ofquestions that we had to ask and a lotof when I was putting together night theitineraryI contacted every capital that we wantedto visit and I reached out and found abuilding with quality and select is whatwe stayed in across the country becausethey seemed to be when I when I went outall that just quo on every hotel yeah sothey basically we knew that it was gonnabe the same experience in every tux theHoliday and select honest to God inScotland and England looks exactly thesame as the Holiday Inn select here inCanada well they were a big round theother side looks different on the insidelook there were a few that were there'sthat one with the weird two twin beds inthe weird corner that was a Holiday Innselect that was a bit of a weird one butbeyond the bulk of them were pretty muchwhat we expect to see hereand in reviewing the websites and thenchecking the reviews they all had thesame kind of status quo so I wait youknow what we know that this chain seemsto be good across the board this iswhere we're gonna stay across the boardand it worked out really well like Isaid we only had one that wasn't reallybut they were very good twisting intrying to work it out we had one that weend up staying in it was either a stopthat we couldn't find a holiday andselectmen said when I was in Invernessat the girl and it was filming that wasnot a chain and there were a bit ofchallenges in finding the right spacefor us oh it's a beautiful tow but itwas a beautiful he and the guy at thedoor was a fantastically supportivepeople is a bit of an issue that weinvented three different rooms so wefound when they we fit in comfortablythat you ago is there oh that was it theEarl and but you just did softwarewashing downstairs in lobbies yeah whichwe know is one of those okay find at theend of the day at least we found a roomand again the man opened three or fourrooms for us before we found the rightone that was not real comedy yeah andthat and that went and again didn't itmake us feel bad about it and didn'tmake it feel like it was the end of theworld for him no and that was perfectit's like let's just find a solution butyou know I'm talking about hotels hotelsnow my biggest frustration for meiterate this because it's like such afrustration right nowso since the what is it the AODA OdaAndrew and fantastic kudos on them forhappiness because you know it's a goodfirst step it's yeah she first step andit's course so many businesses to comeup to park but the problem is is thatnow par is acceptable and what peoplestop it they nobody that drives to gobetter so they're waiting until the nextnext level of standards or somethingbecause I mean that's my only gas yeahbecause now you only have to be acertain level so okay so here's thething when I go away I like to go away Iwant to be I'm spending my money yep Iwant to be pampered I want to feel likeI'm away I don't want to feel like I'm amama I want to enjoy myself I want toeat really amazing food I want to have agreat sleep even if I'm with my kidshave to be a mama I want to go away whenI get away from everyday lifeso I like a high-end hotels because Iget a nice meal I get a beautiful hotelit smells good you know I lost them comewith spas yep but now let me see theSenate farrier but now because they havethe standard all these high-end hotelsand I'm talking for four and five-starhotels they only meet that requirementso the requirement in the AODA is thatyou have to just provide a one bedaccessible room yes that's itso me if I'm traveling with a friendthat's great because you know whatwhatever I'm good with snuggling with mybuddies so I don't have snuggle we havesleep alone means a tequila don't moveoh I don't move at all we toothere you go anywhere perfect stomachssay you don't movefrom the waist down oh I move like hellfrom the waist up just so where doeshere when I wake up it's just snuggledaround meat it I will not pick you yeahyou willI've had an argument with the hotelwhere they were like well we've met theminimum requirements and I said that'sgreat congratulations written ie yeahand but that's not fair because for meas a disabled person I have one optionat your hotelwhere's in the evil body person hasthree origins they can have aone-bedroom they can have a two-bedroomthey could have to be doubles they getup to Queens they can have a king andthey can have a pull-out couch I getaching backs and your charge we need theexact scene is what you're chargingeverybody else for those objects how isthat fair I have one standard price Itake it or leave itand that's it and that's where it'sunfair so don't tell me that you've metthe minimum requirements because Ireally don't give a rat's ass they'vemet because my room it's very solo so Ican't sell feel great they're troublebut I will yeah but I didn't recommendyou I won't want to go to your hotel Iwon't want to see there I won't spendall my money therewhen I go traveling I like to spend sothe hotel thing has to do for me I knowthat I'm sure hotel owners or thecorporation themselves are thinking ohmy god especially because of all of herjeans yeah so the cost for them torenovate their all the rooms is probablylike they can't just do one for the samereason that you booked all the holidayor the Holiday Inn Express that's thething I will show they kept its with itsbranding it's their franchise they haveto do them in the same for all of themso if they have different changes and Iunderstand theirs but again I love theanswer so I'm remember I don't like tocomplain without the a possible solutionso here's a solutiontake your out of your roofs yeahgreat so if your if your doorway itworks both in the bathroom and then thedoorway the entranceway to come in youdon't need like go through the wholeroom and if it's one of those thingsthat guarantee that how many dresses doyou mean seriouslyfirst of all dressers via TV stand ifthe dust is an issue I'm sure the desiisn't neededwe always need people in wheelchairsalways need those something to put oursuitcase on that's not the ground sokeep that folding you put dressers andto put and we're gonnadressed in a portable inside the closetbecause I look for of the memory but ifthey have a desk that the TV sits onthat you can roll up under to actuallyeat or whatever they're in a chair doand a few drawers in it you've got onepiece of furniture that was all thethings you're goodso maybe having whew having a flexiblelayout great so I like to have somethingI only have one usable spare room in myhouse my husband has taken over theother posit for his closetso but that one has become like Ihaven't quite done it yet but it alwayswanted to have a flexible space where itcan be an office it can be a spare roomit could be whatever and then that's oneof those things that maybe and theythose who are designing hotel rooms orother accommodations in Speedy's thatkind of thing can start thinking aboutflexible spaces where things are havelocked wheels they can roll them out Imean we've certainly moved razors andarmors it's don't remove an asset butthe other side of it it's sometimes it'sthe room but a lot of times it's thewasher and that's where it the de reallife scam comes into play I can't eventell you how many times they've been toa hotel and the washrooms not accessible90% of the timecuz of the door I'm saying pocket doorsno not my darts yeah but also in thebathroom anymore before I say this nextpart with the door it's it's actuallyquite simple for me and it's sofrustrating so I have so manyrecommendations on people who aredisabled wanting to go but if I'mtalking just to businesses right now inmy recommendation for them to words itkinda just understand understand listento the person and you know what there'sso many hotels I go to and I can't gointo the bathroom and all they do istake the door off I would just say Iremember specifically in one of our andthat's all of a sudden I can get in ok Igo to have privacy whatever oh my godthat's like two seconds yeah two secondsbut so many companies were like well wemight scratch the paint oh no again youknow what that is that's the l word theother day but and I'm sitting there likebe kind what would it be like if you asa business owner went to a hotel as anable-bodied person and could not go tothe washroom because people don't putthemselves in that spot because they'venever had to deal with that and all Ihad to do like imagine the oppositeworld me as a disabled person all I hadto do was remove a door and you can goto the washer yeah would you not beinstalledif I was worried about a paint chip andnot worried about your bladder or yourcomfort or what's while you're stayingin my business your basic human right toexpect a or a night a in the exact sameamount is everyone else you can stepinto that bathroom and walk there andand go pee so why would you not give methe consideration the kindness and therespect to at least a listen to me andbe remove the damn doorthat simple remove it's true and I'vehad a lot of come hotels it not onlyremove the dark but put up a littlecurtainyeah boys well that's nice see they didit by having a little kindness showing alittle consideration having someflexibility and again it may have to dowith that sensitivity trainings againlike most other industries because I washaving conversations withbut that earlier today where they don'tfeel empowered if the staff do not feelempowered that they can make thesedecisions they don't want to make adecision without checking with somebodybecause they're my Rado out of their jobtheir livelihood correct so then Iunderstand that but so as a managementor as a business owner you need toempower your employees for these kind ofsituations if you don't have time to gothrough the whole this entiresensitivity training a good techniquerelease of the news right now thencorrect it's a matter of yes you eithercan if it's emergency you could contactme at or give them the apartment I needto take the time that I take theinitiative and I'm gonna go ahead andauthorize maintenance to come up andremove the the door off the hinges and Ican take doors out the doors off finishright but that's but it's one of thosethings that there's not a there's methere are a lot of people unfortunatelydepending what kind of business theirinner jobs or the job experience they'relike oh yeah no I got a checklistsomebody it yeah rightthey can't go past it when you'remanaging out of a book if in that isn'tin the in the policy manual whatever youdo next well we can't do it exist on thepotential where selectivity possibilitybut the UDA so I'm gonna bring it backinto this AODA thing because that wasone of the things that's cool and Ididn't have a chance to work on itpartly because they put the cateringpart of my business so we have employeesand they don't have that kind of abusiness anymore but one of the thingsthat was taught and that was talkingabout creating a policy manual what toinclude in that different situationsthat kind of thing and it really got methinking and I got to the point where Iwish they had more samples and test runsso I actually called the Chamber ofCommerce who put onthing and I just said do you have a youmust have one for like the chamber ofcommerce we have a like we have our ownwas it terrible for me to ask for a copyof it and then I can edit an additivewhich is it up first a nice to the emailit to me you see that I took that and Iedited some sections in it so that Iwould have templates for not just amanual that I couldn't share with theclients but I always had it on thecatering website so that anybody elsewho was coming to our website canactually see what our policy and stuffwas but those were all things thatseemed to be part of I don't know if Iwas just too early remember I said theAODA guidelines are gradually right so Idon't know if maybe I was jumping aheada little bit but I thought if I'm goingto go through all this trouble and takethe training and learn this stuff I'mgonna include it immediately now that Ihave it especially because I had likethat something to start with but I got atemplate and I created little forms andsigns rate times about signage at placesof somewhat you do and if my staff weren't surehere's the procedures for doing thingsand but I mean I always kind of pickedand choose it I mean I had a lot of luckwith stuff where I empowered them tomake those decisionseating wise they don't have to come andcheck with me every two seconds onthingsit was here's a goal of situation andthat's to do independent reading rateand rate management it's a our goal isto make sure our point and their guestsare happy and then everything is goingaccording to planif you go ahead and have to changesomething do something whatever elseit's going to make them happy unlessit's costing me thousands of dollarswhere you think that okay that might bea dollar value that I have to worryabout do itlet me just move something they're notgonna show me a favor tell a story wehave a few favorite lay stories but oneof my favorite la stories is my favoritething about traveling is going to theocean because we live in NorthernOntario the ocean is not closed and Ihad to try never ever ever touch theocean and so my big thing is that thefirst thing I want to when I get off theplane forget checking in the hotel Ineed to go from the airport to the oceanand it's wrinkles Oh exactly and Terryeven noticed when I got to the ocean youcould literally see my stress on thewalland me calm down or whatever inCalifornia and Malibu and Santa Monicathere might be my go every year at thatpoint that was my third year in a row Ilove that space but any so I in first Idon't era and she said why I've neveractually been on the beach and what doyou mean I've never touched the oceanand I was like okay wheelchair or notyou can't go to the ocean no putting abody part in the ocean and being on thebeach I envisioned her like caveman likelike grabbing a woman come right throughthe water and I was actually okay withthat because it's something so before weleft they did a lot of research I waspretty sure it I must be remembering aboardwalk from an edge in Australiawhere there was actually like a it waslike a dog not a dog but it was laterhas won others a a wooden kind ofwalkway that takes you all the way outto the water so that you could realliterally wheel up and I kept lookingfor this in LA and the only place Icould find something was at Marina delReyso not really as the Oceanside was morein the marina site more to get people onboats exactly and I was like this isn'tgood enough we got to get her to theocean and lo and behold the city of LosAngelesavailable not for rent for borrowingbeing a free free motorized they're liketrikes really it's like a little dunebuggy but it was three-wheeled so waspicture that I had one funny everythinglever so anyway so we get thereliterally all I do is hand over mydriver's license and they gave us hiselectric charge trike that she got onwell the funniest thing ever waswatching the Sarah go like a crazyperson on this dune buggy I do thisahead when you go on this hand okay soyou walk on sand you don't get to feelthe bumps in this oh my god he was likeon a dirt bag I was like bouncing theentire way do you know how long it'sbeen since I've bounced I was doing sandwas but no oil sky Roman the cool partwas that sir I didn't actually get toput her hands in the ocean she took itright up to the edge of the ocean inthat field and so for a minute I wentthere and I remember this I mean we wentinto the water and okay so this is thecoolest thing you always see thesefriends hanging out and walking throughthe water and kind of joking around andgoofing and playing and whatever ortalking aboutlife's pest loves that have been goneand forgotten having a steep part partof conversations and you know I havealways seen it in pictures but there Iam montoya bestest friends hanging outin the ocean and both of our tools arein it and I'm like okay this is cool andat that moment I'm like okay this isgood enough and I remember you said noit's not it's not good enough don'ttouch the waterI miss you cutting a deal the water atthat point magazine is on your toes yepyou know and I'm a complete paraplegicso I have no sensation from the waistdownso I didn't feel it and she's likepitched the water in some ways okay so Ireach down and touched it and it wasjust like cold and flu me crazy and I'mlike okay I got that again and then Ihad to touch it with my eyes closed soyou didn't really feel it and it was thebest experience newest experience Inever thought I would have and then Igot really wild and I got he startsfreaking didn't send instructions withthat little dude they did there are noinstructions they hippies think those ahippies that were like smoking weedwhile they were attending this just saidhere you go ladies have fun that's sowell but the reason why I wanted toshare that story is because it's reallyeasy introduce the right word or notjust say this is not enabled for menot accessible for me this is notsomething I can do because I havemobility issues handicap whatever theword is that you want to use but thereis a way you just gotta ask you just gotaway and I'm not always saying youdefine it you have to ask yeah that's itand you know if I can give any advice toanybody out there who's to say we'vejust a pass because a lot of timesthings are not right in front of youjust as and you know what yes there's 90people out there that are not doing itright or not doing the extra and aboveand beyond sorry not doing it rightthere's a lot of people doing it rightbut doing the extra and above and beyondbut then there's 10 people who are andyou just gotta seek them out and ittakes a little bit of time and yes itwould be lovely if they were everywherewith big flashing signs so you didn'thave to work so you work a little bitthe experiences are amazingto take these out extra place well Ihope you found that fun and informativeyes we're a hoot when the three of usare together it's kind of a rare rareoccasion the three of us get to sit downtogether like this once in a while soI'm hope you enjoyed it I hope youlearned if something and again I hope itmakes you kind of take a look at the ownvisit your own business that you'reworking in or the other destinations andanything that you're going around to seeduring this summer just to see howdifficult something would be to accessand if you had to bring someone likeSarah with you on the trip would she beable to join you make sure you sendalong any questions any links oranything else you can always reach us atflavor at - Stefanie P shade CA so nextweek we're talking about different kindof wheels who we are talking aboutmotorcycle tours this wasn't originallyon my plan of topics for the next monthor so but I know that a lot of peoplenow that spring finally arrived here inNorthern Ontario that there are peopleespecially those who enjoy riding or onmotorcycles are planning a littlegetaways and weekend jaunt and day tripswith their friends and they're lookingfor destinations and ideas and becausemy husband happens to be a bigmotorcycle enthusiast and one of myfriends Jordan actually has a lot ofinformation about motorcycle tours herein northeastern Ontario I thought it wastime to put together a show just so thatall you motorcycle enthusiasts canactually plan out your summer trips andtours so make sure you check that outthat's coming up next saturday so in themeantime please subscribe and rate us onwhatever podcast platform you'relistening to it really does has helpedus kind of structure the show topics etcand lets us know who's listening andwhere and if you don't have that andlike the old fashioned desktop feel freeto find us as always on flying forflavor CA so take care enjoy thesunshine and we'll chat next week

The pleasures of food, wine and travel should be accessible for everyone – regardless of their physical or mental abilities. Cynthia and Stephanie chat have an honest and casual conversation with their friend Sarah about what it’s like to dine and travel in a wheelchair.

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