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FSBO Tip #6: Staging the Home to Sell for TOP DOLLAR

[Music]today we're going to talk aboutnegotiations paint your house Purdymarketed it and you qualified the buyersand you got yourself an offer all rightand I helped you through all that rightokay so how do you get how do younegotiate this this deal properlywithout making the buyer mad or makingthem cry and killing the deal how do youmake sure everyone's happy in the endall right here's how you do it so aftera buyer expressed the desire to purchasea for sale by owner home rightthen the negotiation start and as forSale By Owner you're in a uniqueposition to negotiate directly with thebuyer providing the buyers not before Iprovided you're not paying the buyeragent fee and the buyers don't havethemselves a buyer's agent if you'repaying the agent who brings a buyer thenyou're probably gonna have to negotiatethe purchase contract through thebuyer's agent but if you are not payinga buyer's agent fee and you're justworking with the buyers directly thenyou're going to only negotiate with thebuyer so you might need help you mightneed to help the buyer find a for saleby owner contract so my advice would beto stock up on first of all for Sale ByOwner contracts that you can easilycomplete for the buyers to sign you canprobably pick something up like that ata title company and if you need a goodtitle company to work with let me knowso the next thing you want to do is tohelp the buyers write the contract thefirst but first before you get intonegotiations you need to be clear onwhat your bottom line is going to be andwhat you're willing to do and whatyou're not willing to do to make thisdeal happenthen get ready to negotiate and closethis deal so first thing is is if abuyer doesn't have an agent then you canhelp the buyer write the offer topurchase contract second remember buyersmay write different types of offersdepending on the climate of the marketso if it's a buyers market that comparedto a seller's market they're gonna writetheir contracts differently depending onthose two markets because they'reapproaching differently third make sureyour buyer is pre-qualified by a lenderto purchase your home or they have cashbefore you even get into this numberfour accept earnest money deposit thatmakes your buyer basically put theirmoney where their mouth is okay if theydon't have a durable to make thatearnest money deposit don't work withthem think about asking the buyer for acontingency offer which could be subjectto maybe finding a replacement home ifyou're concerned that you won't find asuitable home making your offercontingent on this is one way toguarantee you won't be homeless at theend of this closing on the other handthe buyer might ask you for acontingency sale contend it on themselling them home before they have tobuy yours and handle correctly you canalways bump the buyer out of the deal orforce the buyer to remove thecontingency if a better offer comes inthrough first right of refusal and ifyou want that to be explained to yougive me a call all right so number fivethe fifth tip is to expect that youmight need to compose a counter offeryou don't have to accept the buyersoffer and if it's too low always counterback but don't just walk away from thedeals don't get mad don't let youremotions get involvedsometimes the buyer just wants to testthe water just like I'm sure you wouldthrow a high price if you were make thefirst offer they're not trying to takeadvantage of you they're just they gookay review the reasons why you mightend up rejecting the offer and and seeif what the buyer is saying if they wasapply to you six if the buyer refuses topay your price you might want to sweetenthe deal by offering to maybe buy downthe mortgage for the buyer or offered topay some of the buyers closing costs orsomething like that okay if you reallywant to close this deal you should beprepared to do something like that andthat's that's really it just rememberthat a in light of a good negotiation itis it to just get what you want it's tofind an outcome that makes everybodyhappy it's hard enough as a for sale byowner to find a good buyer and the thelast thing you should want to do is killa deal over something is replaceable asmoney if you kill this deal you mightnot find another good buyer because likeI said it's for sale by owners sellingtheir home is like you know maybe threeand ten for sale by owners succeed so Ihope this video helps out a little ifyou need if you need me for any reasoncall me I'll be happy to come help youout or answer any questions I lookforward to helping you and again thanksfor watching my videos please give athumbs up to this video below commenttell me what you think of this adviceand what you would do differently orwhat you would add alright thanks forwatching guys I'll see you later[Music][Music]

This is the Sixth video in a series where I unload value, tips and tricks for the For Sale By Owner and helps them sell their house fast.

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