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[Music]hi my name is Jean Christophe ofChristophe design and I've been invitedto do some interior design anddecoration work in this beautiful housein the central coast of New South Walesplease come in I look forward to showingyou so this is a landing in the entranceand I always like to make sure that whenyou enter you have something to focus onsomething that welcomes you it's alwaysconsidered the entrance ring importantand usually the first thing I work withand because here we have a stair goingup to the hallway I wanted the eye tohave a focus and always like when youenter that there is something to welcomeyou and as we wanted to retain a sort ofvery fresh coastal quality I decided ona louis the 16 white with a lightantique finish and a painting with someblue jugssome white and some actual blue jugsbecause that reflects and relates backto the sea and the sky and this househas a wonderful view of the coast soit's like a soft welcoming with a serenerelaxed and casual eleganceso this is the entryway to the familyroom and this is a little alcove and Ireally love our curves because you cancreate little corners of interest youcan create a focus that breaks a bit thelinearity of the whole way or thesquareness of the room and here a verycolorful country painted chest with apainting that matches it very welllittle bit of blue to bring it back tothe sea and the water and here we have areally large family room many peopledon't realize that most houses peoplespend 80 percent of their time in mainlyone space one of the things I like aboutthis family room is that it is so largeso welcoming and it opens up to afantastic view so on one side here wehave the kitchen the dining here we havethe lounge and over here we have thebeautiful view of the oceanthe hills the cliffs the beaches and thegreenery of the Australian eucalypts oneof the things I like about the layout ofthis room is that it allows for a hugetable lots of family this family hasteenage children they can have all theirfriends and extended family so it's abig timber table and with it I've putthis country cross back chairs to sortof give that light country feel and thatcoastal quality and to lighten up therichness and solidity of the timber thekitchenhas this really long bench and I placethis painting here rather large and veryporcine but I thought it looked great ina kitchen it it sort of has there is asort of a fun quality a quirky qualityand here because of he's so much white Ichose these copper lights and insidethey are gilded with gold leaf so thatthe light that comes out of it is quitegolden and I wanted to bring some ofthat warmth on so much white so and hereat the back is an Italian ceramic funpainted face and so all of theseelements bring a bit of colour to a verywhite kitchen one of the first things Idid here is to design and have this wallunit made so again we wanted to staywith the white I didn't want it to betoo imposing and at the same time Iwanted it to have a little bit of detailit's got some shaker style doors whichis sort of an understated elegance Iquite like the thicker shelves and themolding here and just all of thesedetail to be able to create some storagea place to put the TV and essentially afocus for the room as well and a placeto put some decor another area is onthis side here again a louis xvi siteserver and i wanted as there's going tobe quite a bit of grey and some marble alittle bit of grey detail to pick up andjust give a bit of a liftto the white of the furniture and thisis a mirror with an antique mirrorfinish so it only reflects a little bitsometimes I feel especially in a brightinterior if you put a big mirror it'ssort of too much reflection too muchbrightness and at the same time there'ssomething lovely to see a reflection buthave it softened on each side of theentryway of the archway into the loungeI wanted to have a pair of sight serverto create some symmetry to create somebalance so one is here with a mirror andon the other side here is one with avery strong painting with gold pingsand silver the same site server and I'veput some gold angel wings on each sideso to create a quirky decoration so herethe space is actually quite white quitelarge with just a few very strong designelements and this is one of them and inthat sense because there's such strongstatements the room the place doesn'tneed a lot of elements a lot of littlepaintings and a lot of objectsand so the rest of the color here weworked with gray white the colors of themarble so we also again wanted to bringsome blue and something a little bitquirky so as an accent we're using thesean Indian print with palms elephant andtraditional Indian motives to bring thatjoyful ethnic quality that the Indiandesign culture brings for the sofa welooked at a number of different designsand nothing quite nothing that I haddone in the past quite matched so atfirst I thought let's put thetraditional French daybed here but itwas too much timber and so I actuallydecided to design these what I call adaybed sofa from scratchso it's got the lovely shapes you cansee with the studying that it reallycreates a bit of an accent and so it hasthat fringe quality but at the same timeit has a 1930s 40s so it's beenmodernized very much in the spirit ofthe hampton stylethe fabric is a lovely soft it lookslike linen but it's actually a bitsofter and it has a mixture in the weaveof soft gray and white and in the middlehere a coffee table with a shelf thatallows lots of books and magazines to beplaced and a Carrara marble table inthose soft grays and whites for the rugthis is actually a bamboo silk rug againbringing some grays and it's almost likethe clouds and while grey can be quitecold because of the amount of light andthe richness of the view it actuallybrings a soft coolness a certainelegance that really works well in thisroomon the side here I had some wing backsmade and it is here the reverse of theother fabric so they're all upholsteredin this lovely Indian print with almostan indigo blue and then a little lumbarcushion of the same fabric as the daybedin order to relate them back togetherthe little side tables also in the louisxvi style have just a little bit of grayto bring it all together and the beautyof this coordination of this bringingthese colors together and have everypiece in the setting relate to eachother is that it creates a sense ofharmony and it embraces the space whenone walks in here when one comes to sitdown here there is really this feelingof that everything talks to each othereverything relates to each other andthat is very much the key to asuccessful interior just like it is thekey to a successful relationship withina family is everything and everybodytalking to each other[Music]you

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