Living Room 

Fort tour (amazing it’s the size of my living room)

hey guys and today I'm going to be doinga fort tour I just built this huge fortit's legitimately the size of my liverit'll focus it's like the size of myliving room push just get stuck startedcan see we use random stuff to keep itup so let's just write it once you areopen lounge we have a bean bag andoutlet over there and it's just all openand we have a pillow this is just ourlounge areaall right here that's the door we justcame through and we're gonna climbthrough this it's just our crawlspacewe're probably either in asleep in hereor over by the air conditioner yes wehave a new conditioner and it's just itgoes out that way we have a lot of trashon the floor I'm sorry and then we haveanother hallway that leads to ourbedrooms kinda you have to crawl alittle bitthat's just my sister's play area incase she wants to education comes hometonightthat's just more outlets and my friendis sitting there under our computer andour bad drama this is pretty much Lily'syeah and then we you climb through hereyou can actually get on your knees ofhere and we're back to basically thelounge and we have ourour bedroom this is our bedroom rightover here yeah so it's really fun inhere I'm gonna go back in the loungeactually and we are going to sit here sowe have a beanbag our air conditioner isright here it blows the best air that isblown basically and yeah it's ourbeautiful little porch so that like thisis ourthis is our bedroom right here over thisarea and you see my friend going out andthen this is another hallway this is thehallway I'm standing in the lounge andthat's art the white blanket I've gotroom and she's just fixing that and theair-conditioner is really good so yeahand it's really fun because we can it'slike you can do anything in here likewe're gonna bring food in here and thiswould like to charge my phone right hereand here are some plants like I havesome German food yeah okay all rightso yeah if I bring a flashlight in if Ican find one I'll show you what it lookslike a flashlight so let me go find aflashlightthen don'tyou are not too biglet's take a walk through so go andthrow here we have like a stand rightthereso you crawl through here this is mylittle crawlspace just gonna go throughit again and then we have that a littlehallway scroll through that it so hardto crawl through especially when youhave a camera and flash looks better now[Music]and it's just an awesome like experiencein here and what was that oh it justfell now I hope you in a secondso yeah it straightthe clash a great leg thing and it's funand the other kids and our pillows andyeah so we're gonna try to do anall-nighterrightright[Music]you

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