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that's all right this is this is justanother Thursday welcome to now Facebooklive and if you're just joining us we'rehere to talk about all things HomeStaging home presentation for sale thehome sellers home stages and real estateagents so one of the things that wethrive on and we love and it's actuallycalled a QA we would love to have yourquestions so if you have a questionaround mind set around a specificproblem that you may have faced recentlywith regard to your business with regardto that you know creating the stories inyour own mind idea because I know thatwe all do it and we're so good at itthat we often don't realize that that'swhat we're doing we just think it'stheir fault and blame feels a whole lotbetter than fear and so we start goingdown this route where we're kicking thecat and fighting with our family membersand and everything's kind of unravelingbecause we've we've been unkind toourselves really I guess that's thereand hey look I've done it a lot thisweek so don't worry you're not on yourown oh oh me I didn't do itwe get into a D and M on the QA okaywhat's up this weekI think there's talking about fearspecifically it is around that salesprocess that follow up with people youknow it's that whole to be honest it'sthat whole acceptance rejection kind ofidea you know if they say no to myproposal then they've rejected me butthat is just a story as you wishTracy do you as a practice when someoneI mean are they saying no to the wholestaging process or did they selectsomeone elseno they have so different there's acouple of different scenarios butgenerally they will say you know we'rein a price competitive market at themoment so generally it seems to beconcerns around around cost and I knowthat I need to grow my skills in salesto be to be to be not not a well to beaddressing cost in a different way oneof the things that coaching with bobbiMcGrath well here's one of the thingsthat when it becomes a price issue a lotof times what it is is they don'trealize the value that you bring in soit becomes a communication discussionabout the value that you bring in andthat can be a difficult conversation inthat so many times we do not actuallyrealize the value that we bring inbecause it's just what we do it's justnaturally of course this is the way youdo things and when someone else isselected if somebody else beats us onprice in our mind we naturally thinkthey're doing the same level stagingthat we would have done for you knowthousands of dollars less and the truthbe told when it happens is that whenthere's a huge difference in the pricethey go with the lower price person it'sbecause they don't understand whatthey're going to get so I the process ofas you present your proposal as you'retalking to them about the services thatyou provide it's constantly just lettingthem know we don't just do kids stagingwhich means you know what's kids stagingwe don't just use the same furniture andput it in different houses and that'snot it we select unique furniturespecifically selected for your propertyand you talk about what is it thisto separate now I want to say somethingI don't have anything against KITTstagers there are some very verysuccessful KITT stagers and what they dois their their turn and burn I mean theyjust get in and get out and they do itfor a dollar but they do such a highvolume that it works but it generallyonly works for the lower pricepoint homeand there's nothing wrong with thatthat's a great business model which canbe really really viable however when youstart having a stager who's working withthe next base level it's dangers arebidding on the same properties it'sapples and oranges is totally apples andoranges right that's when that boutiquestage or I'll say or the the next levelstager that's when it become so muchmore important about your photos lettingyour photos Drive what it is that you'rethat you're proposing and that's when itbecomes so much more important toexplain to them when they say well howmuch is it gonna cost you never relievedwith your price no you lead with yourvalue and you explain to them yourprocess and I'm a big process person youexplain to them what your process is youexplain your thought process behind whatselections you make for the property andthen if you're able to if you're brandnew this can be difficult if you haveany time you can show them now these arenot exact examples of what I'm going tobring into your homesbut this will give you an idea of theflavor I have for your house you knowfor your home and you can let them seeand then invite them say you know whatwhen they push back and say well so andso it's gonna do it for $2,000 less saywell I can understand if it's a budgetsituation I can understand your decisionI would just invite you to ask them toshow what level of staging they're goingto provide to you so that you will beable to make an educated decision andalso by the way I would ask make surethey're insured because on the outsidechance that they plug in a lampand that lamp shorts out and burns downyour house I wanna make sure yourcupboards yeah do those things to letthem know you're a professional and whatyou're doing is you're providing aprofessional service and you're veryvery specific because sometimes folkshonestly they just don't have the moneythey don't need money yeah that'salright they're just not your client yesmuch better for you to free that up foryour mind space up to be ready for theclient who is your you know the personwho can afford your level of serviceit's not that you're expensive they arepaying not for your time they're notpaying you for your furniture they werejust paying you for ithello your furniture rental store yesbut they are hiring you as a stagingcompany they are hiring your expertisewhich honestly with experience and theeducation all those things that you puttogether that is your true true valueotherwise they can just go to a rentalstore go in and stay with the sofa thetwo chairs and stuff and put it in butyou know what there's magic in someonewho has experience and the understandingof what it could what it takes to createa compelling property that createscompelling photographsas long as you know where you are andthat continue if you're a kid stage orevent what you do more power to you ownit yes but if you're not own that andrealize that's not your competitionthose are not your clients yes reallyfocused in on what you do and justunderstand you know what sometimes youjust don't get the deal that's the wayto let that go and now you're ready forthose plants who will accept your youknow who are interested in and yourlevel of experience and expertise and ifsomebody cares to know because theythink you're a horrible stager stopdon't get angry with themget back and I want you to take the realI to your work and look at it and thinkyou know what could I do to improve wasthere any validity and what they saidnowsometimes yeah we need to up our gamebut other times they're crazy they'recrazy it's just like you know and youmove onbut there's there's a lot to it when youstart talking about that rejection andif it's all around the dollar what wesee you have talked about this beforeyou know if they say you know if you puttogether a proposal nice - oh that'sthat's too much I that's not what Iexpectedyou're not telling you oh you're justtelling me I should spend that moneywith you yes or you can say to them -technique that I used many times wasalright I can understand what what wereyou expecting to spend and let me lookat what I can provide to you for thatbudget yes and when you change the shapeof the money that way they tell you thenyou can say oh right well then these arethe rooms that I can provide to you anda lot of times what ends up happening isthat you negotiate a halfway pointmm-hmm because negotiations generallyone side says you know this is what Iwant the other side says this is what Iwant and through your discussion youcome to that nice gray area where youcan both agree good so understand thatinitial node does not have to me knowknow what it is know convince me yes andand your voice is in my in my head everytime you know having that type ofconversation because I'm thinking youknow Bobby says don't you know don'thave both sides of the conversation Ilove pushback so I'm hearing all ofthese things that you have been sayingto me over and everyone else over thelast couple of years around you knowpushback and and the voice in your headand and I think that thething is to that you start it's exactlywhat you were saying you start to createa story around this is what's happeningin general so you're generalizing astory around this is what's happeningwhen in reality that is exactly theopposite of what you should be doing andand I'm making it sound like I'm kind ofa bit you know a bit exposed here on thecouch so I'm making it sound like ateaching moment but in fact it's alearning moment for meand the other side of that has been sothat deterioration if you like in mythinking or that rise in my fear is thatI start to feel like a disgruntledemployee in my own business and that isan interesting place to take yourself aswell interesting Tracy one of the thingsI've enjoyed about you is this is reallyI mean I don't know if people realizebut doing what we do each and every weekexposing there are times like oh man Ican't believe I actually said that outloudso when you are willing to do those dayI hope people appreciate the fact thatyou know it's it's a wonderful momentbecause really I think we speak for manypeople and a lot of times people areafraid to talk about their discomfort orto talk about those areas they feel alittle uncomfortable and so I just I Iapplaud you because you I mean I thinkyou've been really great at what I'veenjoyed watching over the last coupleyears is the willingness to justchallenge yourself that's what you doyou're constantly challenging yourselfbecause you want to stay in the businessyou want to be great in this businessand it's been fun watching you buildyour business over the last couple yearsso it's it's exciting I think it'sexciting soand to be honest the you know thereality is you know that you can helpthese people and you know that theresult once you once you get that thatthat job then you are and the resultsthat you're able to get for people it istransformational it's transformationalto their lives to be able to make asignificant amount more than they hadpreviously done and I know I can thinkof at least half a dozen of my clientsfrom this past year who have been who'vedone world trips that has been thebenefit of using you know using my homestaging services has been thatsignificant jump in price potential oftheir home one of the things too is thata lot of times when I'm coaching my homestaging clients they'll they'll talk toyou there there's this fear aboutcharging what they're worth and you knowI've shared this before but you knowinterior designer stager interiordesigners cost you money I'm a stager Imake you money we exactly understand agood home stager makes you money and Ilove it's it's fun to listen to thenumbers and things that you throw youknow with the results from the thestagings that you do because you guys dopricing a little different there butit's exciting to hear what people areable to realize as a result of followingthrough your with your recommendationswhether it's a consultation and occupiedconsultation or you go in and use whatthey have and I've been enjoying yourwork that you've been posting about youroccupy its using what people have so Iappreciate that very much Tracy and thenalso of course the beautiful work you doas a vacant stager it's exciting to seeand if people were to understandsometimes there's a monetary investmentupfront to catapultthem to another level with their saleprice you know other times if peopledon't have money if they don't they justdon't have the budget people sell theirhouses for a lot of negative reasons andyou know if that happens to be thissituation to spend that money for thattrue consultation that will truly helpyou not a Google consultation not one ofthose that says tells you they clean upand pack up your your clutter I hatethat c-word but you know not that Googleconsultation that is of no value but theones that come in and really talk to youbrass tacks about okay you don't havemoney to paint you don't have money toreplace the carpet you don't have moneyto redo the floors this is what you cando see you present as strong as possibleif they will invest in that they willsee a return on their investment on theother side yeah and it's understandingthe value that we bring to the table andI see many times in the threads andthings from social media and inside ourprivate groups where they're I can'tbelieve they didn't do what I said and Itold them to do this isn't this and Idon't know why they don't do what I sayagain we don't know what's going on intheir home we don't understand why theydon't sometimes honestly we don'tcommunicate in such a way that theyunderstand the value of the informationwe're giving them so a lot of thingsthat happen but you know what if we canget people to understand is even if theydon't have a dollar they've got theirmuscle good and they give themselves thegift of time to at least pick uprearrange and to to do things to getready so I really I really look now Ithink a lot of Home Staging has beenabout creating perfection which is nicewhen people have a budget to do thatstuff that's a lot of fun and it's greatto see you know take from normal to thewall but you know what take in a normalhouse and making that normal woo is alsovery very satisfying and that normal towoo can make their moneyyes and so you understand that embracemeet the clients where they are don'tinsist that they push everything toperfection because they will read youthey will know if you go in there andyou're like you need to paint I don'thave the money I can't paint well ifyou're not gonna ate you know you reallyhave to pay you know what they can't youcan do to be the solution to whateverproblems they have that is what makes atrue a really good stager that's thereason they will pay you more for yourconsultations that is why they will seekyou out when you've got people who arecharging a quarter of what you chargeit's because if you understand how tocommunicate and lift them up through theprocess they will still hire you nowthat is so that's the third point thatwas going through my head was your voiceagain be the solution to their problemso don't be a another barrier anotherbarricade another another thing thatthey you know either going to beconcerned about or that that they can'tsee a way forward with so so that was soI've got to remember now what the voicesin my head were from you so these voicein my head so be the solution what elsedid we have I'll have to come back to itbecause I can't I'm sort of put myselfon the spot now I can't remember butknew you guys might be might rememberand be able to type it in for me sowe'll be able to recap at the end

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Tracey McLeod is an internationally recognised Interior Stylist and the Owner of Showhomes Design, Founder of Presentation Sells and former President of the Queensland Interior Decorators Association (QIDA).

Drawing on her extensive experience in interior design and decorating, home staging and property styling, Tracey has helped hundreds of home sellers make maximum profit – from $20,000 extra on occupied family home styling up to $360,000 extra compared with pre-staging expectations for vacant house staging in Brisbane, and up to $250.000 clear profit for a partial property staging on the Gold Coast.

Understanding the impact of good design, Tracey also designs living spaces that perfectly reflect the home owners’ lives, loves and lifestyles under the Showhomes business banner.

As a leading advocate for home staging, property styling for sale and colour psychology, Tracey is often called on for commentary in the media, and has been featured in The Huffington Post, various News Limited publications, and Radio 4BC’s Real Estate Talk, among many others.

Known for her high energy, engaging style and generous approach to sharing her knowledge, Tracey is also a highly sought after speaker who inspires both national and international audiences and opens their eyes to the power that the visual mediums of colour, design and staging have in their lives and homes.

Tracey is WINNER of the prestigious Housing Industry Association (HIA) + Design Industry Australia (DIA) Award as voted by the expert judging panel for Gold Coast/Northern Rivers Property Stylist of the Year and QLD STATE FINALIST for 2015 & 2016; & Gold Coast/Northern Rivers Property Stylist of the Year FINALIST in 2017.

She is WINNER of the Best of Houzz Service Award for five consecutive years from 2014 to 2018, placing her in the top 1.5% of interior designers, decorators and home stagers internationally; and is RUNNER UP in the 2016 Real Estate Staging Association® (RESA) Vacant Home Stager of The Year International award. View her work at www.houzz.com.au/pro/presentationsells

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