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Flower Design – Green & White Looks Right – Color Schemas

[Music]hi Michael Gaffney with cray flowercrazy design system all the arrangementsof my recipe book are so easy to dotoday we're doing another recipe this ison the book it's called green and whitelooks rightit's from the book there are 16 recipesin our flower crazy design book everyone of them is so easy to do every oneof them has flowers are available at anymarket any time of the year and here'syour flower crazy design system look abox rather everyone you to get the lidthe cube or the cylinder and three lidscome with each one each lid hasdifferent recipes that are right on thebox and also comes with a recipe bookinside so today we're gonna do anotherone of our flower crazy recipes we'regonna start with a base of ruscus againthe beauty of flower crazy is allflowers are cut the same length whichwe're going to take just a big bunch ofit of Israeli ruscus and we're gonna cutit all about we're gonna use the tipswe're gonna cut about 8 inches fromwhere we want we're gonna clean theseoff and start inserting them these aregonna go into the medium holes all theway around our lid our flower crazy lidthe flower crazy recipe booklet tellsyou which lid to use for each design soagain we're just snapping up andinserting our greens are gonna make anice bed of greens and our flower crazydesign systemwe're humilate all around the outer ringi always start your flower crazy designswith the outer ring and that's and andthe holes will guide them right throughmaybe that went a little long poppingback up the holes will guide them rightin the position they need to bethat's why flower crazy works so wellit's based on math and science from myclasses that i've been teaching for over30 years in cities across america seethat perfect angle that's why flowercrazy works so well notice the stemlength about eight to nine inches everytime so i've gone around my outer ringand now i'm gonna go to my inner ringand add some of this ruscus we want tobe a little bit higher in top add maybeanother inch of stem to get a little bitmore of a dome so I'll take this one alittle bit longer and put it right inthe middle for a nice domi look so we'reusing our Italian ruscus and we'refilling in all our medium holes withsome ruscus this is a mixed flowerdesign very populous is good forluncheons a wedding send-off twocongratulatory bouquet for someone whojust got a promotion it's green andwhite so it's good for everything Irishso we're continuing with our ruscus andthen we're gonna take some as you'll seein the book we're gonna take some minigreen hydrangeas that look like thiswe're gonna clean these off again eightto nine inches every stem has cut thesame length we're gonna put a littleangle cut on there and we're to put insome of our green mini hydrangeas so farcrazy makes every design in the bookthere's so many different styles orrecipes every recipe has sort of adifferent feel a different flavor thisone has a nice green and white springyfeel to it very fresh I'm gonna put ourarranges see how easily this is everystem has got the same length and nowwe're going to take our last flowerwhich is spray roses very popular alsoavailable all year round and we're goingto find the medium size holes we're justgonna fill up our ruscus base with somebeautiful white creamy spray roses seehow I'm going around that outer ringagain you want outer inner centre thethree rings hold all the flowers in aperfect flower crazy system a few moresteps we'll be done I think I startedthis whole design about two minutes agoand we're just going to add a few morespray roses like thatso flower crazy is available at flowercrazy by michael calm or you can go tomy school websiteit is flower school 101 calm i'm thedirector of the american school offlower design we have schools in 13cities so what I like about fire crazyit gives me a little bit of that I callit artistic freedom so I can go back nowand add a few pieces if I want to fillit out so it gives you some of thatfeeling of being a designer I'm gonna goback and fill I'm okay I think and Ileave one more little Rose right over onthis side and I'll be done with mydesignthere you go that took me about threeminutes flower crazy by michael dot-comjoin us we'll have another recipe in aminute[Music]

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