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well good morning good morning and herewe are I am back from my holiday to myBFF you've been pulling me along overtherewelcome onboard it was a great holiday10 days quite enough I've been keepingup with what people have been doing onemail back at the house which has beengreat lots of things have happened lotsof really really good news first of allthe council has approved the plans whichi think is going to be a great thing forthe clients to hear so first thingsfirst we're going to go in and see whatprogress they've madeI suspect lots of things have happenedlet me know lots of things have happenedso let's go and see and take a view atthe house[Music][Laughter]so good morning from the house here weare so I walk in and quite a few changeshave been made so I'm here at the top ofthe houseyou might remember sort of how this havelooked before this is obviously the lastthe lots of people see it what used tobe the chimney breasts so this is allnice piece of drying out now we'vefortified it with both old and newbricks but some concrete over the topdusters to solidify it and now thatwe'll be ready for obviously plasteringand everything else that goes on in thisroom the flooring is the big topic theflooring was actually bowing here theissue was from the front to the back ofthe house it was actually bowing quite alot back five inches which is reallyquite a substantial amount so what we'rehaving to do is actually put in a newflooring at least at the top of thehouse so that's now pretty much beingcompleted if I can show you that here sothat's just the usual Timbers the beamsand the plywood floor so that would be alot more secure a lot more steady thanwhat we had before which was thefloorboardsspeaking of which going across thefloorboards here you can pretty much seethe old bathroom just there the tank hascome out so we've still got the pillarhere in the middle but by and large thatis exactly where it should be and that'sjust waiting for everything else to befinished in there then we can sort ofget planning properly with the kitchenand bathroom suppliers so one quick wordabout this bathroom and the otherbedroomsthat's the steel up there this is thebathroom so the guys here are justpreparing for the floor so here's one Iprepared earlier so the steel has gonein so he's just sort of moving the dustout of the way and next door Andrew thelovely carpenter is actually putting thefloor together so this is what it lookslike you've obviously got the beams andthe joists underneath and he's measuringup the plywood to fit in obviouslythat's the old chimney breast which hasgoneand he's just working in this roomgetting at the floor done so we can goahead and do everything that we need todo hey so there's a lot of work that offhe goes on a lot of smoothing outincluding the metal work so sparks willfly and of course as soon as that isdone the flooring will then look likethis so this is the new plywood floorit's a little bit dirty here because ofthe footprints but it's looking verymuch better and very much straighter sofrom the old to the new the back bedroomis pretty much the same there's a fewthings that I just need to check andneed to have a look at notably here isit sort of the end of the wall it oftenhappens when you get to a corner sectionsometimes wood and the whole beams andthe whole structure of a wall finishesat one point so we'll just need to putsomething across there to flatten thatout and then this will be a quite a niceroom a little bit more extra room thanwe had obviously with the chimney breastbehind obviously that's gone as well thesteel is in at the top which is theburgundy color which you can see rightthere that's running all the way alongfrom the back to the front of the houseand so everything is now nice and securelet's see what's been happening down onthe first floorstill warm here in London this case itwould be for August right so we have adeath trap on the fraud case you canjust about see that is going down as agap where that is going down to theground floor below where there's beenmost of the changes that has been havingup here we obviously see what used to bethe chimney breast the front to berestful is sweet and then the back to mebreast over there you remember this fromthe other day before I went away onholiday there's a few things still haveto do in here we do actually have tothink about what we're doing with thefloor they I've asked them to put it onhold for moment till I speak to theclients this is really about moneyprobably mean at the end of floors bowedas well down here but I need to givethem a costing because that we had to dodown here it's kind of up to there buthow much money they want to spend I haveto spend some money of course because wedid have some water damage if youremember the water damage just downwherethat was where the old shower and thatwent right the way through so the joysof damage that they have probably gonnahave to be replacedanyway everything looking goodnext they've actually been ripping out alot of the structure downstairs so asyou actually come into the hallway butthere were two walls both left and rightand both of those were coming out one ofthem is moving the other one is comingout all together so there's a lot ofrubble on site but it looks quiteamazing when you see what's being donelet's go have a look[Music]so down on the ground floor you can seethe old joists above those are all goingto be replaced hopefully and this isobviously all the rubble and bits of thewall that have been taken away sothere's are all those rather awfulrather old joists which I think it'sgonna need to be replaced whether welike it or not there's Jack keeping itout of the way and of course all therubble and all the tools and everythinghas moved out you can see the props inthe corner there and if we sort of panup you can just about see exactly howbad those joists are they've been herefor a while they've done their job youcan see the water damage up there fromthe master bedroom that shower comingall the way through so I'm glad that'sgone and this up here this is grosslywhere the wall was before this wall isthe one that's next to go and soobviously we're gonna have to put insome reinforcements up here just to keepeverything exactly where it should bewe'll be finished of course the otherbits obviously there's not a bit ofsteel at the top here you can see that'sthe burgh and you just running alongthere their new little rivets and ofcourse that's the dining room throughthere so that's quite an important rumorat least it will become safe and it'sTom just hammering away we've got theflu tarpaulin on the top here justprotect it from the elements but you cansee it's not going to be quite as highas this but still quite high enough sowe need to get the new parapet wall inthen make fit the beams around where theskylights going to be and then we'llhave some lots of lovely lights comingin here lots of scaffolding as you cansee lots of tools this won't be hereforever but it's a messy work and has tobe done so downstairs on the lowerground floor we've also had some changesparticularly this wall here so if youremember this was the study coming uphere and now this wall hascompletely gone that's the back door andthe wall that was dividing this wholebit has gone this wall behind me here isalso going so that's also going to bedemolished but we're working on that onthe upper floor first before we can movedown here so we've done the supportingwall there and the supporting wall hereon the ground floor and on that thelower ground floor so this is the onethat's next to go let's have a quicklook what's happening in what is goingto be the kitchen pretty much the samehere the boys have set up their stationas per usual the kitchen is still herethis is one of the things that happenedwhilst I was away I spoke at length tothe Builder about this it's one of thosethings you have to look at especiallywhen you are away is who's doing whatand what answers you're going to begetting whilst you're away so people areactually doing the lantern light whichis this thing above here you can kind ofsee that that is going to be replacedand it's going to be replaced along withthese doors here and if you're placingthese doors you need to make sure thatyou have the levels right and the levelsI mean on the ground so as you can seeit's a receive still very messy and thiswe've obviously dug down quite a bit tosee exactly what the foundations arelike but we really needed the engineerto come along he was actually going tobe installing this here and actually tospeak to the Builder because they'regoing to be working in conjunction andthis is something that you will have toget them together it's no good you justtrying to deliver what you think itshould be you have to get them togetherso they can ask all the right questionsand then everything is covered off andyou sort of need to sort of you knowbabysit them a little bit just to makesure that they are all talking they arehave asked all the right questions andthey get all the right answerssomewhat amusing me on this of coursethere is a Percy the pigeon now ofcourse I'm sure you've been wonderingwhat's happened to Percy the pigeon ohhe's alive and well and he's stillsitting on the nest so let's see if Ican actually get a shot of Percy thepigeon for you no I don't think I canactually see him I can't believe I'mdoing this but um I think he's just sortof still sitting up there not doing muchyou can just about see him through thefoliage good old Percy so here we areagain in future magnets I'm just goingto show you it's not a very good thingto show you first has they've opened upthe walls down here they've obviouslyopened up the other side down here aswell which I've see looking a little bitlighter so this was obviously the othermain bedroom and that's been that's beendone as well and there's a lot ofmaterial down here at the same time youmay or may not remember we're going todo a trial pit down in the bathroom herewhich we've actually done so I needanything I need to do is find out whattheir findings are I've got a feelingthere's gonna be a few hiccups but let'shave a look at it that's the child pitthere to see what it's like and that'sgenerally because we might have bettershower in and we want to put a shower inthere so we just need to dig down alittle bit but want to see exactly whatthe foundations are like and what we cando what we can't dohits the trial fish so I am that's nexton my list to do is check with a builderto see exactly what our findings are andwhat we're allowed so that's it from thehouse today I think there's quite enoughthat's been going on here whilst they'vebeen away there's still lots more tocome today my point of view I'm nowgoing to get back to my office I noticedgo through the emails all the differentquestions the invoices that have come inthat need paying positive for thingswith the gardening joba new valuation has come through fromthe Builder of what they found what theyhaven't different options that you needto look at as far as monetary wise so Ican tell and inform the clients exactlywhat their options are and get decisionsfrom them before we go ahead there's alot to do of course when you come backfrom holiday I'm sure you know what it'slike you're a little bit happy from yourholiday and you don't really want to doany work but on this occasion you reallyjust have to sort of press erring andget right back in to think of it becausepeople are expecting you to get a littlebit and they need answers so let's getback to the office and I'll see you onthe next video[Music]

Today we look at the floor and skylight construction on the Sloane Square job. I’ve been up to my neck in work so have had little time to video let alone edit! Today we take a look at the house after my holiday trip. The floors are going in, the steel is done and the skylight is taking shape. It’s still messy onsite but that’s building for you.
Let’s take a look around and see what’s new!


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