Flat Pack Furniture… Created By Divorce Lawyers?

[Music]hello and welcome back to another makingthe 90s podcast with me Jim and Caroline[Music]this week we are going to speak aboutflat pack furniture and was it inventedby divorce lawyers so we're all veryfamiliar with the blue and yellow brandthat you can talk about like yeah wetook friends don't knownot much influences yeah okay we allknow that IKEA introduced the UK to flatpack furniture and we have lifes havenever been the same ever sinceyeah we're just moved obviously and wehave these very table actually andchairs that we're sitting on flat packwe deal with a lot of flat pack yeahwe've we've gone through a lot we'vedone for a lot of stages of having thecheap stuff for Mike here University tothen get in your first house so againyou're on a bit of a budget and youdon't really want to go to sort of anexpensive furniture brand or shop andthen moving in here again not that we'reon a budget but we wanted to get a lotof things so like on the middle stagesof life at the moment where you're notbuying like this polka pieces but youare getting more high-end stuff fromIkea yeah that's where we're atyeah and we wanted a lot of it we wereactually and so the night before wemoved in here we went to Ikea because wehad the van that we were moving all thebus stuff into and which we spoke aboutin last week's video so we thought we'dgo to Ikea and just get all theflat-pack stuff in one go and we wereactually walking around like here withthree trolleys by museum packed withstuff yeah it was ridiculous we couldn'tmove the trolleys we were hitting intoeveryone and everythingthings were falling off but we justlaughed that way through in well we hadto we had to do so we thought we wouldnavigate how to put together flat packas a couple without arguing withoutwanting to kill each other sometimesyeah those it pushes human it pushes theboundaries of relationship pushing youto your limits doesn't it yeah but Ithink what we've found and we put so Iwould collapse us it's like the king offlat packs because we took on themammoth task of four pack wardrobes withglass mirrored sliding doors they'reabout four meters wide massive about10,000 pieces equal I don't think thatthere are any there is anything moredifficult you know yeah no I agree andwe managed to do that just but welearned a lot from that experience yeahI remember yeah I think we we're verydifferent people when it comes to housestuff so you're a perfectionist and Ijust want to get it done so that iswhere we have to like work around eachother's different ways in order to tomake the most of it so I think weprobably do that quite well because whenJim's being like too much I'm like lookwe just need to move on from that nowlike there are certain things that justcan not be they don't have to be ahundred percent perfect or two perfectlike over perfect not even possibleand then you'll so I think are you helpme to be more of a perfectionist and notso much of a botched job I was gonna saywhat's the point in them engineeringsomething I do agreeI do miss parts or I just else I docompletely really but I I am and I'mquite impatient with it I just want itdone I just want this until you start togo in front of me I find the wholeprocess so boring so boring but I wouldsay just go againso I think what is what we've foundreally important is give yourself enoughtime don't rush thingswe try to do that again with thewardrobes and Abed as well that we tryto put together we wanted to sleep onthat bed the same night and we didn'tstop in it to give it to about 8:30 andwe underestimated it and there was apoint about quarter to ten where we werenowhere near done and we just had to sayno let's stop this for the night we'renot going to get any further we're gonnaend up making mistakes or we breakequalizing or rushing things just to tryto get it done so I think give yourselfenough time and don't put pressure onyourself to a point where things aregoing to go wrong and you're gonna startto break things or watch thingsyeah and also if you're not in the mightand you're not in the mindset so I thinkI went into the bed one I wasn't reallyin the moodI knew it needed doing so that's why Iwas ready but my brain just wasn't thereI felt like fuzzy you know to winsometimes your time and you just havelike a fuzzy brain I mean we have lipskyjust moved and so I wasn't properlyreading the instructions which I have ahabit of doing okay the instructionsconfuse me a lot and I know that Jim andthinks that they're amazing but and thensure they are because everyone elsemanages but I just find them reallyconfusing I don't actually think I'd beable to put up a piece of Ikea furnitureon my Artin the so straightforward butmy brain just doesn't work in the waythat they tell me it really doesn'tI find the funny drawingsI'm like where is this because it'sdrawing relates to nothing that I've gotin front of me I I think I'm more oflike a what I would do better with is topress a button and for someone to speakat me I wonder if they're if their appwill have more likeaugmented reality like how to put thingstogether oh that would be brilliant ifyou dropped your phone up and then itwas that right get this piece next andput it in here and why don't they dothat I bet they are thinking becausewhat I think the whole were likeinstruction manual always quite anold-fashioned thing hmmand that is it just doesn't work for mybrain and if I had an iPad I could juststand up and they went through the wholeprocess so as soon as I opened it theysaid this part fits here in this pocketsee I'm not gonna put it all in orderand that is how that's how I would do agood job yeah but I get confused becausethey often do a drawing the drawing andthen there's a hole and it's like notthe small hole not the medium hole it'sthe large hole I'm like well these holelook at the same size how am I meant toknow just little things like that reallyreach I really struggle with so yeahthat would be great so IKEA head officeif you're listening which I'm sure youarethat would be really good thanks foryour app how can you help me outyes I think you need to give yourselfenough time so that because frustrationtowards each other in a relationshipwill only come out of not getting itdone quick enough for making a mistakeso I think be patient with the projectand then you'll be patient with eachother yeah and then also have the righttools normally IKEA is prettystraightforward and tall with the toolsyou guess you need but well putting thistable together with my brother-in-law hehad this drill thing that was wicked init did it all quick and easy so if ifyou want to make if you really strugglewith like here's nothing get the righttools for putting furniture togetherbecause you could you can just make it alot right rather than a manualscrewdriver or an allen key like that islike automated that can do it quickerand easier and it's like build FL Ithink it keeps itand lasts longer if you do it with apower tool I think I've noticed becauseif you do it with just your hand thescrews can eat more easily come out andthen it can start getting a little bitwobbly and people do often complainabout IKEA furniture like I'm like it'sfalling apart but that probably is moredown to you fellas I put two and downtwo right yeah I think that that thatpoint about being patient also comesdown to knowing when to stop or to leavebecause if like when we were doing theirwardrobesI broke a bit of glass and again thiswas quite late at night and probablypushing it too much and trying to get itdone when I should have done after thatbit of glass broke I knew just to stopand give up for the day and step up stepaway for the dayand then come back to it tomorrowbecause you'll have a fresh mind a freshapproach to it and once you make onemistake or you done st. wrong thenyou'll start to make more mistakes andlittle things will stop and then you'llstart to botch things and then you'llget even more impatient because thingswon't work further down the line so Ithink know when to just go no I've hadenough for can't do it is important andI think is well I when we were doingtheir wardrobe I left like left gym todo the last bit I was like I just I justcan't do this anymore and I said to himif you want to carry on fine or if youwant stop great but I cannot do thisanymore and you just did the last littlebit by yourself didn't you like the putthis light in there last cuz I just Ihave in life generally I have a finiteamount of time before I use it with atask I like to spend tons of my day ondifferent tasks and when things start totick over into like five solid hours ofputting up a wardrobe I have to start tolose the will to live and I could justfine I would just feel myself gettingmore and more agitated and in thosesituations it's sometimes nice to juststep away because then you could finishit in in a happier place without megoing I don't knowyeah and that's when our currentstartingscreams start and then you get morefrustrated to get more impatient and youstart to resent each other the bit offurniture and I think the last thing isthis probably oh this should be numberone but define your roles early againlike this is common sense some of theheavy lifting or the difficult bits carnoise not going to be able to do or wantto be able to do circle I meanphysically difficult bits so define yourroles earlyalthough Caroline says she's not verygood at looking for the instructions wefound that that was you were good atgetting that working it out yeah I thinkwhenever I come in and my Rory's isquite minimal and where I come in iswhen it all first comes out I open thepack that has the screws in and I sawscrews get into different areas and I'mgood at knowing what screw fits thepicture so whilst I get stuck on thelarger pieces of furniture and weaponwhat they are in the pictures I'm quitegood with the screws so know what you'regood at defining roles patience patiencepatience have the right tools and thenyou'll have a successful happy IKEA flatpack sitting together an IKEA Fieldhousewith happiness and blue and yellowsmiles I was proud to say there are alsoother flat pack furniture places allright today yeah cuz my mum and dad hadput up a bed next so I do think otherplaces other places did you go back sothanks watching or listening and pleasedo share or subscribe with your friendsand family that does really help us Alannow go aheadI was just gonna say if you've got anyideas for future episodes we wouldappreciate it please we're sort of we'vegot some ideas but you knowwe it would be good to hear what yourliking or not liking so we can talkbasically so yeah thanks again and sametime next week

Join us, Caroline & Jim Allen for this week’s Made In The Nineties Podcast. This week, we’re talking about flatpack furniture and how to put it up without filing for a divorce afterwards. A tip; understand your strengths and weaknesses before you open the box of doom!

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