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following up on our meeting yesterdayI'm going to do a pretty quickwalkthrough and I'll be sure to pointout the kids room so I know that's thearea you want to see so coming throughthe front door the moss wall fountainthe planters the bench with the cubbiesfor shoes and the Lotus light fixtureabovethe living and dining roomsBarfishtankhopefully I'm not making you too dizzycoming into the living roomthey're really nukeswith a storage inside[Applause]kid's room number one through the hiddenbookcase doorright here is where the door opens upthe bookcase so you do need to keep someroom on that sidethe lego dividing wall closed storagedesk with storage and the bed witheither storage below or pullout bedbelow and that Lego walls stopping atthe soffit and this modelgo around to the other roomand through the hidden bookcase doorthat opens to this side right herethose are in set one foot from the wall[Applause]the Lego wall and the exact oppositeabout the other room where I was showingwhite bleached or bleached with lyewhite oak and the blue stained white oakthe orange stained white oak in theother room to pick up on the colors ofthe Lego walljust go through the kitchen prettybriefly since we've already looked atthis in depth[Applause]of course the whiteboard area on thiswallso kids room number threeand the idea with this is you haveclothes additional clothes storage inthere from the closet you have the deskand the desk with the backsplash bothbeing a white marker board laminate andthe plants are above for the snakeplants which will help with the indoorair quality and they maintain very wellwith little maintenance little wateringand low light[Applause]the monkey bars with the pillow pit andagain on each side I was thinking thatwould be the white marker board laminateso they could write and draw do allsorts of stuff on it the rock wall toget up to the second bed and storage inthis column here you can have storagebelow so I'm showing with that revealhandle for additional storage or thatcould be a pullout bed and where I wasshowing the white in here again thewhite marker board laminate second butthat abovegoing into what I plan for the girlsroom making essentially two rooms out ofone I have the desks with a lattice onthe side where you could attach papersand pictures posters anything withlittle binder clips and it keeps thisexterior theme with the house intacta fence this is five feet high dividingthe rooms so they essentially have theirown rooms with a door and privacy thebottom bunk on this sidebookcase over here shelves that looklike a treeyou can see there so you could in littleplans books all sorts of thingsit's basically your shelvingand the idea here was the balance barfor a ballet as an extension of theladder up to the second bunk moreshelves that look like books I'd be agreen stained oak here I was having thefuchsia stained oak and whitewashed oakthis second bed does have a littleOutlook window it gets playful and itwas showing the roof inside so it'salmost like a little house and thesection of this is basically here herehere it's almost a little zigzag so thisbed opens up on this side the other onthe other side and you have two roomswith privacy and not necessarily plantsthis big but I was thinking it's anopportunity or some hanging plantsand you have that exterior home feelplayful feel for a kid's room and ifit's not for the two girls and easilychanged the color sighs making changethe color from the purple to a grey towhere it's more unisex this room throughthe hidden bookcase as it now is empty Ithink you can see what's there but youget the general idea and then this roomwhich is the baby's room is also emptyinto the masterwith the storage and the bed columns andthe storage below the benchthe master closet and I will show youwhat that looks like when it's openso you can seeclose here close here and this will be ametal pulldown so you can easily reachit and this is also a bar cross forclothes this is the height for shirtsand this is a height for addressesshelves taking advantage of that depthand little shelves on here the caseyou're wondering because these are inthe door I put a little band tohopefully stop anything from falling outwhen you open the doors you can see itthereso that would be her side this I have ishis side since I don't think you havedresses so a second close bar the shelfshelves and the doorswaiting to put hats jewelry anythingfolded and drawers inside and of coursegets it on the bench here well you getready and then on this side was showingthe bookcases with the mirror back andthat's another opportunity to put putbaskets with other items you might wantto hold additional clothes could be inthere I'm just putting them in littlebaskets would make it look intentionalplanter again with drawers below deskswith the cork finish beyond and againhere storage storage storage at thebottom these would be drawers that pullout on the inside there's the part thatyou access from in there and then thesecould be doors that open up on theoutside in these columns these are wideenough these are two feet wide so youcould have hanging clothes just like inthe closet inside the doors and apullout drawer below and those are intwo feet wide and I'll just close thosedoorsshow you what it's likecan you applyand that's the custom isn't hurryyin-yang fire and ice bath masterbathroom door and when that opens itslides to the side like thatand then I'll close that so you can justget a feel for itlight fixture it's a blue glass globehopefully that gives you a good feelagainthis room has currently plannedthis room with all the whiteboard spaceto be used for fun and activity andteaching and learning see this roombeing used a lotand so I can say the colors in herepurple blue great album is veryintentional to be somewhat unisexaccepting your all the kids will want toplay in theresee the beach in the backgroundto get you thinking about it anymoreand the blues and greens throughout withthe wood are very intentional also it'sfor enough they call biophilic design soreminds you of nature of course with thewood and countertop that's a bambooVerde from off--you stone it's an actualslab that I've picked outand then I'll do it time to move onplease let me know your thoughts[Applause]


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