Living Room 

Firts ever video, unicornsisters living room tour

hey guys welcome to unicorn sisters weare new on YouTube and please like thisvideo and give this a thumbs up we aretrying our best to make this a goodvideo we are brand-new we have brand-newand we've never done this before but wereally want to be youtubers cuz I'veseen a lot of people so please like thisvideo give it a thumbs uppush that notification bell and you willbecome part of our unicorn our name sotoday we are doing we live in thebasement so today we are doing ourliving room tour because that's where welive but there's another bed down herefor a guest room so here we go okay sowe just entered so this right here is mybed these are all my metal we hold thisbut we didn't get in that hand so wewere holding this to hold up our planswe got a little box in here fun stuff myphone chargers in here this I betterstay down here with us so they got alittle art station so to me and Addisonwe have a little art station and this isaccents bed right here hey guys didn'tget nightstands her fans here and then alittle fun things here we got our teethbeam here cracks monastics awesome deskyou like so she does like stuck off ofit but she rarely uses it thing that wedid we got weeks and here this is alsooursum it's are like the jewelery stuff thisis the guest room but this was also oursthis is all of our friends and then thisis a sign that tells us to dream untilyour dreams come true and yeah this is amessy bed because we had friends overlast night and then of course closetsare messy but we're not going to ourbathroom because it's really messy andwe all want to but there's a calendarand then a corkboardas you got me for my birthday here isAddison and me me me that's absent beingnerd these were both at the winery yeahthese are our two brothers what I knowit sounds bad but it's like just a funplace where music bands with everythingand this is my favorite boy and this isSimone biles I got her autograph and myfamily she wasn't here for a sanitarycompetition yeah she's not a cheercompetition and it was at South Dakotaso while she was at cheer competitiongetting readywe just went to Mount Rushmore yeah andthis is just it was messy right and wehad no one to do it for us yeah but it'sa pain to clean down it's a pain toclean down here and then this is justdrunk not drunksorry not junk desk we just and thenquick view of bathroom there you gooh yay I just want to thank you guys somuch for watching this I hope youwatched it and I hope you liked itplease once again please give this videoa thumbs up I want to get let's get 10likes since it's our first video tellyou that so yeah thank you have a niceday it'd be a pretty

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