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Fine Dining Prepared By Your Personal Chef! – Machiavillain: Ep 7

hello members of the pride and welcomeback to another episode of macchiavillain so as you can see we did I I didjust a little bit of off-camera work allthis really was was just I set up thethe outside perimeter for this I justkind of I was kind of playing with thewith the idea of what to do with thisand I think that this will work out okayI'm hoping that this is gonna work outokayso what I want to do is let's takekitchen yeah there we gobasic dining table can i okay this is aokay I'm I haven't completed this yeteventually I'm going to do skeletonchairs and stuff like that for sure andI'll probably replace this when I do butfor now I'm going to get in here andwe're going to shoot we're gonna goahead and let them let them work - okayso like this so if I go one two threefour five and if I goreduce and then one two three four fiveif I go there there there thereOh actually no cancel cancel that cancelthat cancel that cancel that because nowthat I think about it that would not bea that would not be a good thingreplace those floors and then I wantfive six seven eight nine ten[Music]that will allow ten different dudes tocome over here and eat and enjoy theirmeals and such let's put some[Music]let's see oh I forgot about the printingpress let's get the printing press oh mythat thing iswhoops that thing is pretty big holy cowthat is very big Wow I'm going to needto seriously increase the size of myhome office seriously increase the sizeof my own home officeWow was not expecting that okay in thatcase the kitchen Factory no bedroom nolaboratory no training what am Ithinking I want let's get some light onthis subject here and let's do a lightthere and a light there and a light herethat will give us a nice amount of eviland I think each of these guys shouldhave a light in their room a nice littleevil lightso let's I'm kind of short on bones somaybe not bones maybe okay so that's nota good idea let's just go ahead andcontinue doing candles so we'll do anevil light evil light evil light youlight evil light evil light very goodall right let's go ahead and continuefast-forwarding and I still haveeverybody on build because I wanted tomake sure that this got done every butpeople are gaining levels and buildwhich is awesome man they are justknocking this out which is excellent I'mvery happy with this[Music]knocking out the chairs[Music]fix that and then fix okay I guesssomebody got tired whoopsUndertaker Oh actually yeah you knowwhat we're gonna do this we're gonna buy20 of them yeah that's absolutely athing because if I can just chop thesechop these bodies up and get them andget them knocked out I may be able tocontinue by building spree with withoutgoing without worrying about victims fora while so that's not a bad idea at allso let's go ahead and continue with thiseverybody is sleeping everybody peopleshould be happier all right as soon asthe sky stops boom okay she jabs allright so building we're getting rid ofand we are going to kitchen kitchenkitchen kitchen kitchen kitchen[Music]I really I really wish now that I'mthinking about it I kind of wish I hadexpanded this kitchen more I'm obviouslygoing to need to make a larger kitchenareaI may have to carve this section out andjust make it one one massive kitchen butthat's kind of in the future well that'sobviously not something we could doright this momentall right everybody finish finish finishsleeping yeah finish leaving startknocking these things out all right sothey put all that stuff away which isgoodwhat do you fire you idolwhy are you idle stop being idlewait I don't understandholy cow did it get knocked out thatfast no we didn't get knocked out thatfast why I'm confused there's a malljobswhy is everybody idle I have undone Ihave undone stuff guys[Music]that was 20 bodies that was not 20bodies why are we not[Music]what do you mean not enough resources[Music][Music]wait so it just got knocked out likethatno no no that had to have glitchedthat had to have glitched 20 bodiesshould have produced more food than thatand it should have taken longer for themto process at all I think something justglitched out well I mean I guess it iswhat it is let's go ahead and continuewith the building go guyslet's go ahead and knock out these thesethese chairs and knock out these tablesI was really hoping I got then two daysworth the food out of that but I guessit is what it is I'm not entirely surewhat happened so I'm going to shrug andsay oh well we're building skills that'sgood idle idle idle brilliantokay now that everybody is starting togo idle now the question becomes wheredo I go from here I think it's gettingclose it's gonna start getting about thetime where I'm gonna start building myvictim area so[Music]yeah or do I have any maybe I should domy kitchen first you know what I thinkbefore I do I think I'm gonna just I'mgonna do one last thing I'm going to goahead and do out my do out the thekitchen area and let's chop chop chopchop chop chop well we'll go ahead andjust start knocking out all thischoppingthat's Pete sleeping but that's okay Ilove this little tire so cute littlepsycho with an axe Oh Jill that youduh okay[Music]so we no longer have a need for this I'mgonna take this a second where we'regonna be building here and let's seeconstruction first things first let'sget the thing under that because I can'tbelieve I forgot about that we shouldhave put a floor under that then I will[Music]yeah that'll give me the wall there andwalls dainty dude dude dude dude andthat gives me a direct access and justgo straight through there get rid ofthat and I did switch everybody to buildright yes I did[Music]Oh another merchant on the road that'snice[Music]all right good everybody is busily doingthat stuff you know I just realized thatI put all of my food supplies very faraway from my dining area hey oh well ohand gained another job what the heckmore minions guys I don't want minionsgive me something different[Music]all right let's beat this HUPturbo and everybody's idle man I lovethat construction kitchen all right sothis is where we need to start beingsmart about our ass not that and let'sgoone two three four space and then 1 2 34 that gives plenty of room for everyactually cancel that one that gives someroom for people to move and I think 7 isplenty then we eventually I'm gonna oneroom for like a refrigerator and stufflike that then again I can expand outand add a refrigerator or I can put itin here if I need to do that yeah let'sdo thatok smoker and then rotate rotate and wewill go 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 and that actuallygives me room to add like refrigeratorsand stuff later over here and along hereand other stuff like that so[Music]it get busy fellasI don't think I'm going to have enoughto do all the smokersOh Idol okay people are starting to getIdol which probably means yeah probablymeans I'm out of yeah I'm out of metalso no problemdig dig dig dig dig dig and when you'redone with that dig a little more and wewill go dig into rock and go[Music]let's do that right there do we have anymore oh you know what there's also somegold over here so I'm gonna do some ofthat as well do some of that as well Ithink that's kind of hard to tellis there any other places I can do ohokay you know what let's go ahead anddig out this gold here all right thatought to get me I think for the timebeing that ought to get me a solidamount of resources so get everybody[Music]get everybody busy on that because Ineed four I need some more gold tocomplete my laboratory here somebody gotbetter at mining mine my little minionsmine you know what and as long as we'reat it let's just BAM let's just do that[Music]nothey'll mine out all this differentstuff here and I'm going to give theseguys the opportunity to just mine up asmuch of this stuff as possible that'sreally okay we've got five days worth offood once we get to three I'll startgetting nervous but for the time being[Music]or or should I start getting nervous nowyou know what we're getting lots of goldwhich is very good stone and wood whichis also very good tell you what let's[Music]how badly do I want to push this youknow what let's let's let's let's notpush this anymore let's complete thebuilding and then oh why can I notwhy are you idle room is not close leadswalls or a door surrounding full floorwhat do you mean[Music]are you serious can I move this wait sothis doesn't countOh and now come on you could have toldme that can i how do I shoot how do Imove these now is that possible is itpossible to move things fridgeare you kidding me I can't even click onthese things why can't okay I can't okayso I can't click on them[Music][Music]who's good oh wait where are you whereare you going you are going here oh noyou're collecting some why does this sayyou're building okay so I'm confused whydid it allow me to do all this beforebut now I can't do oh I need more stonethey need 500 apiece oh okay I didn'trealize they needed 500 apiece gotchaall right we'll let these guys juststart digging into this den and there wego and tell you what who's my bestbuilder that would be pollutionall right Lucien you're off mining dutyyou get to go and build stuff andeverybody else gets to mineand that will allow me to complete thisI'm[Music]I'm a little I'm a little perturbedabout this I mean I did it here but I Ifeel kind of really silly right now Ireally wish that they had and why can Inot click on this I think I can't itwon't let me click okay they'll let meclick on that cell tests us subjects tothe reanimate er you know what I don'thave anything like that so notinterested frankly any heads that I haveare going to be chopped into meat soall right are you pollution we're okayyeah you are heading that direction youjust needed to collect stuff okay guysso that's gonna do it for thisparticular episode I oh you know what Ineed to get some light in here tooso let's let's get some light on thissubject and we'll put a light here andwe'll put a light here that's gonna doit for this particular episode I hopeyou all enjoyed it if you did pleaseleave a like it helps me out so verymuch for those of you who are regularviewers of mine please make sure you hitthat subscribe button and sharing myvideos on your social media I trulyappreciate it when you do and for thoseof you who already support me in all theways that you do thank you so very muchyou guys are amazing I hope you guys areenjoying this series so far I am I gottasay I mean why I'm liking this betterthan I thought it would it's it's a bitof a challenge for me to kind of planthese things out cuz I'm not the best atthatum and it's this is like it's as cleverand and it's kind of I really wish I hadthought of that the fact so this is justgonna be forever not closed hopefullythey can still work in that becauseotherwise I'm gonna really feel like badabout that as kid I just bother meeither pets than attacking so can't wejust assume this is closed off I shouldhave done that anyway and as alwayseveryone always remember that anyone canbe a mouse that roars but it takessomeone special to be a line of squeaksso embrace your inner lion and squeak on[Applause]

We add a dining room and a much larger kitchen, so it will be easier and faster to prepare and preserve the bodies for the minions to devour at their leisure. And we increase the prestige of the Minion Mansion a great deal, so they’ll enjoy working there. It’s a fine life for a minion, I say!

Thank you all for watching!

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