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February New Home Stager Webinar Hosted by Real Estate Staging Association

[Music][Applause][Music]Oh everybody's shell brought necks hereI'm going to go ahead and get startedI love doing these webinars we get somany great questions from people so whatI'm going to do is I'm gonna I've donejust a screen PowerPoint with thequestions that were submitted when youguys signed up for the actual webinarand I apologize in advance my dog'sabout ready to bark at the same UPS guythat's been coming here for two years soif you hear her in the background myapologies on that my name is chell broadnecks I'm the CEO of Risa for those ofyou don't know Reese is a not-for-profittrade association for real estatestagers which means that I don't ownRisa there is no ownership we're not aprivate company or an actual legitimatetrade association so we have a board ofdirectors we have volunteer leadershipand government where we have localchapters state presidents and then anational board of directors as well so Iwant to think thank everybody forjumping on the call on the webinar todayand like I said you've already submittedyour questions in advance so I'm goingto go over them one at a time andthere's times that I notice that when weget these types of questions I'mactually going to probably answer thingsin a way that you might not be used toso I might answer the question with aquestion to try to reframe your thinkingthat I can tell from the way that thequestion was asked is I want you to lookat it differently so if anybody has anyquestions as I'm going along just goahead and type up in that chat box and Iwill keep up with them if I see aquestion that you're asking in the chatbox that I know is coming in a coupleslides I probably won't address it inthe chat but I will get to it and then avery end will open it up for all typesof questions if there's something that Idid not answer so here's a great one I'min Alabama and it's really hardsometimes getting Realtors to understandStaters are a benefit to them anysuggestions yes absolutely you you don'tonly want to let them know what's thebenefit to them but what is it a benefitto their client so the bottom line comesdown to this is homeowners when theydecide to sell their home that's theirnumber one asset mostpeople their number-one asset is theequity that's in their home is there alittle nest egg that they're just tryingto hang on with every penny that theycan because eventually one day when theyneed to downsize and they're gettingolder and they're wanting to retire alot of people will downsize use theequity in that home to help fund therest of their years so they're noteating cat food when they're 65 70 yearsold and they trust a real estate agentto take that number-one asset and to getthe most money that they possibly canstaging simply put is merchandisingsomebody's number one asset their homeso when you explain this to a realestate agent it's getting them tounderstand that this is a product theirhome is now a product and the product isgoing on the MLS which is like a storeshelf except now instead of peoplehaving to get in their car and drivearound on a Sunday morning looking foropen houses with the newspaper they'resitting in bed at night or on publictransportation in the morning going towork or at lunch or on their phone andthey're looking at any real estate siterealtor.com let's just use that for anexample and the drive by is literallyseconds swipe click swipe click next andif that listing does not grab somebodyright there by their tablet by theirphone and get them to expand on thatfirst picture and look at the rest ofphotos you're dead in the water becausethey swipe very quickly so let's clickyou're done you're moving on to the nextonethe properties that get the mostattention now because they're online arethe ones that look the best I actuallyhave been watching the real estatemarket in North Carolina for about ayear and a half I'd like to relocatethere and I'm horrified at some of thethings that I see not just in NorthCarolina let's be fair to the NorthCarolina's although people love theirwallpaper there I will tell you that andit all looks like China and everywherethat you look for a home you see alisting summer stage some look greatsome are not and they're all beingcompared to each other so when somebodyis looking for a house nowhere know whatno matter where they areit's about getting a buyer in the doorso those are the types of things thatyou want to explain to them there's lotsof analogieswhy does staging work here's a greatquestion why is that where because it'smerchandising even the marketers haverealized this so it's one of thosethings that even when you go into agrocery store now the generics actuallylook like brand names so I don't know ifanybody's out there that remembers backin the 70s the generic products wereactually yellow and black or white andblack and it just said beer or Cola andthose are the generics you don't seethose anymore because the marketersunderstand that it is important forthings to be merchandise in order toattract more people if anybody everloses audio I'll say this now for thosethat can hear and I'm typing it forthose that don't if you lose audio justreconnect it's not a problem on our endit's something on your end so there'snothing that we can do to kind of pokethat along and I also want to ask doeseverybody see the actual slides thathave the questions on them make surethat that is working yeah just reconnectawesome so what's the average price forstaging a family room master bedroom andkitchen no real way to answer that and Iwant you to look at it differently soit's not really what's the average thatyou want to be after it's really what isit what's it going to take for you to beable to make a profit now you do need toknow what fees are in your neck of thewoods so if you're part of a researchApter chapter members are usually veryvery willing to share some informationyou want to get into a range I certainlywould never there's another slide downthe line that's going to talk aboutpricing and I just recommend that yourcompetitive or slightly above what'sbeing competitive you've got to be inthe realm and the worst thing you can dofor your business is be the low priceleader no lows low price leaders youdon't want to do that Risa did collectsome survey results on pricing and wehave it on our website so if you go tothe real estate staging Association commwebsitethen there you click on its resourcesand then reset publications you're gonnaget a lot of publications on there soyou can look for the one on pricing andwe do have some averages that were takenabout two and a half years ago so youcan find averages some states we havelisted individually it's if we got thedata there we can report back if wedon't have the data it won't be in thereport so you can check out certainthings and it goes by square foot notnecessarily these particular roomsalthough those are the key rooms so weusually save a minimum of five weekswhat's the average time frame moststagers do their initial stagingcontract for sixty days and then it'srenewable every thirty days after thatthat is what is typical and standard inthe industrythe key is that you want to be able tohave your staging out there for enoughtime for them to get all thecontingencies removed so you want to getthrough escrow you want to get down toyour closing and that's when you'regonna want to take it out because ifsomething goes wrong with that listing alot of times homeowner or an agent willsay pull the stage and pull the stageand we got the offer we accepted it wellan accepted offer is great and howeveruntil it's closed it ain't yours so ifthey pull out everything ahead of timeand then escrow falls through andsomething horrible happens now they gotto restage it and they're gonna ask youthat stager can you come stage it forfree it didn't it didn't work out andthey they'll never quite understand whythey have to pay again so I alwaysrecommend do your first 60 days if itsells quickly that'll get to everythingthat you need to do to get it throughescrow what resources are there forscheduling and have clients pay onlinefor a point and have clients pay onlinefor appointments I think I understandwhat you're asking so there's schedulingyou can use a CRM different CRM stagesare kind of all over the place on thiswe actually have somebody right nowthat's working on putting a CRM togetherjust for stagers but there's 17 hatsthere's Zoho lots of them out there so Iwould look for a CRM a lot of Statersare using Squarespace or QuickBooks fortheir payments onlineto be able to send an invoice that waysome stagers are doing wire transfers Ihighly recommend that you go the wiretransfer route especially if you want toavoid the credit card fees not allstates allow you to put a surcharge or aconvenience fee on a credit card fee alot of places they all pay 3% extra wellmost of states it's illegal to do thatcheck your own state it's called theVisa MasterCard Act and you can also dothe wire transfer so it's actually justfrom their bank to your bank so you canlook into that as well there need go topaint colors for 2019you know this is a great question andI'm gonna answer it kind of funny andI'll tell you why it's funnybecause I love the staging industry Ican't stand staging which means that I'mthe business and if there's anything youwant to learn about the business end ofstaging I am your gal I will I couldclose a sale I could get somebody onboard I can convince the husband thatdoesn't want to do it to that beggingyou to come in and stage the propertyanything business out there that's whatI'm more focused on the paint the colorthe sofas the artwork does not interestme in the slightest bit I can do it Idon't like to do it so my answer to thatwould be if I was going to do it it'snot necessarily I wouldn't look at isthere a go to paint color for 2019 Ievery projects an individual project andyou need to choose the correct paintcolor that's right for that particularproject so paint colors I alwaysrecommend going with neutrals andbringing in color through your art andaccessories and your furniture so that'swhat I recommend now if you want tolearn more about color go to the Risawebsite real estate staging associationcom hover hover over the word educationand you're gonna get a drop-down and onewill say color and there's a couplecolor classes on there if you take oneof those or reach out to those galsthere they're experts in colorI'm not so I'm not even going to try tofake it what is a competitive rate tocharge this is a great question and it'snot one easily answered because I haveno idea where you're locatedand no idea what's going on in yourlocal area but I want you to look atthis a little bit differently and thinkof it this way again you don't want tobreed that low price leader becauseagents and homeowners they usually goout and they get a couple different bidsand then somebody the biggest mistakethat somebody that is new into theindustry will happen is when they go outand they underbid everybody else just toget that job you need the photos youneed a job you need just one client youjust need a foot in the door so worstthing that's ever going to happen to youif you do it by being a lowball erand number one that clients always goingto expect that from you and I know thislike I know I'm waking up in the morningit happens and they will hold you tothat for the rest of your relationship Ihave somebody that I have been workingwith for over 10 years did me a favorand I'm never going to get out of it I'mgonna owe this person until I am deadbecause that's what they think and it'svery difficult to get out of it so whenI'm looking at pricing think of it thisway usually have kind of differentlevels of people in their businessesright and you have let's say let's justuse a restaurants for an example you'vegot a fast-food restaurantBurger King McDonald's subway that's alower price level then you get a higherprice level restaurant and maybe that'sa decent Mexican restaurants that's notquite a chain but it's a really goodrestaurant they're a little bit moreexpensive in their pricing and you'regetting a little bit better stuff andthen you've got your really nice Eliterestaurants that you're going to that'sjust gorgeous food real chefs and you'regoing to pay top dollar what kind ofbusiness are you are you the subwaystageror are you somebody that is a higher endthat's bringing really great qualitiesto what you're doing so me I wouldrecommend that if you can get otherstagers in the area to tell you aboutwhere their pricing not how they'recoming to it or anything but just thatyou don't want to be an under bidderI personally would bid it at the higherend because again what do you want tolook how do you want to look to it to apotential clientso there's always going to be somebodythat's a price kicker you know they aretire kicker they just want the lowestprice and if you if you advertise thelowest price and you put it out therethat's all you're going to attract arepeople that want a low price leader andthey are typically pitas big-time andflippers are the worst and Carol youjust made it they want to deal at thestart and they're gonna tell you thatthey're gonna have more business for youand it never comes through on thebusiness that they do come through againit'll be ten years and you'll be stillpaying the same price so I recommendthat you price in the upper level of therange what are some good ways to manageinventory as a newbie same way thatyou'd manage it if you were in it forten yearsexcept I strongly recommend that youstart managing it from day onehere's another mistake that new stagersmake and it's the same sentence for acouple things once I get a few jobsunder my belt give me a year until I'mmaking some money then I can afford todo XYZ and the things that they aretrying to afford to do XYZ are thingslike build an amazing website so insteadthey go to a GoDaddy or a Squarespacesomething that doesn't look great theydon't know how to do it and it actuallylooks like a hobbyist did it but theydon't realize that but that's the firstimpression that they put out becausethey wouldn't invest in paying a realweb person who knows what they're doingto make you look amazing and they don'twant to do that same thing withinventory management and this is why Iwant you to look at things a little bitdifferently with inventory managementand the investment that you're going tomake in a program for inventorymanagement is going to save you tons ofmoney down the line so you are going topay a monthly subscription fee to eitherdarby or stage force if you go to therisa website under the resources you'regoing to find inventory management andthey're both there but i think it's myDarby comm and stage force comm you cancheck them out and I'm going to typethem here in the chat box I believethose are the correct domain names so goto both of them check them out do somedemos ask other stagers which one who'shaving more success with whatand do it from the beginning as soon asyou start building your inventory here'swhy that all added up wait until a yearuntil I've made some money so I canafford a subscription service I meaneven if it's only 20 50 bucks a monthwhatever it is even a hundred bucks amonth it's not a hundred but if it wasit'd still be worth it because what'sgonna happen in a year when you've gotall your inventory and you've got allthis stuff now you've got a catalog itand now you will have spent more moneypaying somebody 15 bucks an hour tocatalog everything and to get yoursystem up and working so if you do it asyou go and it's gonna be just so muchbetter for you so check out those twoand get it done quicker rather thanlater how do you get permission to useMLS photos for your portfolio greatquestion and I'm also gonna when I havequestions like this that I want toeducate somebody on so it's like they'rereally not MLS photos there are photosthat go on the MLS but I do know what itis that you're asking and my question isto you is why would you want to get yourown photos so here's the thing withphotography photography rights andcopyrights go to the photographerphotographers sell a limited licenseagreement to real estate agents who buythose photos to be able to put them onthe MLS and on their websites okaythat's wonderfuland now a lot of times the stager willgo to the real estate agent say hey canI have those photos and the agent sayswhy of course you can I bought them theythink they're theirs when in realitythey're not I actually know a stager whogot sued by a photographer for over 25thousand dollars because she was usingthe photos that the agent gave her theagent does not own the rights to thephotos they own it for their exclusiveusage which means they can't share themwith anybody else so the one way I wantyou to look at this as well is you cango to a photographer and ask if theagent is paying for the photography andyou saw some photos that you just haveto have for your website go to thephotographerask them to sell you the photos that wayyou have permission to use them inaddition for the staging projects thatare really good and when you're wantingthose photos for your website hire yourown photographer a lot of stagers willactually add that as a value on to theirbusiness where they have a greatrelationship with a local photographerthey're including that in their stagingof course you just you know put that feeinto your bidyou don't line-item it but you justaccount for it in the money that you'regoing to be receiving so you're not at aloss for anything you get the photos andthey're great for your website so I'dalways recommend that you getprofessional photos on your website youshould never ever ever ever put a photoand after photo on your website that'snot professional photography yourstagers and you want to be able to walkthe talk you're teaching people aboutfirst impressions so it's really ironicand kind of important that when you arediscussing your first impressions withpeople about them making a great firstimpression to buyers and then you have awebsite that's not absolutely stunningit's really hard for people to take youseriously so you really want theprofessional photos on your websiteotherwise you look like somebody who'sdoing it for a hobby so what are some ofthe effective low cost marketingtechniques being used for bookingstaging jobs and what internet sourcesare being used what are some of theeffective low cost marketing techniquesbeing used for booking staging jobs kindof not really sure the direction of thequestion I could see this could go acouple ways if you happen to havesubmitted this question go ahead andtype in the chat box if you can clarifya little bit more and I'll kind of keeptalking what I think it is that you'remeaning low cost marketing techniques ifyou are meaning that what is a good wayto be able to do low cost marketing sopeople are attracted to you there's lotsof things that you can do networkingvolunteerism I am a big proponent ofgetting involved on the on the locallevel in a local women's council orlocal Association of Realtors a recentchapter get involvedif you want business from real estateagents you need to hang out where theyhang out and you need to infiltratetheir area so that's what I recommendhowever I'm kind of a chatty individualand some people don't like that theydon't like the networking they don'twant to go out and do that so if it's asquare peg round hole then you've got tofind other ways to be able to do it andI would recommend marketing directly tohomeowners and I believe there's a slidecoming up where I'll talk a little bitmore about that if I didn't answer thequestion go ahead and type it in here ifyou submitted this and I didn't quitehit it right just go ahead and type thequestion in what you really wanted me tosay whatever to answer and I willredress it and I'm just typing a notehere for somebody to reconnect if youagain if you lose it just reconnectwhat's a typical target profit margin onstaging jobs excellent questionwhen you're first starting out andyou're very small the reporting thatI've been back with people are they'rethey're they were usually about the 15%so you really your goal is you want toget to 30% so when you really haveeverything going on you've got yoursystems down and you know what yourprofit margins are aim for 30% what'sthe most overlooked or forgotten issueor area that most stagers miss see nowthis I don't know if the question ismeant for problem areas in a house withactual staging or if it's what are youmissing with your own business so if yousubmitted this question and you canclarify go ahead and stop and type it inso Pat and Vicki okay you both have thequestion about images I'll get to thatin a second so the most overlookedthings I think that when it comes toyour business it's really about makingthe first impression it's peopleoverlook just so many things that theycan do on their website to positionthemselves better and to not look like ahobbyist so they really missed the markon that and then for inside of the houseI think a lot of times I see new stagersangle furniture andit drives me cuckoo and it's you don'talways put everything on an angle I seeso many bedrooms the the secondarybedrooms where there's a twin bed andit's flying out of a corner stop don'tdo that make a real bedroom and theydon't make things look real enough sothey do their staging that is so scantit's so it's not polished it doesn'tlook healthy it doesn't look a robust sothey use too little into a room and andthen the wrong things in the wrongplaces so what I recommend that peopledo anybody who's new starting out in theindustry I highly recommend that you goto Home Staging industry Awards comm andlook at the winners we have top tenlists and you'll be able to see who theactual winners are so you if you studypeople's work that are actually winningawards it'll be able to fill in a lot ofthose blanks especially when it comes tothe design blinks and the ideas a lot ofpeople I I see they missed the mark whenthey're working with a focal pointespecially in a living room and whenthat focal point is dead in the middleof the room with a fireplace I see a lotof people putting the sofa perpendicularto the or facing the actual fireplaceinstead of maybe putting one on the leftside one on chairs or another sofa onthe right side and making a conversationpiece if anybody looks up the HomeStaging industry awards you'll seeexactly what it is that what I'mreferencing has anybody a proPhotography students from a localcollege to start out if you can't afforda real photographer I actually have notheard of that Nikki but that's really agood idea this was a question that cameup in the chat box but the other thingthat I would want to say is the world isfull of money afford it it's aninvestment so you can't afford a realphotographer you've got to position yourbusiness correctly in order to be ableto have those funds so it's very veryimportant most photographers I think arerunning around three or four hundredbucks for some photos definitely worththe investment what are the currentrates charged in Florida for staging orany state and is there a typical ratefor home stagers there's not and againit's it's a really difficult to look atthe rates of what's going on but look inthe Risawebsite go to resources and then go tothe publications and find that pricingreport and you can see some pricing butagain if you price just by what thereport says or you price just becausewhat one stager says in your area youcould put yourself out of businessquickly you need to look at yourexpenses so it's really about chargingenough to figure out what are all yourexpenses for a particular job and when Isay all I mean all driving gas yourinsurance your overhead your staffmembers your delivery fees you name itit's all got to be in there and then howmuch do you need to be able to make aprofit and then I would say just smackthat number on top of it and that's yourfee of what you're charging somebodyso sometimes stators they reallyoverthink it and they want a formulalike a square foot or times this by thisyou can figure out your own formulas butthe bottom line comes down to what doesit cost you to do the job and then howmuch money do you need to make on top ofthat to make it worth it to get out ofbed in the morning and and to be able tomake a profit so if you just if it's athousand dollars you need to clear oneach job take your expenses for that jobtack on a thousand bucks see what thatlooks likeit's 1,500 you need to make plus 1500 onit try calculating your fees that wayand see how it looks to you soway to target homeowners marketingdirectly to homeowners lectures flierswhat's the best ROI for marketingdirectly to homeowners same question forbuilders okay I love this question thisis one of my favorite things to do youcan go to probably any of the realestate websites out there realtor.comZillow and whatnot and they all havesearch features the one that I know forsure is red fin and I'm sure the otherones do as well you get notifications onthings but red fin you can actually do asearch within a certain geographic areaand with that you can download all thelistings so if you can't you can sortthem by how many days they are on marketso what I would do I actually teach aclass called trailblazing marketing forreal estate stagers and in a nutshellthis is what you do you find all thelistings that are older listings thathave been on the market an extendedperiod of timeunsold have photos online that you knowyou can help so obviously it's probablysomething that hasn't been staged ormaybe it's vacant what you need to do isyou need to create an amazing flier andwhen I say amazing I mean amazing and itneeds to have what your claim to fame isso claim to fame is a statistic ofanother listing that you've done thatwas really impressive that you can puton this flier so you can put language onthe flier like has your bit home been onthe market for more than 90 days and itstill hasn't sold your company name canhelp call us today we just staged thislisting in your neighborhood where wejust staged this listing it sold in fivedays for 20,000 over list price whateverthe claim to fame is put your best workout there put your best photography onit and the flier has to be professionalyou cannot use clip art in the file itcannot look like you did it if you don'tknow what it is that you're doing it isworth it to hire somebody to do thesefor you because the impression thatyou're making if you send something thatlooks homemade somebody's gonna look atit and they're not gonna they're notgonna take you seriously so that's whatI recommend that you do and then what Irecommend that you do is keep track ofit so in that Excel spreadsheet thatyou're able to download you can actuallyadd some columns to it and then you cantrack you've sent a marketing message onone day and thenseven or eight days mail them anotherone and snail mail it to them mail themanother one and have it be a differentlisting and then if you do homeownerworkshops which I highly recommend thatpeople do you can do a home sellersworkshop where it's teaching them how tostage the home themselves it's occupiedyou target occupied homeowners and thenyou send them a flyer about yourworkshop they're still get pay for youas a consultation the workshop is simplya consultation done in a workshopsetting with multiple people at one timeso you can advertise your workshop youcan get people to send you picturesahead of time they can come in you canhave some little snacks you have aprojector and you go through eachproject one at a time with their photosand giving them feedback on what theycan do it's like getting a consultationagain but it's all in the same placeBuilders go back to this for a secondkeep track of everything so on day oneyou sent this flyer day two you sentthis one and then over time you're goingto be able to track your results so thenyou'll be able to figure out hey youknow what on average it takes aboutthree mailings for somebody to actuallyrespond to one and so you'll be able todevelop your own formula and be able todo that on a regular basis so samequestion for builders builders you canalso do workshops for them you cancontact builders and let them know thatthey need to stage their listings youneed to educate them most of themalready realize this because there'scertain homes that don't need stagingand those are the ones that the flippersbuy you can't if you put lipstick on apig it's still a pig so the investorsbuy the homes that are going to beflipped they're just in a shambles whenthey get them they're not stagedobviously which is fine and then they'regoing to put all that work into it andthen like really you're not going tomerchandise this property so it's justall about effective communication andbeing able to communicate to thebuilders this the same concept of why itis that they need to stage the home soif you go into builders offices you cango to a Builders Association meetingsyou I would join as an affiliate memberof theirs and just kind of infiltratethe same way that you do with realestate agents soto offer free consultations at charityevents so what language is good to offerservices without lessening the value ofthe service less I mean the value ofservice won't even be a concept thatyou'll have to deal with because yourservices are professional and worthsomething so change your thought processon that question and have it be aboutthe fact that your service is awesomethat you can help people it's anoccupied console you put the value of iton there whatever it is write up thecertificate have great marketingcollateral that comes along with itespecially a lot of times they do silentauctions have it be amazing you couldhave a little book a little look bookyou know your little portfolio in a bookso people can see what it is you againyou get some great marketing collateraland you can certainly do that I wouldn'tdo consultations for free to get photosand I wouldn't I'm losing my trainso I was reading two things so Iapologies I apologize for that I'm gonnaend it on that because I see thisquestion over here from Laura I thoughtwith Risa you couldn't use stock photosbut have to use your own photos that iscorrect Laura that's correctno stock photos so I didn't I don't knowif maybe somebody misheard me I didn'tsay you stock photos on the last one yesand you used your best photos of yourbest work on the fliers anything thatyou send out all your marketingcollateral should have the absolute bestof the best software or inventory tipswere organizing your items best way toarrange inventory darbian stage forceare the inventory tracking software thatstagers are using and the best way toarrange your inventory you get a lot oftips on this if you go to any of therecent events Risa Conroy we always havea session on warehouse and storage butultimately you have to find kind of whatworks for you what works for onepresenter they'll have a lot of greatideas but your warehouse might be set upa little bit differently so you have tojust think strategically and how you'regonna arrange your furniture so can giveyou some obvious tips if you have adouble a mezzanine or any type of upleveling in your warehouse asecond-story obviously you're not goingto put sofas up there you're not you'reonly gonna put your lightest materialsup there your soft goods pillows thingslike that so you just want to makethings smart decisions you say so what'seasy to get in what's easy to get outand then your packing it's veryimportant to properly pack yourinventory as well so it doesn't getscratched up Vicky's questionhave photos yet or know where to getyour images before and after stagingwhere do you get images before and afterstaging Viki you take them yourself soyou cannot use stock photos if you're astager and you're using stock photosthat is the most unethical thing thatanybody can ever do it's not your workand it's lying in it's misleading sowhat you do if you don't have any at allyou live in a home in your home you haverooms take a picture of our room beforeand then stage it make it look stellardo a neighbor do your cousin your sisteryour mother your brother your fatheranybody you've got friends you haveresources that you can come in and mosteverybody if you asked your circle ofpeople they'd be happy to help you outso you can do a couple of those in orderto get the photos it's a really greatidea again use the professionalphotography when you're doing it whatshould you bring to an initial consult agreat question so this is what Irecommend I am actually recommending thewalk-and-talk consolespeople used to do the first ten years orso in the industry people were doingwritten consultations so they come outthey look at the property they take alltheir pictures they go back home they'dsit down and try to do a word documentor a PowerPoint or something along thoseway to insert the photos and give awritten synopsis of what somebody woulddo to that particular home or thatparticular room most people are doingthe walk and talk now it's because thethe written it's going to take you hoursto go back home and do that and ifyou're only in charging $250 for aconsultation it takes you five hours todo to do your presentation to to getyour consult done and email it back tothem you're not making any money so theoccupied consultation when you go you'regoing to go from room to room until theclient every single thing it is thatthey can do in order to stage theproperty they're gonna take the notesthemselves now I would also leave someleave behind and what I recommend forthat is again great marketing collateralyou should have a folder beautifullybranded with your information yourbusiness cards should be in theirarticles that you're writing for yourblog because we all know you're writingarticles for your blog if you're not youshould get those out and print them onfantastic paper good quality papertake some of the recent reports that wehave any information from Risa theconsumers guide to real estate staginghas a section that is about a six-weekmoving checklist you can actuallydownload the PDF print out that movingchecklist for them and put that into thefolder so you just want to leave theminformation statistics maybe somedecorating tips some organizing tipsanything that's going to help them to beable to carry out your instructions onthe consult and to be able to get themto move so anything that's helpful thatyou can leave behind is what I wouldrecommend that you bring you also wantto bring your paint decks if you'resomebody that carries you know fabricswatches and things like that you canalways have them if there's a time thatyou're going to need them sometimes youmight have a swatch of something and tobe able to say you need this type ofmaterial and buy these pillows andthey're like I don't know what that Idon't know what a chenille is and thenuse it oh my it will show you and thenyou bring it out and then you can showthem or they say here's something youwant to get some artwork with a chevronpatternwhat's a chevron pattern well here'shere it is right here so you can bringthat you can also bring your lookbookyour portfolio if you have somethingthat's printed you can bring that aswell and you can also show people on atablet about your work so you want to beable to show people your portfolio aswell also in the leave behind thatyou're leaving with them havetestimonials in there great testimonialsso what's the best way to approachRealtors to start building arelationship I prefer a stealthy kind ofinvasion myself and again that for meit's the networking but it works for meit doesn't work for everybody so it'sjust building a relationship and beinghonest with people and speakingpassionately about what it is that youdo you can do workshops you can teachclasses there's an MC class that Risahas that's approved for continuing edcredits in about 17 different states thestates were not approved in we can getapproved in so you can look into do thatand becoming an approved instructor ifyou've been in business for more than ayear you can look to do that so you canbuild relationships that way so youcould be standing up in front of 20 realestate agents to teach a classyou're teaching from your heart you'renot selling yourself it's not about youit's not about your business you'reactually being elevated as a real estateexpert a real estate staging expertthat's an instructor that's going toteach them about why they need staginghow it works how to explain it to theirclients so when you come in as theexpert you don't need to sell yourselfbecause you're already sold by defaultand all of the real estate instructorsthat we have have all received businessand you also make $35 a student so it'sa win-win for everybody so I highlyrecommend that but I also again Irecommend getting involved go to some oftheir events go to a marketing meetinggo to a lunch and go to a fashion show acrab feed whatever is that they havegoing on go and just go and be don't goand say you're gonna go hand out 50business cards and you're gonna take 50business cards and then you come homeand you put them into your database andyou email them just go and don't shoveyourself down their throat go and buildrelationships with people just talk tothem about everyday things when they askyou what you do you can say yourelevator speech and then end it and it'slike okay if you ever needed help on alistening let me know I'd be happy togive you some feedback and then whenthey call then you can get them into anappointment so just be very casual withthemRealtors are sold all day long they havegot title hitting them up attorneysmortgage lenders home inspectors homewarranty stagers you name itthey're getting hit up by everybody whatare the essentials that it begin ourneeds good questiontraining training I highly recommendtraining if somebody has not gonethrough a core foundation training tolearn how to start a business you aredoing yourself a huge disservice it'ssomething that you don't know what it isthat you don't know and you can jump ona webinar like this I'm gonna be herefor an hour and all the information thatI give you I know is amazing it'slife-changing for everybody I'm notgonna cover it all so I do recommendhighly that you get into a class getyour foundation in andand start to grow your business and thenas you start to grow and as time goes onyou're going to have different types ofneedsbut if you're looking besides trainingthe obvious your phone a computer awebsite your marketing material is agreat business card some collateralmarketing collateral positive attitudeconnections networking all those thingsabout building a business you're anentrepreneur so you really want to doeverything that you can to be to looklike a successful entrepreneur soeverything it is that you do I reallyyou you can do it one or two ways it'seither correct or it's not it's eitherperfect or it's not if you do anythingthat is less than and people can noticethat that's a red flag for them it's ared flag when they say Oh somebody'soperating more like a hobby or they're anew beer they're a beginner then it isthen if they've been around for a whileyou can be a newbie in a beginner andyou don't have to look like it youabsolutely don't have to look like itbecause you just need to invest in theright areas in your business to makeeverything that you're doing lookamazing so it'd recommend to have awide-angle lens for final photos if youare taking your own photography I wouldhave all the lenses that you need so youcan do them when you need them a lot oftimes people are doing some amateurphotography and they make things lookall fish-eyed and wide angled and itstretches the photos they need to bereal so if you are starting to get someyour feet wet with trying to take yourown photos take a class I highlyrecommend taking a class how and when doyou ask for payment when you send thecontract this is the payment that's dueand you ask for payment before you lifta finger for anything it's a one ofthose things that you don't get out ofbed don't go to a consult without it youget it before you leave your houseotherwise people will stiff you and youdon't want thatTerri's asking a question in the chatshe's only completed a few occupied justmove to a more rural area with very fewstages how's the best way to findcolleagues to bounce ideas offcollaborate with someone to help withstaging great question Facebook join ourFacebook groups if you're a recentmember you can join the Risa group ifyou're not or even if you are you canalso jump join stage it forward do youjoin those groups there's lots offeedback so you people can postquestions everybody else is going to runto answer it you're going to get a lotof varying opinions it does help to beable to do that and depending on whereyou are even some of the rural areaseven with a very few Cedars you canactually form a research chapter so ifyou are in an area where we don't have achapter you can contact Gina at HQ andI'm gonna just throw her email in thechat and you can ask her about what doesit take to join to us start a chapterhow often do you suggest bloggingoriginal content and about how manywords great question Deb you know whenyou're looking at the blogging on yourwebsite a lot of people you want to doyour blogging to raise your SEO andthere's two ways that you can do thisone is you can write tip or your typicalarticles a how-toif you got inspiration you went to homegoods and you saw a great pillow take apicture of it in the home goods and thenuse it in a staging and write a shortarticle that you love the color you lovethe fabric whatever it might be it canbe as short as 600 words you just needthe good keywords in there and thenthere other blogging that you want to dois every time you complete a stagingproject take those after photos and makea blog post out of it the photos againthey've got to be amazing they've got tobe nice and big professional photos yourcompany name just staged this listing incity state list it and use those wordsbecause those are good SEO words at thevery beginning you want to have good SEOwords in the very beginning of yoursentence and then have them sprinkledthroughout your website so if you do acouple stagings a week do one for eachone of them but if you can get some newcontent on your website twice a weekyou're doing amazing but you want to doit at least once a week the more you doit the more Google sees thatyour website is an actual moving websitethat has information on it okay do Ihave recommendations on staging coursesyes and I'm going to get to that in justa moment what are the importantquestions to ask in a consultation thisis a really great question and you knowI always would recommend that you justget to know your people get to know yourclients if you can get to know somebodyand you can connect that with them on apersonal leveleverything about that businessarrangement is gonna go a lot smootherso you know how long have you lived herewhere are you moving to what's going onwith you why are you guys you know whyare you moving it could be something badthat happened to them and now you knowand that's priceless information becauseyou can handle things differently youcan might need to be treating them witha little bit kid gloves if there's adeath in the family or a divorce orsomething along those lines so you wantto figure out what's why are theymotivated to sell why are they leavingwhere are they going to if they're astrict timeframe all that type ofinformation you just want to investigateall of it and that's going to give youthe information that you need to be ableto kind of seal some deals so whenyou're doing a consult if it's a DIYoccupied you're still going to give themeverything it is that they need but thenat the end of it because you've giventhem so much information they may decidewell how much does it just cost for youto come back and do the staging and ifyou know some insight about theircircumstances ahead of time it's justgoing to be able to help you either getsthem to the next step but let me warnpeople don't go into a consultationthinking that you're a failure if youdidn't upsell to a full staging wrongcomplete attitude about it if you get astate a consultation and you charge themand I'm just gonna use a round number$300 for that consultation you go in youdo it you give it their fear all yougive them every single morsel ofinformation that you have to give themand you give it freely and you walk awayand it doesn't matter if you don't getthe upsell on a staging project becausethey paid you for a consultation so alot of mistakes that stagers make I knowyou'll all laugh at this because I didbecause doesn't make any sense to me isthey were holding back in theconsultationin hopes that they would hire thatstager for the full staging and so whenI pointed out to the fact when thisperson wasn't getting any jobs for thefull staging it was like well why wouldthey pay you leaving more money whenthey didn't get their money's worth inthe first time so give them everythingit is that you've got when you're doingthe consult most single most importantrole to not forget in any property itneeds to look finished and I'm gonna usethe analogy you know how sometimes wesee on line what we call the agentstaging or the vignette staging it justlooks empty if it doesn't serve itspurpose don't do it vignette stagings Iwould never if I was a professionalstager I would never do these they lookunfinished it looks like the stagerdoesn't know what they're doing evenwhen somebody asks you for it and that'sthe perception that's out there so youcan be a stager I know a higher percentwhat you're doing but a client hires youand say I have a small budget I can onlydo a vignette staging so you go in thereand do that but the bottom line is thiswhen you see a vignettes staging on theMLS it realtor.com when you're lookingsuit look undone like a hobbyist andwhat's your first thing oh they couldn'tconvince or they didn't know what theywere doing so when other people arelooking at and even other listing agentsare looking at that and they know it'syour work it's a poor reflection on youand nobody knows that it was a budgetissue so for me personally yeah owning astaging business I would never offer thevignettes it just looks unfinished so Iwould say full staging and makeeverything makes sense it's got to lookgood how do you handle moving yourinventory to stage and D stageproperties if you're too small to havemovers on staff what percentage ofstaging cost should be should be movingcost speed okay so this is a toughquestion if you're small and you youdon't and you can't afford to pay moversyou're probably not charging enough foryour staging so if you're in a conundrumthere's really only just have to do ityourself that's how ever it is that youcan do it so unfortunately I would belooking at your business model and I'dbe looking at your pricing structurebecause you're not too small to havemovers never to somedo that you cannot afford a mover ifyou're not pricing correctly but ifyou're pricing correctly you can getshort-term staff you can get on-demandpeople to help you with things anddevelop relationships with people thatyou know that you're only going to callin a couple times a week or maybe evenif it's once a week to be able to dothat and then what percentage of thestaging cost should be should the movingcost be I want you to re-examine thatand think of it another way it's notthat it should be a percentage it's whatit is you just add it in whatever thecosts of moving if you had to pay moversto come staff part-time staff members tocome and move and you paid themout-of-pocket you've got to include thatinto your staging bid so you don't everwant to look at it like it's apercentage like you can only allocate somuch money out of that you're looking atit from the opposite of the opposite wayyou need to figure out what your costsare first those are your costs the costis the cost of the cost doesn't matterthere's no negotiation because you'renot a charity to be able to give peoplethings that you're not going to get paidfor so the cost of the moving the movingtrucks the delivery fees all of thatthat's your set cost so that's the way Iwant you to look at that kind of reframethat a little bit coming from adifferent line of work how do youestablish credibility passion passionit's really talking about it from apoint of reference that you are excitedabout what it is that you're doing andstage a few listing in stage yourneighbor's house stage a living roomshow people what it is that you can doso as long as you are able to presentyourself in a professional manner andyou can effectively communicate that youknow what it is that you're doing inyou're passionate about what you'redoing and people trust you people aregoing to believe that people do businesswith you because a lot of times theytrust you not just because they havewhat it is that you needso think about trust in building therelationships what do you use for photoswhen you're starting out do you everoffer free staging exchange for photos Iwould never offer free staging inexchange for photos you just devaluedwhat you did and you just told peopleyou were a newbie so I wouldn't do thatthey don't need to know you're newbieit's just like when somebody wants toset an appointment with youyou either don't want to do it at thattime or whatever the reason is you don'twant to do it you don't say you know Ihave gym class or I am yoga right thenit's I'm booked they don't need to knoweverything about that so when you arestarting out again your own house yourneighbor's house get photos somewherethere's plenty of things that you can doto be able to get your own photos thatyou don't need a pain client for youknow people use them though they willmost likely let you do itI don't know anybody that's ever askedsomebody that had said no taxes pay emthis is what the question was yell soI'm so sorry if you posted this questionyou can clarify what it is that you needme to reflect on so that would befantastic but taxes is that youabsolutely have to do it and you have topay them and you have to look at itVancenow I want to also mention some otherthings about taxes is that if you'rebuying wholesale then you're gonna haveto pay your taxes on your wholesalepurchases because they don't charge yousales tax cuz that's got to read bereported so you need to look into thatas well and if you you got it be able toput enough aside every out of every jobfor your taxes to be able to pay themquarterly what training courses do yourecommend have you heard the SP coursesI want to do a three-day person in classyes so what I recommend that you do isgo to the real estate stagingAssociation comm website hover over theword education you're going to get adrop-down that says staging training onthat page there are several the firstset of logos are accredited trainingproviders when these are Arisaaccredited training providers and whatthis means is that we have reviewedtheir policies their procedures theirtraining manuals their emailcommunications and their fiscalsoundness we have 62 points that we mustinsist that a training provider teachesin order to receive our accreditation sothey have these big binders that you'regoing to getand you we go through page by page andwe make sure that every subject matteris taught every staging trainingprovider may teach things a little bitdifferently and we want that because wewant people to have different slant onthings and people have different ideasso we're not going to mandate how it isthat they teach you but we're going tomandate what it is that they teach youso the first set of logos are the onesthat are accredited that have gonethrough our program the next set are ouraffiliate training providers and thoseaffiliate training providers are onesthat they haven't gone through theprogram it doesn't mean they're not justas good we can't say they just haven'tgone through the program for one reasonor another everybody that's on ourwebsite is provided their references arechecked and they all agree to a trainercode of ethics and they all agree toresolve conflict and they all agree thatif you take class from them andsomething goes wrong and you're notgetting anywhere and can't get somethingresolved that you can file a complaintwith risa and we can jump in to help younavigate that so what I recommend thatyou do is look online here are some hereand we recommend that you click on everylogo it will take you to informationabout their program and then followthrough to their website click on everysingle one go to their websites crossoff the ones that don't appeal to youfor whatever reason whittle that down toa smaller list and then call them but ifyou use this method you are going tofind one that's going to suit your needsyou might vibe with one a little bitmore than somebody else so if you usethat you're gonna get the one that'sgoing to be exactly perfect for you nowsome of these are online some of theseare in person so when you're starting tochoose there's some things that I Iwould just tips that I want you toconsider is one if you don't have a homeenvironment that's conducive to onlinelearning go to a go to a class go travelsomewhere and you are going to have totravel not all of these places you'regoing to have in your own backyard andthat's the other thing when you'rechoosing a training provider don'tchoose the one that is near you that youjust don't have to travel to don't letdon't make the distance be your decidingfactor make what they offer and what youneed to be the designing factor so ifyou're at home and your day goessomething along the lines of mom where'smy cleatsthe dog just peed on the floor when'sdinner coming I can't find my gym shortshomeworks you know just lost the dog atethe homework whatever you might want togo to a three day class someplace elseand you can just check out and go todoing class on the other hand if youhave an environment where you do reallywell online with online learning then goto an online class and try that a lot ofpeople do both they they take multipleclasses from people so this is what Irecommend the process that you use I'mgoing to get to some of these questionsoff to the side here for what reasonsshould we contact a lawyer should theyreview all of our contracts you're inGeorgia Susan the one of the single mostbest investments that you can make inyour business is paying for an attorneydo your contract this is another mistakethat new stagers make is that they don'tinvest enough money in their contractwhere they get it from a friend or theyfind something online they put it intotheir business model and then they don'teven realize what the contract statesthey don't really have a firmunderstanding of it and your contractshould also be something that's movingand growing at all times so if you comeacross a problem in a staging and youknow up I have to put that my contractadd it into your contract for the nextone get rid of the old one put the newone in if you hear somebody else who hada problem online and they're talkingabout that and that's not in yourcontract think ahead of the game if youthink that's something that can happenput that into your contract I highlyrecommend that you get an attorney to doit what do you need from your state fora trade discounts okay the correctlanguage is that you're going to get aresale license or a resale permit aseller's permit they call them differentthings in different states you can go toyour Department of Revenue Department ofTaxation Board of Equalization Secretaryof State all of they're all calledsomething different in every state soyou want to start there and it's just asimple application online most placesyou just do it online in California youcan actually download it online you canget it within five minutes and then theyhave it set up but then you've got tofile your taxes with them when you'repaying that back with your sales and usetaxthe difference between Rhys accreditedtraining versus Risa affiliate affiliatetraining accredited training has gonethrough the accreditation processaffiliates have not doesn't mean they'renot just as good it just means we can'tsay they are P's they haven't gonethrough our program they are all prevetted all pre-screened are referenceschecked so we had the question I want tokind of go back to the question abouttaxeswe started this event called Risaconnect in Atlanta and originally wewere having a lot of the season stageswere asking questions about you knowthey've been in the business for fiveyears or more or 10 years or morethey're having a little bit differentproblems and it's about how do youdevelop an exit strategy how do youretire how do you build that team onceyou're ready to build the team and wereally felt that these were moreseasoned stager type issues and weplanned this event Risa connectedAtlanta and in reality these are issuesthat new Staters need to address becauseagain these stators what's happeningonce they become in the business theydecide they want to sell it what's beenhappening is they're reaching out tobusiness valuators and to say you knowhow much does my business worth how do isell my company and the businessvaluator is coming back to them andthey're going oh you have to changeeverything about your business structureand all the proof that you need aregoing to be able to give to a buyeryou've got about two to three yearsworth of more work in order to get yourbusiness in tip-top shape staging yourbusiness in order to sell so we'reholding a home state or wealth Expo andbuying summit February 28th and March1st February 28th that's the day of theeducation and so we're going to behaving an actual attorney from Georgiaby the way and he's also a wealth experta wealth management expert he's going tobe talking about different taxstrategies that you can use I actuallyjust reviewed it today and I was soexcited and there's things that I didn'teven that I didn't even realize I meanit's like I knew it but I didn't realizeit enough to be able to coach anybody onit but you can reduce your overall taxliability by spending more in yourbusiness it lowers the profit margin ofthe business from your books point ofview which is okay because you're makingyour business more valuable and givingit more assets so there's lots of tipsand tricks and thingshe's going to teach everybody you needto decide are you running a business orare you running a practice now Ipractice is somebody that's more like asolopreneur it's really just you and ifsomething happened to you even if youhad staff members they could bepart-time they could be full-time but ifyou're the driving force somethinghappens to you what's gonna happen toyour business how are you gonna keep itgoing even for you to continue to cut apaycheck if you fall and break your legif you if you die the biggest exitstrategy is death is what he was sayingin retirement to them permanentretirement so he's going to talk aboutdifferent steps tax strategies how doyou categorize your assets whose assetsdo you put what else's you put in yourname or a spouse's name and how that canget you into a lot of trouble so if youare ever going to think about selling ina staging business or you ever want tothink about growing a team this is agreat event to be able to go to itsFebruary 28th and again March 1st is atour of America's March so we've alsoformed a buying group and the buyinggroup is additional discounts that youcan get if you're going to buy wholesaleso any stager can walk into a wholesaleprovider and I'll just use elk groupinternational as an example anybody canwalk in today or place an order onlineand you can get their wholesale pricingtheir designer showroom pricing it's thefirst level that you get in but if youwant to get stocking dealer price andthat's the lowest price that you can getbefore you get to container pricingwhere you're ordering you know 60 sofasin one container and the stocking dealeris typically reserved for furniturestores they're really big ones and ifyou're part of the risa buying group atelk group if you weren't part of thegroup you'd have to spend $15,000 withthem in order to get stocking dealerprice with your part of the risa buyinggroup you don't have spend the 15,000and then you're going to get I believeit's 25% below stocking dealer pricewhen you're part of that so we're goingto go on a quick tour of the AmericasMart and we'll turn people loose to beable to place some orders I also checkout risa con Vegas this is the largestevent of the year Risa connect is goingto be a very small group of peopleprobably somewhere between you know 15and 30 people check it out it's there'ssomething here for everybody but there'salso Vegas in Julythat's an amazing event it's the biggestevent of the year that's where we havethe Home Staging industry awards andit's just fantastic we had over 446people this last year and then you canalso go to the Vegas market and hit thatthe following days on 28 that marketstarts anybody can go to these we havemember pricing and non-member pricingdoesn't matter if you've had training ornot so you're either a member of Reeseor not a member so if you're not amember I suggest that you join and thatway you get the member pricing for allof our events it's always works that wayand that's it for me on these particulareventsany other questions pop them in the sideI'm happy to stay on it's a little after5:00 if you have to drop off go aheadand drop off everybody's gonna get arecording but if you have more questionsI'm totally able to sit here and answerthem so yesShyvana you can absolutely register forall of our events you don't have to havethe training in order to do it shouldyou have a client slide the rentalagreement at the furniture store andthen up charge on that or when we signthe rental agreement in our name worriedabout the liability okay when you sayfurniture store to me that sales do youmean rental store like Cort furniturerental Susan try to answer itwaise so stagers do things differentlyand you can absolutely put courtokay so let's use court as the exampleokay so you can put a lease in your nameat court and you can get that thumb thelonger you have your lease the cheaperit is to rent it out okay so if yourented and I'm just gonna use roundnumbers if you rented furniture in alisting for 12 months you're going toget probably their best pricing thatthey've got you can take that furnitureand you can move it to a differentproperty so when you if you rent in yourown name you can do that if you rent inyour own name and you put that furniturein somebody else's home yes you have toworry about liability but there's somethings that you can do to mitigate somereally bad circumstances number one ifit's a vacant great it's vacant it's nota problem there's not going to be anypets or anything along those particularlines however in a vacant listing thereare the homeowners insurance doesn'tnecessarily cover your inventory so whathappens is you you put everything in alisting and court has what they call adamage waiver and that's just likelittle small snag a little small stainlittle cleaning average you know smallwear and tear but if somebody breaksinto that vacant listing and they spraypaint everything and yes it's happenedor they roll up a moving truck at 3o'clock in the morning and they emptythat listing with every single piece offurniture who's gonna cover that who'sgonna cover that loss so here's thething with court furniture rental theirdamage waiver doesn't replace thefurniture so if it gets damaged orstolen ruined or whateverwhoever's contract is the name is gonnahave to cover that the homeowner mightsay oh we're covered we have homeownersinsurance but here's the thing that mostpeople do not realize that homeownersinsurance most of it will not cover thecontents of the home if it's been vacantfor more than 60 days so if it's beenvacant for 60 days anything that's inthe home is not going to be covered ifhe comes in and spray paints it tears itor whatever they do with it now that'syour own inventory if you own it or ifit's court furniture rental okay so whatI would recommend that you do if you areputting anything especially in your nameor even in the homeowners name if thehomeowner signs the lease they knowexactly what the pricing is and it's intheir namebut again the homeowners insurance isnot going to cover it if they don't evenown the inventory so it's not likelyit's gonna cover it for court butluckily that's okay because I've beenworking on something for 16 years and Ijust got it taken care of anybody wantsto click on that link it's somethingcalled staging risk management so whatI've wanted to do for 16 years is to beable to have another policy that astager homeowner can get that you won'thave to use your policy because here'sthe thing about insurance when you useyour insurance what do they do theyraise your rates right well even aslittle as one claimed a five thousandseventy five hundred dollar claim onyour insurance policy to recover someloss they cannot sign you again a lot oftimes they're just gonna drop you so inorder to avoid that what I recommendthat you do is use this amazing policythat way your insurance doesn't have totake the hit and the homeowners doesn'thave to take it because this is whathappens when the homeowner has a losslet's say the house burnt down they'renot going to cover anything because theydon't know the inventory the house wasvacant or maybe it was just spraypainted up it's in your contract thatthey're responsible for it so that'sgreat they're responsible for it but weall know about responsibility nobodywants to take it when you point it outthat they need to so what it's going toend up happening if there's any type ofloss and you try to enforce that causein your contract then they don't want todo it and then they realize that oh mygosh this person just put thirtythousand dollars worth of furniture inmy house and now I have to pay themthirty thousand dollars on top ofeverything there's going to be a fight Idon't know anybody that would that wouldwant to do that so with the staging riskmanagement policy you can get a policyjust for the contents just for theinventory in that short term listing soyou can get it up to ten thousand up totwenty thousand or up to thirty thousandworth of insurance and it's very lowcost the highest is one hundred or threehundred dollarsI recommend that you put it in yourcontract and you state in your contractif you like the additional insurancecoverage check here and then it's theflat fee it's $300 and that way they'vecovered it so you you treat it similarlyto like the damage waiver at court it'sjust having them check that yes theywant it or no that they don't want itand then you build that in and then yougo online and you purchase the policy Ijust posted a link in the chat box so ifanybody clicks on that that'll take youto the Risa website and explain moreabout it there's actually a little videoon it so that is something that that Iwould highly recommend that people startusing can you join Risa even thoughyou're new without training yesRisa welcomes everybody well you wantyou here so you don't have to have anytype of formal training in order to jointhe organization again I highlyrecommend that you do get trainingbecause again you all don't know whatyou don't know so I strongly recommendthat you do that but yes absolutely joinus we've got lots of resources actuallywhen you join Risa you're going to getover $600 worth of webinars like thisone and others that we've done in ourlearning library so you can get allthose at no cost otherwise they're fiftydollars each when you buy them so it'sreally worth the effort to be able to doit then of course to get the eventsthrough the year and then you can alsojoin a chapter or start a chapter inyour area so any other questions that Ican cover for y'all tonight please justpop them up here in the chat box we aregettingto launch reso con probably Mondayyou'll see some information coming outand get registered for that we had 446attendees I highly recommend this eventwe're also going to be coming coveringthe wealth Expo strategies with someother professionals so you want to checkthat as well is it better to getincorporated or an LLC it's the samething so you you're all incorporatedyou're either a limited liabilitycorporation or you're a S corp or C Corpso with that you need information fromsomebody that's going to help you withhow the structure of your business isset up there are different benefits todoing this so I'm gonna scuse Californiaas an example I don't know where you areLaura but in California when you becomein corporation an S corp or a c-corpautomatically every year you're gonnapay $800 to the state of California justfor having Inc or LLC for that matter sosome people can do a limited liabilitysome are sole proprietor what this boilsdown to is really the structure of yourbusiness how many assets that you havedo you have personal assets if your soleproprietor somebody can go after yourpersonal assets when you're incorporatedthey can only go after the assets of thecorporationrisa membership is if you have been inbusiness for under a year you can gettheir regular you can get the regularmembership it's a hundred and thirtydollars a year posting the link againit's under my name shell broad necksit's all lit up so go ahead and checkthat out and it's also on the Risawebsite if you just go to the main realestate staging Association comm on thehome page it says SR Emma staging riskmanagement you can get to it from thereas well if you've been in business formore than a year and you want to get theRisa pro does Ignatian you can do thatit's 225 to start it's 190 a year torenew and the Reis approach designationit's a higher level designation and youcannot use any stock photos on yourwebsite at all with a regular membershipwe do allow for stock photos on youractual website but you have to have adisclaimer at the bottom telling peoplethat some of it is stock photobut you're not allowed to use stockphotos in your portfolio as areciprocatesthis is a higher level this is abouttelling people you are really really agreat professional and you're takingyour business seriously you have ahigher code of ethics due to those photorestrictions as well and then we areadding on more benefits for Visa Pro asyou go on down the line as well anyrecommendations to go to on insurancedue to this being so unique of anindustry I heard pin X only so far pen Xis the best insurance policy that youwant to ever get Judy phobes me tell youa story about the insurance sixteenyears ago it was very hard for us thepeople that created this industry myselfbarb Shores Jenny Norris a lot of peoplethat were out there a dream teamChristine Rae to get to get everybody tothe insurance brokers to understand ourbusiness that you're not a decoratorthey couldn't really put us in any kindof category so I worked with some peoplein the past so if the other trainingproviders worked in with people in thepast and they never quite got it andthen I met this angel of a woman namedJudy and she did the work she workedwith me directly to get as muchinformation as we possibly could aboutthe industry she's approached theunderwriters it is only because of theof the collective buying power and ourcollectiveness as a group as recess atrade association that we actually havegreat insurance now for home stagers sheknows the insurance and she's actuallythe dedicated rep for the hartford withtheir staging program so you can getyour general liability insurance throughJudy but againJudy's insurance policy that you get youcan start out with with that and you cangrow so if show the standard policy thatyou can get I think it's five or sixhundred dollars a year it's only gonnacover so much but as you grow and here'sa tip for you every year you need tolook at your business and say did I buymore inventory and do I need to tellJudy about it because what will happenis you will have a forest fire andeverything will burn down and youreverything will get ruined staging theinventory everything you're going totake a total loss and when you go toyour insurance carrier to make a claimand you say I have got seventy-fivethousand dollars worth of inventory andyou still got a starter policy and itonly covers ten thousand worth ofinventory you just took a huge loss soyou always want to end up toyour insurance person your broker aboutany new inventory any new changes thatyou make to your company throughout theyear you've got to let them know so Judyis the most educated person on theplanet with regard to insurance for thestaging industry highly recommend herokaywhat else can I answer can I use 3drendering let's talk about that virtualstaging risa does not advocate for avirtual staging it's not something thatwe are going to get behind and endorsewe there is the exact we have anexecutive we have committees within risawhere you know we have Staters thatvolunteer for different committees to beable to go out and make some policydecisions and changes and whatnotvirtual staging is one that they'retaking on right now and they're actuallyputting together a formal statement ofrisa to be able to talk about that butI'm just going to kind of go over it ina nutshell it's not staging number oneit's an artist's rendering or a 3drendering it doesn't accomplish the samething people try to use it to in aneffort not to pay for staging becausethey don't want to pay for it and thenthey put it online and then when thepeople get there it's still a nakedempty house so it's never going to dowhat staging can do period the end it'sjust if you should get to the house andit's not staged it's not staged so wedon't recommend it but it's your choiceif it's something in a service that youwant to offer duty folks kim judy phobesPenn X so it's a I'm gonna type it herePenn x.comJudy folks she's amazing she's alwaysalso a Tresa con so if you go to Risacon she's there but if you needinsurance I wouldn't wait on it anyother questions anybody hasI've had a really really goodinteraction tonight so thank you all fortaking time out of your day and yourevenings to be able to do this with me II love being able to give the feedbackto people and to help you it's probablyone of the best things about my job thatI absolutely love doing Thank You SusanCal Kelly I appreciate it I'm a littlebit different than some people I knowthat I say some things that are shockingand I do it for a reason I'm actually aRobyn's Madonna's trained life coach soI do a lot of what Tony Robbins doeswhen he says things that will just shockthe heck out of you but once you say itit makes people think and it really islike wow I never really thought of itthat way so it kind of works for me it'snot for everybody butif it's not for you I apologize I hopeit was informative Oh New Yorkthere you go to New Yorkers get me theyget me New Jersey girls get me even moreI love it so this is awesome it's been agreat time for me I also love Tony he'sgreat I actually saw him in person inOctober I did a a four hour he well itwas a two day event but he was on forfour hours and I'm also an empath so Ifeel people's energy I had to leave Iabsolutely love him but it wasoverwhelming I could literally feelhundreds of people energy around me andit literally made my skin crawl but he'samazing but he's got so much energy he'sgonna have you jumping up and down andyou're gonna be thirsty and exhaustedand the whole bit but it was a greatexperience all right I think that's iteverybody I'm gonna go ahead and wrap itup for tonight again check us outespecially recent con you're not gonnayou're never gonna regret going to RisaKhong are literally when we do feedbackon Risa Khan I think last year we hadone person that said they would notrecommend Risa Khan to somebody and whenall the other people that take thesurvey said they do it's like wow itmakes you wonder what was wrong whathappened with that person where whatkind of space were they in andunfortunately they did an anonymous so Ican't help them but it's very highlyregarded check out the pictures onlinethe websites going to be up hopefullyMonday you'll see an announcement comingout all over social media and we'll alsoemail it out to everybody so again thankyou for joining and taking some time outof your night tonight until next timehappy staging[Music]

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This edition Shell covers the following (& more!)
– How to share the benefit of staging with real estate agents
– How to get permission to use MLS photos for your portfolio
– How and when do you ask for payment?
– What is a typical profit margin on a staging job?
– Best way to arrange inventory?
– What are the essentials that a beginner needs?

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