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February 2019 Real Estate Expert Spotlight ~ Decluttering Your Home

[Music]welcome to this month's vendor spotlightmy name is Fred sed owner of the Fredsaid rogue today we have Johanna saidhere Johanna I have the honor of thisone being my wife and the reason thatJohan is here as one of our vendors isJohanna is actually one of our teammembers and her sole job with our homesellers and our home owners is to go inthere prior to going on the market andmaking sure the home is deep clutteredto the best of its ability it showsfantastic and definitely a Down pointadding some light staging on top ifnecessary depending on on the houseitself so I get this question asked allthe time okay number one why is it evenimportant that a homeowner who's gettingready to sell the home why is itimportant that they actually take thetime and declutter the property wellit's pretty important that the buyersees what you're selling right if theydon't see the house they just see theclutter they don't see the value in thehome and in general that's just going tobe a harder time selling and theproperty probably will last 100% agreewith that and one of the things that Ialways tell my sellers without yougetting there first is it's taking downa lot of the personal photos and thepersonal belongings that are in our homethere's nothing wrong with that but inmy in my opinion I'd love to hear yoursas well as the last thing that I wantedI don't want a home buyer focus on myclients family and kids and grandkids Iwant them focus on the property itselfwhat do you think about that yeahabsolutely and also too I want to addthat it's just when you startdecluttering the sooner the betterbecause when you actually sell the homeyou're gonna be way ahead of the game soyou're gonna have time to pack each boxdecide on what you want to take with youand what you don't want to take becausethere's stuff that you do not need to goto the next only 5% green that seguesinto the second question is let's saysomebody's watching here and they'rethinking about selling their homeanywhere in the nation in one month twomonths six months a year what are somebasicthings they can do today to get ready tosell if they can just declutter as timegoes on what are some basic tips youwould give them well know the firstthing I would say is you need to beemotionally prepared for this becauseyou're attached to some things and thereare things that you're going to havethat you're just going to want to holdonto in the moment but get inspired andI say that with like yeah there'sNetwork shows there's all these ideasbut you want to simplify everything youdon't want to look too far into gettingspun and and make it simple so that it'san easier process and it's lessstressful and I always say ask for helpand that's where we step in and whereour team comes in and I am happy to doit come in and just ask me for helpbecause I'm gonna be the one to guideduring our you know the beginning of ourprocess of putting your home on themarket right hundred percent agree whenwe take a listing anywhere one of thefirst things we do is within 72 hours ofsigning the contract and the green towork with us is Johanna actually reachedit out to the seller and sets up a timewhere she can come over one on one andthe seller literally has a notepad intheir hand and about a thirty to sixtyminute consultation with Johanna shetells them exactly what to do and thenwhen that's done she comes back and makesure it's done based off theconversation they had and if Jonnadetermines that we can add some lightstaging on top to make it show or popthat much better and the showings andthe photography I mean that's where shecomes in and that's where she's giftedand blessed our business in so many waysis there any other tips that you want togive them last minute before we go onstaging and declutter yeah no my babylike my next step would definitely haveto be just start with one room at a timeand if there's so much that you'reoverwhelmed just starting with onecorner of the room yep just work withone spot and it's important to alsoremember to it's an ongoing process soeven if you do it one month and youstart over again you're gonna need tolook at everything you have the nextmonth of May it's like an ongoingprocess never end even in our home yeahI thought they organized the garage andnowwe're back to it right and yeah we'renot selling our home but we're on aconsistent basis decluttering it one ofmy thing for everything we haveright realize so much it's funny one ofmy mentors told me once a clutteredoffice a cluttered house and a clutteredcar is a cluttered mind so I think we'vegot to clean up my office today becausewe walked in this morning it was prettycluttered so I'm gonna take my ownadvice today and I'm gonna declutter myoffice but I want to thank Johanna notjust cuz she's my wife but she's avalued team member that we have thatbrings tremendous value to our sellersfor coming today and sharing yourexpertise as always letters andgentlemen if we can assist you in anyway always go to Fred sed group comm andreach out to a seven days a week at oneeight hundred nine two one nine twothree one four any of your real estateneeds and tune in next month for anotheredition of vendor spotlight why becausethat's what Fred said thanks forwatching

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In this month’s Real Estate expert spotlight, we highlight Jahana Sed, on the importance of decluttering both in daily life and home staging to help your home be more efficient and beautiful.

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