hi guys is Shoni from simple livingmoment calm and today I am in my kidsbathroom so I just got done redecoratingthe bathroom and a very very simplefarmhouse style with a few small smalltouches for spring and I wanted to showyou guys what they did their bathroom ispretty minimalistic I do have sixchildren they all take baths and showersin here or brush their teeth in here butwe keep Cubitt very simple only whatthey need is in this bathroom so I'mgoing to show you what I did and yeahlet me flip the camera around okay sothis is what you see when you walk intothe bathroom here I have a white showercurtain this shower curtain is fromWalmartit's the Better Homes and Gardens preand I really wanted a ruffled showercurtain but I was also kind of impatientready to get this project done so I justpicked up the only all white showercurtain that they had and this one inparticular has a shell pattern whichit's not necessarily from house but it'sso subtle but it doesn't really botherme and it still gives the look that I'vehad was morning finishing room so thatis their shower curtain um I will pandown to the rugs now the rust I have hadsince we moved into this house about ayear ago so their Better Homes andGardens rugs from Walmart as well theyare really soft and comfortable and theyheld up probably shack up tags off butthey have held up over the past year andlet them mean white they do get kind ofdirty and dingy and I washed themprobably once a month so I still thinkthey look good and I like them all sothat stepstool came from Amazon it'sbeen great for the kids who cannot readthe thing to brush their teeth then overhere above the toilets I have theseshelves these wooden shelves came fromHobby Lobby almost everything that is onthese two shelves came from Hobby Lobbyso both of the signs came from HobbyLobby that galvanized water and healthcame from Hobby Lobby last year it haslost the the spout that was on the endas well as the burlap that was wrappedaround it I still think it let's findthis decoration and then that littlegreen heregreenery also came from Hobby Lobby onthe the little it's not glass it'sactually plastic which is the need whenyou have children this came from Walmartso that's where we keep our q-tips andthen I'm gonna pan around so over herejust very very simple a bath sign thatcame from Hobby Lobby and then the towelbar I really kind of wanted hooks foreach child to hang towels on but wedon't own this house we're military sowe're currently renting and I don'treally want to remove the towel bar andand mess with all of that so having alot over here is their counter sink areathis is a candle from Bath & Body Worksit's the frozen lake and it smellsreally goodthanks it smell nice in here right now Ihave a pop of purple with this methodlavender French lavender and so I'm fromGrove collaborative smells really nicejust a white toothbrush holder for thekids that don't have electrictoothbrushes and then this galvanizedpeel actually came with some flowersthat my husband got me for either mybirthday or Valentine's Day somethinglike that I'm just reusing it with somefake eucalyptus and some fake lavenderor the ellipsis is from Hobby Lobby andthe lavender is from the Dollar Tree andthen finallyon this wall I just have these two signsgood morning gorgeous and hello therehandsome I thought they were cute andthey matched the theme of this room I dotypically only use white towels becausethey're easy to bleach and that's aboutitthe kids have likeif all of our extratowels in the cabinet down below alittle stool paper and cleaning suppliesand then that side cause toothpasteelectric toothbrushes etc and then thatside has some personal hygiene items aswell as like a hairbrush and staff verysimple kind of minimalistic form housestyle bathroom this is my kids bathroomas well as a guest bathroom on the mainfloor so if you liked this video pleasegive it a thumbs up I will leave somelinks that you can go check out I'llhave all of the stuff linked in a blogpost if you are interested in that aswell as links to some of the otherthings that I've done around the housewe have lived here a year like I saidand I'm just kind of slowly decoratingdecluttering just doing things as I havetime to do themand I am updating post and showing youguys that process so I will have somelinks if you want to go see what we'vebeen doing in our house so yeah I hopeyou enjoyed this video and I will seeyou in the next one bye

Come take a peek at our farmhouse bathroom decor tour! This bathroom is used by my six kids and guests. It’s pretty minimalistic, but does include some simple farmhouse touches!

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